Big Cousin Obsession

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Hello there, everyone!

I’ve been reading stories here on Literotica for a very long time, so when I made up my mind about writing one myself it took ages before I started it, and even longer until I was happy with the end product that was the first part of The English Roomie.

The sheer amount of practice time that gave me combined with the feedback I received was very educational, and I would like to thank everyone who commented whether they were praising or criticizing, since both of those types of comments help me improve.

So now that I, hopefully, have taken a good step forward, I introduce to you Big Cousin Obsession, which with any luck you’ll enjoy reading as much as I did writing it.

As always, give me your feedback, as I always appreciate it, and enjoy the read. 🙂

Hugs and kisses to you all,




The alarm clock was Derek’s worst enemy. He had bought it when he was 12, and maintained it at his bedside table through the years for reasons he still didn’t quite understand. It was supposed to start playing the local radio when the alarm time came, but due to some malfunction it gave a crack before that, which made Derek wake up startled by the noise rather than the music.

He hit snooze once, as per usual, before actually getting up when it erupted again. He didn’t stop it immediately because Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity” was on. He got himself dressed for work, and made his way to the kitchen, still mumbling along to the lyrics.

‘Are you seriously still waking up to that radio station?’

The voice startled him momentarily, but he was becoming used to Sarah doing that when she saw the opportunity.

They used to be in the same class in secondary school, and became friends with ease. She was 5ft1 (and Derek took every opportunity he could to remind her of it…), with bushy dark hair, a curious mix of brown and green in her eyes, and, much to Derek’s pleasure, didn’t go for the anorexic look, but had a bit of meat in her features. He had had feelings for her for a period of time, but Sarah didn’t reciprocate and, after a couple of months of awkwardness, they returned to being their usual selves around each other. That was 8 years ago. Now they were each other’s best friend.

‘Yes, Sarah, I do enjoy waking up to the best funk that ever existed.’


‘And you enjoy trying to scare the shit out of me. Everyday. So what’s your point?’ Derek replied, as he poured milk in a bowl, and grabbed the cereal to follow up.

She stuck her tongue out.

‘Very mature.’ He replied, before changing the subject. ‘Can you make it tonight, or am I going to have to put up with family conversations?’

Derek enjoyed swimming since he was 8 years old, and what at first was something his parents forced him to do, became, after a few years, his favourite hobby in the world. So much so that he started going to the local club’s swimming pool everyday when he went to college, and never stopped doing it since then. Every 6 months there was a competition between the swimmers that didn’t go pro, and one of those was that night.

‘Uh, I still need to ask Kath and Meg if they’re going as well, but I’ll make it. After all, how could I miss seeing your grandmother again? Remember when I first saw her?’

‘I try not to.’

She cleared her throat and made an erringly similar voice to his grandmother.

‘Oh hello, honey! Have you seen how strong he’s looking with all that swimming? Oh don’t shy away, Derek, I was just complimenting you in front of your friend. Your arms really are quite muscled now…’

‘And with that, I’m off.’ Derek said, swallowing the milk that remained on the bowl, and placing it on the sink.

‘Not to mention that Lauren’s coming, isn’t she?’

‘My uncles are coming, so I expect she is.’ He replied, noncommittally.

‘So I’m expecting the cousins Palmer to ignore everyone else and just talk for the entire dinner after the competition…’ she said, smirking.

‘Jealous of my cousin, are you… I never thought I’d see the day.’ Derek replied, with a laugh.

‘Ha, ha. I’m just teasing you. It’s kind of cool the way you guys are around each other.’

‘Well, we’re both only childs. We’ve basically been treating each other like brothers since she was born.’

‘I know, but not completely like brothers.’ Sarah seemed to reflect. ‘Since you don’t have to always live together and share stuff, you basically never fight or argue.’

‘Oh, so you’re not jealous, you just wish your sister was more like Lauren…’

‘I guess.’ Sarah laughed.

‘Anyway, you’re making me late for work. Catch you later.’ He said, kissing her on the cheek.

‘Laters.’ She replied, kissing him on the cheek as well.


Let’s go!

Derek was in the changing room at the complex where the swimming pool was, putting on his white swimming cap over his messy brown hair, making sure that casino siteleri it was entirely beneath it. The goggles, though, he just put over his head, since he still had to wait for his turn.

