Calista’s Beach Vacation

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* * * * *

Calista walked across the warm sand to a secluded part of the beach. She had needed a vacation for some time and finally decided to do it. She cancelled all of her ‘appointments’ with her clients for two weeks. Actually, she told them she would call them when she returned. That way she could stay away longer if she decided. The ocean was relatively calm with a nice warm breeze blowing in toward the beach. She stopped at a spot where she could see most of the beach and the other bathers. The resort she chose was very upscale, expensive and took pride in offering nude bathing and sun bathing for its guests.

Calista spread her towel on the sand, removed her skimpy bikini and sat down naked on the towel. Several male and female bathers watched as she stretched her arms. Calista smiled at them and they returned the smile, waving hello. Most of the men were nude, as were the women, but as always, some people didn’t feel comfortable being nude in front of strangers. Calista began to rub sunscreen on her body to prevent sunburn. A handsome well built young man, Calista’s age, offered to help. Calista smiled and pleasantly declined his offer while she seductively teased him by applying the lotion to her pussy and asscheeks.

His flaccid cock began to rise quickly as he watched her. A young woman trotted across the beach, breasts swaying and nipples hard, stopping when she reached the man standing at Calista’s towel. “Aren’t you going to play volley ball?” she asked the man, giving Calista a forced smile. He nodded and asked Calista if she wanted to play too.

“No, thank you,” Calista replied, “I’m just going to soak up some rays.” The young woman smiled in relief, realizing that the beautiful woman on the towel was not after her man. Calista looked at the young girl, scarcely twenty-one, and said, “You are very beautiful, with a marvelous body…I envy you.” The girl blushed, but her nipples hardened like little bullets protruding from her breasts. It was obvious that she wasn’t comfortable with another woman admiring her body and beauty, was also obviously aroused. She thanked Calista nervously and moved on, the man sporting a massive hard-on now, was a bit embarrassed as they waked toward the volleyball court.

Calista spread sunscreen all over her breasts. Some of the other bathers took notice, but didn’t bother to come near her. Next, she applied more lotion to her lovely ass, with a generous amount on her freshly shaved pussy. Naked, Calista laid back on her towel to sun herself. As she lay down her little titties laid flat on her chest, like two fried eggs, with little nipples perched upon them. Lying down, Calista looked more like a boy than a woman, except for her lack of a cock. The males on the beach looked her way, but soon turned to interact with more amply endowed ladies on the beach. In a sense Calista was glad because she really didn’t want get fucked that night, at least not now.

She dozed off several times taking short naps, awakening to apply more sunscreen and take an occasional dip in the cool surf. Looking at the other women on the beach she wondered how many of them had plastic tits. Aware that a skilled, but expensive surgeon could do a remarkable job with breast enhancement, it was truly impossible to tell if gravity was being defied or had help from plastic or saline inserts. Some of the other tits were obviously fakes. Their owners had definite outlines of the implants, or their tits still pointed straight up when they lay down on their towels. Calista was unfazed, she knew that if someone was sucking the nipples on her little titties and her clit ached with arousal, her tits were big enough. She dozed off again and awoke nearly an hour later as the sun was just touching the horizon as it was setting.

Calista heard a rustle near her and turned to see a very pretty young woman in a silk robe, stretching out a towel on the sand. The woman stood on her towel and removed the robe revealing a magnificently tanned and beautiful body. Looking at her through the slits of her nearly closed eyelids, Calista thought that her body was nearly flawless. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, feeling her pussy get moist. The woman had long blond hair that fell halfway down her back. Her breasts seemed to be around a C cup, firm, upright, without a hint of sagging and strong well shaped nipples standing erect on silver dollar sized areolas. One nipple sported a ring that pierced it. Both nipples were a light red shade.

