Being Jenny’s Summer Boyfriend Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: This story contains cuckolding, humiliation, homosexuality, and incest. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.


Here I was, on my knees between Jenny’s legs as she sat back on the couch. Slowly, reluctantly, I stuck my tongue out and moved it toward her naked body, dripping with my dad and brother’s cum. I was so grossed out, but Jenny looked down at me with her cute smile and said, “Come on, Lucas, be a good boyfriend and clean me up, ok?”

I nodded up at her as my dad and brother stifled laughter. Finally, my tongue reached a small drop of cum on Jenny’s flat stomach. I didn’t know what to expect, but as the salty taste hit my tongue, I felt my dick twitch, even though I had just orgasmed a couple minutes ago. Curious, I moved up her stomach to a bigger glob of cum and lapped it up. Weirdly, it tasted kind of good. My dick quickly stiffened.

“Mmmm,” I half-moaned involuntarily as I licked up another drop off of Jenny’s right breast.

Jenny giggled, looking down at me. “How do you like it, Lucas?”

My dad and brother, sitting on either side of Jenny, just looked at me, smirking. I blushed and shyly mumbled, “Um…it’s okay,” then moved to her other breast and started licking up more cum.

“Oh, just okay?” Jenny said, smiling. “Well, I don’t want to make you do it if it’s just okay. You can stop.”

I hadn’t been expecting that. “Oh, um…” I said, licking up a large glob of thick, white, sticky cum dripping down Jenny’s flat stomach. “It’s okay, I’ll just finish real quick,” I said, but I was stopped when she placed a hand on my head and held me back.

“No, no, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it,” Jenny said, smiling down at me as she pushed my head away from her body, my tongue still sticking out, trying to reach the cum.

“Um…please can I finish?” I asked. My dad and brother started laughing in amazement.

“Why?” Jenny asked.

“Um…I…I guess I do kind of like it,” I said, completely embarrassed but needing to lick up the rest of it.

“What do you like?” Jenny prodded.

“Um…I like…the way their cum tastes,” I said, looking at my dad and brother’s sweaty, muscular bodies.

Jenny giggled. “Oh, okay, well in that case, go ahead.” She let go of my head and I eagerly dove back in, moaning as I lapped up the cum, hearing my dad and brother laughing again. My dad pulled Jenny’s face to his and started making out with her while I kept licking. I felt myself turning bright red, but I couldn’t stop.

“This is exactly what happened with the beta bitch in my frat,” Jeff said. “Wasn’t long before he was sucking our cocks like a total faggot.”

“Mmm,” Jenny said, parting lips with my dad. “Maybe if Lucas keeps being such a good boyfriend, he’ll get a treat like that too. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you, Lucas?”

“What? Um, I dunno,” I said, finishing up the last drops of cum as my cock bounced up and down.

She giggled and patted my head. “Okay, we’ll see.”


The next morning I tried to put everything that had happened out of my mind, telling myself it was just a one-time thing and reminding myself that I still had a really hot girlfriend. I got on my computer and sent her a Facebook friend request so that we could be public about our relationship. I also texted her to see what she was up to.

There was no response to my texts all day, and she didn’t accept the Facebook request until that evening. When she did, I quickly started looking at her profile, which had been private.

Her most recent post was from that afternoon. It was an album of pictures of her at the gym. I eagerly clicked on the first one, a picture of her in a full-length mirror showing off her sweaty body, wearing a sexy pink sports bra and a skin-tight pair of blue running shorts. It had dozens of likes, including from guys like Kevin and Andrew. I smiled, proud that out of all these guys who were clearly interested in her, she had chosen me as her boyfriend.

I kept clicking through the photos. The first couple were just more of her by herself, showing off her body, but then one popped up that was her with Steve. He was wearing an old, torn up gray tank top. Both he and Jen were glistening with sweat, and Steve had his muscular arm around Jen’s bare waist, pulling him close to her while she took the picture. They were grinning widely. The caption was, “Having fun at the gym with my workout buddy :p” This picture also had dozens of likes, and Andrew had commented, “yeah I bet you two got a really great ‘workout’”. His comment got a lot of the “laughing face” reactions, and Jenny herself replied, “LOL!”

I was angry at these suggestive comments, but I kept clicking through the pictures. There were more hot pics of Jen, and I slipped my left hand into my underwear to stroke my hardening cock. A lot of the pics had Steve in them as well – spotting her as she lifted weights, helping her stretch, and so on. I kept stroking, just trying to ignore Steve’s presence and focus on Jen’s hotness. illegal bahis Then a pic came up that was just of Steve. He was pulling his tank top up really high to reveal his sweaty, muscular chest and abs. Jen’s caption was, “Daaaamn my workout buddy is hot!”

