Bob , Nikki’s Story – Ch. 03

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The next week seemed like a blur to both of them. On Saturday evening Nicole announced her pregnancy to her Mother who relayed the news to her father upon his arrival home from the barber shop. Both of them ranted most of the evening telling Nicole she was the shame of the family. Bob did just as he had promised, consoling Nicole, shouting back at his parents to ease up and have some compassion for their own daughter. In the coming days things would become a bit more settled around the house. Nicole confined herself to her room studying mostly and contemplating her situation.

Nicole was pleasantly shocked the next weekend when Ellen asked her if she needed to shop for some clothing that would help her transition from not pregnant to pregnant and showing, but Nicole told her that her clothing was still very comfortable and reminded her mother that she had lost 12 lbs. from the previous year and still had clothing from then that would help her to move from regular to maternity clothing.

Bob had several positive things happen to him. He was accepted at college in Arizona, won a partial scholarship from a national veteran’s organization due to his father’s military service, put a deposit on what appeared to be a very nice apartment 2 blocks from the college and perhaps best of all, found out that he could work for in the shoe store being opened in a new mall 3 blocks from his apartment by his current employer. Things were definitely looking up.

“What I don’t understand Nicole,” Ellen challenged, ” is why you are wanting to go clear out to Arizona and live with your brother who knows nothing about babies at such a stressful time. I would think that you would want to be near your mother. I know that you have medical coverage from your father’s insurance and can go wherever you wish but I surely don’t understand.”

It took everything that Nicole could think of to assuage her mother’s feelings. She reminded her mother that if she left with Bob in 7 weeks she would still not be showing and no one would have to know. It would save her mother and father a lot of distress and the necessity of explaining to friends and acquaintances. She didn’t think that her mother was in any way satisfied but at least she quit badgering her.

On Friday evening Ellen and Vern decided to go out to eat and then relax with a drink or two. It was the first time in nearly 3 weeks that Nicole and Bob had been alone.

“Bobby, come in and lie down with me,” Nicole called from her bedroom to her brother as he left the bathroom, ” let’s talk while we have this time to ourselves.”

Bob entered his sisters room, gazing at her reclining form, feeling a rush of affection for this beautiful little lady.

“What do you want to talk about sweetie,” Bob asked.

“Mmm, come here you big stud,” she replied, opening her arms to him and smiling lovingly.

” Do you know just how much I love you Bobby?” she asked, ” do you also know how horny I am right now? I mean I am so wet just laying here and thinking about that big beautiful cock of yours.”

“Wait a minute Nick’” Bob said, looking perplexed, ” you can’t do that after you’re pregnant. I mean, what about the baby?”

“Bobby, right now that baby is just about as big as a small mouse. Now I’m not saying that we can go crazy but if you think I’m going to spend casino oyna the next 30 plus weeks being celibate you are as crazy as a bedbug.”

With that she half rolled onto her right side, placing her lips on his and beginning a very sensual kiss while at the same time reaching up the gaping leg of his shorts, sqeezing his balls to emphasize her statement.

“Oww girl, that hurts. Don’t crush the crown jewels.”

“I’m not going to crush them,” she said through the kiss, ” but I’m going to love the hell out of them.”

So began their sexual romp, trying to make up for the fact that they had not had each other for nearly 3 weeks.

Bob entered her slowly. Trying to take it easy but also savoring each movement as well as each moment. Loving her tenderly yet reveling in the sexuality that his little sister oozed from every part of her being.

“Oh Bobby, your cock feels so good in me. You make me so hot,” she said while humping herself up against him. ” Fuck me baby, make me cum sweetheart, make me grunt and groan, oh baby, you do such wonderful things to me and to my pussy.”

Bob was moving in and out of her wonderful hot and wet love tunnel, pacing himself, still careful to not ram her too hard, not wanting to hurt her or the baby.

“Nicki, Nicki, you feel so good sweety, so very good. You’re so hot and wet and tight, oh damn Nicki, I’m not going to ever get tired of that wonderful pussy.”

“You better not buddy, you better not,” Nicole whispered, ” I’m figuring on you fucking me for at least the next 50 or so years.”

‘Mmm, Nicki, oh baby I’m getting close, are you close?”

“No Bobby but it’s OK, go for it sweetheart, cum in my pussy, squirt that wonderful juice in me.”

Bob found himself moving faster now, trying to take it easy but driven by the feel of her delicious pussy not able to stop himself. It was very close now. He could feel it building, close to his release.

“Oh Nicki, here it comes sweetie, here it cums,” with that he began to ejaculate powerfully, filling her with his sperm, he groaned, pumping her full, the jets of his semen beginning to force some of it around his cock resulting in it slowly leaking down Nicole’s vagina, to pool finally at her rectum.

Nicole sighed, feeling her lover’s release, overjoyed in the fact that she could make him feel so good, my God how she loved him.

“That was so good Bobby, I love it when you cum so hard for me.”

“Now it’s your turn Nick, we need to make you feel good too.”

“Sounds good to me, but I’m surprised how good that made me feel.”

“Well, let’s make you feel better,” he said and with that he moved down between her legs, gazing at her wonderful pussy. Suddenly he realized that her pussy was leaking his cum profusely and there was likely a good bit more to go.

Nicole began to chuckle softly, realizing his problem, she was probably a mess with sperm running everywhere.

“Bobby, you don’t have to do that. It would probably feel weird to you.”

Bob stared for just a bit longer, ” no babe, I want to give you this. I guess I just didn’t think about it but I’m sure it won’t kill me.”

“Well, I’ve tasted it a lot Bobby, ” she snickered, ” and I’m still fine,” she finished with a smile.

