Ashton , The Hot Tub

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After popping Ashton’s cherry, I saw her infrequently around campus. I wasn’t sure what to say or how to say it, so we politely smiled in passing or exchanged occasional hugs while chatting. I wasn’t sure what I was afraid of more, the possibility that our night together had been a one time adventure or the chance that Ashton wanted more.

The awkwardness finally resolved itself at a party almost a month after the wild encounter in my room. Alex, a close friend to me and my roommate Mike, threw a giant Luau themed party at a house he rented just off campus. Mike and I showed up in our best and brightest Hawaiian shirts, and were both surprised to see Ashton there.

Every day I laid eyes on here, she was still a vision of beauty. Ashton had arrived in an open Hawaiian shirt with a white string bikini underneath. Her large, creamy breasts pushed the shirt to each side of her chest, prominently displaying her ample cleavage. She wore a tight white wrap that showed most of her long, curvy legs and also made the bikini bottoms beneath visible. Her long, blond hair was tied back in a pony tail and her blue eyes sparkled as usual.

She was obviously slightly intoxicated when she walked over to talk to me and Mike. Through her faintly slurred speech she told us Dave had invited her personally and she was more than happy to be the only freshman at the party. We made small talk for a while before Ashton wandered off on her own.

Mike was upset to see his sister at the party, but also visibly relieved when she walked away. He asked me to keep an eye on her before he started in hitting on the girls at the party. If he only knew. I walked around and made polite conversation with friends of mine, but I always kept an eye on Ashton. I noticed she kept an eye on me too.

The party was being mostly held in Alex’s main living room, but a key attraction lay on an enclosed porch beyond the kitchen. Alex had a large Jacuzzi that somehow came with the house, and people at the party were putting their beachwear to use. Seeing Ashton prancing around the party with most of her large breasts visibly jiggling above her bikini top was starting to have a predictable effect on me. I cursed the loose swim trunks I had decided to wear as my erection was becoming visible. I had hoped to kill it with beer, but that plan was not working so I hatched another idea.

I went out on the deck to see how the hot tub was working and found five people sitting in it. Two young women and one guy sat busily engaged in conversation while a couple sat on the opposite side of the tub lightly kissing and chatting softly. There was room in the tub for two or three more bodies so I threw off my shirt and eased myself in on one side away from the others. I figured I would give my raging hard on time to calm down in the hot water.

After five minutes sitting with my eyes closed and listening to the three talkers complain about reality television, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Mike with a girl on his arm.

“We’re taking off. Umm, feel free to take you time coming home tonight,” he said with a wink.

Great, I thought, now I’m sex-iled. I closed my eyes again, sipping on my drink, and lost track of time before I felt a hand on my shoulder again. I was surprised to look back up into the sparkling eyes of Ashton. I turned over in surprise and was even more shocked when she seductively removed her Hawaiian shirt and pulled her wrap off.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

“There’s plenty of room,” replied one of the other girls in the tub, and Ashton slid into the seat next to mine. She simply leaned back and closed her eyes as if going to sleep, thrusting her tits forward. I stared intently as her smooth globes bobbed on the surface of the water.

It seemed that the party was starting to wind down, and eventually the three talkative people in the hot tub left. The couple in the hot tub took that as their cue to begin making out in earnest, swapping spit right in front of me. The guy even became so bold as to fondle his partner’s breasts sitting just above the surface of the water. The girl pulled away slightly, but made no move to stop him.

I was just getting interested in the antics of my companions when Alex walked into the room. I shifted nervously as I was worried what he would say about Ashton sitting next to me.

He slapped me on the back, “Mike told me he told you to keep an eye on Ashton.” Ashton smiled slightly, obviously not asleep. “Most of the people have left already. I’m taking my girlfriend upstairs, but feel free to stay as long as you want.” With a laugh Alex turned and walked out of the room.

The couple in the tub next to me both turned to eye me carefully. After a few seconds, the guy began kissing his girl casino siteleri again and she was soon returning the affection. Things became instantly heated as the guy began to maul his partner’s smallish tits in his hands. I took a more appreciative look at the pair and realized that they both seemed very thin but also very fit. Their musculature was toned, like track athletes or runners. They both had brown hair and brown eyes, and the girl’s tit were probably a large B.