Involuntarily, my dick started squirting cum all over my hand as I groaned, “Ohhh fuuuck.” I looked down at the mess I had made. What the fuck? Had I just cum to a picture of a guy? I grabbed some tissues and cleaned myself off, then looked back at the screen. I stared for a moment at Steve’s abs, then kept clicking.

Now the pictures were no longer at the gym, they were in somebody’s house. Jenny had changed out of her workout clothes and was in a white tank top that stopped above her midriff, and a different pair of shorts. She was sitting next to Steve on a couch, and Steve was wearing just a pair of shorts with no shirt. Steve had his arm around Jenny. Jenny was holding her phone out with one hand to take the picture, the other hand was on Steve’s chest. She was biting her lower lip and looking at Steve out of the corner of her eyes with a look of concern on her face. The caption read, “Went back to Steve’s place for a shower. Trying to be a good girl, but look at those muscles…:-o”

The post had dozens more likes and “laughing” reactions. A couple of Jenny’s girlfriends had commented, “Go for it, girl ;)” and “Oh please, we all know you can’t resist LOL.” I scrolled through a few more comments like that, then saw a comment by Steve himself, saying, “Don’t worry, everybody, she ended up being a VERY good girl. Super obedient. :-P” That comment got a bunch of likes, “laughing” reactions, and “shocked face” reactions. Guys replied with stuff like, “Way to go, dude,” and “You’re the man!” Girls said stuff like, “Wanna go to the gym with me tomorrow?” and “I can be a good girl too.” That was the end of the album.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt so embarrassed that this was all on Facebook where everybody could see it. I decided I needed to assert my presence there so that they wouldn’t post these inappropriate things any more.

I went to Jenny’s profile page and wrote on her wall, “Hi, Jenny! Hope you had a good day today! Let’s hang out this week! :)” I then sent her a request to be “in a relationship.”

I left my room to find my dad and brother hanging out in the living room watching football. They were both in just their boxers, sitting on opposite ends of the couch. “How’s it going, Beta?” Jeff greeted me, smirking. “Enjoy your tasty treat last night?”

“Whatever,” I said, blushing. My dad smirked and shook his head at me. I walked to the fridge and started rummaging around.

“Grab me a beer,” my dad said flatly.

“Me too, Beta,” Jeff said. “And then invite your girlfriend over so Dad and I can have some more fun.”

I grabbed two beers from the fridge and walked over to them. Handing them their drinks, I said, “I texted her earlier, she’s not replying…” I said. He and my dad chuckled.

“Too bad,” my dad said, rubbing his crotch lightly. “Well, why don’t you cook us up some dinner?”

As my dad’s boxers started to tent a little bit from his rubbing, I found myself staring at his muscular torso and growing bulge. I looked over at my brother too, as he casually rested his beer on his smooth abs. I was getting weirdly turned on.

“Um…hello?” my dad said. I snapped out of it and looked at him. “Dinner, I said.”

“Oh, sorry, um, yes, sir,” I said. Why had I just called him “sir”? I never did that. But my dick twitched when I did. They exchanged a glance and chuckled as I went to the kitchen.

After dinner, I went back to my computer and saw that Jenny had accepted my relationship request. I was so happy! I also saw that my comment on her wall had gotten a lot of reactions. A lot of them were “laughing” reactions, which I didn’t quite get. Jenny had replied though, saying, “Hi, Lucas! I had a GREAT day today, thanks for asking! And yes, let’s set up a date! You said you’d take me swimsuit shopping, right? ;)” I grinned at the comment, excited about the prospect of seeing Jenny trying on a bunch of different bikinis. The other guys seeing that comment were probably so jealous!

For some reason, her reply got a lot of “laughing” reactions too. And I saw that underneath her reply, Steve had commented, “Hi, Lucas. She had a great day today all right. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the bikinis she picks out with you.” It had a lot of both “laughing” and “wow” reactions. I frowned at the screen, but then saw Jenny replied to Steve, saying, “Lucas – don’t worry about Steve, he’s just goofing around. How about we go shopping tomorrow?”

This made me feel better – maybe they were all just joking around and nothing really happened today. I replied back to Jenny, saying, “Sounds good! I’ll text you. Thanks, Jenny!”

Just then, there was a brief knock on my door before it was pushed open. I turned around to find my brother standing in the threshold, still in just his boxers.

“Hey, Beta,” illegal bahis siteleri Jeff said.

“Um…can you stop calling me that?” I said.

