Anniversary Ch. 03: The Arrival

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We finally arrived on our destination, as i agreed to the owner he has left the key on the door. As soon as i park the car I’m jumping out of it and despite my awful pain between my legs, I’m coming around to interrupt your stretching moves by grabbing your waist to pull your body against mine and stick my lips on yours, digging my tongue into your mouth as deep as i can. I’m turning your around to stack my wood into your gorge and squeeze your breasts with both hands while my mouth is biting your neck. My body is pushing yours to the door of our apartment.

_ Open the door quickly or i ll fuck you right here.

You finally manage to open the door and as i push you in i close it with my heel, i guide you straight to the bed and when your knees are hitting the bed wood i am pushing your shoulders forth to bend over. You manage to put your hands on the sheets before your head hits on the mattress.

I’m pulling your clothe up to your waist and opening your legs with mine, your dilated hole is right there in front of my hard pulsing cock. I’m tagging your hole with my cock head grabbing your pelvis with my hands and pushing my mast all the way in with one straight move. I’m pulling my self back before do it again and hit your clit with my balls. At first you let a cry of pain slip out of your mouth but with the third stroke your pain is becoming delight. You are begging me to fuck you harder but i can’t hold it any more. After a few more strokes i pull back grabbing your shoulders and command you.

_ Come here. Kneel before me. Open your mouth. Take your tongue out. I will fuck your throat and you are going to be licking my balls. If you can’t reach them with your tongue i will push more until you do.

I’m digging my shaft in, my cock head is hitting your tonsils, I’m choking you but you keep trying to reach my balls.

_ That’s not good. I’m going deeper.

And as i say this i put my hands on the back of your head and push my cock into your larynx. You are gagging and the contractions of your throat combined with your tongue on my testicles makes me numbing. I push your forehead back to let you breath.

_ It’s coming baby. I will drown you in my cum.

You now have only my dick head sucking in your mouth and your hand is pulling my skin down to the base. You manage to take some deep breaths before my cock explode and let my sperm hit your palate. You start swallowing but it’s too much your mouth is full of my cum wich is overflowing by the edges, slipping on your chin and dripping on your beautiful breasts.

_ Fuck this is good. Keep sucking baby. There’s a lot more of it. Suck it dry.

You keep sucking and swallowing as much as you can while moaning like when you where eating that ice cream a couple of hours before. My legs can hardly stand my weight and my knees are bending. I have to take out of there before collapsing over you, so i grab your shoulders and trying to lift you up.

I’m taking your dress off, while you are doing the same with my shirt. I’m stepping out of my shorts that lays on the floor and fall on the bed pulling you to lay over me. Your nipples hard as they are, pressing my chest, your wet cunt rubbing my hard cock and your mouth stacked on mine kissing passionately.

Our tongues are fighting trying to conquer the opponent mouth. My hands scratching your back up and down grabbing your buttocks squeezing them firmly opening them stretching your ass hole. As i lean my head to lick your neck, I’m reaching your ear to whisper.

_ I want more. I want you to suck my cock again. I have plenty of cum for you to swallow. I know you want it too.

You are moving your head down to my pelvis and before start licking me i tell casino oyna you.

_ Come over here. I want to taste you too. I want you to feed me your juices as well as i will do. I want us to cum on each others mouth.

You turn your body without taking my cock out of your mouth, you pass one leg over my head and spread them wide open to give me full access to your dripping pussy. You are licking my shaft up and down, scratching my thighs with your fingertips, caressing my balls, feeling them a little in your palm before you put my cock in your mouth holding it’s base with one hand. The other hand is pressing softly my testicles with the palm while your fingers scratching my crotch.

Your soft lips on my acorn and your tongue licking the tip of my prick are making me moan as i lick your ass hole. I’m opening your ass cheeks with both hands to put my tongue on your pink hole that looks like a bud ready to blossom. After licking your bud enough to make it soaking wet i place a finger on pushing it in. Your hole is welcoming the tip of my finger and you leave a sigh as it slips in. Not too much just an inch.

