Bad Girl

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Yet another waltz began to play in the grand ballroom of the military academy that was my personal hell. Cadets and their partners moved onto the dance floor to resume the mocking imitation of a good time. An endless see of military uniforms and pastel dresses, each as bland and unimpressive as the next. I stepped back behind a potted plant and tried to sink into the wall and disappear. I did not want to waste my time dancing with yet another acne-covered teenager with two left feet who saw me as an advantageous liaison. I truly hated attending the military school’s balls and soirées but my father was the head master; a General who expected his only daughter to suck it up and stand as a good example so he could be proud of me.

I had played the part of the dutiful daughter for too long and I had had enough. I hated being the poster child for my father’s picturesque life and ideal career. I hated it enough to toss convention to the wind and throw my rebellion in his face choosing to attend the ball in the most inappropriate dress I could find while shopping days before. All around me other girls wore their soft pastel colored dressed that covered every inch of flesh from head to toe, complete with high necked collars and elbow length gloves. Among this sea of female paragons I stood out like a tropical parrot in a cage filled with white doves.

The red silk dress was a strapless number and by some miracle just barely managed to cling to my well-developed breasts. The skirt came together in the front in a long ruffled part that was gathered to about crotch level allowing a generous glimpse of my long toned legs and a good peak of the thong panties I wore if I stood just so. The bodice of the gown was fitted like a second skin, hugging every curve of my torso and leaving nothing to the imagination; it had a low scooped back that showed off the line of my spine almost down to the top of my ass. I had chosen to wear my long hair loose, in a wild spill of wavy curls about my shoulders. I wore no gloves and I had purchased a strappy pair of three inch heeled sandals that made my calves look entirely sexy and muscular.

I smiled; the General could kiss my ass tonight. I was done with being a good girl; now all I needed was a bad boy. Unfortunately the boys attending the ball didn’t really fit the bill, I’d be lucky if one of them would ever dream of even trying to kiss my cheek. Too many boys with plans and a General’s daughter could be the ticket to an illustrious career if one played the cards just right. I muttered something vile and sighed; I was tired of respectfully turning away fifteen-year-old boys who thought that a girl who was three years older than them would be interested in their curriculum and plans for their brilliant careers.

I stretched and rubbed the heal of my hand into the small of my back trying to relieve a muscle ache while trying to decide if I should give up on the ball. The sound of a man softly clearing his throat caught my attention and I muttered an oath as I turned to see who I needed to tell to get lost this time. As I opened my mouth to issue a sharp cutting refusal my eyes fell on the man beside me and words flew out of my mind. The man standing beside me was older than any of the cadets; he looked to be in his early twenties. He had an athletic build with sleekly defined muscle in all the right places and not an ounce of fat on him. His Marines uniform was perfect, without a single thread out of a place or a single button out of line. He had dark brown hair that was almost black, crystal blue eyes, a handsomely chiseled face, and an erotically tempting mouth.

“Would casino oyna you care to dance?” He inquired with a smile and offered me his hand.

“I’d be delighted.” I smiled as I took his hand and fell into step with him.

I’m not by any means a short woman but I felt quite dwarfed by the handsome Marine as we moved onto the dance floor. The chords of another slow waltz began to play and he placed a hand on my waist as we fell into step. The chaperones of the dance were keeping their eyes open for any couple who did not have a good foot of open air between their bodies, quickly cutting to an end any fraternizing that occurred. I could feel the warmth of his hand through his glove and the fabric of my dress and I wondered what those hands would feel like on my naked skin. A shiver ran up my spine at the thought.

“Are you cold?” He inquired.

“Not at all.” I licked my lips. “Just a stray thought.”

