Aqualina’s Campus Visit

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[Note: This is a continuation of the story told in my Double Vision series in which readers would have met all the important characters that appear here except for Aqualina’s friend Xochi. Since there’s been a time lag since I posted those and it’s a long narrative, I’m presenting this as an independent story. If you like this you can check out the Double Vision stories first but it’s not necessary.]


At the end of Thanksgiving weekend with my girlfriend’s family, her younger sister Aqualina’s last words to me were: “I could drink your cum everyday. When you go back to LA I want you to think about filling my body with your cum whenever, wherever and as much as you want.”

I’m Dionisio but everyone calls me Dio. I’m a junior at UCLA and have a buff, 5’5″ body and short black hair. My girlfriend is Daniella, but you can call her Dee. Both of our parents are from the Philippines but neither of us has been there yet. Daniella is a beautifully proportioned 5′ goddess whose golden brown skin is set off most often by bright, figure-hugging sundresses and platform sandals that display her sexy feet and always-polished toes. She has nicely rounded, breasts with brown, pencil-eraser sized nipples, a slim waist and a butt that is perfect for her compact body.

She’s very open-minded and generous, so much so that, with her approval, I’m also lovers with her identical twin Darolyn (introduced in Double Vision II), slim, submissive room mate Jennifer Chan (introduced in Double Vision III), as well as Willow, a blond, busty freshman from Bakersfield who we met at an erotic ball on Halloween (Double Vision VII). I also need to mention that when Dee and Dee (they both have the same nickname, just to add to the confusion) took me home to Simi Valley for Thanksgiving, with Daniella’s permission I had crazy sex with their insatiable younger sister Aqualina (Double Vision V). Aqualina is very athletic, with a lean body and is a little taller than the twins, with the same caramel colored skin, and smaller but just-as-sexy breasts with dark brown nipples that stick out without provocation.

Aqualina is a freshman at her local community college but plans to transfer to UCLA and had arranged a visit so that her big sisters could show her around. I had spent the last night in Simi Valley expanding Aqualina’s sexual boundaries in her bedroom. She hadn’t been a virgin but her previous sexual experience had not been satisfying to her. She was an extremely enthusiastic lover. Because of this I suspected at least one other motive for Aqualina’s visit. As the weekend of Aqualina’s visit approached, I was definitely thinking about fucking the slim 18-year vixen again.

The week before Aqualina’s visit, Daniella and I were making out in her bedroom while her roommate Jennifer was at a study session with some classmates. I pulled her colorful dress up over her head to find her completely naked beneath it. Quickly shucking off my own clothes, I kissed my way down Daniella’s beautiful brown body as she lay back across the bed. I licked that hollow spot beside her collarbone as she stretched her neck with pleasure. I then licked my way to her firm ripe tits and their hard nipples. I guess they are B cups but on her small frame they seem more than ample. I licked down to where her waist narrowed down— I could almost encircle her slim waist with my hands—and then licked and kissed to where her hips flared out on her petite hourglass figure. Then I dove into her totally bald mound, kissing her all over, finally licking her slick pink pussy lips as she cooed, running her fingers through my hair. She lifted her legs and placed her tiny feet on my back, gripping my skin with her toes and rubbing the soles of her feet up and down as I lightly flicked her clit with my tongue.

In her soft, pretty voice Daniella began coaxing me, “Oh Dio, your tongue feels so good on my clit. Oh yeah! You know what I love about you? You’re so articulate!”

Daniella giggled at her own word play and shifted to oohs and aahs as I licked and kissed her pussy for several more minutes, bringing her to her first orgasm of the night as she slid her feet across my back and pushed her pussy up into my face with a final moan. After catching her breath Daniella said, “Ooh, now fuck me, okay?”

From the bed we could see ourselves in the big mirror over her dresser. As we both faced the mirror, lying on our sides, Daniella rubbed her cute little ass against my erect cock and lifted her leg so that I could penetrate her from behind. The head of my cock slipped easily between her wet folds and I slowly pumped into her.

“Just think,” she said, “this weekend my horny little sister will be here. She’s probably going to want to fuck you all weekend. She probably wants to suck you and fuck you in every possible way. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and she’s really frustrated. Do you think you can help her?”

Between her dirty talk and the feeling of her slick tight pussy sucking my cock I could only moan in response. “I’m sure it turns you on to have a little 18-year-old to have the hots for you. It’s like a fantasy come casino siteleri true, huh? To have a little minx who wants to try everything with her sister’s boyfriend?”

