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My name is Darla. I am a 28 year old flight attendant from Portland. My family still lives in Portland – my Mom, Dad, and younger brother, Todd. I left home to go to school in Seattle when I was 18. Then shipped out to Dallas for training, then straight to LA to start working, and have been busy ever since.

I have been living in Los Angeles for the past 4 years doing the LA to Honolulu run for a major airline. I hardly ever see my Mom and Dad and brother who was only 7 years old when I left home. I basically never really knew my younger brother. Mom and Dad once came down to visit me in LA, leaving Todd to stay with a friend. A couple of years ago I got a break to fly up to Portland to see the family but Todd was away at a summer camp with friends.

I recently had the chance to offer my folks and Todd a trip to Hawaii. I get super discounts on airfare and thought that while I’m on a break over there, they could also come over to see the islands and visit for a week or so. Even though Todd had grown out of the summer camp scene he was reluctant to leave his buddies for two weeks and go with his Mom and Dad to Hawaii. He wasn’t sure what he’d do with himself.

I hadn’t see Todd since he was 7 years old, and even though we’d talked on the phone a few times over the years, it was brief because we just didn’t have a lot to say to each other. So, I was really looking forward to seeing my folks and also getting to know my little brother.

When the time came, I was already over there and met everyone at the airport. Seeing that my folks had grown a little older had saddened me some, but they were in good health and happy. Todd on the other hand was the big surprise of the day. He was going to turn eighteen while on this trip, but he looked like he could have been in his early twenties. He was tall, probably 6’2″ and in great shape for a young man almost 18. He had shoulder length, light brown curly hair and piercing blue eyes.

I could tell his body was in great shape. Like my Dad in his younger days, he had broad shoulders and a flat belly. My eyes just about popped out of my head and my jaw was no doubt hanging open. I quickly composed myself and made some funny comments like, “Who is this?”… and, “What have you done with my brother, Todd?” I hadn’t seen any recent pictures of him in a while so I was shocked to see a nearly fully grown young man where once was a little boy.

We all laughed, but I noticed that he was a little uncomfortable about being the subject of physical scrutiny and jokes about growing up. I also noticed that he took several glances at my body and my breasts. He blushed a little and tried to hide the fact that he might have been staring at my breasts.

I love my body and like to show it off. I had worn a somewhat revealing top and little miniskirt. I am always so buttoned up in my airline uniform that when I’m off duty, I dress down and comfortable. My top was a see through print. I was wearing a color-matched bra underneath, and it’s not unusual or trashy, but my breasts are on the large size and they tend to stick out sometimes.

I guess I was bouncing around with all the excitement of seeing my family, and my boobs were doing a little dance under the see-through top. My skirt had also ridden up just a little, not a lot, but it did just enough to make my already long legs look even more exposed.

I’m 5’6″ and have long wavy blond hair. I weigh 114 pounds and my measurements are 38-22-35. I’m not a little girl, but I’m certainly not a cow either. I do my best to take real good care of my body and I’m proud of it. I get lots of compliments from the other girls on my crew and even though lately I have been too busy to nail down a steady boyfriend, I’ve had my share of very handsome men. I’m definitely a looker and my brother was letting me know he thought so too.

Anyway, I tugged my skirt down and apologized for acting like such a school girl, but I was so happy to see them here and was anxious to spend some time talking about how they have been doing, etc. etc. I hugged and kissed my Mom and Dad, but when I went to hug Todd, he gave me one of those shoulder hugs where most of your body is far away and only your heads are close. I could feel that he was trembling just slightly and just took it for nerves. I did glance down at his groin to see if he was trying to hide any other excitement, but his jeans were baggy and I couldn’t really tell.

We checked into the hotel and got our rooms. My folks had a room of their own as did Todd and I. Todd’s room was right in between our folks’ room and my room, and I saw that Todd and I had adjoining rooms. I thought that was little strange – maybe the folks were supposed to have my room so they could be together if they wanted. But they went right for the opposite room and left me with the middle room adjoining Todd’s. He grabbed his things and headed for his room saying he had a phone call to make.