He made a sound in his throat to acknowledge the statement and continued to guide me around the dance floor with effortless grace. As we moved I shifted to brush against him here and there, moving in close before regaining the distance between us again. He made no mention of the body contact but I could see the slightest tick in his cheek each time I brushed against him. I let my hand wander down from its assigned position on his shoulder to caress the muscle of his chest lowering my eyes in a demure manner that also allowed me to better examine his crotch. I smiled up at him from under my lashes and ran the tip of my tongue out over my lips to see if I could entice a stronger response than a muscle tick from him and possible cause a bit of trouble. His arm curled tightly around my waist as he lowered his mouth to brush across my ear as he turned on the dance floor.

He whispered against my ear, “Keep it up little girl and you will end up getting yourself dragged off and fucked.”

His breath was hot and sinfully erotic against my skin. I brushed up against his crotch and responded through a suddenly dry throat, “Perhaps that is exactly what I want.”

As the waltz ended he grasped my elbow and escorted me from the dance floor but did not release me. His hand slid to the small of my back and he guided me toward the doors leading out into the hallway of the school with the firm pressure on my spine. AS we stepped through the doors he paused to speak quietly with another Marine. The other Marine laughed and guestured down the hallway before vanishing into the ballroom with a broad grin on his face. I watched the door swing closed shutting off the sounds and smells of the ballroom and leaving me alone in the semi darkness of the hall with my dance partner.

He placed his hand on my back again, his fingers sliding down the bare skin and dipping under the fabric to caress the skin at the top of the crack of my ass. He moved me down the hall passing several doors before he stopped in front of a door with no window sitting back in a small alcove about half way down the hall. Opening the door he lightly shoved me inside following me in and shutting the door behind himself. I heard the click of the light bulb coming on as he pulled the string dangling from the ceiling. I backed away from him until I felt my back bump up against some wooden shelves that were built into the wall of the closet we were standing in. His body seemed to take up all of the space in the small space and the light from the single bulb overhead made him seem almost ominous in the closed space, I swallowed and stared at him as he moved toward me.

He pressed me back until my ass was perched on slot oyna the edge of one of the shelves behind me and his chest was crushed against mine. As he leaned into me I could feel the medals on his uniform pressing into my skin as well as the swelling of my breasts and hardening of my nipples. His hand ran up along the curve of my legs and rested on my thighs; I clenched my knees together reflexively and swallowed loudly.

“Spread your legs.” He lightly bit my neck to punctuate each word.

My knees fell apart and my thighs spread open to him allowing him to step in between my legs and press up against crotch. I gasped as he pulled down the bodice of my gown, lowering it from my breasts as he rubbed on gloved hand over my nipples causing them to harden further. He pulled the gown down until my torso was exposed to my belly button before he slipped his hands into the ruffled part of my gown, pushing it up and spreading it open until every inch of my long legs as well as my panties were exposed. His lips made a damp path down my neck to my breasts where he sucked my nipple into his mouth flicking it with his tongue.

My fingernails dug into the fabric of his uniform as I arched my back and pressed my crotch against his and leaned back giving him full access to my breasts. He grabbed my hips and hooked his fingers into the waistband of my tiny lace panties; snapping them off with a quick twist letting them fall off to expose the soft, shaved skin of my tight cunt to the air and his gaze. He slid two fingers between the lips of my sex, parting them to slide his thumb across my clit, applying gentle pressure until I moaned passionately into his ear. He rolled my clit between his forefinger and thumb until I gasped and my hips bucked against him grinding my crotch into the hard swell of his restrained cock.

Dragging my nails up his spine I ran my fingers through his hair leaning back against the shelving to rock my hips up and down the hard length of his shaft through his pants. His mouth covered mine and he forced my mouth open pressing his tongue forward to sweep across my own tongue. He plunged two fingers into the hot wet hole between my thighs and curled them inside me rubbing my clit with his thumb as he stroked inside my body. My legs clamped on his hips squeezing them as the muscles inside me clenched around his fingers. He nibbled my lower lip and coaxed my tongue into his mouth to taste him in return. The sound of the teeth of a zipper clicking brought me back to reality and I opened my eyes quickly.