I was pushing into Daniella’s hot cunt with more force.

“You know I don’t mind. You know I like to share you with my sisters and my friends. I like it when they tease you in public with skimpy outfits. I like it when you fuck them silly. I like it when you violate their little asses. And I love it when they suck your cock and especially when they swallow your cum like the horny little sluts they are. As long as I’m still your special one and you treat me right, you can have sex with any girl who I decide on. I’m the one in the middle and all of your lovers come from me.”

“Yeah!” I grunted. “You’re a sex goddess,” I agreed as I kept thrusting into her.

“That’s right,” she said, “and I like the way you worship me.”

Now Daniella did something that none of my other lovers did. She had figured out early on that I found her pretty little feet to be very arousing. She always kept them beautifully pedicured and displayed them to optimum effect in platform sandals. Whenever possible she’d kick off those sandals and rest her feet in my lap, whether hanging out at home, out in a public place, or in the car, usually giving me an erection in my pants that she would discretely tease.

Now, as I fucked her, she spread her legs wide and bent her knees, bringing her feet up to where my cock entered her pussy. In the mirror I watched her grip my balls with her toes, graced by a glossy, plum-colored lacquer. As I pushed into her, she pushed gently on my balls with her impossibly sexy feet in rhythm with my thrusting.

“Am I your special one? Am I your sex goddess?” she cooed.

“God yes!” I replied, “I love you, I love your sexy toes,” I said, breathing heavily.

The front door slammed. That could only mean one thing and I wondered what Daniella would do.

“Jennifer!” Daniella trilled, “Come here!”

After a minute, Jennifer Chan, my girlfriend’s previously virgin and now eagerly submissive roommate entered the room and stood by the door watching us. She pulled off her clothes revealing her slim, honey-colored body. She pulled the scrunchie from her ponytail, letting her silky, straight black hair cascade down over her shoulders almost to her tiny breasts.

Being careful not to block our view, Jennifer crawled over next the to bed and reached over to slide her slender fingers up and down my thighs. She grabbed Daniella’s ankles and helped push my girlfriend’s feet against my cock and balls. Daniella moaned and began twitching her toes, gripping and squeezing my balls, using her feet to help push my cock deep into her hot pussy. The sensations were fantastic but the tableau before me was exquisite; a conjunction of feet, hands, pussy, and cock in the center of the mirror and Jennifer’s expectant mouth open before me.

Jennifer lowered her head and began flicking Daniella’s toes and my balls with her tongue, trying to stay with our thrusting.

Daniella was crying out so I fucked her even harder as she came and then lost it myself, spurting jets of cum into her pussy.

Jennifer moaned too and frantically sucked Daniella’s toes into her mouth as I pumped out the rest of my cum. When I finished spurting, Jennifer pulled my still hard cock gently from my girlfriend’s pussy and took it lovingly into her mouth. Jennifer had been giving me blowjobs more-or-less daily for several months; it was her favorite thing to do and Daniella encouraged, if not orchestrated it. As she licked up the juices coating my cock she kept me hard, only pausing to allow Daniella to free herself and lie down on her back behind me. I sat back with my back against the headboard and Jennifer positioned herself between my knees.

I generally needed a break to recharge after ejaculating but today I seemed to maintain my steel completely. I didn’t think I could cum again, at least not for a while but Jennifer didn’t mind. Taking just the head of my cock between her lips and flicking it with her tongue, Jennifer twisted her tiny hands around the shaft of my cock, all the while looking up at me with her sweet brown eyes.

Daniella snuggled next to me, placing her head on my shoulder while rubbing my chest with her hand.

“You’re so pretty Jennifer,” she said. “I love watching you suck Dio’s cock.”

My cock was very sensitive after cumming in Daniella’s pussy and the blowjob felt incredible.

“It really gets you off to please him, doesn’t it?” Daniella asked.

“Mmm, mmm,” Jennifer responded without taking my dick from my mouth.

“You’re so lucky, Jennifer. You know that, right?”

“Mmm, mmm.”

“I let you suck Dio’s cock whenever you want,” she continued.

“And sometimes I let him fuck you so I can watch. You are a very lucky girl.”

My cock was slick with Jennifer’s spit as she relentlessly sucked and stroked me for over ten minutes. I felt another orgasm approaching. Jennifer’s blowjobs were that good.

“I think Dio’s going slot oyna to cum again,” Daniella said softly. “I think he’s going to pump out a big load of jism, right into your cock-hungry little mouth.”