As he walked out, he looked up to the stand, where even in the absence of his contacts, he could tell where “his” crowd was, and waved at them, before going to meet two of the other swimmers he had lessons with. Felix and Amanda were chatting between themselves when he joined.

‘I’m so nervous!’

‘Why? You always win the girl’s competition…’ Felix answered her, pretending to be annoyed.

‘Without any competition, I might add.’ Derek said.

‘Well, you never know!’ Amanda replied, trying to seem upset at them, but blushing in the process.

‘Yes, we do. It’s us who should be worried…’ To prove his point, Felix lowered his voice slightly and turned to Derek. ‘I mean, have you seen that guy, who just left the competition class? Got bored apparently, but he still goes like the fucking devil! I think the best we could is to only go for it near the end, because he…’

They continued analysing the competition, but soon, as they always did since they had started dating, Felix and Amanda started getting all mushy with each other, and it was with a little relief that Derek said:

‘Sorry, need to warm up before I go. See ya in a bit.’

He knew they didn’t mean anything by it, and he liked the both of them, but sometimes it really got too much for other people around the two of them. He did the warm up and got out just in time for his turn.

It was time for the 25 meter butterfly trial. The pool had 25 meters of width so it was a sprint from one end to the other. He got up onto the block, having stretched for a few seconds and waited. Attention. He grabbed the block with his hand, and shifted his legs into position. And… Hop!

He stretched himself fully, and as he entered the water he started to kick his legs to return to the surface. He hadn’t gone too far in, so it was a good jump. As his face broke the surface, his arms had already started the stroke. He got into rhythm. One kick of his legs when he started the arm stroke and another when he finished. He continued for just about 15 seconds or less, when he touched the wall. Derek immediately looked around. Nobody had arrived yet. First.

Get in! He thought as he climbed off, and gave Nat a high-five. Nat was his swimming instructor, and because she was just 35 she had all her students call her by her name, Natasha, rather than teacher or anything formal like that. Derek saw her make the “Loser” sign to the other instructors in mock-arrogance, and couldn’t help but laugh as he got quickly congratulated by Amanda and Felix. Wishing them luck for their trials, he went to the changing room and went to greet his “crowd” that had gathered at the entrance on the other side.

‘There’s the champ!’ his dad bellowed.

‘Awesome, kid!’ his granddad said, visibly proud.

‘Thanks, guys!’ he said, making a joking bow.

‘You’re the best, Derek!’ he heard, as he got a very tight hug. It was Lauren.

‘Thanks, Lara.’ He said, a reference to an inside joke they shared. When Lauren was learning to speak she never got her name right, and at first at came out something similar to the Tomb Raider character, and Derek had gotten into the habit of calling her by it.

He hugged her back as well. Derek still hadn’t gotten used to seeing her at nearly the same height as him. Being 9 years older, he always had the habit of looking down to her but not anymore. She was thin, not because of starving herself, but just because of her body type. Even as a baby, she never had the chubby look. He could feel her breasts next to him. They were soft and a little smaller than “normal” but they suited her thin figure perfectly. ‘You’re getting your clothes wet by the way…’

‘Shit!’ she said, keeping her voice down because of the family presence.

Derek laughed, as he looked at Lauren. Her face was slightly more round than the rest of her body, yet not so much that it looked out of place, her hair being completely straight and brown, with a few patches of blonde appearing as well. Her eyes though were like looking at a mirror, as the brown in Lauren’s was a carbon copy of Derek’s own.

The rest of the family followed, as well as Sarah and a few other friends. After 5 minutes though he reminded them that he had 2 trials, so he probably should get back to get ready for the remaining one. He was about to re-enter the changing room when he noticed Lauren had stayed behind.

‘I know, I know,’ she said, jokingly putting her hands up. ‘I just wanted to wish you luck.’

‘Thanks, I think I’ll need it in this one. There’s more competition and Felix is in this one as well, so I’m probably not gonna get first…’

Lauren hugged him again, kissing his cheek tenderly.

‘Just do your best. I believe in you.’


‘You were good.’

‘I know.’

Sarah slot oyna rolled her eyes.

‘I didn’t mean it like that…’ Derek quickly added.

‘I know.’

‘It’s just annoying that I didn’t make the podium on that final one.’

