Another Day In Paradise

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I propped myself up on my elbows in the white sand of the beach, watching the waves crashing against the shore. The gentle tropical breeze brushed my face as I watched Jason power napping under the shade of a near by palm tree; something he was getting very good at. It was our 4th day stranded on this beautiful island, and still no one seemed to be in any hurry to go.

Everyone was getting to know their way around the island, and most had even picked out their favorite spot to ‘chill’ in. Jas and I had finally decided to keep our inlet to ourselves and not let anyone else steal our ‘little slice of heaven’ as he had put it. For the last 3 nights, we had slept under the stars, sheltered only by an over-hanging rock embedded in a nearby hillside. I was kind of growing accustomed to falling asleep in his arms as the tide lapped gently at the moonlit sand, especially after making love to him for a couple of hours before hand. Speaking of which, being stranded on a tropical island really does wonders for your sex life.

The sound of someone laughing a few yards down the beach pulled my attention away from Jas. The morning before, much to our surprise, we had awoken to suitcases and boxes of food that had drifted onto shore from our now sunken cruise ship, and it was apparent now that it hadn’t been all of it. I stood up and brushed the white sand from my tanned skin, and trotted nonchalantly down the beach to where Tony and Mika were pulling things out of the water.

“Are these yours?” Mika asked, putting on my new pair of sunglasses I had bought just before we left for the cruise.

“Oh My God!” I yelled, “Yes!”

“And to think you were whining yesterday about your stuff not showing up. Girl, you get your own suitcases out of that water!” She said, rolling her eyes at me as she handed over my shades.

Pulling them on, I smiled back at her as I walked slowly out into the water to some other things that were bobbing up and down in the waves. Despite her orders to get my own things, Mika followed closely behind me, gathering things as we went along. A big rock jutted out the surface of the water about 50 feet from the beach, and it was helping to collect the stuff that the waves continued to wash in.

A few others that had come to see what was going on had waded out with us, and helped us pull all the stuff back to the beach. I was amazed at how much stuff had suddenly appeared in the past couple of days and even more amazed that our stuff had just shown up all together, out of the blue. Mika tossed a black carry-on bag at Tony causing it to land in the wet sand at his feet with a ‘sploosh’. He looked at her and kicked a clump of wet sand at her back. I laughed as I hung Jason’s prized leather gym bag around my neck, and tried to pick up our other huge suitcases that stood beside me on the sand.

“Need help weakling?” Tony asked, grabbing both bags as he took off trotting down the beach to where Jason was still sleeping.

Tony and Mika had been the first couple we had met from our group once we had gotten aboard the ship. Mika and I had spent our first afternoon of the cruise lounging in our bikinis on the ships sundeck getting to know each other as Tony and Jas had decided to try their skills at shuffleboard with the old folk, as Jas had so endearingly called them. We had really hit it off with them, and I knew that illegal bahis once we were rescued we’d be sure to keep in touch.

“Wake up fool!” Tony yelled, playfully kicking sand across Jas’ painfully pink chest.

“Ouch, jackass!” Jas said, opening one eye, glaring at him.

I laughed and dropped his gym bag on the other side of him. He looked at me, and I could tell he was still a little groggy from his nap. I knelt down and kissed him gently on the lips as Tony pretended to be looking at something else down the beach.

“Our stuff.” he blurted out mid-kiss as if he had just suddenly been un-blindfolded.

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Yep, it washed in with some other luggage and more boxes of food this morning. Mika found my sunglasses and knew this was ours.”

“Great! I can finally change my boxers!” he yelled, standing up and grabbing the bigger of the two suitcases.

Plopping down in the sand near my feet, he placed the suitcase between his legs, and pried open the lock with his pocket knife. Tony had dismissed himself from our presence a few minutes before so that he could help the others with their stuff too. I smiled as I watched him saunter effortlessly down the beach and into Mika’s awaiting arms. I directed my attention back to Jas when I heard the lid of the suitcase hit the sand, causing the zippers clank against the material.

My mouth hit the sand when I saw what was inside. Not only had Jas packed some of our favorite toys, he had added a couple of new ones to the collection. Ignoring them like they were nothing, he pushed them aside digging down to the bottom for a clean pair of boxers. I laughed, still in awe that he had thought to pack them.

“What is so funny?” he asked, looking at me with a smirk on his face.

“Oh nothing.” I said, rolling my eyes. He loves it when I roll my eyes at him; he thinks it’s cute.

“I told you I didn’t forget anything.” He said so matter-of-factly that I had to laugh again.

I pulled the other suitcase towards me, and sat down next to Jas. I pried open the lock on that one as well, and flipped the top open, half expecting to see something else that Jas had so conveniently forgotten to tell me he packed, but there wasn’t. I dug through the soggy clothes until I found my bikini. I didn’t have a problem running around naked in front of Jas, but lately with all the nudity around me I was starting to feel like I had stumbled across a pathetic version of a nude Club Med.

Jas eyes were locked on me as I peeled his white t-shirt from my body for the hundredth time in 4 days. I could feel him taking in every inch of my now golden tanned skin, and I found myself a little aroused by the fact that he was watching me. I dropped his shirt to the sand behind me, and decided to give him a little show. Holding both my top and bottom In my hand, I bent over, giving him a nice up close and personal view of my perfectly tanned ass. I peeked around my shoulder at him and gave him a wink as I tilted my head to get a better look at him behind me.

My fingers slid gently between my legs and gently caressed the lips of my pussy before slowly dipping in between them, still looking back; I slowly slid a finger inside me, bending over a little farther letting him watch my every move. I could tell he liked what he was seeing by his cute little moan of approval.

