Answering the Call

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Max and Brooklyn had been dating for six months but so far it was mostly long distance. They had met at her school of all places. He was in his uniform, so was she. He was a private in the United States Army. She was a senior at St. Mary’s. She thought he looked nice in his crisp uniform.

He had come together with the recruiter to speak with students about joining the army. When she saw him she was suddenly very interested in joining the army. Not really, but they talked so much, that he couldn’t talk with any of the other students. She took a whole pile of brochures with her so that he wouldn’t get in trouble. Now, since she turned 18 she gets junk mail from the army all the time.

He only got leave one weekend a month, so they couldn’t see each other very often. But they had really made a connection and they chatted online almost every night. She would get excited every time she saw that he was online.

Brooklyn loved it when he called, he had such a warm voice. Sometimes they would talk until late into the night, but they couldn’t do that often. He had to be up and dressed ready for first call at 5:00 am. Once they talked all night and he had to go without sleep. He walked around all day exhausted. She didn’t want that to happen again.

These days though she rarely saw him online, and she never got a call from him. It had been four months since he had been posted in Iraq. She missed him so much. And she prayed for him every day.

That’s why she casino siteleri was so surprised when she answered the phone and she heard his voice. She almost melted right where she was standing.

They talked. She cried. She laughed. He was fine. He was safe. He missed her. A lot.

They were talking about 10 minutes when he asked her what she was wearing.

“The usual”, she replied, “Same thing I always have to wear when I’m at school.”

“I like it.” he said. “That’s what you were wearing when we met. You make plaid look hot.”

“So you think I look hot in my uniform, eh?” she smiled.

“Of course, why do you think I started talking to you?”

“That was your job! You were serving your country!” she replied.

“Yeah but I could have talked with anyone. I chose you.”

She liked hearing him talk this way. She knew he liked her of course but he rarely talked about these things. He preferred to leave them unsaid.

“So what about under the skirt… is that standard issue too?”

Brooklyn blushed. Did he just ask what she thought he did?

“Um…no. They don’t have a policy about under the skirt.” She paused, “I’m wearing my light blue panties.” She felt really shy talking about her underwear with him. They certainly had never talked about anything like this before. They had made out of course. And she had even let him touch her down there once through her skirt, but she had never even shown him her panties, let alone talk slot oyna about them.

“Light blue, huh. They sound cute. I wish I could see you in them” he sighed. “I wish I could be with you.”

“I wish I could be with you too. I want you to hold me, touch me” she said.

“Well, I’m not there right now but maybe I can touch you from a distance.”

“What do you mean? How?”

“Do what I tell you to, and imagine that it’s me doing it.”

She thought about that. It made her heart start beating. What would he ask her to do?

“Are you up for it?” he asked.

She nodded. And then remembering that she was on the phone, she replied quietly, ‘okay, I guess.”

“Put your hand on your thigh. Feel the warmth on your leg. That is my hand. I am with you.”

Brooklyn did as she was told to do. She knew that it was her hand on her leg, but somehow it also seemed like Max really was there with her.

“Move your hand up and slide it under your skirt all the way up to the hem of your light blue panties but don’t touch them.” he said to her in his warm voice.

She imagined he was with her and that it was his hand moving under her skirt. If he had been there she would pushed his hand away. But it wasn’t him, was it.

“Now with your forefinger and middle finger stroke yourself through your panties.”

She did what she was told and felt herself getting flushed. She had touched herself like this before but always alone and in the dark and canlı casino siteleri although Max wasn’t there, it felt like he was right next to her speaking into her ear.

“Slide you hand into your panties. Don’t take them off. Just slip your hand under your panties and continue to stroke yourself.”

Her fingers glided across her smooth shaved Mons and over her sensitive lips. She had started to get wet and the liquid covered her fingers.

“Now squeeze your clit gently with your fingers.”

She had never heard him use the word ‘clit’ before, but she did as she was asked.

“Is it hard?”

“uh yeah, it’s hard.” she replied. It was somehow harder to speak than to follow his other instructions. It turned her on hearing her own voice talking about her pussy.

“Good.” he replied. “Keep rubbing it, but I want you to insert one of your fingers into you.”

She did as she was told. The sensations of her rubbing her clit and her inserting her fingers were starting to take their toll on her. She lay back on the chair she was sitting on and arched her back slightly. She was going to cum any second now.

Suddenly without warning she let out a quiet moan. She was cumming. This was the strongest it had ever been. Somehow knowing that Max was with her made it much more exciting. Her orgasm spread throughout her body and her moan got louder. It felt good to release all this tension inside of her.

“Wow” was all Max said. “Well I hate to run off but I have got to go. I only had telephone privileges for 20 minutes and its been 22 minutes already.”

She walked up to her bedroom, her panties a sticky uncomfortable mess, feeling proud. Today she had served her country.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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