Cancun Candids Ch. 01

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It was July, and it was hot – which sucked. But it was July, and it was family vacation time – which rocked! And I mean that in all sincerity. Now don’t jump the gun on me, I’m not saying our family vacations always turn into a wild sex romp, I just mean my family is awesome, and our vacations are always a good time.

In July 2009, we were headed to Cancun. I’d never been before, and I was looking forward to it. I’ve seen a bunch of “Girls Gone Wild” videos, and while I didn’t expect anything quite like that (especially with the whole family around) I figured I certainly see a lot more female skin than I’m used to here in Detroit.

We were going to a Club Med – a resort which my family had enjoyed at other locations, so we figured the Cancun resort would be just as good. So I could look forward to a whole week of hanging out with my mom, my dad, and my sister Jennifer. Ah, my sister… Well, this story obviously concerns her, so let me describe. She’s 19 years old to my 20 years old. And she’s great. She’s fun and athletic, a little immature at times, but smart and really funny. She’s definitely a looker too, at 5′ 9” with a set of measurements I could only guess at. But nice and skinny with a set of tits any guy would go nuts to see. She had dark brown hair, and as I said, a very pretty face.

But it’s not like I was obsessed with her or anything. In fact, I had a smokin’ girlfriend of my own at home, and had never really thought about Jennifer in a sexual way. She actually kind of annoyed me with her exploits of guy after guy… Anyway, we always have a good time hanging out, and I figured this trip wouldn’t be any different.

I was a little off the mark…

Landing in Cancun, the family was in great spirits as the tropical weather washed over our travel-weary bodies. We walked to the airport shuttle and I had to undo a few of the buttons on my long sleeve shirt. I felt like an idiot as I noticed Jennifer ahead of me. She had dressed much more appropriately in a soft pink tank top and a miniature, beige, pleated skirt. In fact, it almost seemed appropriate for those “Girls Gone Wild” videos I’d seen on my computer… To make matters worse, just as I was thinking this, Jennifer bent down to pick up her small suitcase and the skirt actually exposed about half her ass, covered in forest green fabric…

I didn’t really think much of it, except for the fact that I could make fun of her about it later, or maybe get her in trouble with my parents… But as I peeked a little more, I realized it was just a pair of bathing-suit bottoms! She had already changed into her swimsuit on the plane! Wow, Jen was really ready for the beach. She straightened up and began wheeling her suitcase away, and all I could do was follow suit and think about the sun and sparkling waters that awaited us.

On the shuttle that took us to the resort, we all took up positions at the windows, admiring the Mexican coast and enjoying the air conditioning at full blast. It was a long drive, but finally we were passing through the Club Med gates and we got to see what our resort would be like. It was amazing! Palm trees and clear blue water… resort workers walking around in white linen outfits… It looked like paradise. And to my complete relief – a bevy of hard, toned, tanned bodies walking around in skimpy bathing suits! We drove by an area of beach with a volley ball net erected, and two teams of girls in bikinis were running around hitting the ball. Incredible…

But what got me really going were the few women walking around in THONG bikinis. Not even a full bikini, but just a little string in the back going right up their butts! Like it was practically a pair of panties! Having never seen this kind of display in public before, I immediately started becoming hard in my shorts. I was completely oblivious to the rest of my family in the van. We came around a corner, and I was in for an even bigger surprise – Topless… someone was topless! It was a woman lying on a chaise lounge with a bikini bottom on, but nothing on top! I was staring right at a full, big pair of tits on the beach! This was going to be a great vacation!

We drove by this woman, and I whipped my head around for a last look as we passed her. Unfortunately, Jennifer caught my movement and turned to see what had grabbed my attention. She spotted the topless lady and gasped, “Oh my god! There’s a topless lady back there!” Uh oh, I was busted…

My mom spoke up from the seat in front of us, “Yeah, apparently this resort gets a lot of European vacationers and there are no laws against being topless on the beach. You might see a few people doing that.” I tried to keep my smile suppressed, but there was no stopped the growth in my pants. I wanted desperately to get to my hotel room and pull my dick out for a jerk. But we still had to check in and everything!

