Amy’s Fascination Ch. 10

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Amy tossed and turned, unable to fall back asleep. She had woken up at four in the morning after a particularly intense dream that featured her getting double teamed by her black lover Treyvon and her favorite porn star Jackson Hammer. As they both came in her in the dream, she had awoken with a real orgasm, her fingers in her pussy.

Now her mind was focused on the day ahead. She had the day off from the coffee shop. It almost made her feel sad, as her workplace was quickly becoming a place where she would get fucked by black men. She wondered if Janice was going to have anyone come visit her in the stock room today.

Her thoughts drifted towards Mara. The younger girl was working today. Amy hoped Janice wouldn’t say anything to scare her before their night out. She had big plans for Mara that evening.

She looked at the clock. Five AM. There was still an hour before her husband’s alarm went off. “Fuck it,” she thought. “I’m not falling back asleep this morning.” She got up and went out to the kitchen.

Amy sat down at the kitchen table and opened the laptop. A notification from her email popped up. She clicked on it and saw that Treyvon had sent her the video he had taken the day before. She opened it and her pussy grew wet as she watched herself get fucked by three black dicks at once. Her hand slipped into her panties, almost of its own accord. She suppressed a moan as her own fingers penetrated her pussy, keeping pace with the black cocks on the screen.

Amy was feeling naughty, and decided the video needed to be shared with her followers. She uploaded it to her profile and titled it “My First Gangbang.” As she posted it, she noticed she had an unread private message. It was from the morning before, when she hastily had to leave her conversation with Jackson Hammer. She had asked if they could continue another time.

“Sure, baby. Why don’t we video chat tomorrow morning? How does 10:00 sound?” the message said, followed by his contact information.

Amy’s pussy was on fire, but she reluctantly stopped playing with herself. She wanted to save her orgasm for Jackson. He had been responsible for so many of hers that she wanted to give him a good show.

She closed down her laptop and took a cold shower to try to calm herself down, but it was no use. She was still as turned on after she got out as she had been before. Her husband was awake now, so she made him breakfast and chatted with him for a bit. She did her best to listen, but her mind was focused on Jackson’s monstrous black cock.

Her husband left for work, and Amy busied herself with getting her kids ready for school. She packed their lunches, fed them breakfast, and got them on the school bus. She looked at her watch as the bus drove off. It was seven o’clock. She still had three hours to kill.

Frustrated, she tried to do housework to occupy her time. She put on some music. Normally Amy listened to pop and rock but today she felt like something different. She had been getting more and more into rap music, since that was what played at Treyvon’s house when she went over. In her mind, rap and hip-hop had become associated with sex, and she found herself getting turned on when she heard it. She put on a rap station and started her housework. An hour later, the laundry was done, the floors were vacuumed, and her pussy was soaked. She knew Mara would be at work already. Amy decided to text her.

“Are you excited for tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah, I haven’t been to ladies night in forever,” Mara replied.

“I hope there will be a lot of black guys out at the club,” Amy said, pushing the younger girl. She knew Mara would try to play it off like it was just going to be a regular night out with friends, and Amy wanted to keep reminding her that tonight was about finding her a black man.

“You are so bad,” came the response.

“Guess who I’m about to video chat with,” Amy text.

“Knowing you it’s gonna be a black guy,” said Mara. “Is it Treyvon?”

“Close,” replied Amy. “Jackson Hammer!”

It took a moment for Mara to respond. “No way! How did you even get in touch?” came the response.

“He posts on the same interracial sex website that I’m on. He thought my pics were sexy and reached out. That’s how I got that clip of his cock cumming everywhere that I showed you,” said Amy.

“OMG, Amy! That’s crazy!” Mara text back.

“There’s still almost an hour before we start, and I can’t keep my hand out of my pants,” Amy said.

“You’re making it hard for me, too. I’ve been thinking about what happened yesterday ever since I left work last night,” Mara text.

“Did you masturbate when you got home?” Amy asked.

Once again, it took a minute for the girl to reply. She was still so shy! “Yes. Kenny was home so I did like you told me and went into the bathroom.”

“Did you make yourself cum thinking about all those black cocks fucking me?” Amy teased. She could practically see the younger girl blushing.

“Well, sort of. illegal bahis I was thinking about them fucking me,” Mara replied.

“Good girl!” Amy said. She felt proud.

