Baseball Widows

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Every year baseball season comes around and every year I’m left to fend for myself. My husband, Kevin, will go to games or sit in front of the tv for hours watching every game available. When we first met, I thought he was kidding when he said baseball was important to him. I think I’ve put up with it well for the three years we’ve been together. This year, I was starting to feel a little angry about it. I was lonely and lonely led straight to horny.

It was Saturday and sure enough Kevin and his best friend Rick were planning on a day in front of the big screen watching three games. Rick’s wife, Lisa, was coming over to lay by the pool with me. Lisa and I had commiserated with each other many times over the whole baseball abandonment issue. When Rick and Lisa got to the house, Kevin already had beer and snacks set up. The first game was getting ready to start. I was already decked out in my little red bikini. Handing Lisa a glass of iced tea, we settled next to the pool to enjoy the sun. After about fifteen minutes, we looked inside. Kevin and Rick were totally absorbed with their game.

“Used to be seeing me in a little skimpy bikini would get him a little hot and bothered.” Lisa sounded just a little more than annoyed with Rick.

“Tell me about it. I tried getting his attention last night. Bought this cute little, and I do mean little, camisole and panty set. I paraded out in front of the tv and he just tried to look around me. I can’t remember the last time we had sex.” I sipped my iced tea. “I remember now. The last time the cable went out.”

Lisa laughed and said she knew exactly what I meant. The last time her and Rick had had sex was on her birthday. And then he sat and watched the game after that. After about an hour, we decided to switch from iced tea to something a little harder. As we stepped into the house, we stood in the doorway waiting to see if Kevin or Rick would even notice us. I looked from Lisa to them and then down at myself. It wasn’t like Lisa and I were ogres or something. I’m about 5’5″ and curvy, my legs seem to be most of my height. I had my blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. My sunglasses hid my blue eyes. My body was tucked into a little red bikini that barely covered my tits or my ass. My breasts were practically spilling out of my top. Lisa was no slouch either. She’s about my height but a little less curvy. She’s thin but not boney. I’ve always envied her her red hair and green eyes. Very sexy. She was barely covered in a white bikini with little blue swirls on it. I just couldn’t understand what the men were seeing that I didn’t.

Ignoring them, I led Lisa to the kitchen. Settling on Long Island Iced Teas, we sauntered back out to the pool. As we drank and lounged, we talked more about our men.

“I remember when Kevin couldn’t wait to get me naked. He was all hands. And mouth. The things that man can do with his tongue.”

“Really? Rick was never big on going down on me. He loved it when I sucked him, but he just couldn’t get excited about giving me a little. Don’t get me wrong. I love what he can do. But every once in a while, it’d be nice to lay back and not have to do all the work, if you get my meaning.”

Talking about sex was making me horny for sex. I suggested a dip in the pool to cool off. We drank a little more and then slipped back into the water. Lisa was floating on a raft in the middle of the pool while I swam. She looked luscious, all relaxed. I was feeling the effects of the alcohol and our chit chat. Swimming up beside Lisa, I laid my head on the edge of the raft.

“So, how long has it been since you’ve had sex? And I don’t mean masturbating. That doesn’t count.”

Lisa looked at me, smiled and said, “In that case, it’s been four weeks. Four long weeks. If we’re counting masturbating, right before we got here. I needed to take the edge off so I took matters into my own hands in the shower. What about you?”

“It’s been five weeks since Kevin fucked me, and I used a handy little toy this morning while he was in the shower.” I looked up at her and lifted my hand over her stomach, letting water drip from my fingers onto her skin. “I don’t know about you, but I’m so fucking horny casino oyna right now.”

Her stomach contracted from the water droplets. I could see her nipples getting hard in her bikini top. “Me too. I don’t care how but I need a fucking orgasm and I need it now.”

I looked Lisa over again, really looking. “Do you mean that, Lisa? Do you really want to come right now?”

She laughed and moaned out an oh yeah but with the guys inside, there really wasn’t a likelihood of that happening.

Setting my hand on her thigh, I slowly moved it up her leg. “You could be wrong you know. We could take matters into our own hands, if you want to.”

Lisa turned her head to look at me, her eyes staring at me over the rim of her sunglasses. “Do you mean what I think you mean?”

I let my hand wander up her thigh to her hip and then down her stomach to just above the V between her legs. “Well, we’re both horny. Our men don’t seem to care. You said you’d love to be able to sit back and let someone else do the work.” I ran my finger down the edge of her bikini bottoms, stroking her skin just inside the material. “And I’d be more than willing to do some of that work for you. In fact, Lisa, what I really want to do right now is lick you. Are you shocked?” My fingers were skimming against her skin just under the edge of her bikini bottoms. I could feel her shiver and heard her breath get a little harder.

Lisa looked at me and then down at my fingers. “Shocked? A little.” She seemed to think about what she said next. “Do you really want to lick me? I mean, really?”

