Bachelorette Hookup Ch. 03

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This is part 3 of a three part series. You may not understand the story if you did not read the previous parts.

Thanks for reading.

Chapter 3 — Zach

Zach woke up to light streaming in the window. No one had pulled the curtains and he had a moment of panic that he was late for his meeting. He glanced at the clock and relaxed, as it was only a bit after six. Next he looked at the blonde nymph lying next to him. Dakota looked so peaceful. She was tiny, probably reaching five feet tall, but just barely. Her hair was down to her shoulders and she seemed to wear it over to the side for the most part. Her frame was slight and her hips and A-cup breasts made her appear younger than she was. At least he hoped so, she looked like a teenager while at the lounge, but Zach was sure that the bartender had carded her. Then once in the room, she was wonderful in bed, with a light touch that belied her passion. She seemed to make love with an abandon that surprised and delighted him. It reminded him of less a one-night-stand and more of a night with his old girlfriend.

Next he thought about Dillion. She was taller and more curvaceous than Dakota. Her brown hair was bushy and reminded Zach of a girl from the beach. He loved her breasts. They were large but not so big that they seemed unnatural. He did not have a problem with huge tits, but Dillion seemed to have gotten the perfect size. The other thing he thought of was her smile. Her smile was bright and contagious. She laughed easily and it had an endearing quality to it.

Sex with Dillion had been wonderful as well. She seemed almost desperate for it but had also molded her desire to match his. She was innocent and dirty all at once and Zach could imagine making love out in the sunshine with her.

Both of these ladies were more beautiful than Zach had a right to want. In the bar, he would have admired them from afar, afraid to get shot down. Instead, one was in bed with him and the other was in the next bed after making love the previous night.

Zach looked over to check on Dillion. She was awake and looking at him with a mournful look. She seemed about to cry and he immediately felt terrible at what she must think. So Zach motioned her over and then lifted the covers to make his invitation more obvious. He did not think that she would come, but she got a grin, darted across, and moved in tight against him.

Dakota stirred at the movement of the covers and snuggled in beside him as well. He wondered if his plane had crashed and he was in heaven now. He had barely dreamed on a scenario like the previous night, let alone experienced it. Now both of these beautiful women were lying with him. And they were all naked.

Without trying to, his dick became erect. He felt his body get warm and sighed heavily. As soon as he did, Dillion leaned up and kissed his cheek softly. He did not want the ladies to think badly of him, so he closed his eyes and tried to relax.

After a few minutes, Zach had calmed down and wondered how long he should stay. He hated for the night to end, but knew he had to go to his meeting. Suddenly he heard whispering.

“What are you doing over here?” Dakota asked.

“Me? How did he get over here?” Dillion responded.

“You wanted us together, so now we are.”

“He was mine first.”

Both girls pulled away from each other, which meant they pulled away from Zach. He sighed again and started to get up.

“I should go,” he said and pulled the covers down on him and Dillion. Dakota was nearest the window and Zach knew his clothes were by the door.

Both ladies reached for Zach and said ‘no’ simultaneously. He stopped as they held each of his arms. After looking at each other for no more than two seconds, they pushed Zach down onto his back. casino siteleri Dillion started rubbing his arm as Dakota took his hand in hers.

“I don’t want to cause trouble between you all,” Zach said softly.

He saw the ladies grin at each other. Dillion was now rubbing his leg instead of his arm and Dakota was kissing each of his fingers. He felt himself get another erection as he looked at them. Their breasts were in plain sight now. Zach suddenly got a smile and could not seem to get it to go away. He assumed that they would want him serious but as Dakota looked at his face she started giggling. Dillion looked up and did as well.

Zach felt himself get embarrassed. “Sorry,” he said.

Dillion spoke up. “It’s nice to see you’re looking forward to this.”

Dakota rolled her eyes at Dillion but was smiling at her response. Then Dakota leaned over to kiss Zach. She wasted no time in pressing her tongue into his mouth and soon they were making out madly. Zach did not wonder about Dillion, as she had taken hold of his dick by now and after a few strokes, her lips slid down his shaft. Zach could not stop himself from reacting and broke the kiss with Dakota.

“Is there a problem, big guy?” Dakota asked innocently.

“Not at all,” Zach responded and pulled Dakota back to him. They started making out again and his hand slid up to her breast. He fingered her nipple and Dakota became more aggressive.