At the lobby, there were pretty girls there with flowers and complimentary alcoholic drinks, which I immediately took advantage of. Maybe that would cool me off casino siteleri a bit. My dad got us checked in and soon we were off to our rooms. We walked through the resort and passed some of the shops. (I’ll never understand people who go on vacation to shop for stuff you can just get at home… but whatever) One of the stores was called “Le Mirage” and had a display of bathing suits on mannequins in the front window. One was a hot little pink bikini number, and two other mannequins were actually sporting thong bathing suits! Well, that explained where those girls on the beach had gotten them from! I decided I liked this store… Le Mirage…

We got to our rooms and to keep costs down, my parents had one and Jennifer and I had one. I didn’t really mind, since we got along, and we didn’t really expect to spend much time in the rooms anyway. Jennifer and I told our parents we’d meet them in the main restaurant for dinner and went into our room. Again we felt the bliss of air-conditioning and we immediately claimed our separate beds and began unpacking. Jen laid out 7 or 8 different bathing suits on her bed, including a one piece she still had from Junior high. “I guess I won’t be need this!” she said with a laugh.

I chuckled at her joke about the size of swim suits here and said, “Why did you bring so many anyway Jen? I only brought two suits.”

She looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Well I can’t wear the same one twice…”

Girls are nuts. Jen told me she was going to take a quick shower and then head out to the beach before dinner. I continued to unpack, and as soon as Jen was in the bathroom with the water running, I grabbed my laptop. I was still hot and bothered from seeing all that skin outside, and I thought maybe I could jerk off real quick while Jen was busy. I logged on to the resort’s wireless internet (more time consuming than I would have liked) and for my jerkoff material I searched “topless beach” on and found a huge selection of pictures from all over the place. I kept my dick in my pants just in case Jen was quick in and out of the shower, but immediately started jerking it through the material.

This was great. I was in a gorgeous place, full of gorgeous women with hot asses that they liked to show off, and right now I had a hard dick and plenty of pictures of women on the beach to masturbate to. I was loving this vacation.

That’s when I heard the shower water turn off.

Damn! She was too fast! Without even getting to cum I started closing the windows on m computer and adjusting myself in my pants. Just in the nick of time too. Jen came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and said, “Do you want to come to the beach with me?” I told her I would with my back to her, just in case my dick was still thrusting through my pants. “Cool,” she said, “why don’t you go change in the bathroom so I can change out here?” I grabbed my suit and went into the bathroom, which was still hot from Jen’s shower. I dropped my pants and grabbed my still raging dick. It wanted release so bad! I gave it a stroke or two, but all too soon Jen yelled, “Come on, I’m ready!”

I changed quickly into my suit and forced my dick to calm itself. I walked out of the bathroom and found Jen dressed in a chocolate brown bikini. Though it was nothing compared to those tiny bikinis I’d seen from the van, seeing a huge, healthy set of tits in a bathing suit didn’t help my situation, and I turned away quickly. “Ready?” she asked.

We walked out of the room and I was finally thinking my dick would be ok. But walking down to the beach, I found myself behind Jen and my eyes automatically went to her ass. Now, my ex-girlfriend had this incredible ass, and as a result, she turned me into a lifelong ass-man. I love a girl with a nice, round ass. I also love to spread it, lick it, finger it, and push almost anything up there a girl will let me… This ass obsession was what led me to peek at my own sister’s ass at this moment, and though I didn’t see anything wrong with it, I admired Jen’s backside a little more than an older brother probably should have… It was pert and round, and while she walked, that chocolate brown material of her bathing suit inched slightly between her two mounds. Hell, she was my sister, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a view right?

We got down to the beach and I was in heaven. Jen found us some chaise lounges and we stretched out to catch some sun and talk. She laid back and closed her eyes while we chatted, which allowed my eyes to roam free over all the skin on the beach without getting reprimanded by my sister. There was certainly a contingent of people who I would have preferred to be a bit more covered up… but on the whole, the people were beautiful. A dark, well stacked brunette jogged by down the beach wearing a bikini top and some workout booty shorts. I followed her progress until my eye was caught but a pair of girls in matching bathing suits splashing each other in the water. I shook my head as I realized this was like slot oyna something out of a playboy video and looked around some more.

