Bobo’s Story

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My wife has treated me after fifteen of years of marriage with no respect, and humiliates me whenever possible. She learned at the beginning that I always want her to play with my penis, and get me off. She uses it as a tool. Once off she knows I want nothing more than to be lazy, and forget about her needs. It has progressed and I expect it to not only continue, but for her to treat me even worse, and do meaner things to me. Simply because she knows she can do it, and has learned to enjoy doing it.

She first found out the effect that Angora had on my penis when she slid down my bare body to give me head at my father’s boat one evening. Her soft purple low necked Angora sweater was tight around her breasts, that I had been eyeing her 36DD cleavage and nipples in all night, got its waist band caught over my erect penis, and it slid right up between her bra-less breasts. I moaned in ecstasy as Jacqueline massaged it between her breasts and the sweater. My moans were loader and deeper than she had ever heard before, so she knew she was on to something. She asked me how the sweater felt on my prick, and I said it was like every hair was stimulating every nerve ending in my cock, but just the right amount as if to tickle it. Enough stimulation and friction to work toward an orgasm, but only slowly, but I would have to work for it. It’s a teasing feeling that urges me on making me want more.

That night Jacqueline had me eat her for a long time and she came three times, then she took off her Angora sweater and carefully folded it inside out and stroked my penis as I knelt over her. Soon I was avidly humping toward her and she just held the sweater and ordered me to show her how good I could fuck and to go faster. Looking at the head of my penis sticking out every time I went forward was too much and I quickly erupted all over her chest. She grasped my balls, and pumped them in a milking type of fashion. Not about to let me get away as I finished coming, she squeezed, as she sternly ordered me to lick up my mess. I could tell Jacqueline liked the feeling of power over me having me by the balls, and the fact that she got my sticky come off her as soon as possible, not having to wash herself, was nice too.

Now every time she wore that Angora sweater, I would get an instant hard on for her as soon as I saw her. Jacqueline of course verbally reinforced it by saying, ” I might let you feel that good Angora feeling again later, after servicing my pussy with your tongue if you do a good job!” Liking the sexy soft warm sweaters Jacqueline began to buy them whenever she found one she liked, and she would have to try it, to see if it felt as good on my penis. They were always sexy looking and tight on her breasts.

One night she had one of them lying on the sofa and went in the bathroom, but forgot her lipstick. When she came out she caught me stroking it on my dick, she went ballistic, took it away, and the next day we went shopping to buy a locking chest to put all her Angora sweaters in. The sadness she said she saw on my puppy face was exquisite. Jacqueline told me if I was good she would allow me some once in awhile.

We started playing with bondage before we were married, and I liked her always playing with my penis, doing things like tying it up. Jacqueline one day found out that locking a pair of handcuffs around the base of my genitals, and then making me play with her was far more exhilarating, and pleasurable as I was extremely hard and wanting. Thus began our period of her genital control of me. Jacqueline started telling me, “I want it to be my penis! If I can’t own it, I will have to look for one I can own and control how I wish. This planted the seed for me fanaticizing about her having other penises, and sex with other men.

Jacqueline had me separate the handcuffs and install a short leash on each one. She locked one around my genitals and pulled hard on it to see if it could come off. It was too tight to be able to slip off. She then told me, ” I want you to wear this from now on, since you won’t wear a wedding ring so other women can see that you are married, should they ever get that far. I also want you to make a wedding cock ring to wear just behind the head of your little penis that I will have engraved with my name!” She did too, it read, “Property of Mistress Angora”.

I’m sure she noticed that there was a change in my behavior, even though I did not at the time. I just was acutely aware of the fact that I had a locking lead around my genitals twenty-four hours a day and thought about her all the time because of it. My balls could no longer be pulled up into my body cavity, but were held out vulnerable. It made me just want to please her at every turn. I would buy things for her all the time and call her.

