An Office Foot Slave – Uncovered

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The wind howled against the windows of the office. Each gust blew waves of powdery snow, thick enough to obscure buildings just across the street. In the street below, a few souls brave enough to endure the weather scuttled hastily in and out of the coffee shop that faced our office building. Most shops had closed. The forecast predicted that the blizzard could last up to 3 days. The sudden onset and severity of the weather had rendered my office almost entirely empty. On my floor my entire team bar myself had opted to remain working at home, either by choice or necessity. On the other side of the floor, the HR team were similarly depleted. When I walked in first thing in the morning, I had noted each empty pod, save for one. Halfway down I noticed a familiar head of auburn hair. Jane was sitting at her desk, head down, typing hastily on her laptop.

I had harboured a lust for Jane almost as long as she had worked in our office. She joined the HR team about 6 months after I started in the organisation and I found her irresistible. Most men would. She naturally has a quieter and more reserved demeanour. But although she may be softly spoken and give the impression of being shy, she has the physical presence and effortlessly superior stride of a Goddess. She stands around five feet seven inches tall with long, straight, flowing auburn hair, enveloping a face with angelic good looks. In addition to bewitching good looks, her figure is equally awe inspiring. She opts for tight dresses which perfectly complement and accentuate every inch of her finely sculpted body. Ample breasts lead to a narrow waist and magnificently proportioned ass. Her legs are superbly toned and athletic. One office night out I had drunkenly commented about Jane’s desirable figure to a female colleague. “Oh yeah, she works at it. She is in the gym about 5 times a week,” she responded. All these marvellous attributes lead to my favourite of her features, her dainty feet.

I had managed to keep my perversion for women’s feet relatively secret whilst working in the office. In such a female dominated workplace, there were certainly plenty of distractions. I would often find myself sneaking glances when any of my female colleagues slid off or dangled their ballet flats or heels to flex their tired aching feet. I had been exposed on one front the previous winter, when my relationship with our mutual colleague Shannon took a turn (see ‘Merry Cuckmas Foot Bitch’). As far as the quiet rumours went, Shannon was as good as her word, telling the other girls in the office that things simply ‘didn’t work out’. Whilst I continued to serve her in other ways, there was no indication my secret was out in work.

In Jane’s case I had clocked her flawless feet on the first Christmas night out she attended with our team. She opted for a pair of black strappy heeled sandals that perfectly accompanied her flawless size 5 feet. Her feet are slender and dainty, with each toe perfectly proportioned. Any work night out, formal dinner or Christmas party since, my gaze inevitably wandered to her perfectly pedicured toes, most often sporting a dark blue or red pedicure. Many times, after those nights, I would find myself feverishly wanking at home at the thought of having their perfection on my face and tongue. Little did I know my chance would come soon enough.

With my entire team out except for me I practically logged in to my computer on autopilot. I responded to the usual flood of emails before setting to work on some reports. My attention had been so focused that I almost missed the movement out of the corner of my right eye. Jane was making her way to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. She was wearing my favourite of her dresses. It was a shade of passionate red and perfectly hugged her well proportioned figure. She paired it with black nylon stockings. Interestingly, and immediately of note to me, she was not wearing her black ballet pumps and was instead walking in just her stocking feet.

“Hey, good morning.” I called

“Oh, hey,” she replied with a start. “Sorry, my mind was elsewhere. Forgot there was someone else here.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty dead in here. Was your drive in OK?”

“Was pretty bad in parts. Some of the roads I would normally take were closed and it took forever getting in. How about you?”

“Was pretty bad until I got to the car park on the outskirts of town. From there the buses were running OK but was still pretty grim walking through the blizzard. Any of the rest of your team making their way in?”

“No, just me. Which is a pain. Means I have to cover all the HR phones. Shannon, Carol, Debra and Lauren were all booked on leave this week anyway and Gwen and Nicole had already agreed to work from home so just leaves me. How about your team?”

“Same, pretty much. Two on leave and the rest working from home, either by choice or because the weather forced them. Means I have to cover phones like you, but fortunately it was easy enough to cancel most of the meetings and stuff we had on. Going real canlı bahis şirketleri casual since no one else is here?” I remarked, pointing at her stocking feet.