She seemed taller than Calista and had a shaved pussy too. As she sat down, Calista saw her long nicely shaped cuntlips for just an instant. Sighing again, Calista opened her eyes to see the woman gazing at her. She smiled and the woman returned the smile. The woman turned on her side facing Calista and it was wonderfully obvious that her breasts were indeed real as they swayed seductively. “I think I know you, Ma’am,” she said softly to Calista.

“Oh,” Calista replied, noting that she had called her Ma’am. Perhaps she knew she was a Domina, but then again, perhaps not.

“Yes, I’m sure that I know who you are, but we have never really met,” she told Calista.

“How casino siteleri intriguing,” Calista said, “I hope you will explain, because I truly cannot remember meeting you, and I’m usually pretty good at remembering faces,” she continued, “with a body like yours I’m sure I would have remembered.” The woman smiled pleasantly and spoke softly to Calista.

“I was at a lounge called the Playground, when you Dommed two slave girls for another Mistress,”* she said, “You didn’t see me. I was at another table watching the, ah…event, with a guy who wanted me to be his submissive. I went there with him so he could show me what the Lifestyle was all about.” Calista smiled back, but did not respond as the woman continued, “I left just after you did.” *(See the Literotica story, Calista’s Dungeon, Part 12)

“I see, and did you submit to the man who took you to the Playground Lounge?” Calista asked.

“Just once. He was an asshole, pardon my French, all he wanted to do is tie me up and whip the shit out of me. I didn’t think that computed, so I told him to take a hike,” she said. “If he had taken the time to teach me, I might have enjoyed being submissive, but to just get beaten up, humiliated and called a whore, was more than I could take. It took nearly three weeks for the welts to heal!”

“You’re right, he was an asshole,” Calista said. “Just forget the episode and be glad that you were not permanently injured.” Calista sat up and offered her hand to the woman, “Hi, I’m Calista.” The woman shook Calista’s hand and said, “Pleased to meet you, Ma’am. I’m Shannel.”

Calista smiled, “Hi, Shannel…and please, forget the Ma’am stuff…I’m on vacation. It’s just Calista, ok?” Shannel nodded yes and smiled. The two of them hit it off beautifully as the discovered mutual interests in books, music, history and all things sexual. They chatted like a pair of High School girls about guys and their efforts to bed them during their school years and later. Calista truly enjoyed this lovely young woman and her seemingly endless exuberance to discuss her sexual, and initial domination, escapades. “Well, Shannel” Calista finally got a word in edgewise, “after the episode with your erstwhile Master, did you continue with your interest in the lifestyle?”

“No, Ma’…I mean Calista,” Shannel said correcting herself, “I decided that pain sounded much more erotic than it really is.” Calista nodded and told her that the lifestyle is not for everyone, but that pain is not the essence of the BDSM lifestyle.

“This lifestyle is more about love and trust, than about pain, Shannel,” Calista explained. “If you really trust and or love your Dominant, then you submit willingly, assured that your Master or Mistress will not bestow more erotic pain on your body than you can truly cope with. Initially a novice submissives threshold will be very low, eventually building to as much erotic discomfort as you, the submissive wants and needs, not how much the Dominant can inflict upon the sub. Does that make sense to you, Shannel?”

“Yes, it does…it says to crawl before you walk, etc.”

“You just broke the code, Shannel,” Calista grinned, “Perhaps your future experience will be more pleasant and enjoyable.” The day was rapidly changing to dusk, as the shadows on the beach were growing longer and the bathers becoming fewer. Soon, only a few people were sparsely occupying the beach and were too far apart to actually see what they were doing, or not doing. The evening was still warm and neither Calista nor Shannel put their bikinis or their robes on, choosing to remain naked. Soon they were immersed in moonlight, which played lovely patterns on their naked bodies as they chatted to the ceaseless sounds of the surf.

“Calista,” whispered Shannel, “You are such a beautiful woman. If you weren’t a Mistress I might go for you.”