“I have to go, breakfast rush. Talk later?” said Mara’s text.

“Sure thing,” she replied. “Oh, and talk to Janice. She wants to know what you’ve been up to.” Things couldn’t be going better. Now Mara would have black dick on her mind all day before they went out.

It was now nine o’clock. She still had an hour before she was supposed to start her video chat. Her pussy had soaked through her yoga pants, thanks to her conversation with Mara.

Amy decided to put on lingerie to make herself look hot for Jackson. She went through her closet and tried on everything she had. The fact that her husband had bought it all for her, and now she was using it to look sexy for a black stranger made her pussy throb.

She finally decided on a blue and black corset. It was the outfit she had worn when she posed for the first pictures that her friend photoshopped, and ever since then it made her feel even sexier. She picked out some lacy black panties to go with it and looked at herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw.

Still having time to kill, Amy decided to take some pictures for her profile while she was all dressed up. She dug out her huge black dildo from her underwear drawer and took a few pictures of it next to her face, her eyes staring longingly at it. She kept the end of the dildo out of the frame to make it look more real. Then she moved on to taking a few shots of herself licking the head before parting her lips and taking it into her mouth.

When she was satisfied with her blowjob pictures, she pulled her tits out of lingerie and pushed the dildo between them. She loved the contrast of the dark toy against her pale breasts. She wrapped her tits around the shaft and took the picture of the head jutting obscenely from her cleavage. She tried another pose, this time with one arm beneath her tits and the dildo lying across them.

Finally, she propped her phone in the dresser and spread her legs. Moving her panties off to the side, she pushed the tip of the dildo into her pussy. Careful not to move it around too much, she snapped a few more pictures. After all, she didn’t want to waste her orgasm before she got online with Jackson.

“These pictures are hot,” Amy thought as she scrolled back through them. She went out to the kitchen and sat down at her laptop. She had just started uploading them when a message popped up from Jackson.

“Hey, baby. You ready?” it read.

“I’ve been ready all morning,” she replied, attaching a photo of herself licking the head of her dildo. She opened her video chat software and entered Jackson’s contact information. She paused for a moment before hitting “send”. Her chat program had all of her information on it, including her real name and her address. Should she change her name to “BustyWhiteWife4BBC” before connecting? In the end, she decided that it was more exciting for Jackson to learn her real name, so she went ahead with the call.

Jackson Hammer appeared on her screen. He was sitting on a black leather couch, wearing nothing but a pair of gray boxer-briefs. Amy could see the bulge of his enormous black cock beginning to tent his underwear already.

“Hello, Amy,” he said, readjusting his cock. The sound of her name coming out of his mouth sent tingles through her body.

“H-hi Jackson,” she said nervously, leaning forward a bit to give him a good view of her tits.

“Damn, baby, you are looking sexy,” he said. “Show me those titties.”

Obediently, Amy pulled out her tits and presented them to the camera. Her pierced nipples were rock hard as she rolled them between her fingers. On the screen she saw Jackson adjust his cock again inside his boxer-briefs. “Is that monster ready to come out?” she asked.

“I don’t show this to just anyone,” he teased her. “Only true black cock sluts get to see this dick. Show me you deserve it.”

Amy wasted no time. She picked up her dildo and squeezed it between her tits, leaving enough of the tip sticking out for her to suck into her mouth. She could taste her pussy on the toy’s head as she licked it. “I’m a real white slut, Mr. Hammer,” she said between licks. “I love black cock so much!”

“Every bored white wife I meet says that,” Jackson replied. “What makes you any different?” Amy could see his massive shaft beginning to strain against the fabric of his underwear.

“Because I fuck black dick every day, even though I’m married to a white guy,” she said. She slid her chair back a bit so her entire body was visible on camera. She held the dildo between her legs and pushed it into her pussy, where it easily slid past her soaking wet lips.

“What about your husband?” Jackson asked, adjusting his cock yet again. Amy could tell keeping it covered was getting uncomfortable for him. She fucked herself with the black dildo with one hand while pinching her erect illegal bahis siteleri nipple with the other. She knew what he wanted to hear.

“I don’t care about my husband,” she said, her pussy gushing as the words left her mouth. “I only care about getting black cock! It’s all I can think about. I’m a married white slut that needs her pussy filled with black man’s cum!”