After a few minutes of pawing, the guy’s hand began to lightly tweak his girl’s nipple. She moaned slightly, cast another sidewards glance at me, and then resumed sucking her partner’s tongue. The guy’s hands slid down her body and under the water, and judging by her squirming reaction, it had landed below her waist. The stopped kissing briefly while she moaned and his arm worked its way back and forth through the water.

I jumped unexpectedly as I felt a hand reaching under my swim shorts. I turned and was surprised to see Ashton staring wide eyed at the couple next to us. I looked and there appeared to be no one left in the kitchen or living room so I reached around her and cradled her into my shoulder as she sprung my fully engorged cock from my shorts. The head of my dick thankfully remained below the water as I felt Ashton’s small hands squeeze my hard cock and slowly stroke up and down. I decided to return the favor my reaching my free hand down to her bikini bottoms, and was again surprised when I found her free hand busily working its way over her mound. I brushed her hand aside, and slid my finger up her pussy lips. I found the hard nub of her clit and began rubbing it in slow circles.

Ashton and the other girl in the tub moaned together. Their eyes both opened and they stared at each other, and then both giggled in camaraderie. It was obvious to everyone in the bubbling hot water what was going on. The guy’s hand worked faster and faster, slashing the water with his arm, and his girl grabbed him by the shoulder and buried a long, deep moan in his neck. Ashton and I continued our slow pace on each other, her small hand slowly pumping my thick rod while I rubbed her clit in deep circles. Then other girl began panting lightly, her body shaking slightly. She alternated between moans and high pitched panting as we continued watching her. Finally, her legs lifted slightly out of the water, and she shook.

“OmyGod, OmyGod, OmyGAAAAAWWWWWD,” she blubbered, head tossed back and back deeply arched in orgasm.

It took a minute for her to come down from her climax, but as soon as she did her partner sat up on the edge of the tub. She smiled coyly and pulled his shorts down, and his cock sprang free. Ashton gasped. It was a monster, I would guess over eight inches long and very thick. The girl could barely get her fingers around it and used both hands to stroke up and down his meaty pole. She began pumping his hard meat up and down, and looked straight back at Ashton as she bent over to kiss it.

Ashton looked like a deer caught in headlights. Her blue eyes were wide and her mouth hung slightly open. She lifted a leg and draped it over my knee, providing me better access to her hot pussy.

The other girl in the tub slipped her partner’s dick into her mouth. It poked obscenely into her cheek and stretched her lips slightly, but she sucked down hard and squeezed his prick as she began to blow him. Her head bobbed slightly up and down at first, obviously unable to take much more than half his massive tool into her mouth. She still sucked him hard, working the base of his shaft with one hand. Every once in a while her tongue would poke out, slathering up and down his pole.

Ashton began to buck back against my fingers as they rubbed rapidly over her swollen clit. I kissed her lightly on the neck, but I noticed she didn’t seem to be paying much attention to her hand still sliding slowly up and down my cock. Her movements seemed absent minded and she never lost the wide eyed look she first adopted. I noticed that while she seemed transfixed by the sight of his large dick sliding in and out of his girl’s mouth, he seemed to be staring right at her chest.

The other guy began grunting as his girl bobbed rapidly up and down on his cock. He grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting upwards slightly, fucking her mouth with thick cock. He lost it quickly, his leg muscles visibly clenching as rocked upward into his partner’s mouth. He grunted loudly as he jerked upward slightly and the girl swallowed, small spurts of cum leaking out the sides of her mouth and down his cock.

His next move caught me completely off guard. As his partner sat back down into the water, he waded straight over to Ashton. His still semi-erect dick bobbed side to side in front of him slot oyna as he strode over to us, and I immediately took my hand from Ashton’s pussy and placed it firmly against him.

“Hey, I’m not going to do anything we don’t want to,” she said breezily, “but are you guys interested in all at switching?” Ashton quickly shook her head no, a look of astonishment on her angelic face. “Well,” he said, looking down directly into her eyes, “don’t you even want to touch it?”