A bonus to this for her was that the genital lock held my poor little balls out from my body making them not only very vulnerable, but also much easier for her to grasp. I was told that the word testimony literally casino oyna meant to tell the truth as one could not lie while his balls were in the grasp of another. She was soon taking every opportunity to hold them when questioning me, as she liked the worried look I would get on my face. All she would have to do to make me beg her for mercy was to slowly squeeze the two nuts together. She could cause me excruciating pain with very little effort on her part. I took her very seriously. We looked up testimony and found that it actually came from the word testicles.

We subscribed to Variations magazine, and there were always plenty of stories, not only about dominant women, but wives having sex with other men with their husband’s knowledge. Jacqueline started reading these aloud while I would lick her for about an hour, and she would have three to four orgasms slowly slide in and out. She has always come best from my tongue, as my penis is rather small at four and a half inches in length and thin too, only about an inch and an eighth across.

I was masturbating to magazines allot as Jacqueline was not as interested in seeing me come. Possibly because she had subscribed to women’s magazines that showed naked men in them and would read them while I licked her.

This began my masterbatory phase that lasted two years. I was always after her for sex, especially when she had on anything Angora, and I catered to her so well, except after I had come, so she started using my tongue more, and not allowing me sex. Jacqueline did start using a new nice big dildoe to plunge in and out, often while I tongue serviced her. This was the best sex she had up to now, and she would come screaming and panting. The big dildoe was twice as long and twice as thick as my little dick. It really made my little dick look like a dwarf in size comparison.

Just for fun she held it up next to mine, told me to make mine as big, and hard as her always-faithful dildoe. She let me beat off until she thought I was ready to come, made me stop, and compared them. I was still only about half the size. Jacqueline told me that was it, I would no longer be allowed inside her pussy except on our anniversary and Xmas. She said, “You just couldn’t please me like my big one! The two I will allow you I will consider as mercy fucking!” I later read in her diary that she wrote, ” It felt so good to me inside to lay down the law to him, while at the same time belittling him and talking down to him. I could not believe I was getting so much satisfaction from making him feel inferior, but I just told myself that it’s a fact, his little dick can no longer please me. I need more than his small dick can to satisfy me.”

Jacqueline came home from work one day with a shopping bag and told me it was for me later. That night she presented me with one of those pump up cock enlargers. She told me I should use it as often as possible, at least twice a day in hopes of getting to a size she could feel. I began my cock enlarging work out every mourning, and every night. I would put it on and pump it up before I serviced her. I worked it for a year and then she said it was time to see my progress. She held her dildoe up to mine, laughed and then got out her tape measure. I had grown only about a quarter of an inch. She explained that I was still so small that she needed more, but was getting tired of the life-less dildoe.

Jacqueline came home from work early one day, and instead fixing dinner I was masturbating in the bathroom to a copy of Variations. The article I was reading was about a wife that made her husband earn his orgasms. She took it away from me, made me stop, and start dinner. I read in her diary that a few days later Jacqueline read an article that had a mention about a female chastity belt, and she thought about my chronic masturbating. She set a trap for me, thinking why not leave out the magazine again, catch me once more, then incarcerate my penis for her control, and use only. A simple bent tube locked on would work she thought.

Jacqueline laid the trap, and I took the bait. She caught me with my penis in hand again just three days after she had already caught me. She made me kneel before her while she sat on the edge of the bed, and reached out and took a firm grasp on my balls. She clenched her thumb and index finger tightly around the base of my balls and started to full me towards her. I started to grasp her hands as if to pull them away but she squeezed my nuts together and I was lost in pain, dropped to my knees, as she shouted, “Don’t you ever resist me, or I will make you pay!” I scooted forward and she explained that she was going to take my testimony about my jacking off. She explained that the word Testimony literally means that the balls are firmly held in the hand and squeezed as the person talks, and this is the best way of obtaining the absolute truth. I explained that I was a horny fucker, and was not getting enough sex so I was sneaking it behind her slot oyna back sometimes two to three times a day. I confessed that I had become a chronic masturbator. Jacqueline was appalled, and said something had to be done, she ordered me to make a tube along with a belt and leg straps for my genital cuff and my reward would be she would allow me sex with her. I worked on it for about a month, fastening it to the extra handcuff. After inspection and checking the keys, Jacqueline installed the belt and new genital ring, and then tied me to the bed. Jacqueline rode my dick, and I came before she could even get started, even though she was working her clit in a feverous fashion. She was pissed, and told me so saying, “My pleasure always comes first! No wonder I like the dildoe better, now you will still have to please me!” I looked at her with a bewildered look on my face. Jacqueline scooted up, turned around facing my feet and mounted my face as my come began dripping out of her. Jacqueline took a firm grip on my balls just incase I had any objections, and squeezed my two nuts together hard to insure that I knew she meant business.

