Birthday Party Sleepover

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Before i get into this story, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 5’9, 15 years old, kinda muscular, and I’m straight. Now I got this friend named Johnny and all the girls like him at school. I mean he was white, my age, about my height and he has a face that girls die for. Well he said that his birthday was friday and he would like it if I could come to his birthday party/sleepover.

“Yeah dude i would love to go to your party’ is there gonna be girls there”

“Man my mom said that i cant have no girls at the party”

“Wow terrible, so who all is gonna be there”

” You, me, Jake, Lance, Daniel, Paul, and Christopher”

“Alright man what do i gotta bring”

“Me a present, and some clothes for the weekend”

I said cool and went to class, The next day which was Thursday, we were sittin at lunch and Christopher came up to us and said he can”t go unless his brother Tyler comes. (Tyler’s gay by the way)

“Dude yo bro is like gay” Jake said

“But then I can’t come” Christopher said

“Alright but he better not touch me” I said laughing

So we said he can come and we went to third period, math, which is the same class i got with Tyler. So I decided to talk to him about the party and things. So me and him were sitting by each other in the back casino siteleri where the desk were connected and we were passing a note to each other (because we couldnt talk) Tyler said that he knows I look at his ass when he goes to the bathroom and he didnt mind it because he likes me and hopes at the party that something will happen. I wrote back and was like ok but I’m straight. He said sure thats what they all say

So its Friday and everyone is showing up to Johnny’s House…… I come first, then Jake, then Lance, then Danny, and Christopher and Tyler. So we are all here.. 7 dudes for two days.. This might be fun…
So Johnny came in the room and told us the plan
“Man my mom and dad are leaving tonight and they left the house to us the whole weekend”

“Cool” everybody else said

So it was time for the party, Cake, ice cream, party, he opens presents, and everybody (except us) leaves… time for the sleepover. We went into Johnnys basement and played some Playstation until we were bored with it. When we got bored Johnny came up with an idea

“Hey Tyler, dude since your gay, do you suck dick”

“Maybe why” Tyler said

“Well what do the birthday boy have to do to get his cock sucked” Johnny said. So he pulled out his already hard cock and it was about 6.5 inches in slot oyna length. So Tyler got on his knees and sucked Johnny’s cock.

“MMMMMMMM Yeah suck that cock” Johnny said

We saw that Johnny was getting his cock sucked that we all started to put our hands down our pants and jack off. Then we stood up and locked the door and got naked. So Tyler stopped and got naked and we started to touch each other. Jake’s cock was 6.5, Christopher was 7 inches, Tyler and Danny was about 6 inches, I was about 7.5 inches and Lance was 8 inches. So we started to take turns sucking on Johnny’s cock. I went after Tyler and was doing it. After me it was Jake, then Lance, then Danny, then Christopher. After that we decided to go a little different. Jake looked up gay sex on the internet and it pulled up pictures of all these dudes doing different things to each other. Lance thought that it would be a good idea if we tried. So we got into twos(besides Johnny who had Danny and Jake) and started to suck each other dick. Alot of moaning came fomr the basement, but then Johnny stood up and turned Danny around and put it in his ass.

“Ahhhhhhhhh Damn dude” Danny yelled

Johnny started to put it in a little slower and then Jake went behind Johnny and put his cock in Johnny’s ass. Soon we were all having anal sex canlı casino siteleri and we were enjoying it. Back and forth we were just on the floor, in the bed, standing up, and we got closer to each other on the bed and continued to fuck each other. About like ten minutes we heard Johnny say he was about to cum. So he pumped Danny until he came in his asshole.. Then Johnny bent over and licked his cum out of Danny’s ass. Then Jake went back to fucking Johnny’s ass and the same thing happened…… We all licked cum out of each other asses until we were all satisfied.

“Man I want some more of this”

I smiled and went to suck on Johnny’s cock. He put his hand on the back of my neck as I went up and down then Jake arched my ass in the air, spit into my hole and put his cock in. Everybody else was watching and jacking off. Then we switched, I was on the bottom, Johnny sat on my dick, and Jake put his dick in Johnny’s ass at the same time. Christopher went to Johnny’s mouth and facefucked him.Then The other 3 were in the corner havung sex………… Then i felt my balls tingle up as I was about to cum

“MAN I’M CUMMING TOO” Jake yelled
Me and Jake came at the same time then Chris came in Johnny’s mouth. Me and Jake went behind Johnny and licked our cum out of his ass and then tongue kissed. The other three came over as we all got on our knees and tasted Johnny’s cum on our faces.

“Man this is the best birthday ever”

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