Further down, Dillion was bobbing her head up and down on his rod. He felt her suction on each stroke and was having trouble keeping himself calm. Zach broke the kiss with Dakota to catch his breath and slow down.

Immediately Dakota asked, “Baby, can you lick me again?”

Zach grinned and Dakota did too. She moved up and straddled his head and then lowered herself down. Zach grabbed her ass and started sucking on her honeypot. It was wet and juicy and he heard her moan. After sucking for a bit, he changed it up and started licking her from the bottom of her pussy to the top. It was delicious for Zach and by focusing on her; it helped him not blow his load into Dillion’s mouth. She seemed to want him to, as she was alternating sucking hard on him and licking up and down his shaft.

After a bit, Dillion’s mouth disappeared and Zach wondered what she was doing. He did not need to wait long and felt her lower herself down on his erection. She moaned as she did and that made Dakota giggle. As great as her mouth had felt, this was even better. She was slick and the wet walls enveloped him completely.

Zach thought Dakota was not focused on what he was doing and attacked her clit. Dakota cried out and grabbed his head. He still felt Dillion bouncing on him and soon she moaned as well. After a bit, both ladies pulled off Zach suddenly and he wondered if they were done. They were not, and the girls promptly changed places. Dillion was now sitting on his face and Dakota was riding cowgirl.

Zach moaned as Dakota started fucking him. She felt as wet and wonderful as Dillion had. He enjoyed it for a second or so and then licked Dillion’s pussy lips. She pushed down on his face and he grabbed her legs to raise her back up. Dillion took the hint and moved down toward his chest an inch or so. Zach started eating her out with gusto.

Soon he heard Dillion, “God he’s good at this. He ate you last night?”

Zach felt Dakota slow down her bouncing as she responded, “Yea. He made me cum.”

Dakota picked her speed back up and then asked, “Did you ride him?”

Zach felt himself smile under Dillion’s pussy. This conversation felt surreal as they chatted while he pleasured them.

“Yes. Forwards and backwards.” Dillion responded.

“Give me a minute and we’ll switch. You should feel him pound you.” Dillion said with heavy breaths.

Zach slot oyna focused on Dillion’s clit but put a hand down to Dakota’s thigh. Dakota sped up and then stopped suddenly. She grabbed his hand as he felt her juices flow over him. He started to lose control again and pushed Dakota off quickly. She was so light he hoped he did not hurt her.

Dakota yelped at his shove and Dillion moved off Zach as well. Dakota was breathing very hard but managed to gasp, “why’d we stop?”

Zach saw Dillion move to Dakota. Dakota told her she was all right and they kissed softly. After glancing at Zach, they kissed once more, more passionately. This did nothing for Zach’s excitement and he still felt he was going to cum any second. Zach closed his eyes and focused on the drills he used to do during football practice in high school. He had to run through each drill in his head to calm down and took almost twenty seconds. He felt better and opened his eyes. He saw both girls watching him with concerned looks.

“Sorry. You’re both so pretty I’m having trouble,” Zach said sheepishly.

Both ladies beamed at Zach. They looked embarrassed at what he had said, but the smiles told him that they liked the compliment. Zach grinned back at them and then Dakota’s smile went from innocent to devilish. She whispered into Dillion’s ear and Dillion lit up as well. She nodded at Dakota.

“Zach, we’re really not this slutty. You’ve just brought out the best in us.” Dakota said as she slithered to the edge of the bed. Dillion followed her to the other bed and they both kneeled on the edge of it. Both were looking at him as they leaned over onto their hands and arched their backs.

Zach’s calming routine had softened him a bit, but seeing them offering themselves like this made his cock like blue steel. He jumped off the bed and moved behind Dillion. He had fucked Dakota last and that made it was Dillion’s turn. ‘Again’, he thought with a smile and shake of his head. How he had landed two gorgeous vixens was a mystery to him.

He took his member and pressed it up and down Dillion’s slit until he was sure he was aligned. He pushed into her wet canal and Dillion moaned loudly. Dakota was watching and bit her lip. Zach grabbed Dillion’s hips and started going at her in with long but controlled strokes. He was pulling almost all the way out and then pushing back in until he was buried inside her honeypot. Dillion was looking down at the bed and Zach hoped that she liked this as much as he did. The sounds of their connection were loud in the room as their juices mixed and squished with each stroke. Suddenly Dillion grunted loudly and washed Zach’s dick with her cum. He stopped his movements and once he did, Dakota grabbed his arm.

