An Ex with a Fetish

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Tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Stop it, I thought. I sighed and checked my watch – 4:35. Where was the damn postman? Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. I jumped up and flew down the stairs, knocking over a pair of shoes. I composed myself again and opened the door with a fixed smile.

“Hello, Miss Ariana Henderson? We have a package for you, and we need you to sign for it.” I snatched up his pen and scribbled out my signature, a swirly mess of jumbled up words to an ordinary person, but a unique signature to me. He stared at me again, looking oddly at me. I simpered and slammed the door, racing to the lounge and flinging the box onto the table.

I delved into it and pulled out chunky polystyrene pieces, letting them snow on the floor. Carefully I pulled out something dark, sleek, smooth. I gasped, rubbing my hands over it, the smoothness a cool, caressing touch. I dug into the box again and pulled out a firm, rubber dildo-plug. I couldn’t wait. I pulled my dress up over my head, and unhooked my bra, leaving only my black kitten heels and panties. I ran back up the stairs and jumped onto my bed, spreading my legs coyly and rubbing my nipple with one finger.

I switched on the vibrator and it hummmed with a soft buzz. I pressed it again and immediately I could feel a more indignant buzz, one you couldn’t ignore. I switched again and felt a strong surge of vibration, a fierce, agonisingly good level. I felt my panties dampen. I pressed the button again and it fell back to the soft, gentle buzz. I slowly began to swirl around my pussy, the panties providing a fabric shield. I moaned softly and ran my hand through my long, ash blonde hair. I slowly began to circle the area of my clitoris, tormenting and teasing myself until I was ready to burst. I turned the heat up by pressing the next level, and immediately I felt a wave of energy flow through me down to my nether regions. I pinched and rubbed round my nipple, making myself squirm with pleasure. The vibrator continued to caress me with it’s chaotic sensations, sending thrill after thrill, higher and higher. I gasped and suddenly a fantastic feeling casino siteleri overwhelmed me, making me cum and moan lusciously. I gave a second, relishing moan and flopped down onto my bed, suddenly exhausted. I closed my eyes.

Knock, knock. Oh no..I thought. knock, knock. Shit. I jumped off the bed and tiptoed to the top of the stairs, looking down towards the front door. Knock, knock. Knock knock. I darted back into my room and yanked my robe off the bed post, wrapping it around my bare body, the panties scarcely covering me. Quickly I wrapped the rope about myself and looped the belt at the front into a bow. My face looked flushed, my heart pounding. My pheromones were filled with lust and I looked the true essence of desire. I darted out of my room again and tiptoed to the bathroom. I leant over the sink and twisted the knob of the cold tap, leaning against the cool mirror. When the water ran icy I cupped my hands and allowed the water to fill them up, then splashed my face. The shock sent me reeling backwards and I fell onto the floor in shock. Thankfully because I was a light, petite person it didn’t make too much of a thud.

There was another knock, more like a bang now. I glanced at the mirror and pushed my hair backwards out of my face and jogged downstairs, hoping I wouldn’t be encountering someone angry. I opened the door and saw my ex boyfriend, Damien, standing there with a slightly amused face, his hair flopping into his eyes. I took a slight gasp, even now at his beauty. He had smouldering blue eyes, sleek jet black hair, and an incredibly body to complete the perfection of this man. He wasn’t especially tall, and stood around 5’9, but what with me being a mere 5’2, this didn’t seem a real problem. He looked at me, his eyes penetrating me. I shivered slightly and cleared my throat.

“Hello, Damien.” I said icily. We weren’t on the best of terms. In fact, the last time I’d seen him I’d told him I never wanted to speak to him again. But when he stood here, the feeling of lust grew in me again. But I saw the girl again, Katherine, whom he’d cheated on me with. He pleaded that it wasn’t because he’d never slot oyna fucked her, but with his fetish, I certainly considered it to be. I thought back to his fetish, to masturbate girls. He was a natural at it, and with his looks he’d certainly had the experience. I had to break it off though. I couldn’t trust him. I shook my head again and stared into his eyes with a glare.

“Hello, Ariana.” he said softly, his words a delicate touch. I didn’t answer him, my body language clearly questioning. “I’ve come here to give you a proposition. I want you to hear me out, because I’ve thought about this for a long time.”, his voice gliding over me.

“Well, you shouldn’t just stand at the door. Come in.”. I gestured with my hand to let him and he walked through to the lounge, sitting gracefully on the sofa, one leg crossed over the other. I stalked in, sitting down on the chair diagonal to him with a thump (or as much as I could make).

I sat up rigid, staring at the window. I could feel his eyes on me. I turned around, about to express my frustration with the suspense when he began. “ remember my fetish, right?” I shuddered with pleasure at the thought. I nodded. “Well, I’ve had this constant fantasy of doing this again, but with you. Oh, I can’t stop thinking about it. It’d be strictly masturbating, and we’d only have sex if you ever wanted to, in the future.” He stared at me again with eyes that seemed impossible to ignore. After a moment, he spoke up again. “I need to use the bathroom anyway, so I’ll leave you here to think about it.” With that, he clambered off the sofa and headed up the stairs, flicking his hair out of his eyes.

My God, he was sexual, I thought. I sat and shut my eyes, contemplating. Although I had an urge to throw myself at him, could I really take him back after what he’d done? And it was taking him back, because this was sex to us, but even better. Toys and hands could do some much more than a cock..I thought back to my black sleek vibrator and rubbery dildo I’d bought this morning. Oh NO.

I ran up the stairs and flew into my bedroom but Damien was already there, the dildo in canlı casino siteleri his hand, smiling. “I see you have been a naughty girl!” he exclaimed, bending down to pick up the vibrator. I saw him then, a beautiful, sexy, devilish man, holding my pleasure sources, and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I quickly undid my robe and it slid down me, revealing everything but my pussy. “I take it you’ve agreed to the proposition then”, he smiled. He glided over to me and softly kissed me on the lips, stroking my breast with one hand, rubbing circular motions around my clit with the other. I gasped and he pressed down harder,tormenting my clit. He took his hand off my breast and drew me in, guiding me towards to bed, teasing my clit constantly. He took both hands and laid me on the bed, and laid me on my back, pulling off my panties. He spread my legs and began to rub my clit again whilst circling my pussy hole. I moaned again and bit my upper lip, feeling an orgasm approaching. I could feel the waves of pleasure already wafting towards me, then he stopped. I looked up in woe.

“Not without th-is” he teased. He picked up the dildo and placed it in my mouth and I immediately sucked, wanting my orgasm. Even this was making me horny. Jesus Christ! He slid it out of my mouth and slowly penetrated my pussy, circling my clit again. I moaned deeply, waiting for this. I quickly felt the waves come back, only intensified with the dildo. He pushed it in and out of me, the tip pressing against my G-spot with each thrust. He spat on my pussy and I gasped, feeling a trickle of saliva slide down my clit, and I exploded, orgasming and cumming. I felt a magical wave flow through me and I relished in the moment.

After I’d floated down from ecstasy, I found him staring at me adoringly. “I forgot how you spray!” he laughed, pointing to the damp bedding. I laughed too.

“I’ll put out new bedding. Will that tempt you to stay the night?” I teased. To my surprise, he leaned forward and kissed me hard.

“I can’t stay. But trust me, I’ll be back soon. And next time I’ll bring some of my toys too..”, he replied. And with that, he leapt off the bed and jogged downstairs, and let himself out. I let out a moan of passion, and fell back onto my pillow, feeling excited at the thought of his toys. I knew that a surprise was in for me, but I wasn’t sure I could bear to wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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