Jennifer picked up the pace of her sucking and stroking, her eyes watering, wisps of hair sticking to her sweaty forehead.

“Come on, Dio,” Daniella said. “How many guys have girlfriends who let them have their own personal cocksucker trained just for your pleasure, dedicated just to please you? Jennifer’s favorite thing in the world is to suck your cock. She’s a submissive little slut but only for you. All she wants in return is for you to love and appreciate her, to reward her cock worship with thick loads of cum. Look at her going wild on your dick. Don’t you appreciate that? Won’t you cum between her lips so she can have her reward?

“AAARGH!” I yelled, no longer able to take it. The cum shot out of my cock into her mouth as Jennifer kept stroking and sucking at the same frantic pace, whimpering in her high-pitched voice. The head of my cock felt incredibly sensitive as Jennifer pressed her tongue against it. I could feel my cock head pulse with each spurt into her sucking mouth. Jennifer slowed her motions as she coaxed the last few drops from my cock.

“Come show us, Jennifer,” Daniella commanded. Although I was the main beneficiary, it was to my girlfriend that Jennifer was submissive rather than to me.

Jennifer slid her skinny body up mine until she was lying on top of me, her face lifted above my chest. She opened her mouth and lifted her tongue, showing us that it was covered with white gobs of ejaculate. Daniella reached in a finger, swirling her fingertip through the cum and saliva. “You are such a good girl, Jennifer,” she said. Jennifer beamed. She loved being praised like that. “Such a good girl. You can swallow now.”

Jennifer looked at our faces and swallowed, then opened her lips to show us her empty mouth. In a breathy voice she said, “Thank you so much for letting me be your cocksucker.”

Jennifer lay her head down on my chest and wrapped her arms around me while pressing her whole body lightly upon mine.

“That’s so sweet,” Daniella remarked. “I’m going to take a shower while you two share a moment.”

The thought that flicked through my head was that I was the luckiest guy in the world. It was a thought I had pretty often. I stroked Jennifer’s lithe back and kissed the top of her head.

“Oh, Dio,” Jennifer sighed. “I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”

The next day Daniella told me that Aqualina would be bringing Xochi, a friend from her Catholic high school days. “What’s she like?” I asked.

“She’s nice. Kind of shy and quiet. A good Catholic girl. Our families are friends and Xochi is also applying to transfer to UCLA so our parents are sending them together.”

Seeming to reflect a moment, Daniella continued. “Now that I think of it, I wonder if that’s going to interfere with Aqualina’s plans to have wild sex with you all weekend.”

I wondered the same thing but didn’t say anything. Daniella kissed me, “but don’t worry, I’m sure that a smart, determined girl like my sister will find some way to sneak her way into your pants.”

On Friday evening I came up to Daniella’s campus apartment to meet the visitors from Simi Valley. Aqualina gave me a big hug and lasciviously licked my ear before introducing her friend as Daniella and her identical twin Darolyn looked on. Xochi was an attractive but shy Latina, about 5’3″ tall. Under her loose tunic I could detect full breasts and rounded hips. Xochi hesitated to meet my eyes and seemed pretty nervous. We all agreed to go out for pizza and headed down the stairs.

Darolyn led Xochi down and began asking her questions while Aqualina and I took up the rear behind Daniella who looked amazing in a white mini-dress. “Don’t mind Xochi,” Aqualina told me, “I told her all about you.”

“What’d you do that for?” I asked, “she seems scared to death of me.”

“She’s a virgin and she’s scared of sex,” explained Aqualina as she held my hand. “She’s afraid she might like it as much as I do.”

“It’s not like I’m going to attack her,” I said. “What’s she worried about?”

“Don’t you think she’s fuckable?” Aqualina asked me with a conspiratorial grin. “I told her that you should teach her about sex, just like you did with Jennifer.” Then she ran ahead to join her friend.

Over dinner I caught Xochi looking at me several times, each time causing her to blush or quickly look at her plate with an intense but obviously feigned interest. I thought about what Aqualina had said. Daniella squeezed my thigh as she took note of the dynamics between Xochi and me. “You don’t have to,” she said. “But if you want to, I don’t mind.”

Now I was really surprised. How had I become a kind of sex god to my girlfriend and her sisters and friends? And why was she so eager to share me? Why were they all so willing to share? I couldn’t begin to plumb the psychology of this. As if reading my mind, Daniella continued speaking quietly into my ear.

“Until canlı casino siteleri you came along, all the guys preferred Dee as the exciting one and I got the leftovers, I was second choice.”

