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Where to begin? As a teenager, I didn’t pay much attention to my kid sister’s friends.

I went into the military, and was away for several years, and truly forgot about these little games. I moved away after that, and would come home every once in a while. It was one of these weekends that it happened.

I was almost 25, and was back for a short visit, when my sis and her pal came back

from where ever they were. I hadn’t seen Betsy for about six years. She was still small, and a little plump, but not out of proportion. We sat out in the back yard, leaning against a tree, just talking.

My sister said she had to do something, so she left us alone. Betsy was real cute, and as I found out had a major crush on me! I leaned close to her and smelled the fresh scrubbed scent of just bathing. Her hair was soft and straight, just to her shoulders. I leaned close to her and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. She responded by turning her face, and putting her lips on mine. I teased her mouth with my tongue, and her soft lips parted to welcome my thrusting tongue. Our mouths were locked in a passionate vacuum.

As we kissed, I was getting hotter by the minute. She was great, but she was also only 18. My hands roamed over her soft belly, and gradually under the loose t-shirt she wore. Her small breasts were in my grasp. Her breathing was short and gasping, as I rolled the tiny nipples in my fingers. I asked if she liked it, and she said “I’ve never felt so good!” .

We kept on kissing and petting, and I finally placed her small hand on my throbbing cock. She asked if it was always like that, I told her “No , you made it hard by kissing me like you were.”

I moved her hand up and down my shaft, and she said she wanted to see it again. I didn’t answer her , but I started to move my hand down to her belly. I took my hand out of her shirt, and rubbed down her belly , to the crotch of her jeans. Her legs parted almost immediately, allowing me to cup her mound with my palm. She bucked her hips toward my hand, all the while sucking my tongue, and breathing harder.

My fingers danced around her crotch, and found a split in the seam of her jeans. I worked my finger around, and made the hole larger. Gradually, I slipped the leg of her panties over far enough to get my finger on her cunt lips. Betsy gasped as I started to slip my finger inside her.

“How does that feel?” I asked.

“OH GOD, Its nice!” between gasps was her answer.

I asked if anyone else had ever done this to her, and she said “no”. My finger slid easily into her tiny twat, her juices were flowing thickly. I started to unbutton her jeans, and remembered where we were. I asked her to come up to my room with me, to do some more. She jumped up from the ground, and led the way into my mom’s house.

When we got to my room, she turned to me and said “What should I do now?”

“Well, the first thing would be to take your clothes off.”

She lifted her shirt and pulled it over her head. Her small breasts came into view, the first time I’d seen them in several years. She was developing nicely, B-cup titties with pencil eraser sized nipples. I pressed my hands to her tits and gave them a squeeze, rolling the nipples as the stiffened. Her breathing was shallow and she moaned.

” Now take off your pants.”

Betsy finished unbuttoning the jeans, and slid them off her hips, leaving only the pink panties. She kicked off her sneakers with the pants and stood there,

“What now?”.

My only reply was to slip my hand inside the waistband of the panties, and move towards the puffy mound in there. Another groan and a gasp as my finger parted the lips of the little twat and brushed her little clitty. I pushed my finger inside of her, much easier casino oyna this time, without the jeans and more stimulation had made her dripping wet.

“Sit down on the bed.” I told her.

She sat, facing me, as I slowly peeled my shirt off and dropped my pants. My erection sprang out from the clothes, a full 7-inch hard cock.

“It’s bigger than I remember!” she said.

“We’ve both grown quite a bit in the past 5 or 6 years.” I told her.

I gently pushed her down on the bed, her legs still on the floor. I pulled the

panties down, and she lifted her hips to allow them to come off. The sight of her pussy sent chills down to my prick. It jumped in anticipation, and I think it grew another inch. The smooth swell of her belly, the bulge of her mons, and the nearly hairless cunt sent me shivering. I knelt between her legs, and spread them gently.

Her cunt lips were swollen with need, her moisture was running down the inside of her thigh. I touched the outer lips, and they parted, like the petals of a small flower. The pink inner lips were glistening. I could smell the sweet aroma of her sex, new and untouched. I slowly lowered my face to worship her pretty pussy with my tongue.

She quivered and gasped as my tongue touched her sex. She tasted so sweet, the musky aroma was heavenly. Her body shook every time I licked her clit. She held my head and moaned my name. I traced my way up her body, tonguing her navel and finally to her tits. Massaging one and sucking the other, she was going wild.