“Oh, yeah. It’s really been a mad morning. I must have kicked off my shoes during a conference call and forgot to put them back on.” Jane said. She glanced at her phone and looked back at me.

“Actually, I am due on another call in about 15 minutes and some of the other phones might ring too, but I need a quick bathroom break. Do you mind listening for any of the HR phones ringing and take a message?”

“Sure, no problem.” I replied.


Jane walked past my desk with her familiar confident and quick stride. I turned to watch her go, my eyes greedily admiring her figure until she reached the swipe pass door at the end of the floor and disappeared out of sight towards the bathroom. As I turned to my screen a sudden realisation dawned on me. Jane had clearly left her ballet flats under her desk. So many times, too innumerable to count, I had fantasized about the thought of how those small black pumps might smell or even taste. Now an opportunity had presented itself to find out. A quick sniff. What harm could it do?

Almost as a reflex I had already risen out of my chair. My heart began to beat faster. I looked back down the floor across the rows of empty desks. No sign of Jane. I logged out of my laptop and made my way quickly and purposefully around the corner towards the HR side of the floor. I began running over in my mind my excuses if I was seen. If Jane returned suddenly. I would simply say I was doing as she asked, answering a phone, or perhaps thought I heard a phone ring.

My pace quickened as I neared her desk. I passed Carol’s desk, then Shannon’s. My walk growing quicker as I drew nearer. Soon I found myself at Jane’s desk. Her laptop was open with the screen illuminated. A notepad covered in post-it notes lay beside it. Her chair had been pushed back from the desk. I looked once again down the row towards the door leading out to the bathrooms and elevators. I heard and saw nothing. My eyes darted under the desk and there I saw my prize. Her black suede ballet pumps. They were sitting one on top of the other, clearly discarded clumsily as she played with them during her call. My heartbeat had quickened significantly, and I felt heat rising on the back of my neck. I hastily knelt beside the desk and took hold of one of the discarded pumps. I gave one final turn of my head to check the coast was clear before raising the shoe to my nose and inhaling deeply.

I drank in the heavenly, pheromonal scent of Jane’s shoe, taking short and sharp breaths followed by long lingering breaths to pull every particle of scent from the sole. Months of walking between meetings, walking from her car to the office, walking to and from the gym, driving her car on hot summers days, all flowing together and channelled through the sweat of her feet into the sole of the shoe. My left hand cradling the shoe, my right hand instinctively began to move across my waist towards my belt as I felt my cock begin to grow in my trousers. My eyes were shut, my mind ablaze as I revelled in the divine scent of Jane’s shoe.

“What the fuck!?”

My guard had fallen completely as I worshipped, and I had been oblivious to the sound of the door to the floor opening. Combined with her walking in only stocking clad feet I had missed Jane’s return.

“Oh, hey…I was just…” I fumbled to reply, dropping the shoe and moving to try and get up.

“Were you sniffing my shoe?” Jane said, her arms folded, her divine figure towering over me.

“What? No, I heard a phone ring and then when I was round here…I heard a weird buzz coming from under the desk. I thought it might be an electrical problem…”

“Don’t talk shit! You literally had my shoe held against your face. Are you some dirty foot perv or something?”

“Look, Jane, it’s not what you think…” I stuttered, moving to get up.

“Not so fast. Stay down there until you explain yourself.” Jane said curtly, towering over me.

“Ok…” I sighed. “The truth is I do have a thing for feet. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I’ve always had this fetish and I know you have very pretty feet from what I’ve seen on the office nights out and things and when I had this chance to sniff your shoes, I just couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry.”

“God, so disgusting. Is that why Shannon stopped seeing you? I always thought it was because she just didn’t like the whole office relationship thing and found it awkward. Never imagined it was because you were a dirty foot pervert.”

“No. That wasn’t it. We weren’t dating long enough for me to tell her. No one in the office knows. Except you. Please, just don’t tell anyone…”

“I mean, you realise how unprofessional this is? I work in the HR department and here you are crawling under my desk and sniffing my worn shoes. I always thought Shannon stopped seeing you because you were a kind of generic ‘nice guy’. canlı kaçak iddaa I might have even considered dating you myself. But not now I know you’re a pervert.”

“I’m so sorry Jane. Please, just don’t tell the others…” I said, moving to get up. Bracing myself against the desk I moved to stand up, but Jane stepped forward and pushed be back onto my knees.