“Why would I stop?” Jeff asked. “You like it.”

“Do not,” I said softly.

“Whatever. So why isn’t your girlfriend coming over tonight?” Jeff asked.

“I dunno…but I’m taking her swimsuit shopping tomorrow!” I said enthusiastically.

“Oh, good for you, Beta, that should be exciting for you,” he said, scoffing.

“Yeah,” I said, smiling.

“Maybe Dad and I will let you take off whatever bikini she picks out before we double team her again.”

“Come on, Jeff. Please don’t fuck my girlfriend again!” I whined.

Jeff laughed and stepped closer into the room. He touched his crotch lightly and I could see that his boxers were fully tented from his thick, hard cock. “Still gonna act like you didn’t love it the first time, huh?” Jeff said, rubbing his cock through his boxers.

I gulped, staring at his hard body as he stepped closer to me.

“Hm?” Jeff prodded. “Not gonna admit it? We all saw you jerking yourself off watching us. You didn’t enjoy seeing two real men fuck your girl like you never could?”

“I mean…I guess it was kind of hot, but I’d rather have sex with her myself,” I said.

“Sure about that?” Jeff said, stepping closer so that he was right in front of me. I looked up at his muscular body looming over me. “Looked like you’d rather be lapping up our cum.”

I looked down at the floor, blushing. “Whatever. I just…I just thought it tasted good.”

“I could tell,” Jeff said. Just then, he pulled his cock out of the front slit in his boxers. My mouth fell open. It was so big and thick. I couldn’t believe Jenny had gotten fucked by that. Jeff caught me staring. “Can’t keep your eyes off of it, huh?”

I have to admit, it did take some effort to take my eyes off his dick and look up at him. He was kind of smiling and shaking his head at me, amused.

“Tell you what,” he said. My eyes drifted back down to his cock, which he began stroking in front of me. “I bet I could convince Jenny to give you a pity fuck. But you’ll have to do what I say.”

I didn’t say anything, distracted by the drop of precum that was oozing from the tip of Jeff’s dick.

“Helloooo,” Jeff said, getting my attention. I looked up at him as he smirked. “I said, I bet I could get Jenny to pity fuck you.”

“Really?” I said, excited at the prospect.

“Yes, really,” Jeff said. “But first you have to suck me off.”

“What?” I said, surprised. “No way, man.”

“Don’t act like you don’t want it,” he said. “If you like the taste of cum so much, come get it straight from the source.”

I was back to staring at his cock, and I felt myself involuntarily lick my lips. “I mean…you promise I’ll get to fuck Jenny…?” I said.

“Shut up and get on your fucking knees, Beta,” Jeff ordered.

He stood there with such authority, I felt like I had no choice. I slumped out of my chair and kneeled in front of him. His cock was inches from my face. I looked up at him, his muscled torso looming over me. “I, uh…I don’t know what to do,” I said, biting my lower lip nervously.

He lightly placed his hand on the back of my head. “Just do what comes naturally, faggot,” he said gruffly.

I reached up with one hand to grasp the length of his cock, then brought my face slowly forward until I was kissing the tip of Jeff’s cock. The taste of his precum flipped a switch in my head, and I quickly lost my inhibitions. My lips moved down the length of his cock until my nose was pressed against his pubes. I inhaled deeply through my nose and moaned on my brother’s dick. In no time, my head was bobbing back and forth.

“Fuck yeah, I knew you’d be a natural,” Jeff said. He grabbed my hair with one hand and started thrusting in and out of my mouth. Then he pulled out and started slapping my face with his cock. “You like that, don’t you?” he demanded. “Being treated like a little bitch? Huh?”

I moaned and said, “Yes, sir,” then he shoved his dick back in my mouth and I went back to sucking.

“You’re gonna suck my dick whenever I want, aren’t you?” Jeff said.

I moaned, let his dick slip from my mouth, looked up at him and said, “Yes, sir. I love sucking your cock.”

“Gonna suck me hard in front of your girlfriend?” he demanded, stroking himself.

“Yes, sir,” I said.

“So I can fuck her tight little pussy in front of you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Fuuuuuck, yes,” he groaned, as rope after rope of cum sprayed on my face. I opened my mouth, trying to catch as much of his cum as I could. “Thanks, Beta,” Jeff said, slapping my face with his thick cock a few times before quickly leaving the room.


The next day Jenny greeted me with a tight hug and a peck on the cheek when I picked her up to go the mall. She was wearing a pink v-neck t-shirt without a bra and a pair of white shorts. She was her usual chipper, sweet self while I drove her to the mall.