“Yeah, baby. That’s a good girl. You’ve earned this,” Jackson said as he pulled his massive black shaft from his underpants. Amy’s jaw dropped as she stared at it. She suddenly felt her pussy start to clench, and a surprise orgasm hit her. She pulled her dildo out and furiously rubbed her clit as her pussy began to squirt, spraying her wetness everywhere.

The black man on her screen seemed to like what he saw. Jackson grabbed his cock and started to stroke it as Amy came on her own hand. She licked her lips as she watched a drop of pre-cum ooze from the tip.

“I wish you were here with me so I could taste that magnificent black cock,” she panted as her orgasm ended. She picked up the dildo again and traced her tongue around the tip.

“If I was there, this dick would be inside your pussy already,” he said. “I don’t meet a lot of women who could take it right away, but I think you are ready.”

“I’ve been practicing with this dildo for weeks,” she said. “And my black boyfriend’s cock is almost as big.”

“You said you fuck him every day?” he asked, stroking his cock faster.

“He doesn’t let a day go by without dumping at least two loads inside me,” she said. “Last weekend I tried to go camping with my husband and he followed me. We got my husband drunk and fucked all night while he was passed out.” Amy had since put the dildo back into her pussy and was sliding it in and out while she told the story.

“Damn, that’s hot,” Jackson said. She could see his cock throbbing as he jacked it toward the camera.

“That was the day I was ovulating, too. I can’t believe I let him cum inside me so many times, but it was so hot. The thought of getting pregnant with a black baby turned me on so much,” she said.

“That’s right, baby. Deep down, all good white girls want to get black bred,” he said.

“Yes,” she hissed, another orgasm building. “I love it. I want a black baby so bad! I wish you were here to fill my pussy and knock me up!”

“Aw, fuck!” Jackson said, and his enormous cock twitched as a jet of cum erupted from the tip. He pumped his shaft in long strokes as it kept shooting its load toward the camera, and by extension, Amy’s face.

She let herself cum again as she watched Jackson’s huge cock spraying his seed everywhere. As she came, she thought about what it would feel like inside of her. She kept the dildo in this time, and imagined it pumping its load inside of her, filling her womb with his potent sperm. She pictured him pulling it out of her after he was done, the black shaft coated with both of their cum. Then she imagined herself pregnant with his black baby, and she blacked out for a second.

After her orgasm was over, Amy started licking her pussy juices off of the dildo. She couldn’t believe she was still so turned on. “Are you ready to go again?” she asked.

“Sorry, baby, but I don’t have time,” Jackson said. “This was great though. We should do it again soon.”

“Boo,” Amy pouted. “But I need to cum again.”

“I’m sorry,” he repeated. “I really need to go. I’ll make it up to you next time.”

“Ok,” said Amy, still licking the dildo. “I’ll hold you to it, though.”

“Alright baby, I’ll talk to you soon,” he said and signed off.

Amy felt frustrated. She had cum twice on the dildo, but she wanted more. After having the real thing all week, the fake cock was rapidly becoming inadequate. She finished posting her photos she took earlier on her profile and decided to send a few to Treyvon.

“What are you up to?” she asked him, accompanied by a picture of her tits.

“Well, I was at work,” he replied. “But I won’t be able to concentrate now. What are you doing?”

“I was video chatting with Jackson Hammer,” she said, alongside a photo of herself sucking her dildo.

“Good for you, girl! I knew you’d get his attention,” Treyvon said.

“Yeah, except he had to leave and I’m still dripping wet,” she said, and attached a pic of her pussy.

“Maybe I should take an early lunch today,” he said with a wink emoji.

“Ooh, yes!” she said. “Meet you at your place?”

“Nah, I’m coming to your house. See you in a few,” came the reply.

The next twenty minutes were the longest of Amy’s life. She kept her lingerie on, and tidied up her bedroom in anticipation. She sent a picture of herself with her dildo to Mara, but got no response. She tried watching TV, but she couldn’t focus on the show. When she finally heard a car pull into the driveway, she practically sprinted to the door.

As soon as she opened the door, she grabbed Treyvon’s arm and pulled him inside. She jumped canlı bahis siteleri on him and kissed his mouth, grinding her wet pussy against his leg in the process.