After taking a drink through the straw between her full ruby lips, Daniella continued. “Now I’m the center of things, I’ve got the hot boyfriend who isn’t full of himself like some of the jerks Dee has hooked up. I’m the one sharing you with my sisters and friends because I’m more confident in myself. I’m not in the shadow of her anymore and I like feeling this way. And I love having sex with you Dio but three or four times a week is enough for me. And I love my sisters and my friends so why would I want to keep you to myself? A stud like you is just going to waste if you don’t have sex as often as you can get it up.”

This made sense but I still didn’t totally get it. On the other hand there was no way I was going to complain about living out the fantasy of having several attractive, enthusiastic lovers, none of whom were jealous of the others. Deciding to keep it simple and keep it true I just said, “I love you,” and gave her a kiss as Xochi looked on.

The girls decided to watch a movie back at Daniella’s apartment but Darolyn excused herself and headed back to her own place.

“You’re coming, right Dio?” Aqualina asked in what was barely a question. The three girls crammed into the couch so I sat on the floor, leaning against Daniella who soon kicked off her shoes to dangle her pretty feet just above my lap.

The movie was not a great pick and before it was over Daniella said, “I’m going to bed. Aqualina and Xochi, stay up as long as you want and you can have my room. Jennifer is visiting her parents this weekend so I’ll take hers.”

As she unbuttoned her dress she looked at me and said, “it’s been a long week and I’m pretty beat. Dio, why don’t you entertain the girls, I’m sure Aqualina wants to catch up with you.”

With that, my luscious girlfriend kissed me softly on the lips and abandoned me to whatever scenario Aqualina had in mind.

As the movie credits rolled, Aqualina got some wine from the refrigerator and gave us each a glass, and insisted that I sit in the middle of the tiny couch. Gulping her wine, Xochi looked flushed and looked even more like a deer caught in the headlights as Aqualina chatted while running her fingers lightly up and down my arm. Both girls were in contact with me. The warm room felt almost stifling. Aqualina pulled her shirt over her head revealing a tight orange camisole, “Ah, that’s better,” she said, watching my reaction to her athletic body and small round tits. “Do you like it?” she asked, “Xochi got the same one in red. You look like you’re burning up, Xoch, why don’t you take off that sweatshirt and show your camisole too?”

“It’s a tunic,” Xochi responded defensively while avoiding the question.

“Okay,” conceded Aqualina, “what if Dio takes off his shirt first? Will that make you less uptight about it?”

“I’m not uptight,” Xochi argued, again not refusing to take off her shirt but not removing it either.

Aqualina then pulled my shirt up and I let her take it off me. She ran her hand over my muscled torso, saying, “That is so much better, isn’t it?”

Now Xochi couldn’t take her eyes off me as she watched Aqualina’s slender brown fingers rub up and down my chest.

“You should feel this Xoch, it’s really nice,” Aqualina encouraged. “Go on, just for research purposes, you know.”

“You talk like I’ve never touched a guy before,” complained Xochi, helping herself to more wine. “Anyway, I just met Dio. Why would he want me to touch him?”

Feeling that it was time for me to jump in I said, “Xochi, I do want you to touch me and I do want to see your camisole.”

Looking smug, Aqualina just glared at her friend, daring her to do something.

“Okay, okay,” said Xochi, pulling the tunic up and over her head.

Now it was my time to stare. Xochi’s breasts strained against the filmy camisole, her dark nipples clearly visible beneath the fabric that showcased fantastic mounds of deep brown cleavage. Xochi looked so vulnerable but also excited. I could hear her breathe and imagined that her heart was pounding.

At this point, Aqualina leaned in and gave me a deep kiss, all the while running her hands over my naked torso, now more forcefully. Then I felt other hands tentatively exploring my body when Aqualina abruptly pulled back. Xochi froze, her lip trembled with lust and fear then she began to remove her hands from my chest. I kissed her and grabbed her hands, bringing them back to my body.

Xochi rubbed my chest and I gently pulled her head towards me to kiss her softly. She responded. Her lips were full and lush and tasted like green apples. Xochi kissed me more intensely and groped my chest forcefully. I ran my hands over her shoulders and down her soft arms. She was kissing me so passionately that I pulled her up and sat her in my lap facing me. She didn’t resist but continued to attack my lips with her mouth. I ran my hands up and down her back, enjoying the shape as her waist narrowed and her hips swelled out. Although the silk camisole felt nice, I wanted to feel and see her bare skin so I put my hand at the base of her spine and slipped it up her bare back beneath the fabric.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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