Breaking In Beth Ch. 01

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I rented a room in a house close to my college. And the landlady had a cute little redheaded daughter, Beth. The flat-chested, nerdy girl liked to run around the house in her footy pajamas.

But one day I noticed the nerdy redhead had blossomed. Wow! Suddenly Beth had curves… Shapely hips and legs, a cute round butt and a nice pair of apple-sized titties. Of course she still ran around the house in her footy pajamas. But now Beth jiggled and wiggled when she ran.

Over the winter Beth continued to blossom and her boobs grew bigger and bigger… until they were huge and luscious. Even her baggy t-shirts couldn’t hide her bulging chest.

Often I dreamed about Beth’s plump boobs… having her warm tits wrapped around my stiff prick, as I squeezed her swollen mounds of soft titty flesh.

The more I watched Beth, the more she watched me.

Chopping wood for the fireplace was part of my rent. Whenever I chopped I took off my shirt and I’d notice Beth peeping out the window, staring at my sweaty chest. And every time I peed behind the bush she’d try to watch that too. So I always gave her a quick peek of my prick.

Beth became careless about covering herself. Several times I was lucky enough to see her topless, rushing out of the upstairs shower and down the stairs to her room… her naked tits bobbing and jiggling as she bounced down the stairs, with a small towel covering her coochie.

I got hard every time.

That morning I found the little redhead in the kitchen, eating breakfast cereal. “Hey Bethy would you like to go to a college party with me?” She choked and the cereal fell out of her mouth. The girl looked up with milk running down her chin.

“M-me? But I’m in high school. ”

You’re old enough.

She covered her tits with her arm. “Old enough for what?”

“To go to a beach party. It’ll be fun.”

“Oh, okay sure.” Little Beth jumped up to put the cereal box in the cabinet and her pajama bottoms slipped down, exposing her nice round butt cheeks. Sweet. The blushing girl pulled up her bottoms and ran out of the kitchen.

That night we went to the party. I enjoyed the party but Beth was terrified. She wasn’t used to seeing drunken college kids smoking pot and swimming naked. And horny frat boys chasing topless girls around the beach.

Beth clutched my arm so tight I could feel her shaking. So I wrapped my arm around the girl, holding her close while rubbing the bottom of her plump tit. Beth kept glancing up at me, pleading with her bright hazel eyes and pouty pink lips. She looked so cute…

My lips touched hers as my hand massaged her soft tit. We kissed and squeezed for a long minute before Beth pulled away, panting. “Oh… oh no Eric… you can’t… you just can’t… do that…”

“Bethy let’s dump this party and have a movie night in the basement, like we used to. Would you like that?”

“SURE!” Beth laughed and raced me to the car. I watched her cute round butt wiggle as she ran… On the way home I rented a zombie movie. Then we both got in our pajamas and loaded the DVD.

I had some mini bottles of champagne left from New Year’s. So I snuck those into the basement. The movie was a horror, so we casino oyna cuddled close and sipped champagne as we watched zombies eating brains. No exactly romantic but…

After a bit of champagne Beth got the giggles. Halfway through the movie she reared up and hit me with a pillow. We got into a tickle fight in our pajamas. I tickled her naughty places.

“Stop that!” The girl laughed and jumped on top me. I tickled her harder. Beth squealed and twisted, swinging her chest around, her hefty boobs smacking my face again and again. I love get face slapped with ten pounds of tittie meat.

“Okay Beth, I see how it is!” Grabbing her flying tits I flipped her over and held the girl down on the couch, squeezing her mound of soft flesh through her top.

She tried to pull my hands away. “Stop feeling me up… or I’m telling my mom!”

I squeezed harder and Beth punched my chest. “Ohmygod Beth you’re boobs have grown… they’re so huge… even bigger than all those college girls at the beach!”

“Y-you really think so…?”

“Hell yes—they’d be jealous.” Beth squirmed a little as I unbuttoned her pajama top. She watched my face as her top fell away and my gaze fell on her big beautiful breasts, two puffy tits that jiggled and swayed with her panting breath. Her aroused nipples stuck up like pink bullets, surrounded by dark pink aureoles.