“Damn, girl, you really are ready,” he said as Amy unbuckled his belt. She dropped to her knees in front of the black man and pulled his rapidly-inflating cock out of his pants. She rubbed the tip around her lips before opening her mouth and engulfing the head. Treyvon pushed it deeper down her throat and she gagged, but kept her composure. She was doing it! The black shaft in her mouth continued swelling. Amy felt her eyes tear up. She could barely breathe, but desperately wanted to keep sucking his dick.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She gagged again, and withdrew the slimy black cock from her throat. Three quarters of it were covered with her thick saliva. “I’m getting better,” Amy thought as she stroked the sloppy black shaft with her hand.

“Come on, girl,” Treyvon said. “Let’s get this dick inside you. Show me where your bedroom is.”

Amy led the black man down the hallway, never letting go of his stiff cock. Opening the door to her bedroom, she pulled him inside and sat down on her bed.

“So this is the bed you share with your husband?” Treyvon asked.

Amy felt a rush of excitement go through her body, making her pussy gush. She loved it when he talked like this. It really drove home the point of how slutty she was being. “Yes, this is where my husband and I sleep.”

Treyvon walked towards her, his erect cock pointed towards her like a missile seeking its target. “When was the last time you had sex with him in it?” he said.

“It’s been weeks,” she said, trying to remember. She didn’t count the time she woke up and interrupted him.

“And now what’s about to happen?” he asked. Treyvon was at the edge of her bed now, towering over her. His cock was only inches away from her pussy.

“I’m going to cheat on him with a black man in our marriage bed,” she said, shuddering with anticipation.

“It’s one thing to fuck around on him away from home,” he said. “But this is another level of betrayal. Now every time you are here with your husband, you will be thinking about fucking my big black cock. Are you ready for that?”

“God, yes,” Amy moaned. “Fuck me!”

Treyvon fell forward on top of her, and his massive tool slid into her soaking wet pussy. She moaned out loud again as she felt his girth slowly penetrate her. Feeling every inch as it pushed into her, she wrapped her legs around his waist to pull his body closer to her.

After bottoming out in her pussy, Treyvon was still for a moment, letting her adjust to his size. “It’s taking less and less time each time we fuck,” Amy though. She began to move her hips, needing to feel his enormous black cock pound her. He obliged, thrusting it forcefully into her eager cunt.

“You like getting fucked in your husband’s bed by my black cock, you white slut?” he whispered in her ear as he fucked her. Amy’s eyes rolled back into her head as she moaned yet again, unable to control herself.

“Yes,” she hissed. “I love it! You fuck me so much better than he ever could. It’s about time I had a real man in this bed with me.”

“Soon you’re gonna want to spend every night with me,” Treyvon said as he withdrew his cock from Amy’s pussy and drove it back in.

“Fuck!” she said, feeling his dick hit her cervix. “I already do! I think about your dick every night as I fall asleep.”

“We’ll have to work on giving it to you more often then. Now, get ready to take my load in your fertile white cunt.”

She felt him tense up. “Yes, give it to me! Cum in me!” she cried as Treyvon’s cock spurted his potent seed into her body. She could feel it spraying against the entrance to her womb. It was enough to push her over the edge, too.

Amy arched her back under the black man as he pumped her full of cum. She raked her nails across his back as she thrashed, lost in her own orgasm. Her pussy squirted all over the huge black cock that penetrated her. Each thrust of Treyvon’s hips splattered her wetness all over their bodies.

A few minutes later when they had both recovered, Treyvon pulled his half-erect cock out of Amy and lay back on the bed where her husband usually slept. She draped one arm across his chest and lay close to him. Her other hand found its way to her freshly-seeded pussy, slipping her finger inside. She loved the way the black man’s cum felt inside her.

“That was a good one, girl,” Treyvon said. “Showing off for Jackson really got you worked up.”

Amy giggled. “Watching his cock shoot out all that cum was so hot. All I could think about was that cock inside of me, pumping all that sperm inside. It was so fucking hot,” she said.

Treyvon laughed. “I better knock you up soon, or you’re gonna chase him down for that black baby,” he said, pushing her hand down to his cock. She grabbed it by the base and started slowly jacking it up and down.

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about,” she said, smiling. “I’ve let you cum in my pussy every day for who knows how long now.”

“Oh, you let me?” Treyvon teased. “You know you begged me for it, girl. Face it; you’re addicted to this black dick.”

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