Bob moved toward the junction of her thighs, reaching his tongue out, making contact with her pussy. He was surprised slot oyna by its taste, it wasn’t a strong or unpleasant taste and in a very short time it mixed with her secretions creating a different taste entirely and one that was not at all unpleasant.”

“Unhhh, oh yes baby, oh God that tongue Bobby, oh baby lick my pussy, lick it good sweetheart.”

Nicole was pumping her hips now, bumping up against his mouth, grunting with each thrust, working her cunt hard against him, getting stimulation from his tongue but also his mouth and chin. She was going to cum soon.

“aaah yes, mmm Bobby, oh Bobby, lick it, get on my clit baby, get on my clit hard, oh yes, suck it, suck it into your mouth, oh Bobby here it cums, here it cums, oh yes, oh yes, oh yessssss.”

Bob and Nicole snuggled together after returning their clothing to some semblance of order. Kissing softly, touching each others’ face, smiling tenderly at one another.

“I love you Nicki, I love you so much. I just can’t get enough of you, I don’t think I ever will be able to.”

“I love you too Bobby,” she said, ” and I don’t *want* you to ever get enough of me. It will always be here for you too Bobby, do you understand that honey? I’m available to you, my pussy is available to you anytime, anyplace and in any way you want it, and maybe one of these days I will get up the courage to let you try my other hole down there.”

They pulled a light cover up over themselves, sighing, relaxing and soon both went soundly to sleep.

Bob awakened with a start, light faintly streaming through the window. He realized that they had slept the night. They had both been under a great deal of stress and this had resulted in a good night’s sleep. He wondered if his mother had looked in on them. He hoped she had not but in fact didn’t really care. Things had proceeded so far now, future plans had been decided and acted upon, there was no turning back.

In the ensuing weeks Nicole and Bob managed to find some time here and there in which to enjoy each other sexually, and to also firm up their plans. Ellen had managed to convince Nicole to let her take her shopping for maternity clothes and they returned after an entire day with tons of clothes and seemed to have healed ,for the most part, the rift between them. Vern still would not talk directly with his daughter but Nicole learned that it was his idea for the shopping trip which when calculated must have cost him close to a thousand dollars.

In their private moments, Bob and Nicole marveled at her swelling belly. She was now wearing her larger clothing and had been able to pull it off, no one suspecting anything but when he stripped her and lay with her, raining light kisses on her belly, they saw without question the growth of their baby.

Graduation day for Nicole dawned clear and unusually crisp for late May but this was northern Ohio and certainly not unheard of. They had spent the week before graduation packing Bob’s van and made preparations to leave on Sunday. Bob had closed his bank account and had the bank transfer $ 9,000 to his bank in Phoenix. In addition he had almost $ 1,000 in cash. For graduation Vern and Ellen had given Nicole the gift of $ 2,500 and she had this in the form of a cashier’s check. They were as ready as they would ever be.

“Now you two be careful and drive safely,” Ellen stated, let us know canlı casino siteleri when you get there. Call us every night Nicole so we will know that you are both alright. “

“I will Mom, we’ve both got our cell phones so we’ll keep you up to date.”

Ellen then hugged Bob and gave him a kiss on the cheek. ” Now Bob,” she said, “you take care of your sister and you know you will have to watch out for the baby too. You’ll just have to act as if it’s your own child, ” she said, and he noticed that she had a strange smile on her face and the very last thing she did was give him a wink.

Bob and Nicole were both a little surprised to see Vern walk down the sidewalk to the van in an apparent effort to see them off.

“You kids take care. Good luck to both of you.”

Nicole couldn’t help herself, she moved quickly to him, embracing him tightly.

“I love you Daddy,” she said.

“I love you too kiddo, and always will. You make sure you take care of yourself and that baby.”

“I will Daddy, I promise.”

As they pulled away from the house, their parents waving in the distance they breathed a sigh of relief. The break had finally been made and they felt much less stressed.

“Nicki, she knows, our Mom knows.”

“Knows what Bobby, she knows what?”

“She knows that I am the father of your child.”

“Whaaat, no way. How could she know?”

“When she hugged me she told me she wanted me to take care of you and the child, she said that I would have to treat the child as if it was my own. She said it Nicki, with a smile on her face. Then she winked at me.”

“Oh wow, ” Nicky said, ” do you suppose she does? “

” Well, it sure sounds like it to me Bob stated, I don’t know how but I really am convinced she does. What if she saw us the night we slept together in your bed? I’m sure she’s also considered the fact that at least as far as we all know you haven’t had a date in about 67 years.”

Nicole elbowed him in the ribs.

“Ouch”, Bob bleated, ” you didn’t have to assault me. “

“It hasn’t been 67 years, only 63. Seriously, it was only when I decided I was going to seduce my brother that I quit dating and that was only about 6 or 7 months ago.’

Bob and Nicole continued to tease each other as they drove along. They had covered about 170 miles and the sun was settling a bit lower in the sky. They agreed to stop for the evening in the next city of any size to spend the night.

Now all Bob had to do was drive a pregnant woman over 2,000 miles to an area they had never seen, set up their household, take a new job, prepare for his junior year in a strange college and finally wait on the birth of his child. It was a full plate but one he was looking forward to.

As the miles stretched out behind them they both began to relax enjoying already their new found independence. They had cut west at Columbus and before long were traveling through new territory for both of them. Nicole had fidgeted most of the previous night, getting little sleep as she worried about their future. For now, she stretched, yawned and slumped back into her seat. She nodded, then drifted quietly off to sleep. Bob slowly turned the volume on the radio down, smiled lovingly at his sister and drove on, on toward the west, hoping and praying that all would work out.

They had not discussed how they would present themselves during their journey and when they arrived. Bob had thought about all of this during the drive and had finally made the decision that from this time forward they would be Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Watkins.

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