Bigger Than Dad?!? Ch. 03

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The arrangement I had made with mom was working out great. Anytime, anywhere, anyway I wanted to have sex, she would let me, allowing me to take her in the matronly way only a mother knew.

I had graduated high school and was now attending a well known technical college in town. Mom and Dad encouraged to me to go away for school, but it was too much fun living where I was, especially with Mom around. Dad did convince me to get my own apartment though, which was great because Mom came over all the time, especially if she learned a new blowjob or handjob technique from one of her women’s magazine and wanted to practice.

One day in late April, my last lecture of the day got cancelled and I decided to drop by my parents’ place to see if mom was around. I still had a set of house keys so I let myself in. The house was quiet. I called out for Mom, but although she her car was out front, I couldn’t hear her.

I walked upstairs to my former bedroom. When I opened the door I was surprised to see Mom on all fours with a young man behind her and another with his large cock stuffed in her mouth. I froze. My mom looked up from the bed and saw me, but the other guys were too busy concentrating on fucking her to notice my intrusion. She gave me a nod as if to encourage me to join them, but I couldn’t.

Instead, I slipped away from the door and went down to the basement rec room to watch some tv. About two hours later, I heard the guys leave. It was nearly six o’clock and Dad would be home in thirty minutes.

I could hear mom scrambling around upstairs, probably stripping the bedsheets and using some deodorizer to mask the sex smell like she did after our sessions.

Finally, she came down to the rec room fully dressed in a sweat shirt and jeans. She sat beside me and took my hand in hers. Her nails were airbrushed red.

“Do you want to talk about what you just saw?”

“Mom, how could you? I thought I was your special cock.”

“Well, you are baby!” Mommy said, unzipping my fly and stroking me. “You know mommy loves your dick the most, but there are other boys in the neighborhood that also need to be taken care of and well, since you went of to school and got a place of your own, you’ve neglected my needs a little.”

“I know mom, but I don’t want to share you.”

“Baby, I think you’ve got to learn to share. Mommy has her needs too you know and those boys were really fun. I mean, they were 18 year old virgins, don’t you think they should enjoy me?”

Mom knew I was disappointed and put her mouth on my cock to ease my frustration. Suddenly, I heard a door open upstairs. Dad had gotten home.

“Oh mom! Now I’m going to get blue balls.” I told her, upset. “Come over to my apartment tonight and we’ll discuss this further.”

“Yes son.” She said, dropping her eyes. She knew she was in big trouble.

What could I do? What if those guys went to the same college as me? I couldn’t let the whole world know I was fucking my mom.

I put my penis back in my pants and zipped up. Mom and I walked upstairs and I saw Dad taking off his jacket.

“Hey Dad.” I said. “Just dropped by to see Mom.”

“Hi John” Dad replied. “Guess what?”


“Brunswick Consolidated gained three points on the Standard casino siteleri and Poor!”

“That’s great dad,” I said, nodding. Dad sure had a weird way to get off.

Later that night, Mom showed up at my bachelor apartment as promised.

I opened the door to see here standing in a long jacket. She was wearing blush, some new shade of pink lipstick and her blond hair was freshly curled.

I watched her come in and take off her jacket. She was wearing a long, simple black dress that was revealing of her breasts and bottom.

I told her to come and lie across my lap. She did. I pulled up her dress past her heart shaped ass. She wasn’t wearing panties.

“I’m very unhappy with you mom.”

“I know honey,” She said.

I rubbed her big round tushy, exploring the dips between her buttocks..

“How many guys have you fucked since we started?”

“A few.” She said, embarrassed.

I picked up a plastic bag off the end table beside the couch.

“I found this at the dollar store.” I said, unwrapping a bright red ping pong paddle. It’s rubberized surface would be perfect for teaching mom a lesson.

I whacked the paddle against her juicy ass. She begged me not to, but I gave her a good paddling regardless. Nothing too hard, just enough to turn her bum cheeks a nice deep shade of red.

“Honey, please don’t leave a mark!” She said, after a particularly hard slap of the paddle.

“Why should you care? Dad never sees it anyway.” I said.

“Well…” She replied. “Sometimes he does.”

“Do you mean you’re fucking him too!” I gave her another hard hit.

“Ever since you left, my holes have been desperate for attention. You kept them so well occupied, but we haven’t had a session in a week!”

I understood that I had been neglecting mom, especially with my studies. “It’s not fair for you to have all those extra cocks mom.” I said to her.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you baby!” She said.

I knew she would, so I had her strip and finish the evening by giving me a gentle blowjob as well as a nice ass fuck. She even phoned dad to say she had a few glasses of wine and couldn’t drive home. “These college kids are always drinking!” She laughed into the phone while not trying to let on that I was fingering her pussy.

Mom kept me held close that night, telling me I was her most special boy, apologizing to me for fucking the others and most of all, reminding me I had her favorite cock. She did fuck me a few times, mainly her on top, and I allowed her to have several orgasms.

As I had class the next day, we finished the fucking around one. At dawn, she woke me up with a good morning blowjob.

The next Saturday, I was at my apartment playing video games on my PC when the buzzer rang. I push the button and heard Mom’s voice. I buzzed her in and she came up in record time.

When I answered the door, I was surprised to see that she was not alone.

Next to her was a young girl in a red petticoat, stiletto heels and stockings. Her black hair was slicked back and tied tightly in a bun. I let them both in.

“This is Shirley.” Mom said, “I won some money at the local casino and I thought I’d use it to make it up for what happened last week.”

Shirley smiled at me. slot oyna “You must be John. Wow, it’s cool you have an older lover. Your girlfriend told me all about you.”