‘You gave it your best, and nobody was any less proud of you.’ Sarah said, looking at him while they were stopped at a traffic light on their way home. When it went green again, she made a grimace. ‘And this is the last time I’m driving whilst you’re in the same car!’

‘I will ask again: if you hate driving, why did you get a license?’

‘Because if I didn’t we’d be paying a cab.’

‘Or I would have had to not drink for thousandth time.’

There was a slight pause.

‘Well, me not drinking did have an interesting side effect…’ she said, in a tone Derek already knew.

‘Yes?’ What now?

‘I had quite the chat with your cousin.’

‘Oh God…’

‘Don’t worry, we didn’t talk about anything too bad, just every dumb thing you’ve ever done, no biggey!’

Taking advantage that they were in a straight, Derek gave Sarah a playful pinch on her right arm.

‘I hate you.’

‘You love me. But, on a serious note, she’s pretty cool. Kind of mature for her age. I was thinking of inviting her to our vacation plan.’

‘What, the week in Portugal?’

‘Yeah, if you want to.’

‘Okay, just do me a favour and be the one to tell the rest of the guys about it. I really don’t want to be the guy who forces a family member along… Please.’ Derek asked, looking at her.


They arrived shortly after, making small talk about the trip preparations, as they entered the apartment. The conversation continued for a bit longer, so they sat on the couch, Derek almost completely lying down, his feet on the small table in front of the couch, and Sarah turned towards him, her legs crossed, and her head resting on the back of the couch.

‘… I mean, as long as we all go to the places we want to go in a large group it shouldn’t be too expensive…’

‘You’re probably right, but I’m bringing a little extra, just in case.’

‘Good pl…’ she raised her head. ‘Are you still wearing your medal?’

‘My medal!’ he growled in a Gollum impression, drawing a laugh from Sarah. ‘I’d actually forgotten I still had it on…’ He took it off and handed it to her. Sarah admired it for a few seconds, turning it in her hands, before going in a completely different direction.

‘Those other two friends of yours are pretty close, huh?’

‘Wh…? Oh, yeah. Felix and Amanda. Yes, you can say that again…’

‘Have they always been like that?’

‘Not when I first met them. It took a while, you know? They became good friends before, and then it just grew to more than that. And only then did they did become the “no one can be around them for long periods of time” couple.’

‘Didn’t it change, though? They basically started having sex with their best friend… Did something change? In the friendship part…’

Derek looked at her. She was still looking very attentively at the medal. Too attentively. Like she was trying to purposefully avoid his eyes.

‘No, I don’t think so. I wasn’t there in their really private moments, but I didn’t see any change between them…’ he finally answered after pausing for a moment.

‘But they started a relationship. Do you think that if they had just started a casual thing that it would have been fine?’

Feeling his pulse quicken, Derek didn’t answer immediately. Sensing a hesitation, Sarah looked up to him. He averted his gaze at once. Smooth, Derek…

‘I mean, hypothetically, what do you think would happen between us if we started doing… stuff.’ She continued, seemingly pushing Derek from his sudden shyness.

‘I think we should be having this conversation when one of us isn’t tipsy.’

Derek shuddered as he felt Sarah’s lips softly touch his neck.

‘How tipsy?’ she asked, her warm breath making him melt, as her lips started to nibble at his skin up to his jaw line.

‘Enough to be thinking things I want to do to you…’ he heard himself say.

‘Mmmm…’ he felt his entire bone structure shake as her teeth were leaving a few playful bites next to his chin when she purred. ‘That’s the best kind…’

That was all it took him. He attacked her mouth with his, not bodering to start slowly. They were now lying down on the sofa, Derek’s hands grabbing her back possessively. Sarah didn’t seem to care. Her legs had straddled him, keeping the beginning of his erection nestling next to her crotch, whilst sucking his tongue inside her mouth.

For a few minutes, they maintained the position, their mouths never leaving each other, their tongues inside each other’s mouths. The only developments were the roaming of Derek’s hands, first to Sarah’s face, then to massage her breasts through the fabric of her dress, and Sarah had started to hump Derek through their clothes.

Suddenly, canlı casino siteleri though, Sarah and Derek began to feel the need for more. Sarah was the first to voice it, using her hands to take Derek’s face away from hers long enough to speak.

‘Take your pants off, I need you. Now.’