I paused for a moment, unsure of what to do, which turned out to be a big mistake. His weighty cock hung less than a foot from her face, swinging slightly and pointed down toward her chest. Ashton left my cock and reached out with her hand, lightly caressing the monster dick. I was stunned and completely unsure of what to do. Was she drunk? Should I stop this? I mix of fear, anger, and curiosity swept through me at once. The guy’s dick twitched slight at Ashton’s grasp, but after she weighed it with her hands in apparent curiosity, she began stroking his thickness. Even semi-erect his size was still impressive. Her feminine hand appeared tiny next to his prick, and her difficulty in handling his large meat increased as it began to grow again. I turned and saw his partner sitting with a smile on her face, and I became even more unsure of what to do. Ashton squeezed the throbbing penis in her hand gingerly, working up and down his growing pole. He began to thrust against her hand, and she milked his rod up and down in time to his movements. Her wet hand slid long and easily along his member, and he closed his eyes again in pleasure.

“Do you want to suck it?” he asked almost teasingly. “Don’t you want to feel how big it is in your mouth?” That comment got me ready to spring to my feet and stop it, but Ashton firmly replied, “No.”

The guy looked down at her in obvious disappointment, but Ashton removed her hand from his cock and reached behind her back and started undoing her bikini top.

“Ashton, no,” I blurted out immediately, but she turned on me and smiled.

“Shhh, don’t worry, Kevin,” was all she said in reply. She had already moved to untie the strings around her neck and the triangles of fabric quickly fell away revealing her firm, creamy breasts. Her pink nipples floated on the top of the water as she playfully caressed her tits.

“I’ll make you a deal,” she began, “the only person I’m fucking or sucking is Kevin. But if you eat me out I’ll let you fuck my tits.”

The guy didn’t hesitate for a second. He lifted Ashton out of the water, causing her to squeal in surprise, before dropping to his knees and diving between her legs. He yanked off her bikini bottoms, nearly ripping them with the force he used, and clamped his mouth over her swollen pussy. She gasped again, this time with pure pleasure.

“Mmmmmmm… uh… ohhhhhhh yeeeaaahhhh, that’s the spot,” she moaned. I couldn’t see much past his shoulder, but I could tell from the way his jaw moved that he was rapidly lapping at her clit. She placed both hands behind his head and pulled him into her crotch. Her back arched and her hair swayed up and down slightly as she began to buck against his tongue. Suddenly, she looked me straight in the eyes.

Ohhhhhhh Gaawwd, he’s good Kevin. He… ungh…. Mmmmmm… he knows what he’s doing.” Her speech was slurred and I couldn’t believe she was talking to me while another man ate her out. “I knooooooowwww you want me…. Oh yeah, right there…. Oooooooo. I’ve known you wanted me and I’ve wanted you too. I want to fuck you all the time. I really like you….OHHHH GAAAAWWDDDD!!!”

Her back arched and her tits jiggled up and down as he fucked her with his tongue. I was stunned, stunned by the turn of events, stunned by what she was saying. She began writhing on his tongue, fucking his face wither her pussy. Her chest had flushed and her silky blond hair bobbed behind her. I looked at the other girl, but she seemed satisfied to watch the show. Suddenly, Ashton’s body tensed up. I could see her squeezing his head with her thighs and her eyes shot wide open.

“Oh God! Ohhhhhhh gaaaawwwd, I’m going to cum. Ohhhhhhhhh gaaaaawd,” she cried, squeezing her eyes shut again. Then she screamed with a carnal passion, bucking violently all over the guy’s face. “Cuuuuuuuummmmmmmminnnnnnnnggggg!!!” she cried at the top of her lungs.

Ashton collapsed down into the tub, her chest heaving up and down and jiggling her firm breasts. The guy just stood there, meaty dick standing proud before him. Finally, Ashton, looked up at him. ‘Well, a deal’s a deal.”

Ashton grabbed the guy by the thighs and maneuvered him into a sitting position on the edge of the hot tub. She had him sit back and playfully caressed his cock with her hands as it continued to point skyward. She gathered her canlı casino siteleri large globes in her hands and thrust out her chest, presenting them to him. He grabbed his dick and slapped at her nipples, causing her to moan, which surprised me. She hefted her weighty breasts over his rod and pressed her firmness all around him with her hands.