“Not so fast. You really need to make things up to me and since we are on our own, now seems as good a time as any.”

“Wh-what do you mean?” I said.

“I think that I have had a really stressful day enough as is, covering all the HR phones as well as putting up with this. So, for starters. You might as well tell me how good my worn flats smell. Clearly you were quite taken with them seen as you didn’t even hear me coming.”

Before I could respond Jane stepped forward and sat on her chair, leaning down to pick up the worn discarded pump I had dropped. She wheeled her chair close to me knelt before her and pressed the sole of the worn shoe against my nose.

“Go on then foot pervert, how does it smell?”

My breath quivered and my eyes shut as I once again drank in the scent of Jane’s worn pumps. The thought of them enveloping her dainty feet over those many months swam through my mind, accentuating the intensity of the aroma and causing tingling up my spine and the back of my head. I soon realised this was Jane running her fingers through the hair on the back of my head, pushing my head into the sole of her shoe.

“Oh god Jane it smells so good. Your feet smell amazing.” I replied, breathlessly.

“I’ve had a lot of compliments from guys before, but never that. They normally notice my tits or my ass. How long have you wanted to sniff these shoes?”

“Ever since you started wearing them to the office. I could barely take my eyes off them…”

“Such a dirty pervert. And is it just sniffing shoes you are interested in?”

“No. I like to worship feet as well.”

“Worship? Like, how?”

“I like to sniff them, kiss them, suck on women’s toes, lick their soles.”

“Oh my god! And you’ve done this before?” Jane said, removing the shoe from my face.

“Yes, with a few of the girls I have dated.”

Jane gave a wry smile in response before dropping her discarded shoe to the floor and pushing the pair to the side with her stocking clad foot. She pointed under the desk.

“Get under there.”


“You heard me. I’m not through with you yet. Be quick about it, my next conference call is coming up.”

I followed Jane’s instructions and crawled in under her desk, just about contorting my body to fit in the space underneath.

“What are you going to…” I tried to ask.

Before I could finish the question, Jane brought her pair of stocking clad soles down on my face, smothering me totally from chin to forehead. The pungent aroma from her soles wafted through the stockings and totally encapsulated my face. I let out a brief moan and sharp breath, in submission rather than protest.

“Stay down there and be quiet pervert. I have a few calls to make and you might as well make yourself useful ‘worshipping’ my feet whilst I make them.”

With that, Jane sat upright in her chair and wheeled it into her desk, cutting off my escape and pressing her stocking clad soles harder against my face. I continued to sniff in long, deep breaths, trying to draw in every morsel of the scent I could find. I heard the tone of a mobile phone ringing followed by Jane’s voice.

“Oh, hi Gwen. How are you? Not bad. Getting through things. What was that? Am I the only one here?” Jane wheeled her chair back slightly and smirked down at me whimpering beneath her feet before responding. “I might as well be. So few people made it in through the snow. Nice and quiet though to get some work done. Anyway, I wanted to catch up with you on that recruitment issue…”

Jane continued to chat away to Gwen, occasionally flexing and wriggling her stocking clad feet on my face. I continued to rub my face against them, pressing myself against her soles and drinking in the sweaty pheromonal scent. I felt particles of dirt stuck to her stockings from her walk to the bathroom. Feeling totally owned I began to eagerly kiss the underside of her stocking feet, feeling the warmth of her soles against my lips. Worshipping Jane’s feet in such a frenzy I had overlooked my growing, throbbing erection which was now straining against my trousers. I let out a groan as I adjusted my hips. Jane wheeled her chair back slightly, distracted on her call and looked down at me. Her eyes wandered to the source of my discomfort and she smiled.

“…Yeah I am just not sure the file was handled properly. I mean it seemed to take a long time to get the letter of offer out after the interview…”

As she spoke, Jane removed one of her stocking clad feet from my face and ran it down my body, brushing across my belt before reaching my groin. As she reached the evidence of my excitement she canlı kaçak bahis pressed hard with the ball of her foot and I let out a sharp whimper. Her eyes widened as she discovered how aroused I was.

“…Two seconds Gwen, I am just going to put you on hold. There is a call on my desk phone…”

Jane pushed a button on her mobile and set it down on her desk, wheeling back her chair to glare down at me.