My girlfriend, I thought.

Mom obviously hadn’t told her we were related.

“I guess your girlfriend wants to play your Mom and I’m supposed to be your sister.” Shirley said, as Mom led her into the apartment.

Mom smiled as she sat next to me on the couch. “Is that OK with you Shirley?”

Shirley nodded, sitting next to her, “Well, it is a little kinkier than what I’m used to, but you seem nice and it does sound intriguing, so let’s start.”

Shirley sat down between Mom and me. Her lavender perfume lingered sweetly.

“What would you have called your first born daughter?” I asked Mom.

“Elizabeth.” She said. “Is it OK if we call you Elizabeth, Shirley?”

Shirley blushed. “That’s so funny. My real name is Elizabeth!”

We laughed.

I asked Elizabeth if she wanted to take a shower and she said she would, but only with me.

I went into my tiny bathroom and stripped off. I got into the cramped shower and turned on the water as Liz joined me. Her clothes were already off and though I wished I had removed them myself, the sight of her small, tight breasts, amazing ass and puffy pink nipples more than made up for it.

“I like to clean up the guys.” She said. “You don’t mind… Do you? Bro?”

Bro. The fantasy had already begun.

Elizabeth took the sponge from my hands and told me to stand perfectly still with my arms to my sides. She took my balls in her hands and lathered them up before working her way up my shaft to the penis’ head. She pulled back my foreskin and let water run over it before sucking it nicely. I could tell immediately why people paid for her skills.

Then she turned me around and scrubbed my back before separating my bum cheeks and scrubbing out my asshole lovingly.

“You’re a real nerd, aren’t you bro?” She giggled.

“Why’s that?” I asked as she continued to scrub my bottom.

“I saw your collection of Chewbacca dolls.”

“Chewbacca’s the man.” I said.

“How old are you?” She giggled, getting on her knees and licking my freshly cleaned asshole.

“19.” I said.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit too old to be playing with dolls?” She asked between licks.

“Those are fully articulated figurines!” I protested. “Not dolls!

She laughed into my butt. “You are such a geek.”

I turned around so my cock was facing her again. Mom opened the bathroom door. Naked, Mom stepped into the shower with us. We turn barely move in the small cubicle.

Mom got Elizabeth off her knees and we all joined in a three way kiss. I could feel both sets of their breasts press against my chest. My cock was so hard I thought it would explode like something out of a David Cronenberg film.

Both of them put their hand on my cock at the same time and I found myself double stroked.

I closed my eyes in pleasure.

The rest of the night was a whirlwind.

The women brought me back into the living room and moving the coffee table, put down a thick blanket in the center of the room.

Mom told me to sit on the couch and to not touch my penis at all.

Mom canlı casino siteleri asked me if I thought my sister was cute and introduced Elizabeth’s every part to me, her pussy, her anus, her breasts. Nothing was hidden from my sight.

I watched as Mom put a finger in Liz and fingered her g-spot. Mom told me to watch as Liz began to moan, softly at first, but then louder and louder. Soon, I saw a big stream of liquid pour from Liz’s pussy.

“Mom!” I said, resisting the urge to touch my cock. “She peed!”

“No honey, that’s how women ejaculate!”

Wow! After this whole year Mom had never told me women could do that. I walked to the edge of the blanket but Mom, being a tease, told me not to come any further. She handed me the part of the blanket Liz came on and I noticed that it did not smell like urine. It smelled like nothing at all. Then, I tasted it. It had a strong vinegar taste, not like salty pee.

“That’s amazing Mom!” I said as Mom took a double dildo from the overnight bag she brought over.

Again I was made to sit on the couch while they backed up to one another on all fours. They each stuck their own respective end of the thick purple dildo into their twats and as if they were lumberjacks, sawed themselves back and forth on the soft, thick tube. I could see that Mom had taken more of its length than Liz and reminded Liz to get the dildo deeper into her.

Finally, Mom got off the dildo and taking the other end from Liz’ pussy, moved between the young girl’s legs and ate her out. I had never seen Mom eat pussy before, but it was obvious she was a pro. The way her tongue worked Liz’ clit made the poor girl drool out of the side of her mouth.

After Liz came again, Mom called me over and told me to penetrate her. Mom said Liz was disease free and on the pill so I could go in her bareback. I slid in her and once I felt myself tight inside her pussy, I came immediately.

Elizabeth laughed. “That was the fastest I’ve ever made a guy cum in my pussy.”

I looked at Mom embarrassed. She laughed and said I should go back to the couch but allowed me to play with myself.

I masturbated while I watched my Mom and my ‘Sister’ play. For the rest of the night they ate each others pussies and assholes and showed off how wide they could gape or what outrageous object they could fit in their holes. It was a draw with Sis getting half a collector’s baseball into her opening and Mom accommodating a whole wine bottle.

I shot so much cum over myself that by the third hour every part of me neck down was spattered with sperm.

After their insertion contest, Liz came and crawled onto my well-beaten, but still hard cock. There wasn’t much cum left in me, so I managed to ride her for a while without coming. I sucked her nipples and put my fingers into her mouth while mom got between our legs and licked my balls before kissing Liz and I where we joined in Liz’s pussy.

At the end of the night Mom drove Liz home and said goodbye. I wanted them to stay but Elizabeth said she had another date later and Mom had promised Dad she’d be home by Midnight.

Mom had certainly made up for cheating on me, but I couldn’t help but wonder if something was changing in our relationship. It was almost like Mom was over me. I couldn’t say exactly why, but I had the feeling that the thrill of sexually serving her son was beginning to wear off for Mom.

Maybe she would be happier fucking other guys.

Only the future would tell.

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