I stifled a moan in the back of my throat, trying hard to remain silent as I heard someone walking past the closet door. I risked a glance down and saw how engorged he was; how big and hard he had become as his fingers and mouth had teased my body. I wasn’t stupid by any means; I knew the mechanics of sex and I had seen animals breed before but I had never taken a man before and he seemed to be far too big to fit with any semblance of comfort let alone pleasure.

“It’s never going to fit.” I whimpered and bit my lower lip as I evaluated the situation.

He grinned and licked my neck whispering softly against my ear lobe, “It will fit, trust me.”

“Are you sure?” I worried my lip with my teeth.

“Yes ma’am.”

His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me toward him and tilted the angle of my pelvis so my body was open to receive him. Slowly, teasingly, he ran the head of his cock down the slit of my pussy circling the entrance to my body; wetting himself in the moisture of my sex. He took his time, toying with me to build my excitement and make me wetter for canlı casino siteleri him. I felt him running his hard cock along my slit rubbing my clit with the head of his cock until it began to throb in time to the tattoo of my heart. It felt like a river was flowing between my thighs and a dozen butterflies in my stomach as I waited on the edge of sanity for him to take me. He watched me as he slid the tip of his cock into the tight muscles of my body just enough to make me ache before he pulled back to watch the frustration play across my face.

I waited for him to enter me, waited for him to thrust his cock deep inside my wanton cunt and ease the hungry ache but he didn’t; he just stayed there barely inside my body tormenting me to no end. He lowered his head and bit down on my nipple sucking it into his mouth to lave the soreness away with his tongue. I cried out and bucked my hips forward into him, the thrust of my hips causing my pussy to swallow his cock, piercing through the thin barrier inside of me. I released the breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding and moaned as I bit down on the shoulder of his uniform, squirming where I sat feeling stretched and full and yet still hollow in the pit of my stomach.

As I squirmed whatever control he had been using not to ravage me like an animal broke. He made a guttural sound in his throat and slammed his cock deep inside me, grinding against me until I was pinned to the shelf. I squeaked in surprise but quickly wrapped my legs around his hips tilting my pelvis to connect to each of his thrusts as he plunged in and out of my body. I clenched the muscles of my cunt around his cock, increasing the friction as he moved inside of my wet hole. I tangled my fingers in his dark hair begging in whispers against his ear lobe for more. I could feel the muscles in my abdomen clenching as he moved inside of me, the similar clenching of the muscles inside my pussy pulling his cock as he moved inside me, taking him in deeper with each thrust. I ached and each time he pulled back from inside of me I hungered for him to push deep inside me again.

“Harder.” I moaned locking my ankles behind his ass.

He laughed as he thrust back inside me, squeezing my thighs in his hands as he rolled his hips to probe my inner walls and make my body shake and jerk against him. I bit his neck letting out a small half-strangled groan as the muscles inside my body tensed and locked around his cock sucking him in deeper. The muscles of my body milked his cock and pulled it deeper still until he hit the perfect spot inside my tight hole. He only half managed to smother my scream with his mouth as my body jumped with the force of the orgasm that ripped through my body. My whole body shook as the spasms of pleasure ran up my spine and cum rand down over his cock and balls, soaking him and me. As my muscles squeezed him in the waves of my orgasm he thrust deep inside me one last time, his balls tightening and bursting, shooting his cum deep inside my body. He spilled into me until it rand down my thighs and soaked the skirt of my dress beneath me.

He collapsed against my body, pinning me to the wall with his weight, his breath coming in hard pants similar to my own. My legs were wrapped tightly around his hips holding him inside even as he began to grow flaccid in his satiated state. I nibbled the skin of his neck lightly tasting the salt of his sweat as I basked in the afterglow of the pleasure I was recovering from. I closed my eyes and held him close wondering if perhaps he’d do it again as soon as he regained his breath. I wondered what his name was.

The door behind us suddenly burst open. In the glaring light there stood the General, his face red with anger as he looked at the scene inside the closet.

I grinned and gave my father a mock salute, tonight I’d been a bad girl.

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