One of the other reasons Dad and Mom were here was to visit with illegal bahis some old friends they hadn’t seen in a while. They were going to meet up with them by flying to another island and spending a couple of days relaxing and playing golf. So maybe that’s why they got those rooms. The folks are pretty liberal and aren’t stuffy when it comes to having a good time, young or old. They probably thought Todd and I would have fun hanging out together and partying, or whatever.

Since Todd was turning 18 the day after tomorrow, I thought that would be a good time for us to get to know each other and maybe see a little nightlife. However, I hadn’t had a boyfriend in several months and was looking forward to some time with my little friend. I had brought a couple of my favorite vibrators and now I was thinking that I might not get the privacy I was hoping for. I went to the adjoining doors to see how sound proof they were. I opened my door and saw that Todd’s door was closed.

Suddenly I could hear my brother’s voice coming through the door. He was on the phone with one of his buddies back home. As I was about to close my door and start unpacking I heard Todd say my name. I quickly put my ear to the door and heard, “Dude, my sister is totally hot! I can’t believe how big her tits are.” I jumped back from the door with shock and felt my heart pounding. I know I wasn’t supposed to hear that. I felt like I was invading someone else’s privacy, but he was talking about me! I put my ear back to the door and heard him talking, “…she doesn’t look 28 or 29, whatever, she dresses like that babe over at The SoundBar. Dude, I know, I’ve wanted to fuck that chick for so long.”

I pulled back from the door again. I had heard too much. This couldn’t be right. My brother had the hots for me… or at least someone who looked like me? I admit that I was shocked at how handsome he looked when we first met at the airport and the way he was checking me out kind of gave me a sense of pride and excitement. When I really thought about it, I thought my brother was totally hot, too. I realized then that I hadn’t really taken my mind off of him. I barely knew him. This was like meeting someone for the first time. If he wasn’t my brother, I’m sure that this door wouldn’t be closed right now.

I closed my door and started unpacking my things. I changed into my little robe and got out one of my vibrators. I was horny as hell and couldn’t wait to feel that hard dildo inside me. I knew I had to be quiet, so I turned out the lights to calm me down and got on the bed with my knees in the air. I was rubbing that dildo along my pussy lips and found that I was already wet from what just happened. I bit my lip and sighed just a little as I plunged that vibrator deep into my pussy.

I was going at it for a while, pinching my nipples and sliding that vibrator in and out. All the while I was trying to be as quiet as I could, but little squeaks and moans escaped as I was thinking of my younger brother telling his friend what a hot babe he thought I was. Just then I heard a sound coming from Todd’s room. I instinctively looked down at our adjoining doors and saw light peeking through the crack underneath. When I had turned out the lights earlier, there was no light there. But I could see light there now.

I laid there quiet for just a moment and realized the reason I could see light under my door was because my brother had obviously opened his door and was listening to me masturbate. The vibrator was still in my pussy and it was starting to move again. I slowly returned to my movements of pinching and grabbing my breasts and poking that vibrator in and out of my pussy, sometimes removing it to rub my clit and up and down my pussy lips.

I decided to let loose a little and allow my brother to hear me sigh and moan. I even had a little fun by mumbling a, “Oh, Todd…. Aaaahhhh.”

Just after I said that, I heard what sounded like a low grunt coming from behind Todd’s door. I stopped and could hear my brother say, “Fuck… goddammit.” Then I realized I probably shouldn’t have said that. I looked down at the bottom of the door and saw the light fade away as Todd was obviously shutting his door. I finished up and jumped in the shower.

That night we all went out to dinner. I kept a straight face and gave no obvious signs to Todd that I knew anything had happened between our rooms. He on the other hand was looking at me with a great deal of interest. I caught him several times looking at my breasts. When I got up to go to the restroom, I looked back at our table and saw my brother staring at my ass.

As I was in the restroom I thought for a moment about what was happening between me and my brother. This wasn’t natural. It wasn’t right for a brother and sister to have these feelings about each other. However, here were two people who hadn’t seen each other in almost 10 years. Todd didn’t even remember me. I was gone from the house as he was still so young. We were both attractive, sexy people illegal bahis siteleri who were attracted to one other.