“Gosh Bethy they’re even prettier than I imagined… you’re boobs are absolutely beautiful!” The little redhead smiled then whimpered as I touched her nipples, rubbing my fingertips over their rubbery hardness.

“Does this feel good?” I twirled a hard nipple between thumb and forefinger. She nodded and I licked her elongated nipples. Beth fidgeted.

“Don’t… ohh… that feels naughty… “She whispered. ” Ohhh Eric… promise you won’t tell my mom?”

I kissed her soft lips. “Beth you’re so damn sexy you drive me crazy.”

“I-I do…?”

“Yes, I’m dying to touch you… down there…” My hands tugged at her pajama bottoms.

She bit her lip and held onto her bottoms. But I yanked hard, pulling them down to her knees… And we both stared at her naked pussy. Fine red hairs fringed her glistening slit, topped with a candy red swirl of pubes. I rubbed her curly red pubes

Beth let out a little whine but didn’t resist as I forced her thighs apart with my knees… and squeezed her precious little pussy, rubbing my finger up and down her moist slit. My god was she wet…

The girl squirmed, trying to pull my hand away. “No… Ugh… no Eric… we shouldn’t…” But her sweet pussy was the softest thing I’d ever touched. Despite her grip of my wrist, my finger found her secret hole and circled it.

I heard her sigh as her legs clasping my knees. “Ugh… Ugh…” Beth cried out when my finger pushed into her delicate pussy folds. “Oh no Eric!”

The little redhead squeezed my wrist tighter, but I kissed her cheek. Beth sighed and her gripping legs suddenly relaxed. Yes! My finger pushed deeper as my thumb pressed her clitty. I felt her pussy quiver.

Beth whined. “Ooh… what are you doing to me?” My lips kissed hers… my finger tickled her love button, rolling it around like a hard bead. Beth slot oyna moaned. Her legs spread wider as her pelvis pushed up at my finger.

“Ugh Eric… just your finger… promise?”

And before I could lie she released my wrist and lifted her pelvis to give my fingers full access to her love hole. Beth panted at I rubbed her pulsing pussy. My finger between her soft labia and felt her fleshy pink walls tugging on my finger.

I couldn’t wait to have her pussy walls tugging on my prick.

“Ugh… Eric… touch me… feel me there.” The panting girl reached down, guiding my fingers back to her clit. Holding my hand there she began to wiggle against it as she panted.

The pretty redhead moaned, her thighs crushing my wrist and her hips heaved up and jolted in a small orgasm. “Ugh… Oh nooo…” Beth panicked and pulled my fingers away. “Ugh… no more… you… you…”

My hand cupped and squeezed the softness of her peach. Beth uttered a long sigh, her legs relaxing and opening again and again. I wasn’t sure what was happening… When I touched her clit again her hips jerked away.

“Ugh… don’t… you made it all sore… And you better go Eric… before my Mom hears us. ”

“C’mon Bethy, please let me rub you.” I moved my hand away from her pussy to feel her large, quivering breasts. Her nipples were even harder now, pushing up from her pink pebbled areola.

My aching prick became hard as stone—jutting out of my pajamas.

Beth pulled away. “Wh-what is that thing?”

“You know what it is. It’s my prick stick.” Grabbing Beth I yanked off her pajama bottoms off her feet.

“Don’t!” she grunted as my weight came down on her, pinning her to the couch. Somehow she got her legs closed before I could wedge them apart.

“I can’t believe you did that…” Beth groaned, her body shaking. “Go Eric… you better leave.” I headed for the door and locked it. Walking back my boner grew larger, jutting out long and hard.

The girl’s wide eyes stared up at my throbbing boner. “It-it’s not a stick—it’s a spear…” Beth rubbed her thighs. “You wanna stick that in me… don’t you?” I nodded. “B-but Eric… I’m scared… you make me feel all weird inside…”

“It’s okay Beth, your body yearns to be touched… and loved.” I moved my hand down again and this time she didn’t object when I touched her slit. “Bethy honey, feel me too.”