I smiled at her. “Oh yeah. I’ve never done that before but I really want to. Maybe it’s the alcohol and the fact that our husbands are complete assholes but what I really want right now is to make you come hard. Do you want to come, Lisa? Will you let me?”

My fingers were moving further under her bikini. I could feel just the briefest whisper of her curls against the tips of my fingers. Lisa closed her eyes and then reached down to cover my hand. With the slightest movement, she pushed my hand further inside her bikini. “Yes. Please.”

I felt a shiver run through me. Letting my hand move under her bikini, I skimmed my fingers over her curls. Her fur was so soft and she was so wet. I didn’t think all of that was from the pool either. Using the tips of my fingers, I pushed down against the top of her slit. My finger slid easily down and just inside her lips. Lisa sighed a quiet moan.

“Let’s get out of the pool.” I helped her off the raft and we slid out of the pool. I watched as the water dripped off her. Her nipples were hard in her top. We both looked around and inside the house. Our husbands were still oblivious to us. I looked back at Lisa and smiled. I told her to sit on the lounge chair. When she did, I knelt down and opened her legs. I kissed the inside of her right thigh tasting her skin. I could smell her arousal. I’d never been this close to another pussy and I suddenly couldn’t wait.

Reaching up, using just the tip of my finger, I pushed her bikini to the side revealing her pussy. Her fur was neatly trimmed. Using my other hand, I ran my finger up and down her lips. Lisa let out a small moan as my finger touched her. She was so soft and slick. She was wet. I slid my finger just inside her eliciting a moan from her as she opened her legs wider. Lifting my wet finger to my lips, I tasted Lisa’s juices. She was salty but sweet. Not unlike myself.

Leaning down, I kissed her thigh again and then moved up to lower my tongue to her furry pussy. She moaned as my tongue flipped over her, tasting her. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to do this. To touch another woman. To lick her. Using my tongue, I opened her lips and slid inside her pussy. Lisa moaned and pushed her pussy out to me. Sitting back, I pulled on her bikini bottoms. She lifted her ass letting me slide them off. I tossed them to the side and then lowered my head back down between her legs. Reaching my hands around, I cupped her ass and lifted her pussy up to my mouth. My tongue dove into her, licking and sliding up and down. Lisa was moaning, thrusting her pussy to me. I found her clit. Sucking it between my lips, slot oyna I savored it. As Lisa moaned and writhed in my hands, I brought my left hand around and slowly slipped my finger inside her. Using my fingers to fuck her, I sucked her clit. It wasn’t long before Lisa was moaning, her juices filling my mouth. I sucked down every last drop, sweeping my tongue up and down her juicy little cunt.

When I lifted my head, Lisa opened her eyes and smiled at me. “That was better than any man’s ever licked me.” She reached down and cupped the back of my head. Pulling me towards her, she lowered her mouth to mine and kissed me. Her tongue licked her nectar from my lips and her kiss deepened, her tongue pushing inside my mouth. I moaned as her other hand reached out and caressed my shoulder. As she lifted her head, she flicked her tongue across my ear and whispered, “My turn.”

She told me to stand up. As I stood in front of her, Lisa reached up and slowly pulled my bikini bottoms down. Her mouth formed a little “Oh” as she looked at my shaved pussy. Kevin likes it that way and I had shaved it just the day before hoping I might get a little action from him. Who knew the action would be with Lisa? I stepped out of my bottoms and Lisa reached around me, pulling me towards her. Lifting my leg up, I rested it on the lounge, giving Lisa access to my throbbing pussy. When her fingers reached out and stroked me, I moaned and grabbed hold of her shoulders. Lisa’s touch was light as she skimmed the tip of her finger up and down my pussy. I shivered as she rubbed across my swollen clit. Lisa looked up at me briefly and then lowered her face between my legs.

My breath caught as I felt the tip of her tongue sweep across me. My pussy was so wet. Her tongue glided easily against me, licking me gently. Her touch was tentative at first and then she became more forceful with her tongue. Reaching up, she opened my pussy wide and rammed her tongue inside me. I moaned and arched towards her. Over and over again her tongue delved into me. After licking her and savoring her sweet pussy, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. When she covered my pussy with her mouth and sucked me between her lips, I shivered and felt an intense orgasm shake me. I moaned and pushed my pussy harder against her mouth.

Breathing hard, I sat next to Lisa on the lounge. We looked at one another and then inside. The guys were still engrossed with their game. If they only knew what they were missing!

Lisa and I turned to one another, our mouths closing over each other’s. With a giggle, we both reached up and undid the other’s bikini top. Lisa’s breasts were beautiful. Her nipples were hard against her pink aureoles. Cupping my hands, I cradled her tits pulling on them gently. Lisa moaned and reached for my breasts. We stroked each other as we kissed, our tongues fighting with one another. Before long, we both were so excited, we couldn’t stand to wait. Laying Lisa down, I crawled over her settling into a sixty-nine position. As I opened her legs wide, Lisa pulled mine apart and pushed her head between my thighs. I moaned when I felt her tongue again assaulting my sensitive pussy.