Oh well, I thought, the infatuation will wear off and soon we’ll be like brother and sister. So what if we think the other is sexy and attractive.

Over the next two days nothing more happened like it did that first day. We all toured around the island and had a good time laughing and enjoying each others company. I still thought back to the first night when I knew Todd was listening to me masturbate. I was developing a crush on my little brother…. well, not little… younger. I found myself on several occasions watching his movements and checking out his muscular legs in the shorts he would wear. My brother had a tight butt under those shorts and I secretly wanted very much to see it.

Our parents left to hook-up with their friends early on the fourth day leaving Todd and I still asleep in our rooms. I casually got up and had some breakfast downstairs. I saw Todd walk in, he grabbed something to eat and headed over to where I was sitting. I asked him what he wanted to do today and he said, “I’m gonna walk around and check out some of the shops we didn’t get to go into yesterday. I don’t think Mom and Dad would have approved.”

I said, “You mean those Head shops?”….”Just be careful what you buy, you’re gonna have to carry it back home on the plane.” I added, “Well, I guess I’ll go down to the beach and catch some rays and take a swim.”

I saw Todd’s eyebrows shoot up. We had been to the beach already but not for long as the last two days were a little rainy. Today was warm and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. I could see his wheels turning and he said, “Well, maybe I’ll see you there later.”

I said OK and we split up and went our separate ways.

The beach I like going to has a nude side and a non-nude side. I was looking forward to getting some sun on my breasts and buns, so I headed down the nude side. I thought Todd would probably be too shy to venture over this way so I wasn’t too worried that we would run into each other. Plus, I might go over to the non-nude side later and look for him.

There weren’t many people on the nude side, and I easily found a secluded spot to spread out my blanket and beach chair. I removed my top and let my breasts feel the warm beach air. I couldn’t help but look around when I did, just as a reflex to see if anyone was looking. The size of my breasts can sometimes cause a scene. They aren’t saggy at all. In fact the skin underneath doesn’t fold over. I’m lucky to have large breasts that jut straight out from my body, firm but soft. My pointy, erect nipples are pink and sit on top of my puffy, pink areolas.

“Whatever,” I thought. I didn’t care. This was a nude beach and I have a beautiful body. I slid my bottoms off and grabbed some lotion. I laid on my back and rubbed lotion all over my front. I looked around and saw no one in sight, so I took a little time rubbing the lotion into my breasts. It felt so good. My nipples were hard and I was relaxed. I squirted some lotion on my thighs and rubbed it all over my legs. It felt so sexy to be in public rubbing my naked legs and hips all around the inside of my thighs, my breasts. It was so lonely over here, I wished I had brought one of my dildos. Alas, I brought along my book to read and settled in for some sun.

I knew that since I was by myself I was only going to get sun on one side today. No one there to rub lotion on my back. I had a large hat that covered my face and shoulders and a large towel that I used to cover up when I wanted to sleep or just get out of the rays. I had covered up and decided to take a little nap.

Some time went by and I woke up feeling thirsty. I reached into my little cooler and opened a bottle of water. I tossed the towel off and had only my little paperback resting over my breasts. I had taken my little pink bikini bottom and placed the small triangle of fabric over my pussy to keep it from getting too much sun. I was tan all over… no tan lines and I loved the way it looked. I just wish I could get more sun on my back today.

Just then I looked out at the beach and saw a tall figure slowly strolling near the water. I looked closer and saw this guy had a considerable package hanging in front of him. When I saw him start to walk my way, I thought great. I can get a look at this guy and have him put some lotion on my back.

I checked to see if my pussy was still covered by the little piece of fabric I had laid over it. It didn’t cover much, but I usually shave anyway, so there was no hair to poke out, just lots of skin. Someone would have to look real close to see that I wasn’t actually naked down there. When I looked back up I could see the face of this guy walking my way… “SHIT, it was Todd,” I thought to myself. “Oh my god, what am I gonna do?” “Stay calm, you can do this.”