Derek was going to begin pushing up her dress when he was stopped.

‘No. Just take my panties off.’ Seeing Derek’s wounded look, she made clear what her reasoning was. ‘No, not like that. I want us to fuck for the first time with everything on, so that it’s just… raw, you know?’

Feeling his lust increase even more, knowing that Sarah wanted him to ravage her that way, Derek quickly unbuckled his belt and lowered his pants just slightly below his balls, and instantly remembered something.

‘I’m on the pill. Just put in, please, fuck me.’ Sarah said, instantly understanding his problem.

Whatever worries he had, vanished instantly, he ripped her panties in his haste, and lifting the dress just enough, he marvelled at the wetness of Sarah’s vagina as he plunged in.

It was effortless. She was so horny that it seemed her insides were inviting him to go crazy. Feeling her nails dig into his back, Derek began to move inside her, marvelling at the suction of her pussy. His hands made the journey under her dress, towards her swollen nipples, pinching them as he also cupped the entire breasts together.

Sarah’s moans filled the room and knowing that he was responsible for them made him increase the pace, his pleasure heightened to new levels, as his best friend started kissing him furiously once more, their tongues restarting their briefly interrupted dance.

They were fucking now. Well and truly fucking, in the rawest sense of the word. Their crotches seemingly unwilling to stop their furious pace towards one another. Derek couldn’t believe how long he was lasting, and was even more surprised when he felt Sarah’s nails really cut the skin on his back, her moans turned into screams, and her insides beginning to move. After a few more seconds, he knew for sure an orgasm was rocking her, as her insides seemed to claw at his cock, until finally he felt himself spurt everything he had into her.

His penis seemed to not be willing to soften, so he continued moving, slower now, until he felt himself deflate slightly.

Sarah’s legs were still wrapped around his waist, her arms now under her head as she tried to calm her breathing. Derek took the opportunity to give a few pecks at her neck, returning the favour from before.

‘Well,’ Sarah said breathlessly. ‘on one thing your family was right about you, today…’

‘Yeah, what?’

‘Your stamina really is incredible.’ She said, as matter-of-factly.

Her giggles became audible, as Derek gave a nibble at her ear.


The Sun was shining in Lisbon, as Derek drank his morning coffee at the dining area of the hotel they were staying in. They had arrived 3 days before, and were staying for an entire week. Every single location that was recommended for tourists was visited by the 7 of them. Besides Derek himself and Lauren, the trip also included the people he truly did call his friends, in the true meaning of the word: Sarah, Meg, Kath, Jack and Mark.

Mark was the first to come down as well, getting some toast and milk for his breakfast, and joining Derek at his table.



‘Seriously, they dragged us to 1001 monuments by waking us up at like 6 in the morning, and when we decide to go to the beach they’re still happily snoring away at 10…’ Mark complained.

‘What do you propose empty glasses of water on them?’

‘No… Not at first.’

Derek shared a laugh with him, as he continued to eat his sausages.

‘Of course, Sarah’s probably very tired, don’t you think?’

‘I’m not sure I follow.’

‘Of course you don’t… Just remember people aren’t completely blind.’

‘Noted. See, someone is appearing.’ Derek changed the subject, pointing behind Mark.

Lauren was wearing a white shirt and pair tight jeans, which Derek thought that made her look more like a grown up than usual. Even though she’d turned 18 the week before the trip, she had always looked younger than she really was, and today she really did look every day of her age. You’re checking out your little cousin, he reminded himself, forcing his eyes to look away.

‘Hey, Lauren.’ Mark greeted, a little more enthusiastically than usual.

‘Hey, guys. Where’s everyone else?’

‘Hibernating.’ Derek replied.

She smiled, and said the girls were all up and getting ready.

‘That leaves Kath.’ Mark said, getting up.

‘What about Kath?’ Lauren asked.

‘She and Jack have been doing it for the past 3 months. They actually think they’re fooling someone… I’ll go to our room and see if the lovebirds are there.’ He added the final sentence at Derek.

Once he was gone, Lauren spoke.

‘Sarah was a bit sleepy this morning.’ She said, with a slight edge Derek couldn’t figure out on her voice. ‘You must be a really good fuck.’

As she went to pick up her breakfast from the buffet table, Derek just stood open-mouthed in his seat.

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