My mouth is under your rose now sucking your pussy lips cleaning them from your love juices that have leaked of your vagina on our way here. With your lips into my mouth lm letting my tongue travel on them, around them and finally between them tasting and swallowing your earlier orgasms. I let your lips loose from my mouth and separating them with my tongue to find your leaking hole. I’m sticking my tongue in there as deep as i can. I’m fucking it for a while before move my head a little lower to reach your swollen clit. I’m kissing your button a little and tease it with my tongue. You lift your head of my shaft sighing.

_ Right there. Lick my clit. Suck it.

Your head is moving up and down now sucking my pole from top to the base. I’m nuzzling your hole, my mouth is sucking your clit and with my tongue l m stroking it as fast as i can. Your thighs are shivering and squeezing my chicks and your mouth is sucking my mushroom while your hand is stroking my pole real fast. I’m ready to explode again and i want to make you come with me, as we have done hundreds of times so far.

I’m sucking your clit in and securing it with my lips, I’m stroking it with my tongue and i hear you moaning as you are sucking my dick head harder. The vibrations of your palate causing by your moans make me cum in your mouth again for second time in a few minutes with the same passion, the same intensity, and of course the same quantity of sperm spraying into your mouth hitting your throat. I start shaking my head with your clit still trapped between my lips like a wild animal that is trying to tear a piece of meat apart making your orgasm more intense.

My cum is overflowing from your mouth once again dripping on my groin. You tight your thighs on my chicks to keep my mouth still because you can’t stand what i am doing to your erected red button. Your pelvis is pressing my face down and my nose is stacked in your pussy hole smeared by your delicious cream that is coming out of your sinus.

I have to breath so I’m letting your clit loose of my lips by opening my mouth but keep stroking your button with my tongue. You are rubbing it on my mouth by moving your pelvis back and forth. You have sucked and swallowed all the sperm that i sprayed in your mouth and now you are licking clean the rest of it, that overflowed your mouth on my shaft, my balls and my crotch. After that you lay you head on my groin using my cock as a pillow.

A few minutes later you are getting of me and going into the bathroom, i would follow you but i have to get our things from the car and secure it because in our slot oyna rush to take care of each other as soon as we arrived i left it unlocked. I’m trying to button up my shorts but it’s difficult because of my still hard cock and going out to get our baggage and of course my present that i hid in the glove compartment.

I’m returning to place the little gift on your bedside, pick a towel from our bag and join you in the bathroom. I’m standing out of the shower in front of you, admiring your body. You silky long hair laying on your shoulders, your perfect breasts standing up proudly, your hard still erected nipples, your flat belly and your round firm buttocks standing on your perfect trained legs.

That package keeps my cock stiff, although my too explodes on the row, it’s still hard and hungry for your other holes that haven’t penetrated yet. You know i like watching you bathing and you can’t resist teasing me once again.

_ Wait hon, just a minute l m finishing here and then the shower is all yours.

_ Stop teasing me darling. You know that you are not escaping from this.

I responded as i step into the shower with you. My cock is resting on your ass chicks as i take the sponge from your hand to soap your back. I start with your neck, your back, your waist and when i get to your ass i put a little pressure with my hand against it. I stay there a little giving the deserved attention circling my hand round your mountains.

I’m going down to your legs slipping the sponge all the way to your heels and coming back up to clean your inner thighs. You are enjoying my treatment and lean your body a little to put your hands on the wall opening your legs and give me easier access to your ass hole. I’m pouring some soap in my hand and smearing it on your crotch and in your gorge. I’m moving my hand all the way from your crotch to your tail and giving more attention to your ass hole.

I’m massaging your pink bud with my fingertip and when you push your ass a little back i understand that you are ready. I slip my middle finger in your ass and spin it a little. Your breath is becoming hard again so i spend some time finger fuck your butt. There is a very good reason that i want you clean in there. This is the weekend that I’m planning to take your virgin ass and from your reaction i can understand that you will not have any objections.

You are turning your body to face me and kiss me passionately while stroking my pipe with your hand. I keep doing my job sponging your shoulders and your tits, teasing your nipples with my thumbs down to your belly and all along your thighs to your toes. I go slowly back up to your pussy slipping my fingers between your lips and in your crack making sure that i won’t miss a single spot. I adore you and its my pleasure to worship you in any way.