Opening Lisa’s pussy with my fingers, I pulled her lips wide and pushed my tongue inside. Her cunt was pink and wet as I lapped at her juices. Taking her clit in my mouth, I sucked hard and pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy. Lisa moaned and bit gently down on my lips making me shudder. I couldn’t believe how insatiable we both were suddenly.

Licking her clit, I rammed my fingers deeper and deeper inside her. Using my thumb, I stroked her clit as my fingers dug deep and my tongue licked around her pussy. Lisa wasn’t wasting any time on me either. Her tongue was deep inside me, her nose edging against me, as her fingers buried themselves in my pussy. I nearly screamed when I felt her run the tip of her thumb over my asshole. I sucked her pussy into my mouth and moaned. Both of us were totally absorbed in one another neither of us realized we now had an audience.

As Lisa and I made love to one another in a sensuous sixty-nine position, Kevin had risen from his chair to go for another beer. As he stepped towards the kitchen, canlı casino siteleri he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. Looking through the sliding glass door, Kevin shouted out an “Oh shit” when he saw his wife naked laying on top of his best friend’s wife, her face buried between her legs. At Kevin’s shout, Rick turned and saw the same sight. Both men walked towards the door and watched as their wives fucked and pumped each other.

Lisa was spreading my legs so far apart I thought I’d rip in half. I moaned and thrust my hips down, pressing my pussy against her face. I sucked her clit into my mouth again and jammed a third finger in her pussy. As she exploded in another orgasm, my own orgasm ripped through me. Gently, I licked her pussy, not wanting to miss one drop. Looking up, I saw our husbands standing in the doorway. Both men had their cocks in hand and were jacking off as we licked each other. I hadn’t seen Kevin so hard in ages. I smiled and licked Lisa’s cunt slowly, running my tongue in small circles up and down her slit. She moaned and licked my pussy faster using her tongue to dip in and out of my pussy.

I watched Kevin and Rick stroking their cocks. Rick’s cock was almost as big as Kevin’s. While I licked Lisa, I watched them. Opening Lisa’s pussy wider with one hand, I motioned for them to come outside and then I slipped my finger inside her pussy. She looked up from my pussy as she heard the door open. Rick went to stand over her head, watching her lick my pussy. Kevin came to me. Both men stood over us, their hands moving rapidly up and down their cocks. Kevin’s eyes were huge as he encouraged me, “Oh yeah, baby, lick her. Fuck that’s sexy. Lick that pussy, baby.” I dipped my finger inside Lisa again, stroking her and then brought my finger to my mouth. Kevin nearly popped a blood vessel as he watched me suck my finger.

I heard Rick down with Lisa telling her to suck my clit. I felt another finger dip inside my pussy and knew it was Rick’s. I was full with a finger from Lisa and a finger from Rick. Lisa’s mouth left me long enough to suck Rick’s finger clean. He went back to palming his cock. I reached out for Kevin and pulled him closer to me. Taking his cock in my mouth, I sucked his head as my fingers brought Lisa to another orgasm. Kevin moaned and yelled out to Rick, “I wanna fuck your wife. Can I fuck your wife’s pussy, man? I have to fuck her.” Rick yelled back yeah and that he was going to fuck my ass.

Taking Kevin’s cock in my mouth again, I coated him and then guided him to Lisa’s open pussy. She moaned as I pushed Kevin’s cock between her lips. Kevin thrust in slowly and moaned as he went deep. I leaned over and licked her pussy and Kevin’s cock as he slowly fucked her. As his cock slipped in and out, my tongue licked her juices from him. Lisa was moaning and sucking on my clit. Just as another orgasm ripped through me, I felt a wetness on my asshole and then Rick’s cock pushing me open. I grunted and arched up to meet him. His cock wasn’t as thick as Kevin’s but he still stretched me. His hands grabbed my ass anchoring himself as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper in my ass. Lisa’s mouth was working my pussy again. Kevin’s cock was drilling in and out of Lisa’s cunt as I licked her. The four of us were lost in one another. Kevin grunted and then pulled out. Taking his cock in my mouth, I sucked him and felt his cock erupt. Guiding his cock to Lisa’s pussy, I jerked him off, shooting his cum on her pink pussy lips.

With the last drop spent, Kevin leaned over and helped me lick his cum from Lisa’s pussy. I was so turned on watching him lick his own cum from another woman’s pussy, I erupted in an huge orgasm. Rick thrust two or three more times into my ass and then pulled out shooting his cum on my ass and Lisa’s face.

The four of us rolled off the lounge and managed to find our way to the pool. As we kissed and stroked each other, Lisa and I told the guys we’d been feeling a little lonely and ignored. Both Kevin and Rick promised not to ignore us and if they did, for us to feel free to repeat today’s exercise. Being baseball widows isn’t so bad anymore. Both husbands are much more attentive and Lisa and I both feel we can find something to do when baseballs on. Like doing each other. I just love the way Lisa’s pussy tastes, especially the time Kevin and Rick both fucked her and came on her little slit… but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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