“Why does my being a Mistress have any thing to do with whether you ‘go for me’? After all I’m a woman first and a Domina second,” Calista told her, confirming her suspicion that Shannel was bisexual. “And besides…I’m on vacation,” she added with a grin.

“Well, I didn’t want to get into the…you know…the BDSM thing,” Shannel responded, “I just wanted to make love to you.” Calista leaned into the young woman and kissed her lips deeply. They embraced and both felt their pussys become very moist as their arousal began to rise. Calista looked down to see the moonlight glistening on Shannel’s wet pussy. She raised her eyes to gaze at Shannel’s magnificent breasts then kissed her passionately again. Shannel bent to Calista’s chest to kiss and lick her nipples. Calista sighed holding the girl’s head to her breasts, relishing the soft velvety tongue pleasuring her titties. She bent down too, bringing Shannel’s pierced nipple to her lips to suckle eagerly.

Taking charge, Calista gently pushed Shannel’s body down onto the towel on her back, as she moved over her to sixty nine their breasts and nipples. Shannel moaned in pleasure from Calista’s tongue rapidly licking first one, then the other nipple, while pleasuring Calista’s nipples too. She placed her hands at the sides of Shannel’s breasts, and pushed them together until her nipples touched. Calista took both nipples into her mouth to suckle as Shannel moaned delightfully. After several moments of suckling each other’s nipples, Calista slot oyna turned around to straddle Shannel’s chest bringing her pussy inches from Shannel’s face.

Shannel inhaled her scent and moaned with arousal, “Ummm, your fragrance drives me wild, Calista,” she said softly, as she nuzzled Calista’s pussy and licked her cuntlips. Her tongue traced along the lips of Calista’s pussy, then darted into her slit moving deeper and slower as she licked. Her face pushed hard into the fragrant pussy, licking and sucking hard, working ever closer to the Domina’s clit. Calista held Shannel’s head close to her pussy, stroking her hair as Shannel licked Calista’s very wet treasure. “Ooooooooooooooooooo, your clit is sooooooooo long and sensitive,” Shannel sighed as she took it into her mouth to lick and suckle. She held it gently in her teeth and teased its tip with her tongue while Calista writhed in agonizing pleasure.

“Suck it like a miniature cock, Shannel,” Calista gasped as she writhed and ground her pussy into Shannel’s face. She sucked and slathered Calista’s clit moving her tongue all around it, never ceasing to ‘torment’ it. “Ohhhh my God! That’s so wonderful,” Calista moaned, breathing hard, her juices flowing heavily over the girl’s mouth, drenching her tongue. Shannel moaned and happily swallowed Calista’s nectar. Sensing that she would cum, Calista backed away from her lovers mouth to lie on her, kissing her mouth passionately, probing for her tongue to taste her own juices upon it. Calista broke her kiss to bring her nipples to her lovers’ mouth once more, holding her head tightly to her breasts.

Shannel kissed, licked and suckled Calista’s little nipples as she groaned with lust and desire. “Oh God, yes love…yes, suck them good and hard. My titties are sooo sensitive, sweet one,” Calista groaned. “Oh sweet Jesus Shannel that’s so wonderful… Oh my GOD!” she gasped, totally enthralled by the girls expert mouth on her titties. Shannel gently bit and tugged on Calista’s nipples with her teeth, while she lovingly tongued them. Calista bent to her to kiss her forehead then lifted her face to kiss her lover deeply again. “Your face glistens with my juices, lover,” Calista told her as she licked the girl’s cheeks, tasting her cunt nectar.

