Beachy Keen Pt. 01

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“Honestly, so excited!” Roxanne thought to herself. Her full cheeks were shaded pink as she smiled. She grinned and laid back on her yellow bedsheets and looked up towards spinning ceiling fan. The brunette really was enjoying her spring break. She had turned 18 a few months ago and was a senior in high school. Her family was on vacation without her but, unlike her family or friends, Roxanne didn’t make any plans. So it looked like today would be spent like all the other days of break; Relaxing!

However, it was then that Roxanne looked to the right, and heavily sighed. She looked out the window and watched the flowers swaying in the April breeze. It was a bright Saturday afternoon, but even if it was relaxing, Roxanne was starting to get bored. She decided to text her best friends in the group chat they had. She leapt to the edge of her queen sized bed and grabbed her phone.

Quickly she typed out the message and smiled to herself as she clicked send.

“Hey you two! Who’s in the mood for some fun today? Wanna meet up somewhere? Let’s hang out :)!!”

Roxanne’s face lit up at the thought about her two closest friends, Charlotte and Matthew. The three had become friends in sophomore year of highschool and they were closer now than ever before. Roxanne’s kind thoughts of her friends were soon interrupted by the ring of her phone. Charlotte was calling!

“Hey casino siteleri cutie!” Her voice chimed.

“Charlotte!! How are you!!” Roxanne happily replied.

“I’m good! Bored as heck though. I gotta get out of the house. How about you, me and Matthew head down to that nearby beach? We can make it a fun little weekend getaway! Whatcha think?” Charlotte questioned.

“Oh oh!! That sounds wonderful!!” Roxanne said. “It’s only Saturday so that will work out really well! I’ll find a little beach house for us to stay in tonight! We can leave tomorrow evening and be back in our own beds by Sunday night!”

Charlotte paused to think. But moments later replied with an enthusiastic “you’re on!!”

The two girls laughed and continued to set up plans. They decided Charlotte would pick up Matthew and the two would meet at roxanne’s house at 3:00pm

Roxanne hung up the phone and could hardly contain herself. Glancing at the clock she read 12:44pm. “Alright! Just over two hours. I got this!!” Roxanne turned on some music and swiftly, she hopped out of bed and stood in front of her full length mirror. “Time to tackle packing for the beach!!”

Roxanne smiled at herself and lifted her pajama top above her head and tossed it aside. She had no bra on underneath and admired her figure. Roxanne was a very lucky girl. Ever since 15, she had a 34C slot oyna measurement with her breasts. Now she was 5’5 and 108 pounds. Her waist was tapered and her stomach flat. Her body curved out again with her hips and her pale skin complimented the long dark brown hair framing her face. Roxana was the epitome of hourglass figure attractive teenage girl.

She stoked her collar bones and gazed at her ample breasts. Roxanne sighed and laughed. “The world is really missing out, i’m too pretty to be single!”

Dismissing her disappointment, Roxanne slipped out of her white silk pajamas and headed towards the closet. Picking out her outfits, she chose a vibrant yellow bikini, black shorts, and a pastel crop top that was just tight enough to show the detail of whatever bra she had on underneath.

Satisfied with her choices, Roxanne placed all her clothes in an overnight bag, and decided to get ready for the trip. She made her way to the bathroom and stepped into the shower, warm water cascading upon her slender frame. Roxanne relished in showers. She loved the feeling of herself being damp and warm in all the right ways. It was safe and secluded. She was happy.

Roxanne closed her eyes and felt the water wash over her. She thought about the weekend ahead of her. What would she do? Roxanne had always been a flirty person, she was bisexual and saw the beauty in both men canlı casino siteleri and women; and since she was single, all Roxanne could think of was sex.

“Matthew…” Roxanne moaned as she thought of one of her best friends. Matthew was recently the culprit of her sexual frustration, and also the reasoning behind many a masturbation. Roxanne fluttered her hands to her breasts and firmly grasped at them. Her palms danced across the smooth, wet skin. Roxanne pressed her long nails into her skin as she indulged in herself, her breasts becoming red in response to the contact.

The busty brunette felt the heated water run down to her soaked slit. Teasing and trailing over her now erect nipples, Roxanne kept her left hand occupied with her chest and ran her right hand eagerly down her body. Meeting her pussy she hungrily began stroking her burning clit.

Roxanne bit her lip and gasped into a moan. “-Oh Matthew, yes!” She smiled. Roxanne dove her fingers into her arousal. Her wetness encased her as she moved back and forth rapidly providing searing pleasure. Roughly rubbing her breasts and fingering herself, Roxanne could feel herself approaching her climax.

The vixen arched and moaned aloud, fingers still pulsing in and out of her arousal. She took her coated hand away and licked her fingers dry, closing her eyes and running her tongue individually around each finger. savoring her sweet taste, Roxanne tried to catch her breath. She paused for a moment and tried to calm down. She then resumed her normal shower routine and continued getting ready for her beach trip.

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