I don’t know how I had missed it, but only a few rows of chairs away from us, there was another topless lady! To be honest, she was nothing to write home about, but some ample tits, and her eyes were closed, allowing my eyes to roam over her body unabated. I stared for as long as I dared, and it was then that I realized Jen was trying to talk to me. “Dave? Dave!”

“What?” I said as I turned my attention to her and away from the exposed tits.

“I said do you want to rent two of those jet skis tomorrow?” She looked at my bewildered face and then past me to the woman who was sunbathing with no top. “Wow,” she said, “You’re pathetic.” All I could do was laugh. She seemed a little disgusted with me, but at least she didn’t go on some sexism rant. We hung out on the beach for about another hour and I kept stealing glances at the naked boobs across from me. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t grabbed my digital camera out of my bag! I would definitely be using the digital zoom on those puppies if I had brought it! But, I reasoned with myself, we had a whole week here, there would be plenty of time, and plenty of boobs to capture…

The next few days were both good and bad. We were having a great vacation, and I was seeing a lot of skin as I’d hoped. But the bad part was I couldn’t fucking masturbate! Sharing a room with Jen was proving to be way more difficult than I had anticipated! It seemed like each time I put my hand to my dick, she would walk into the room, or ask if I wanted to go somewhere with her. It was so painful! My dick was ready to explode.

To make matters worse, things out on the beach had only gotten hotter and hotter… More thong bikinis were all over the place. And damn… even these girls with hardly any tits at all were starting to get me raging hard. They looked so young, I couldn’t even guess at how old they were, but this petite blonde girl bending over to build a sandcastle was just torturing me! And they seemed to roam in groups as well. So I’d be staring at six or seven pairs of tiny titties at a time. As I said, it was good AND bad. Delicious and disastrous.

On the 4th morning of our trip, we awoke early as usual. My parents were going on a scuba diving trip together, so Jen and I had were just going to hang on the beach some more and soak up some sun. We’d both gotten decent tans going and wanted to add to them. Jen woke first and immediately took over the bathroom to get herself ready. As she was in there, I searched the room for my bathing suit, which I’d hung to dry the night before. As I looked around, my eye caught a small, plastic shopping bag in Jen’s suitcase. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but then I noticed the black writing on the back. It said, “Le Mirage.” At first I just couldn’t believe my sister had bought another bathing suit, but then I remembered what I had seen in the display window at Le Mirage. “No way,” I thought to myself.

Curiosity getting the better of me, I went over to the bag to have a look inside. What I pulled out made my eyes go wide. The bathing suit bottoms came first, and just as I had imagined, it was a tiny, micro, barely existent thong! I could barely tell which side was the front and which side was the back because they were so similarly tiny! It was just an itty-bitty piece of crimson material, soft and stretchy to the touch. I reached in and pulled out the top piece and found that it was just as skimpy. My sister had pretty big tits, and I couldn’t imagine them being held in by just these little triangles of material…

“What are you doing?” I heard from across the room.

I had been wrapped up in this bathing suit that I hadn’t noticed the water shutting off and my sister coming out of the bathroom. But without really missing a beat I said, “Just looking at your ridiculous purchase. How much did this cost you?”

“It wasn’t that expensive,” she said. “Besides, it was worth it, since I have no idea when I’m going to get a chance to wear something like that again.”

“You’re actually going to wear this?!” I said incredulously. “Mom and Dad would kill you! They’d never let you out on the beach wearing that!”

“That’s why I timed it perfectly,” she said, “They’re on their diving trip today. That leaves me all by myself to go find a secluded spot and work on erasing these tan lines from my other suits. John said he doesn’t really like tan lines, so I want to get sun on as much of my body as possible.”