I’m opening your slit with my fingers and after a soft massage on your hole i slide a finger in easily. It seems like you are sucking my finger inside. I’m moving it in and out several times caressing your clit with my thumb at the same time. You stop me by pulling my hands of you.

_ My turn now baby.

You say and you take the sponge from my hand. You start rubbing my chest my belly my legs and after finishing my front you turn me to do my back. I close my eyes as you are doing my shoulders and massaging my neck, pressing the sponge on my back, moving your hand up and down from my shoulders to my waist.

I let my hands fall and my back is humping enjoying what you do with your hands. You start soaping my hairless buttocks rubbing them in circles and squeezing them in your hands. You move your hands lower to my biceps and my calves.

After soaping my hole body you are hanging the canlı casino siteleri sponge, and by putting your hands on my chest, you are pulling me to stick my body on yours. Our soap slippery bodies are being shivering by the contact, i love feeling your silky skin on mine and the soap is making it even better. I can feel your tits pressing my back and your hard nipples nailing my skin.

You are kneeling behind me and i can feel your firm tits slipping on my back while your hands caressing my front. You are pouring a large dose of cream soap in your hand end laying it on my pipe, your other hand is soaping my balls and your breasts are still pushing my back. You start stroking my shaft stimulating your slippery hand with your cervix.

_ Keep doing this. Keep stroking my aching cock and there will be a reward for you.

_ Easy stallion. We just got here and we have all weekend. I don’t want you exhausted on our first hour here.

_ This is not going to happen princess. You make me so horny i could fuck you countless times on the row.

You are turning the water on to rinse both of us. I take a towel to dry you tapping your soft skin very carefully and you are doing the same for me. We are getting out of the bathroom, straight to the bed with me laying on my back and you beside me with your head on my shoulder and your tits pressing my flank.

Your hand is traveling on my chest and my belly, tickling me with your fingertips giving my skin a soft shivering. You are passing it over my cock touching it smoothly, teasing it as you love. I’m enjoying your caresses with my eyes closed waiting you to ask me about that little black box with the pink ribbon.

_ Babe. Are you sleeping?

You are whispering in my ear.

_ I could butt i wouldn’t. Its our weekend honey i wouldn’t spend it on sleeping although your caresses are making me melting on the sheets.

_ What is that little box on the bedside?

_ It’s a gift for our anniversary. A small but cute present that i thought you would enjoy. You might find it a little odd but i hope you will enjoy it at the end.

_ Let’s see what it is. I am embarrassed, i didn’t bye you anything.

_ Don’t worry my love, my gift is seeing you happy. Here open it.

You are unwrapping the box hastily, eager to see what’s inside.

_ No i don’t believe it, what is this?

_ What it looks like.

_ How does it work?

I’m pressing the button on the remote and starts vibrating in your hand.

_ It is tickling. Very funny.

You seem very excited playing with your toy you are placing it in several spots of your body, your tits, belly, your chicks and lough as it tickles your skin. Finally you are putting it on your clit and testing the scales on the remote, you increase the volume to see how much you can stand. You manage to reach until number eight, before pulling it of your clit.

_ Eight is intense. I can’t stand it for much time, seven is the ideal speed for me.

_ Let me see. Put it on me.

You are placing the device on my acorn but my genitals aren’t as sensitive as yours so i started to sense it only at the last two levels. But this isn’t made for me, it’s for your pleasure and as we found out before it really works.

_ So what do you think precious? Are you going to wear it tonight? During dinner.

_ We haven’t anything to eat here darling.

_ There’s a little village on the beach very close to us with a couple of taverns laying tables close to the water. I think it would be nice to have our dinner there.

_ Out? You want me to wear this in public? Not a good idea.

_ Thats the point. Otherwise there is no use of this gift. If you are using it only when we are making up you are wasting it.

_ Well the only way i could do this, is only if I’m holding the remote. I won’t let you have it whatever you say.

_ Deal. Now lets get ready I’m starving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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