While canlı bahis siteleri driving, I asked her about her day yesterday. She said she had fun, and I said I saw on Facebook that she had hung out with Steve.

“Oh, yeah, we had a good time working out together, then I hung out at his place for a little while,” she said innocently. She must have seen the uncertainty on my face, because she smiled and said, “Aw, that doesn’t make you jealous, does it, Lucas?”

“Oh…uh…no, it’s okay,” I said nervously.

“Good, because I really don’t like jealous guys,” she said. “Steve is a good friend of mine, I really like hanging out with him.”

“I get it, I’m not jealous,” I said, not wanting to upset her.

“I mean, I have to admit, I think he’s really really sexy and, well, you saw from the party that we’ve, uh, had some fun together. He’s soooo good in bed,” she said. “It’s pretty hard not to resist a guy like that, who’s so strong and muscular.”

“Oh…uh…” I stammered, not knowing what to say to that. She just giggled and left it at that.

When we got to the mall, she led me to her favorite store and went straight to picking out different bikinis, occasionally asking me what I thought. They were all amazing, and I was so excited for her to try them on. She picked out a bunch of different colors and styles, then led me to the fitting room. She looked around to see if anybody was watching, then quickly snuck me inside the room with her. I couldn’t believe it! She was going to let me watch her changing!

She sat me down on a small bench and smiled. “Excited for the show?” she asked.

I grinned and nodded eagerly. She giggled, then easily pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her amazing, perky tits. My mouth dropped open. Smiling at me, she unbuttoned her shorts and wiggled out of them. She was wearing white cotton bikini briefs, which she quickly slid down her legs. She did a little spin as she stood before me, completely naked.

“I’ll try these ones first,” she said, picking out a simple red bikini first. As she put it on, I started rubbing my hard-on through my khakis. She looked at herself in the mirror thoughtfully. “Hmmm,” she said, then picked up her phone and started taking a picture of herself in the mirror.

“Um…what’s the picture for?” I asked.

“Oh, I just want to see what some of my other friends think,” Jenny said, tapping on her phone.

“Other friends?” I asked. “Uh…like who?”

“Oh, ya know, Riley, Emily…” she said. I nodded, relaxing. “And, uh, Steve, Kevin, Andrew…”

“What?” I asked, alarmed. “You’re sending these pics to other guys?”

“Yes, Lucas,” she said, a little impatiently. “I want to know which ones they like best.”

“But…” I started.

“Lucas,” she said sternly. “I said I don’t like jealous guys. You’re my boyfriend so you get to be the one sitting in here watching me change. But I still want to know what the other guys think.” With that, she took off the red bikini top.

“Um…okay, I understand” I said, staring at her tits and going back to rubbing my cock through my khakis.

She picked out another bikini, this one purple and very revealing, with just little triangles of fabric that barely covered her up.

“Wow,” I said breathlessly. “That one’s really nice.”

“Mmm, I like it too,” she said, taking another picture on her phone and sending it to her friends.

As she slid out of that bikini, her phone buzzed a few times. She looked at it and giggled.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Um, well, Riley said she likes the red one, Kevin said they both look great, and, um…” she paused. “Well, Andrew sent this…”

She held her phone out to me. I took it and looked at their exchange. My mouth dropped open. Beneath the pictures of Jenny in her bikinis, Andrew had texted, “look what you did” and sent a selfie. It showed him shirtless, pulling his shorts down, his thick, hard cock pointing straight ahead. Andrew was not a super-muscular jock like Steve and Kevin; he was more slim but still very toned. He looked kind of like a young Zac Efron. His dick was about 7 inches long and thick. I couldn’t believe he had just sent this picture. I stared for a second, then looked up at Jenny, who was biting her lower lip and smiling at me.

“He’s so cute, right?” she said. I just looked back at the picture, not answering. “It’s okay, baby… I bet you’d like to see me having fun with a cute boy like that, huh?”

“What? Uh, no…” I said unconvincingly, staring at Jenny’s half-naked body as she reached for another bikini, this one with pink and white stripes.

After she slipped it on, she spun around for me. The fabric crept up her round little butt. It looked amazing. She caught me staring. “Oh, do these make my butt look good?” she asked. I just nodded. She giggled, then leaned against the wall, sticking her ass out. “Here, send Andrew a picture of me like this.”

“I dunno…” I said.

She just shook her butt a little, smiling back at me enticingly. Nervously, I raised the phone up and snapped a picture. When I opened her texts with Andrew, I stared again at the picture of him. An image flashed through my mind of Jenny’s lips wrapping around his cock. I sent him the picture of Jenny.

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