I thrust a finger into her spasming pussy, and she screamed. Her hips left the bed and she shook all over. “What was that?” she whimpered.

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, I think so. I’ve never felt that before!”

“That was cumming’ and there will be a lot more.”

“Are you ready to lose your cherry, Betsy?” “Will it hurt?” “I don’t know, it might, for a little bit.”

Betsy’s Cherry

I had her lay down on the day bed that I used when I visited mom’s house. She was lying there, staring at my seven and a half-inch pole waving above her. Betsy had just had her first orgasm, and looked a little frightened at what was about to happen. Her light brown hair framed her face on the pillow, her small breasts still heaving.

“Have you ever put anything inside you?” I asked.

“Like what do you mean? Where?” She puzzled.

“In your little pussy. Your fingers, a banana, a candle, like that.” I said.

“Well, I do put my fingers in there sometimes. It feels real nice, but not as good as you did.” She replied.

“How many fingers at the same time?”

“Only two.”

She was blushing from her breasts up to her neck. I caressed her throat and her cheek, and said “That’s O.K., it’s all right to play with yourself. What do you think about when you’re doing that?”

She hesitated for a moment, and said, “Boys, mostly. I think about boys a lot. I know what they want to do, but I’ve been afraid.”

“Are you afraid now?” I asked.

“A little bit, but I like you a whole bunch. And I’ve seen you naked before.”

She smiled and blushed some more. I studied her little body, the way she lay there quietly, waiting for the next thing to happen. She had a round face with a small nose. Her eyes were green and trusting. Betsy’s small mouth sort of puckered naturally. Her neck was short and smooth down to the soft flesh of her shoulders.

Her apple sized tits with their dark pink nipples rose and fell with each breath. Her chest tapered ever so slightly to her stomach, her navel quivered when she giggled. My gaze followed the gentle swell of her belly down to that hairless mound between her legs. The thighs gapped a little right where they met her pussy, and tapered down her slot oyna soft legs to the small feet at the

bottom. A tasty sight to behold!

“I’ll try to be as gentle as I can, if you want me to stop, I will.”

“O, O.K.” she stammered.

I lay down beside her, and began to stroke her soft skin. I started at her middle and made slow circles larger and higher each time. I rubbed her tits, and lightly pinched her nipples. She just looked into my eyes and a small smile appeared. I kissed her breasts and her neck, nibbled her ear and spoke softly.

“Are you sure you want to do this with me?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I want you to show me know..fucking. I don’t know any one else I would want to be first.” She answered.

“If it hurts, tell me, and I’ll stop.” I told her.

I moved my hand towards her mons, and slipped a finger between the folds of her little twat. She twitched when I rubbed her little bud, and moaned when my finger went into her fuck hole. Her cunt was moist, but I worked my finger around to spread it more. I inserted a second finger, and she spread her legs farther apart. Betsy’s moans increased in volume and intensity as I finger fucked that virgin slit. Betsy’s cunt was dripping now.

I rose up and put my knees between her legs to part them more. I kissed her belly and licked her cunt again. I held my cock, and placed it near her cunt, and started to rub it up and down the puffy slit. I got as much of her lubrication on my prick as I could, and aimed for the small hole.

“Do you want to put it in for me?” I asked.

I reached for her hand a placed it on my throbbing member.

“What should I do?” She asked.

“Rub it up and down, like I just did, and when you are ready, put it on your little hole.” “It’s so big, will it fit?” she wondered.

“It may take a while, but you’ll stretch out to fit it.” I told her.

Betsy rubbed her cunt with my prick, and gently placed the swollen head at her entrance. “I.I.I’m ready, now.I think.”

I slowly eased down, and the mushroom head popped into the small opening. She gasped. “ that all it is?”

I almost laughed. “No, Betsy, there is still a lot to go. Here, feel for your self.”

I put her hand on my cock, and she could feel most of it still outside her. “Are you sure this will all go inside me?”

I leaned over and began to kiss her. My tongue entered her mouth, and found hers. We frenched slowly, and I slid a little more into her. “Are you O.K.?” I whispered.

“Uh huh.” She nodded.

I pulled back a little, and slid forward again, pushing a little deeper. She winced.

“Does that hurt?” I asked.”

“A.A little bit, but not real bad.”

I paused in my stroking, to let her body get used to the invading pole. We kissed some more, and she relaxed.

“Are you ready for some more?”

“Yes, I am.”

I pulled back and thrust forward, and met some resistance.

“OW! What’s that?” she cried out.