The girl raised her head and came eye-to-eye with my engorged prick. She swallowed and reached out timidly, wrapping her small fingers around my shaft, making it jump. “Eric why… why is it so hard…?”

“Because it wants you. It wants to be inside you.” Spreading her legs wide I stared at her open pussy. Beth blushed bright pink, the same color as her pussy. I pulled my prick up to her face. “Lick the tip Bethy, lube it good or it’ll rip your pussy tissue.”

“Oh gosh!” The wide-eyed girl quickly lolled her tongue around my cockhead and up and down my shaft. I moved my throbbing prick between her legs.

The teen girl whimpered. “No Eric… you can’t… I’m a virgin…” She moaned as my hand squeezed her fiery red mound. Her hips lifted to my hand.

Beth said no but her body said yes… Her panting canlı casino siteleri became louder, and my prick grew longer. I angled my hard shaft toward her red burning hole.

“Ugh! No Eric! No!” Her hands grasped my shaft, pushing it away.

“Beth I need to put it in you.”

“No… I’m scared…” Her wide hazel eyes looked up at me. “Okay… just a little bit…”

Her hand held onto my prick and we both moved it to her hot, furry hole. She squeezed me tighter. My aching prick pushed past her inner labia and felt the marvelous, moist warmth as she opened to me…so soft and warm and wet. I pushed in a bit more.

“Okay… no more… it hurts.” Beth moaned as my cockhead was engulfed by her snug folds… I pushed even deeper. The girl’s small hands tried weakly to push me away.

Dammit I couldn’t wait! Yanking her hands away I shoved my prick in.

“IT HURTS!” She cried as I felt the wonderful tightness of her soft, moist pussy flesh. “Take it out Eric!”

Ignoring her cries I penetrated her tight twat, feeling the sensations of hot clinging cunt flesh. My hips ground into hers, our pubes merging as the girl’s pink tissue tugged and pulled at my throbbing cock.

“Bethy does it still hurt?”

She shook her head and lifted her breasts to my mouth. I took one of the thick, rubbery nips between my lips and sucked on it. Beth uttered a whimpered gasp. Her hands held my head as I sucked and nibbled her hard nipples while pumping deep into her sweet pussy meat.

Her body tensed up for a moment, then shook slightly with a stifled sob. Beth closed her eyes as I pumped harder into her squishy pink heaven. In and out. In and out. Slow then faster. The little redhead lay there panting, legs widespread, her arms holding me as her big breasts wobbled with each fuck thrust.

Kissing her lips I felt her pillowy tits pressing against my chest… bare flesh to bare flesh. With each stroke I ground my hips against hers, pushing her legs wider as my prick tried to fuck every inch of her tender pussy.

“Ugh… ahh… ugh… ahh…” Beth panted in time with my thrusts. Suddenly she hugged my neck, gripping it tight as her thighs clasp my humping hips. “Oooh Eric…” Her pussy wiggled and I felt my balls churn.

I fucked faster and Beth’s arms strangled my neck. We kissed hard, our open mouths breathing in each other’s panting breath. My swollen prick hammered her writhing pussy. I grabbed her breasts.


My balls exploded, spewing load after load of cum into her tight hot cunt. My prick kept pumping, pushing my jism deep into her secret depths. Beth moaned in sharp, little whimpers as her body jolted in another orgasm. Her convulsing cunt squeezed my cock, milking out the last squirts of cum.

Completely drained I collapsed on her chest pillows. Beth squirmed slightly as I sucked and nibbled her big nipples. Then I rolled off of her sweaty, heaving body.

“Is it over Eric?” The girl stared up at me with her big hazel eyes. I nodded and looked down at her lovely freshly-ravaged twat. We both watched a trickle of red-stained cum ooze from her gaping pussy lips.

“I-I can’t believe you… made me bleed…” The naked girl jumped up, grabbed her leaking pussy and ran up the basement stairs, with her huge tits bouncing around. At the top of the stairs Beth turned around.

“Mom will be really mad when I tell her what you did…”

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