As I licked away Jacqueline commented about all those years I had came in her, rolled over and went to sleep, while she had to get up go to the bathroom and clean herself. When all she had to do was make me start cleaning her afterwards. She could have been the one who rolled over, and went to sleep all along, no more wet spot! She talked about how my little dick would never be able to please her anymore, and how she should go out and find a real man with a real cock. Jacqueline came, and sank down with her full weight upon my face. Resting a few minutes while I lazily licked her out of what ever was still in her, Jacqueline decided it was time she installed the cock tube, and locked it in place. Two clicks later and I was started down the road in my new way of life, forever.

Jacqueline and I were a little worried at first and often checked it to make sure it was not going to hurt me, and she allowed me to masturbate for her once a week. I was doing so well catering to her that she soon settled into a routine where if I were good I would be allowed the tube off, could masturbate with one hand free, and come into my palm once every two weeks, but only on Sunday night. While I jerked my dick looking up at her she diddled her pussy and told me about how badly she wanted to fuck a man with a big cock and that if I really loved her I would ask her to do it! She soon started before unlocking my other hand from the ankle cuffs demanding me to lick my hand clean.

I have gotten used to this rule but was stubborn at first and she had to let me just sit there and out wait me. Her comfortable and me not, kneeling in front of her looking at my palm full of my fresh ejaculate. At first it took me about forty minutes to succumb, I knew she could out wait me, and gave in and licked my palm just like a dog, clean. Jacqueline seemed very proud, and smiled a smile of confident power as if she knew she had me by the balls, because they were still locked in her cuffs. The more this routine continued, and I listened to her talk about another man, the more I actually wanted her to have sex with another man with a large cock. I guess I thought she would find it not that great, and that would be the end of it.

Jacqueline began having me beg her permission to lick her pussy every mourning to wake her and every night before bed. She said, “You will beg my permission by saying the following, “Mistress may I please have permission to lick you, since my penis is not that of a real man’s, and I know it cannot satisfy you?” Next she added that I must also beg her the same way and greet her on my knees at the door when she arrives home. I had said it so much that I soon believed it to truly be so.

I never noticed before but now did, that when Jacqueline would come home late from work, which she often did, that her pussy had a lot of like dried up white stuff in it. I asked her about it and she told me, “Oh that’s just smegma, I was thinking about my poor husbands little dick that I have locked up most of the day. You know, how I get to come three to six times a day if I want, but I only allow you to come once every two weeks, and then only if you’ve been good! So, it must just be my come secretions! But no matter anyway, I mean you’ve been eating it for years, and even if it was another mans come, you had better not ever say anything! You will always lick me without reservation, as my pussy’s cleanliness is more important to you than anything else, isn’t it my pet? It’s your job to keep my pussy clean, so from now on I will even be calling you in when I go pee! That is if you don’t want your next coming to be postponed? Come on now dear let me hear you say, what I want to hear!” Say, “Mistress I really do want you to fuck other men because my dick is so small you need more to please you than I can ever give you! Please me, by fulfilling canlı casino siteleri your pleasures with a man with a real cock!”