“They’re all yours,” she said slyly.

She began to lift up and down slightly, jacking his firm cock with her tits. His thickness pressed deep into her cleavage as her slippery breasts slipped over his dick. She began to jack up and down faster, and he began to thrust up to meet her.

“Feel good?” she asked.

“Mmmmm, you have no idea. You sure you don’t want to fuck?” he asked in reply.

“No baby, but you’re so nice and thick. Don’t you want to cum on my chest for me?” she added teasingly. I finally realized that she liked to talk dirty during sex.

The guy responded by humping harder into her tits. Ashton was caught off guard when his length caused him to bump her in the chin with his prick. He poked her a few more times as he fucked her cleavage, her warm slippery breasts jacking his dick.

After being poked in the cheek, Ashton sighed. “Well,” she said, “I guess there’s no avoiding it.” She bent her head down and licked at the head of his dick. He moaned in appreciation, and as he fucked upward, Ashton continued to lap at his cock. Finally, one thrust delivered him into her mouth, and she sucked his head briefly before she slid her tit back up his pole. This had a visible effect on the guy, and he began to fuck her tis in earnest. Every few thrusts Ashton would suck the head of his engorged dick into her mouth or teasingly lick it with her tongue.

“Oh, here it comes,” he cried unexpectedly. Ashton released his dick from her mouth and the first spurt shot over her shoulder. Ashton continued working her tight cleavage over his pole, and the second shot hit her square in the chin. As he continued tit fucking her, the last few drops landed lightly on the tops of her breasts.

The guy sat up and sucked one of Ashton’s nipples into his mouth. She purred in appreciation but soon backed away.

“Well, I guess it’s time to go,” he said, sliding back into his shorts. “Very nice meeting you both.” And without another word he grabbed his girl and walked out the door.

Ashton stood and leaned over the edge of the tub, presenting her smooth bottom to me. She turned back and looked into my eyes, “Well, babe, I told you you could cum in my pussy and it’s ready for you. Feeling that big cock explode between my tit really turned me on.”

I was feeling mixed emotions, a little hurt, a little angry, and VERY turned on. My dick was incredibly hard, so I walked over and positioned myself behind her. I ran a hand over her slippery wet should, slid it along her side, and then reached around and guided my cock head into the folds of her wet pussy. Her heat felt so good, and as I slowly thrust my thick meat into her, her velvety soft pussy walls enveloped me. She was still very tight, almost milking my cock as I slid in and out of her, and I knew after the show I had just seen I wouldn’t last very long. She moaned as I worked my meat into her, and I pulled lightly on her long blond hair.

Her back arched as she let out a low and deep groan. I began to fuck her in earnest then, thrusting all the way in and out of her pussy. The splashing water and the sight of her swing tits was really turning me on. I slapped her hard on her ass, leaving a red print on her creamy bottom. She gasped in pleasure. I reached around with my free hand and kneaded her pendulous breasts for a moment before sliding down to her pussy and rubbing her hard clit.

“Oh God baby, Ohhhhh Gaaawwwd,” she moaned in response. “Cum inside me baby, spurt that cum into my pussy.” I could tell from the excitement in her voice that she was close. I pulled back on her hair.

“Oh that’s right baby, pull my hair. Spank my ass. Use my pussy to cum. Cum inside my pussy.”

I let go of her hair and turned my attention to her sensitive nipples. I rolled the hard bud between my fingers and my other hand continued its assault on her clit. All the time I pounded into her, faster and deeper. My piston like thrusts were now shoving the full length of my cock deep into her tight pussy.

She began to moan loudly and then cried out. I could feel her pussy spasming all over my cock as if it were a hand milking me, and her wetness gushed out and down her thighs. The sensation was too much and I felt the cum boiling in my balls. The heat rushed up and through my cock and I erupted, growing and then spurting my cum deep into her pussy. After a few more thrusts into her wetness, I withdrew.

We cleaned up and dressed quickly and I walked her all the way back to her room. We kissed deeply in front of her door before she turned and opened it. Just before she closed the door she turned and looked at me, “I really like you.” And then the door shut.

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