“That’s what we’re trying to `break’. It’s your `cherry’. The real name for it is the hymen.”. I explained. “When that’s gone, you’ll be a woman, not a little girl any more. Do you want me to stop?”

“N..No, don’t stop, I want you to do it!” she said.

“O.K., here it goes. It’ll probably hurt some. Are you ready?”

She just bit her lip and nodded. I pushed harder with my hips, and pulled down on her shoulders at he same time. Betsy grunted loudly as we felt the snap of flesh tearing. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she sobbed softly.

“There, there, it’s done, your`cherry’ has been broken. Shh, shhh. Don’t cry. It’ll stop hurting in a bit.” I cooed. “Just relax, it’ll feel better in a minute.”

We lay there quietly, and she calmed canlı casino siteleri down. “Is there more?” she wanted to know. “Are you going to show me about fucking now?”

“Oh, yes, Betsy. Now we’ll start fucking.” I moved in some more, she was so tight, I was having a bad time trying not to cum too soon. I began a steady rhythm of in and out. Her body

responded automatically, matching every thrust. Finally, I was all the way in! There was over seven inches of hard cock inside that little body.

“I can feel you way up inside me, now.” She told me. “It does feel better!”

I rested a bit, somewhat for her to get used to my size, and a lot more for me to regain control of my own bodily reactions. Her fuck hole was so very tight, I was afraid to move at all. I thought I did well to hold off as long as I did. I drew my rod out, almost to the head, and slid back in slowly. Betsy’s hips rolled up to meet me.

“That’s the girl, just move like that. You feel so great!”

We thrust together for a bit, and I could feel my orgasm building. The tightness in my belly, my balls drawing up, the fire was working through my insides.

“I’m going to cum, Betsy! .. I’m going to shoot off in you!!!”

“Do it! Squirt into me!!!”

I growled like a tiger as the spunk rose through my cock. It swelled in her, and I came hard. “OOHH YESSS BABY HERE IT IS!!!” My rod pulsed jets of hot seed deep inside her tiny frame. Shot after shot, I didn’t think I’d ever cum so much, so quickly. I think I shot a quart of cum into her.

“It feels so hot, like fire inside me! Oh, it feels so good!”

I dropped to her chest, panting and sweating. We kissed gently and she smiled at me. “Can we do some more?” She asked.

“Give me just a while to get ready again.” I breathed. “Squeeze me with your pussy.” “What?”

“Squeeze down there, like you were trying to stop peeing.” I explained. She did. Boy, did she ever!

“Easy, now, sweetly. You don’t have to do it that hard.”

She tried again, softer this time.

“Like that?”

“Yesss, Betsy, just like that.”

Betsy worked her pussy muscles around my semi-hard cock like a pro. In no time, she had me hard as steel again. This time, I was able to really get into plowing her tight little furrow. Our mixed juices had her very well lubricated, and she had stretched out to accommodate my size. I pulled up to rest on my arms, so that my prick rubbed across her clit every time I went in.

She started mewing and gurgling as we fucked harder. “OH, yes, it feels so good now. Fuck me more! .Fuck me harder! .I can feel you up inside!.. This is so good!” She panted.

“You’re making me do it again!..I’m.I’m .CUMMING AGAIN!!!” she wailed.

As she let loose another orgasm, Betsy’s cunt clamped down on me so hard, it triggered my own orgasm.

“ME TOO BETSY!..OHHHH YESSSSS!!!..AAAAHHHH!” I shot a second load of seed into her hot little belly. Cum was leaking around my cock.

Running down her thighs, soaking the bed sheet, was a lot of pink frothy fluid. She looked down to where our sexes joined, and gasped. “Why is it pink?!”

“Well, Betsy, when we broke your cherry, we tore a little piece of skin, and there was a little blood. It’s nothing to be afraid of.”

I pulled my softening cock from her tunnel, and knelt between her legs. “Let me clean that for you.” I said as I started lapping our juices from her freshly fucked twat. I made her quiver with some small cums as I licked that slit clean.

“Now, my sweet little `woman’, you have been fucked!”

She jumped up and grabbed me around the neck and hugged me tightly. “Thank you! You did me so good. I knew it would be good with you!”

She gave me a big, sloppy kiss, and we started dressing. “I have to go home, now. My mom will have dinner ready soon.” She said.

Another quick kiss, and she left. I had to leave the next day to start a job in another state, so I never did see Betsy after that. I hope I did well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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