“Your kisses are beautiful, love…I love the feeling of your tongue on my face,” Shannel whispered as she rose to her knees embracing Calista. Moving behind her on her knees Calista pushed her hard nipples against the soft skin of Shannel’s back. “Mmmm, I can feel your hard nipples,” Shannel said as she closed her eyes to concentrate on Calista’s sensuous touch. Calista kissed and licked Shannel’s shoulder, pushing her lovely hair to one side, drawing her tongue along Shannel’s neck to her earlobe, to kiss and suckle it. “Mmmm, your tongue is so good.” Calista gently tilted her lovers’ head back and kissed her again. Shannel returned the kiss passionately. As they kissed, Calista’s hands reached around to cup Shannel’s magnificent breasts, gently kneading them. “Ohhhh,” Shannel sighed, feeling the fingers gently dancing about her tits. Calista’s thumbs found her lovers nipples and she rubbed them sensuously as her lover gasped with delight. She grasped the nipples with her thumbs and forefingers to roll, pinch, tug and tweak them erotically. “Oh Calista…my nipples are so hard…so hard,” Shannel sighed dreamily, “God, you turn me on so much when you work my nipples like that,” she breathed in her passion.

Calista’s tongue probed deeply into Shannel’s mouth as she ‘tormented’ her sweet nipples with her thumbs and forefingers. Shannel’s tongue swirled about her lovers as they kissed in the moonlight, kneeling on their towels. Still holding her nipples, Calista stood up and straddled Shannel’s head to lower her sopping wet pussy to her lovers’ mouth as she continued to gently play with her nipples. Eagerly, Shannel moved her mouth to Calista’s pussy again, penetrating it with her tongue. “Ooooooooooo, Yesssssssssssss,” Calista moaned as Shannel greedily licked her pussy. She gently tugged on Calista’s clit with her teeth as she licked its tip.

Calista’s body shivered and quaked at Shannel’s touch as the velvety tongue suckled at the essence of her sex. “Ohhhh, yessssssssss, lover,” Calista moaned as Shannel tongued her clit and pussy harder. Calista felt her knees wobble and she released her lovers’ nipples to grasp her shoulders, to steady herself. Shannel felt Calista quiver and hastened loving her pussy with her tongue. Calista felt her orgasm rising deep within her as she laid her head back and closed her eyes to ‘suffer’ Shannel’s incessant sucking of her clit and cunt. Shannel’s hands slowly moved behind Calista to grasp and massage her asscheeks as she searched for her asshole.

Calista moaned and writhed as she began to pull hard at her own nipples, feeling her skin ripple with desire as Shannel drove her relentlessly toward orgasm. The marvelous tongue moved faster and faster on her clit, as Shannel began to slide her finger into her asshole. The finger probing her asshole was more than Calista could withstand. She screamed and convulsed into a massive orgasm, her pussy spewing its nectar all over her lovers’ face, mouth and tongue. Shannel lapped up the juices as fast as she could, while Calista held her head fast to her cunt as she shuddered canlı casino siteleri in orgasm again! Shannel’s tongue captured the nectar from Calista’s pussy and thighs then drove her tongue deep inside the quivering cunt at her mouth.

Each time Shannel’s tongue swirled across her clit, Calista would shudder and cum as her asshole tightly closed around the wonderful finger with each cum spasm. Suddenly Calista’s legs betrayed her and she fell to her knees behind Shannel. Gasping for air, her head fell on her lovers shoulder with her lips against her neck. Breathing hard her body trembled through several mini after-cums then she was still, breathing hard, trying to keep from passing out from the intensity of her orgasm. Shannel, pleased that she had brought Calista to such a devastating orgasm, smiled as she felt her lover’s breath on her neck. “Ummmmm, you cum so hard, Calista,” she said as she rubbed her wet face against Calista’s, “I love making you cum hard.” Calista tried to lift her head to kiss her lover, but could not. She mustered all her available strength to lick Shannel’s neck, while gasping for air, trying to recover her senses. Shannel, moaned as Calista licked her neck, turning to embrace and kiss her lover deeply. “Wow,” Calista said softly as her senses slowly returned, “That was so wonderful, sweet one,” she said as she gently pulled Shannel to the towel on the sand, and kissed her again. “It’s my turn now, lover,” she told her, laying Shannel on her back. Calista to kissed and licked Shannel’s neck, slowly trailing her lips and tongue down her body, between her breasts, kissing each nipple, then down to lick her navel and on to her shaved pussy. Shannel moaned delightfully as Calista drew her tongue along the creases where her thighs joined her torso. Shannel shuddered at the touch of Calista’s tongue on her body. Her juices surged as she quivered under the wet caresses of her lovers tongue. “You’re making me so wet,” Shannel sighed as Calista’s tongue neared her very wet pussy.