She did not say anything, but her eyes were pleading with him. So Zach pulled out of Dillion, who still had her head down. Dakota looked excited and bent back over as Zach stepped behind her. Zach started to go through the same process as he did with Dillion, but Dakota reached between her legs and aligned him. He pressed forward as she pressed back and they banged together hard. Zach was embedded inside her and Dakota let out a guttural, “Yes!”

Zach felt a rush of confidence at this and grabbed Dakota by the hips. He started the long strokes again, but was going much faster now. The feeling of her pussy was every bit as great as Dillion’s and he pounded her relentlessly. They went at it for a few minutes and Dakota screamed her orgasm. Zach again stopped as she did and saw that Dillion looked ready for more.

So he switched again and penetrated Dillion easily. His instincts were taking over and he started pummeling Dillion’s cunt. His strokes were still long but he was smacking against her as he fucked her hard. After only thirty seconds or so, Dillion came with a canlı casino siteleri rush. She begged him to not stop and he kept his piston going.

Dakota had risen up onto her knees beside him and he wrapped one arm around her and grabbed her ass. Her eyes twinkled as he did and she grabbed his face in both hands and kissed him hard. They were now making out as he screwed Dillion and this was too much for Zach. He broke the kiss and moaned himself. He was about to unload into Dillion when she pulled away from him. She spun around and slid off the bed as Dakota pushed him away from the edge. Dakota dropped to her knees beside Dillion and they both opened their mouths. Zach had never had a woman pull this porn move and he lost composure as they did. He grabbed his dick and pumped his cum into their mouths, one at a time.

After a few spurts, Zach’s load was dribbling out and Dillion leaned up and licked the head of his dick. Dakota then did the same and Zach groaned again. These two women were simply incredible. They each took a turn sucking on him softly and then Zach stepped back and sat down heavily on the other bed. He thought idly about moving to town if this is what it was like here.

Zach sat on the edge of the bed breathing hard as Dakota and Dillion started cleaning up. Dakota went into the bathroom and returned with two towels. She handed one to Dillion and they both wiped off Zach’s cum from their faces.

“Wow,” Zach finally said.

Both of the females grinned at him. Zach sighed, trying to catch his breath. After they were done cleaning, both women came over to Zach and sat down beside him. Dillion spoke first.

“That was great Zach.”

“Yea. Thanks,” Dakota echoed.

Zach looked surprised and both women smiled again.

“Dillion, did you take his tongue.” Dakota joked.

Dillion took a moment to understand, as did Zach. Dillion grinned at the barb.

“No, but I would. It’s solid gold.” Dillion answered.

Zach glanced at the clock. He really needed to go get ready, but hated to leave. Both ladies had captured his imagination in different ways.

“Are you okay?” Dillion asked.

Zach hesitated and Dakota clutched his arm. He looked at both of the ladies and said, “I need to go, but don’t want this to end.”

Dakota kissed his cheek and then Dillion kissed his lips softly. Then a phone rang and Dakota moved to get it. Zach asked Dillion quietly if he could use the bathroom. She nodded and rubbed his arm. She seemed to really like him, but Zach did not know what to do about it. So he gathered up his clothes and went in to piss and get dressed.

When Zach came out of the bathroom, Dillion and Dakota were both clothed. They pranced over to him and each gave him a kiss. They thanked him again for a wonderful night and walked him over to his wallet, phone, and keys. He gathered up everything and then wished the ladies well. He could feel his emotions getting the better of him and he left quickly.

Back in his room, he showered and changed for his meeting. He got to the office early and was waiting in the lobby. As he did, his phone chirped that he had a text message. As he checked, he got another and he read the messages that he had received.

– Hi big guy! This is Dillion. Thanks again for the best sex ever!

= Hey there, this is Dakota. Don’t you dare lose my number.

= We both wanted you to…

– check your photos. Don’t forget us!

Zach smiled at the messages. Then he pulled up his photo app and the first one was of the two Dakota and Dillion. They had taken it in the hotel room and though their chests were not shown, they looked naked. Each one was smiling and Zach felt his entire body warm up.

Someone called him in for his meeting and Zach said he would be there in a minute. He texted each of them back; thanking them for a perfect night, and asked Dillion if she wanted to meet sometime soon. Both Dillion and Dakota responded immediately and said they could not wait to see him again.

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