I illegal bahis siteleri was surprised at how wet I was as my finger slid inside me with no effort at all. I moaned softly as I slid it out and back in, then out again, as I slid my bottoms on over my feet, pulling them up slowly until the sides rested gently on top of the curve of my hips. I winked at him as I turned around, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the disappointed look on his face.

“What’s the matter baby?” I asked, pulling on my top and fastening it behind my back.

“You are such a tease.” He said, pouting.

I straddled his lap and sat down feeling how hard he was through his boxers and my bikini bottoms. Looking him in the eyes, I leaned in to kiss him. His lips met mine and I kissed him hard. His hands slid up my back unfastening my top and removing it as fast as I had put it on just a minute before. Before I knew it his lips were latched around one of my already hard nipples as I looked around to see if anyone else was around to see what we were doing, not that it really mattered at that point in time.

I moaned softly as he continued to suck hard at my nipple, his other hand pinching the other at the same time. I leaned back a little as he kissed down the middle of my body laying me back in the sand. He continued his kisses slowly down to my belly, running his tongue around my belly button playfully and then gently lifting my hips as he pulled my bottoms down my legs and off my feet.

“Mmmm.” He said, licking me for the first time.

I spread my legs a little wider for him, and I moaned loudly as his tongue flicked wildly at my swollen clit. His finger gently caressed the outsides of my lips a few times before plunging between them and into my wet little hole. My hips began to move to meet the thrust of his finger and he added one more, almost sending me over the edge right then and there.

His tongue continued to massage my clit as his fingers slid in and out of me slowly. My own hands slid over my breasts as I pinched and pulled at my nipples causing them to become extremely hard and even more sensitive. Switching things around, I felt his tongue slide deep inside me as his fingers rested firmly on my clit and moved slowly in a circular motion.

I closed my eyes and pushed back against his tongue, feeling him moving in and out of me deeper and faster. I could feel the warm sand on my bare skin as my body moved trying to push myself to cum in his mouth.

Suddenly my body tensed up and I came hard. My juices flowed from me, into his mouth as he continued to lick all of me as fast as he could. I could hear his small moans of satisfaction as he sucked my clit into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. I felt him move away and half expected to feel his familiar cock slide deep inside me, but instead I felt something else. I opened my eyes and looked down as he slipped my favorite, now powerless vibrator deep inside me once again.

His fingers gently teased my lips and then inside of my thighs as he continued to slide the vibrator in and out of my wet pussy. I almost screamed as he slid the tip of his finger into my ass, at the same time as he ran his tongue over my clit. I could feel my next orgasm swelling up inside me and I knew by the way my body felt that it would be twice as hard as the first one. I started to cum as canlı bahis siteleri I tried to find something to grip on to, but all I succeeded in grabbing were handfuls of warm sand.

I laid there with my eyes closed catching my breath as I felt his lips on mine. Kissing him back, I rolled him over onto his back and straddled him again, the sweat rolling down my body onto his. I wasted no time in sliding off his boxers and sliding his cock deep inside me. He was rock hard and ready for me, and I couldn’t wait to feel him filling me up inside.

He raised his hips to meet mine as I started to ride him a little harder, my hands carefully caressing his chest, as he slid his hands up and down the tops of my thighs. Gripping him tightly inside me, I slid him in and out faster and faster, and I could tell by the all too familiar noises he made that he was about to explode deep inside of me.

“Not yet.” I whispered into his ear, as I slid him out of me.

Gently, I kissed his lips. Sliding the tip of my tongue across them, I continued down the front of his neck, across the top of his chest, down the middle of his rib cage, over the top of his belly button, straight down to him. I could taste myself on his cock as I took him deep into my mouth, letting him feel my tongue flick lightly against the head. I caressed the tops of his thighs, sliding a hand slowly between his legs to carefully caress his balls while my lips and tongue continued to caress his cock.

His hips moved to the speed of my lips and enjoyed tasting him as much as he enjoyed tasting me. I could feel him getting closer and closer to orgasm, but as much as I wanted to taste it all, I wanted to feel him cum inside me even more. Looking up at him, I slid the tip of my tongue all the way up his body and right back to his lips where I had started.

My lips slid gently around the head of his cock as he entered me again. Squeezing him tightly I began to ride him harder than before, as his body began to tremble. I reached down and began to play with my clit, wanting to cum with him. I felt myself start to cum just as he thrust into me for the last time. I moaned loudly as I lay there on top of him, his arms wrapped tightly around me.

“Not that I’m complaining, but um, where did that come from?” he asked, his voice still horse as his hand smoothed back my hair.

I thought for a minute, “I really don’t know, I guess I just…wanted to make love to you again.”

“Well you are welcome to that anytime baby.”

I looked at him playfully, “Too bad we ate all the fruit, huh?”

He laughed as he sat up, pulling on a clean pair of boxers. I pulled my bikini back on and looked around for everyone else. They were still in the distance sorting through everything that had washed up on shore, and I had to laugh. If it hadn’t been for Jas and his suitcase full of toys…I still couldn’t believe he had remembered them.

“It was the toys huh Court?” He said, looking at me with a knowing look. He had a way of reading my mind.

“Maybe. Still amazes me that you remembered them.”

“Well, I guess you could say I wanted to have a little fun, but this is way more than I expected.” He said, kissing me again.

“I guess you really didn’t forget anything then huh?” I asked, smiling back at him.

“No, but most importantly, I got you…a island full of fruit, and a suitcase full of toys. This really is heaven” He said, grinning back.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him up from the sand, kissing him as we walked down the beach to meet the others. I couldn’t wait to find out what he would be up to next.

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