“Ummmmm, yesssss darling…it’s time for me to drink your ambrosia, love,” Calista’s said as her tongue felt like an electric shock, making Shannel shudder. Calista licked the outsides of her closed cuntlips up, around and down, but avoided her clit. Shannel exhaled deeply as she melted under Calista’s attentions. She squirmed with desire while Calista teased her pussy with her tongue. “Oh God, Mistress…do anything you want with me…I want to fulfill your every desire,” she gasped, hoping Calista would assume her Domina role with her. “Any desire you have Ma’am…anything,” she sighed. Calista could see Shannel’s clit swelling as it exited its hood throbbing for attention. She reached out to rub and tug at the girl’s beautiful upright nipples as she savored Shannel’s pussy with her tongue. “Oh Mistress, please…please…give me what you know I need, Mistress,” Shannel begged, but Calista ignored her pleas to be dominated. Calista flicked her tongue across the edges of her closed cuntlips, eliciting a shudder from her lover. “Oh God, Mistress, I want your touch so badly…I need to…to submit to you…to feel you own my body,” she pleaded.

Calista sighed as she parted her cuntlips with her tongue, pulling a cuntlip into her mouth to suckle and gently bite it. Shannel’s body quivered under the caresses of Calista’s expertise, while her hands stroked her hair. “Ummm, your bites feel so wonderful, Mistress,” Shannel said, insisting on calling her Mistress even though Calista had not attempted to dominate her. Calista released the cuntlip from her teeth to move to the other one and do the same to it, while Shannel trembled in passion. She plunged her tongue deep into the sweet cunt at her mouth as deep as it would go drinking her nectar as fast as it poured out of her pussy. “Oh God, Mistress, do I need your permission to cum, Ma’am? I’m getting so close.”

Calista lifted her mouth from Shannel’s cunt to tell her, “I’m not your Mistress, Shannel. You may cum whenever you want to, lover.” Returning to her task, her tongue moved up to swirl about Shannel’s clit, sucking it into her mouth as though it was a nipple. Shannel’s body shuddered as she resisted the urge to cum, steeling herself to wait until Calista allowed it, gritting her teeth and trying not to cum. Finally, Calista relented and decided to play along, “Yes, sweet slave girl, I must give you permission to cum.” Shannel was relieved that Calista had taken control, but still struggled to keep from cumming. Sensing that Shannel might cum Calista released her clit to draw her tongue through the cleft of Shannel’s cunt, across her perineum to the sweet rosebud, nestled between her lovely asscheeks. “Ohhhh God!” Shannel cried out as her asshole involuntarily puckered at the touch of Calista’s tongue. Calista blew air on Shannel’s asshole several times then licked it gently, licking up the cunt juices that strayed there to wet it deliciously! “Ohhhhhhhhhh, your tongue is so good on my asshole,” she sighed deeply, as Calista pushed her tongue hard against it, swirling it all about. “Oh wow, you are so good…I am sooo close to cumming.” Calista licked it for several moments then returned to her lover’s sweet cunnie to suck her pussy and clit once more. “Oh God,” she gasped, “I can’t stand much more of your wonderful tongue!” she managed to say. “I can’t take it any more…I’m trying not to cum,” she cried, as she panted and whimpered. Calista sucked her clit as though it were a nipple again and slowly pushed a finger into her lover’s sweet little asshole while suckling her succulent cunt.

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