I could not believe that I repeated the words exactly as she wanted me to. Soon she was having me say it every time before allowing my cock tube off, and then it progressed to nightly before I serviced her before bed time. After a few months of this I really did want her to do it.

Now whenever I had fucked her with the big dildoe she would climb up and mount my face as usual but she told she how much she missed having me lick clean the come out of her pussy?

Jacqueline didn’t really start having sex with other men until about six years into our marriage. She is the perfect trophy wife, fun at parties and always having men cater to her, not to mention having a good job. A great figure that’s a little top heavy, a pretty face causes men to be always after her.

The first time I saw her have sex with another man was at a party. Jacqueline had on a new sexy Angora sweater, I had been hounding her to allow my dick to feel. She told me she was going to the bathroom, when actually she went outside with Rich, found a secluded side of the house with a bench and sat down. She said that before she knew it they were kissing and he was diddling her pussy under her mini skirt. She took out his cock, and was amazed at the size as it continued to grow in her hand as she stroked it. She got on her knees and began sucking it. It was at least ten inches the same size as her dildoe.

Jacqueline had to find out if it responded to Angora like my dick did, so she slid her sweater over it putting it between her breasts and the new sweater. As she did this she looked up at the house behind her and noticed me looking down at them from the bathroom window. Jacqueline smiled up at me and then into Riches eyes. He was slipping into ecstasy and as she worked the magic of the Angora on his cock. She stopped and squeezed out some pre-come out of the large hole in its head. Then she licked it off as she looked up to see me staring at her.

Holding onto this enormous cock, she told me she was so excited she just had to feel it in her. She stood and removed her panties, turned, and straddled Riches lap on the bench slowly inching every inch of his monster cock into her. He fondled her large breasts under her sweater. God it felt better than her big dildoe, and we were soon both coming as Rich blasted at least six big bursts of his hot come deeper inside me than anyone has ever been. Jacqueline came again feeling his cock pulse it’s love juice deep into her womb. They held each other for a few minutes and then She put on her panties and said they better go back as her husband would be missing her and left.

Jacqueline ran into me on the path around the side of the house. I was mad at her and she held me off long enough for Rich to get his pants up and walk by us. She told me she wanted to talk with me.

We went back to the same bench she had just made love on. Jacqueline ordered me to kneel before her, explained to me that if I wanted to keep her, I would have to get used to her having sex with a big cock when she needed it. She said, “It just started out me trying to see if Riches cock liked Angora as much as my husbands poor little dick does. And it did!” She told me she would allow me to fuck her new sweater for her if I proved my love to her by licking her! Right now!

I wasted no time, as she hiked up her skirt, removed the soaked panties, and come was running out of her in buckets. Jacqueline held my ears to her as I licked her clean. Thinking I was finished as she came, She let my head back a little. Her pussy spasmed and pushed out about another tablespoon of white cock cream. As I looked in awe at the new fresh cream oozing out she said, ” Well get back in there and get busy!” as she pulled me to lick it up too. I was lost in some sort of a dream, like brainwashing, and she could make me do anything for her.

Jacqueline did allow me to come that night when we got home and it only took a minute at most after she unlocked my tube. She said, ” Such a pre-mature ejaculator, you get so excited over everything I do, not to mention feeling one of my new sweaters on your pitiful little dick.

Jacqueline is proud of the males she gets into bed, and showing me the trophy or proof that she has indeed done what she has described to me in detail. Telling me all about her affairs not only gets me very excited but makes me more subservient as well. The freedom to have sex with a man she is attracted to, and knowing her husband will remain forever faithful, and love her even more for it is what its all about for her.

To get horny all over again telling me about the great sex she just had, as I kneels before her, she then take my head, opens her legs and nestles my nose to her clit, as she works my ears to make me lap faster. Usually, when she comes again from my service, she pushes out more creamy white juice, and she seems to like the power of looking at it ooze out of her, and telling me I know what to do sternly! Sometimes she says things like, “Get that tongue back to work!”, or “You’re not finished!”, or “Get that tongue back where it belongs!”

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