“Get naked.”

“Wh-what?” I mumbled from beneath her right foot.

“You heard me. Get naked and don’t make another sound. Do as I say.”

With that she returned to her call. I fumbled at my belt as quietly as I could, undoing the clasp and pulling it free. I set it beside me and unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers, slowly pushing them down until they were around my ankles. With Jane’s right foot still pressed to my nose, I continued to inhale sharply from the fabulous fragrance as I hastily unbuttoned my shirt. As I did so, Jane’s left foot inched its way under the waistband of my underwear and I let out a sharper exhale from my nose as I felt her stocking clad toes brush the tip of my surging cock. I glanced Jane smirking at me as she toyed with my arousal. I quickly and quietly slid my boxers down allowing my cock to spring free. My trousers and boxers were now wrapped around my ankles and shins. To prevent me taking a grip of it, Jane took her left stocking clad foot and pressed it down on the underside of my cock, squeezing it against my stomach and causing me to let out a muffled groan.

“…what’s that? Oh no it was just the wind against the window. The blizzard is still quite bad here. Anyway it was good touching base Gwen. I’ll work on at it for now. Talk soon.”

Jane hung up her call before wheeling back her chair to gaze down at me, whimpering and gasping beneath her stocking clad feet.

“Such a dirty little pervert. Look how hard your pathetic cock is too. I always considered you a fairly typical ‘nice guy’ but with your clothes off and my feet in your face you just look like such a pathetic loser. Suck on my toes. They should be nice and sweaty for you…” Jane purred.

I nodded my acknowledgement and obeyed her command, taking the stocking clad toes of her right foot into my mouth and sucking on them hard between my lips. I sucked long and searchingly, seeking out every particle of sweat from each toe. Her angelic face and piercing eyes stared down at me, probing between my lips with her dainty stocking clad toes with one foot as the other teased and grazed my surging cock. The glorious moment was interrupted by the familiar shrill tone of Jane’s phone.

“Oh, another call. Better keep quiet down there, bitch.” Jane said, turning to lift the phone.

She hastily removed her right foot from my cock and moved it to meet her left foot so both slender, soft stockinged soles were smothering my face. I let out a whimper as I gasped for a long breath, basking in the fragrant aroma and the soft sensual feel of her stockings on my face. Her cool silky soles that lay just beyond them drove me wild as I yearned for their silky, soft perfection. Jane answered her call in her typically collected casual tone. She continued to chat nonchalantly as she flexed and wriggled her soles and occasionally pressed her feet harder onto my face. I felt her toes wriggling and writhing across my forehead and down across my eyes, my vision in total darkness as her feet rubbed and brushed across my face.

My cock surged and I could feel dribbles of precum beginning to roll down my shaft. Jane continued to effortlessly ignore me squirming on the floor beneath her feet. She would press hard on the ball of one foot before switching to the other, alternating the pressure points between her toes and heels, rubbing each foot in back and forth motions across my face as my tongue flicked and brushed across the underside of her stockings. She searched for my lips and thrust her stocking wrapped toes between them, pushing them hard and deep into my mouth before wriggling them, beckoning me to suck intently on them for every particle of sweat and dirt. I had lost myself so totally beneath her feet I hadn’t noticed her call ending. She wheeled her chair back again and leaned down.

“Eugh, you’ll need to buy me a new pair of stockings anyway after this so I might as well tear this pair off. Let you get a good look and taste at my bare feet. Is that what you want foot boy?”

“Yes Jane, I am so weak for your bare feet…”

“Really? So you’ve been perving on them in my black strappy heeled sandals on all those nights out? I should have noticed sooner. But then again I wasn’t exactly expecting to be working with such a dirty foot perv…”

As she spoke Jane used her nails to pierce her stockings and tore them apart, starting with the left foot and then the right. Tearing them left her barefoot from the ankle down on each foot. She paused to rub her smooth soles and dainty toes. They were painted a shade of bright purple.

“Mmm, my feet get so sore and sweaty at the gym every day. Working out in front of so many gorgeous guys. It’s funny to think that if you were there all you would be interested in is my worn gym socks and getting a chance to suck my sweaty feet. How much do you want to taste them?”

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