John was her boyfriend, and kind of a douche, but I guess Jen was into pleasing him. And now he was going to see her with hardly any tan lines… I guess I was giving this all too much thought because I head Jen saying, “So can you go into the bathroom so I can change into it and get covered up before you come out?” There wasn’t much I could do, so I dropped her suit and complied. Once in the bathroom, I was shocked to find my dick growing a bit hard. What the canlı casino siteleri hell was this? Then I realized…

The image of my sister in a thong bikini was giving me a hardon. Holy shit. That was weird… Well, I argued with myself, if I’d been able to get ANY kind of release during the past four days, it probably wouldn’t be happening. But as it was, the more I thought about my sister’s ass being cleaved in two by the string of a thong, the harder my dick got. I made a split second decision, and without even hesitating, I walked back out of the bathroom. I guess I was hoping to catch her wearing just the bikini, but she was faster than I thought! She’d already donned the bathing suit, and had put on a sarong wrap that covered her lower half. No free glimpse of the booty for me… However, her upper half was only covered by the new bikini!

Holy shit, those tits… Before Jen was aware of my presence, I soaked in an amazing view of her breasts held up only by the little bikini top. It was just as small as I had thought it was, and it seemed like Jen was having trouble adjusting it over her boobs. Each time she moved her perfect tits jiggled and threatened to pop right out of the material. It was amazing, like watching a grown woman trying to squeeze into a bathing suit that would have fit a 13 year old. But finally she seemed pleased with how it fit and looked up. “Dave! I didn’t hear you come back in! Good thing I’m all covered up!”

“Uhh, yeah. Sorry. I forgot I had to wait until you had finished changing.”

“That’s alright,” she said, “At least you didn’t catch me naked or anything! Well, I probably won’t see you until tonight. I’m not sure how comfortable I’ll be in this bathing suit in front of people, so I’ll probably go and find somewhere that no one is on the beach to get my sun. Have a good day thought!”

I bid her farewell, and as the door to the hotel room closed I was already torn by indecision. Was I really going to do what I was thinking about doing? Cause I was definitely thinking about following my sister to her “secluded spot” and taking a peek at what she looked like in that suit. The indecision didn’t last long, and I sprang into action. I grabbed my sandals, gave Jen a 30 second head start out the door and then poked my head out to see which way she went.

It would be perfect, I argued. I could covertly follow her to her spot, see her take off her cover-ups, check out that ass in the thong, and then come back to our room to finally get some relief. In other words, jerk it to what I had just seen! I was about to follow her out the door when an even better idea popped into my head. I still hadn’t made use of my digital camera on this trip! What an opportunity! I dove back into the room and rummaged through my backpack for my camera, praying the battery was charged enough for a prolonged use. Then I made sure I was composed enough to be out in public, and plunged out the door.

For a moment I thought I’d lost my sister and I wouldn’t be able to figure out where she’d gone. But just at the right moment, I spotted her off down the beach, wearing a big, silly hat that I knew she’d bought just for this trip. I bolted after her and cut the distance to about 50 yards. Then I slowed down again, not wanting her to spot me following. I tried to keep as cool as possible, ambling along the beach and looking around, but never losing sight of my sister up ahead.

After a while, it occurred to me that Jen had put a cover-up over her upper body too, and that she was pretty well concealed now. The possibility of her chickening out of being exposed like that in public definitely crossed my mind, and I hoped I wasn’t wasting my morning by chasing her. I ran forward for a bit, coming nearer to my unsuspecting sister. I came close, thinking I would say something to her and tease her about not having the guts to tan herself like the Europeans. But just before I could catch her attention, something stopped me…

Just as I was about to shout to her – the sun came out. A cloud shifted, something happened, but whatever it was, the light was now shining directly on my sister’s sarong, at just the right angle to make it semi-transparent…

I nearly stopped dead, but managed to continue taking a few steps behind my sister as she walked. I don’t think anyone else had really noticed the sight, as you really had to be staring directly at my sister’s ass to see it. But for me… it was perfect! I could clearly see the outline of her new, secret bathing suit, and definitely a vague image of those full, round asscheeks! The decision was clear; I was following her no matter what!

I hung back, so as not to get caught, and my view kind of faded, but it burned in my memory, and I was now praying that I would really get to see my sister in the near-nude. We continued down the beach along the property of the resort, and eventually the people on the sand started to thin out. I had to ditch the beach and go up to a road that followed along it, since Jen and I were soon nearly the only ones by the water. I did this in good time too, because just as I got off the sand and onto the paved road, Jen looked behind her to see about who was there. Phew, just escaped discovery!

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