I’m not sure if Todd recognized who I was, but he was walking to where I was without any hesitation. canlı bahis siteleri I had my hat and sunglasses on with my pussy barely covered, and my small paperback book doing a very poor job of covering my breasts. Suddenly I could tell Todd was not really paying attention to where he was going. He was sort of daydreaming while he was walking and I could even make out that he was softly mumbling or humming to himself. Then he suddenly looked up, sidestepped and apologized that the sun was in his eyes. I sat right there watching as he did a double-take and said, “Oh…. shit….D-Darla…I’m sorry, I didn’t see you… I didn’t m-mean to b-bother you…I’ll just g-go….”

By that time he was close enough that I could see, through my dark sunglasses, that my brother’s penis was semi-erect. I said, “Wait a minute, Todd, don’t go”

“What?” Todd said. He was staring at the little paperback sitting on my plump breasts. I glanced down to see that the book was riding up on my breasts, covering my nipples, but that the underside of both my breasts were totally exposed to his eyes. I’m sure he could see right up my cleavage and the light poking through the valley within.

Knowing what happened the other night between our rooms, I wanted to see if Todd really did have the hots for his big sister. I thought I might try teasing him a little by slowly letting my book inch it’s way down to expose the top part of my breasts. The book was sitting on the tops of both of my lotion covered breasts. I put my arms down to my sides and let him look at my body laying there barely covered with the tiny piece of fabric over my pussy and the small paperback. The sun was shining down on my light brown skin glistening with suntan lotion. There was a lot of exposed skin for him to look at, and he saw every inch.

Now that I had his attention, I asked, “Where were you going Todd?… where are your things? Where are your trunks?”

“Oh, I was just taking a walk.” The book was sliding off the tops of my breasts. From my angle, I could see my nipples.

“You sure seemed like you were heading somewhere.” Just before I thought the book might slide completely off, I casually reached up with one hand and cradled the bottom of the book. With total control now, I consciously lowered the book with my hand.

“I was looking for yo…. for a good place to swim.” I could swear his penis moved on it’s own. It was starting to twitch just a little, and I could see that it was slowly growing in size. Instead of hanging straight down, like it was, it now had a slight outward angle.

He was starting to fidget. I had a hard time taking my eyes away from my little brother’s penis, but I noticed his eyes were starting to dart around. I lowered my eyes and saw that my nipples were now fully exposed to his eyes. The sun was shining on the tips of my breasts and the suntan lotion made them look shiny and pretty. His eyes were darting from my nipples to the ground… back to my nipples, and then to my feet, and so on.

“Well the water is back that way, silly.” I used one hand to point at the water and in doing so caused my book to shift off my right breast, fully exposing it to my brother’s eyes. I acted like I didn’t know and just giggled at him.

“Ok, well… I better go now.”

“Don’t go, Todd…. why don’t you stay here so we can talk some more?” I could see that his penis was increasing in size and arching ever upward with every beat of his pounding heart.

He grunted, “Uh…. oohh….I…”

“I need you to put some lotion on my back.” I had almost forgotten about that.

“Oh… I…I…I don’t… I…I gotta go..”

“Nonsense, little brother. Come over here….”

“I don’t think I should.”

I was loving this, Todd stood there not knowing whether to cover himself or run. He was obviously caught off-guard, and I had a front row seat. I took every opportunity to eye him up and down through my dark sunglasses. He had nothing on and was standing only feet from me with his penis becoming more and more erect as my book was falling away, exposing my full, round breasts.

I ignored his last comment and said, “Kneel down here, Todd, and rub some lotion on my back.”

In one quick move, I set the book down on my blanket and rolled over onto my stomach. Todd was standing there watching, not moving. Here I was exposing my soft, round, naked bottom to my young brother.

I told him again, teasing this time, “Come on, Todd, get down here and grab the lotion… don’t you wanna rub some into my back?” I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I had a close-up view of Todd’s young, beautiful body and was getting turned on and very frisky. What a fantasy, I thought, “Nothing can come of it,” but “Oh, what fun!”

Finally Todd kneeled down beside me and squirted out some lotion. He began rubbing it into my shoulder closest to him and down my back. He was reaching for my other shoulder but couldn’t access it very well from where he was kneeling. I was going to tell him to come around the other side of me so he could get easier access to my other side, when I looked over my shoulder and saw that my brother’s penis had grown very large and was sticking straight up and out from his groin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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