Amazon Bride Ch. 04

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All good things must come to an end and so did my honeymoon. I’d had some fantastic fun, meet some amazing people and had some great sex, fortunately though, not with my new husband. Steve was nearly fully trained to my requirements, which was good, what wasn’t so good was the fact that I was taking him back to his mother. Steve had been such a big mummy’s boy that I knew there was a risk he might regress and turn back to her before I could complete his training. Our homecoming would be interesting.

The first piece of bad news came before we had even left the Resort. The renovations to our new home were running behind time so we were going to move in with his parents. There was a small guesthouse on the estate so I might be able to keep Steve and Barbara apart long enough to sink my claws deeply enough into him to prevent the bitch claiming him back.

The second piece of bad news happened as we entered the plane to fly home. The hostess was an old slut who looked cow-eyed at Steve and never gave me a second glance. I took it as a bad omen. If I had time, I knew I could have broken the old bitch to being my ass-licking pet but I didn’t have the time or the inclination to turn the ugly slut.

I had to settle for the pretty redhead sitting opposite. Her husband had openly ogled me in the flight-lounge so I felt justified in seducing his wife. The toilets on the plane didn’t give you much room but I managed to stand over the kneeling slut while she lapped greedily at my pussy.

I was really getting into it when there was a loud knock at the door. “What’s going on in there?”

I recognised the voice; it belonged to the old bitch hostess. Looking down at the pretty redhead, I instructed her, “Just keep licking.” I opened the door enough for the old bitch to see what was going on.

“For gods’ sake, you can’t do that in there. Get out you pair of dirty perverts or I’ll be forced to inform the Pilot!”

I gave her a wink. “Do you think he’ll want to join us?”

She scowled at me before giving me an overly sweet smile. “I’ll tell your husbands?”

I was ready to laugh in her face when the stupid bitch licking me pussy jumped up. “No please, don’t do that. Richard would be so angry with me.”

I was ready to slap the redhead hard enough to knock some sense into her when she bolted back to her seat, leaving me with my skirt pushed up around my waist and my pussy begging for tongue.

The hostess smiled smugly back at me. “I think I’ll tell your husband anyway.”

I didn’t bother telling her that Steve wouldn’t care, I was too angry. Instead, I reached out and grabbed hold of one of her scrawny arms and pulled her into the toilets with me. Shutting the door firmly behind her, I told her, “You owe me a pussy tonguing bitch so get on your knees and get started!”

“How dare you touch me you tramp? Let go of me instantly or I’ll tell everyone on the plane what a whore you are!”

I took hold of her face with one of my hands and held her so I could kiss her. The crazy bitch tried to struggle free but there wasn’t the room. As I kissed her hard on the mouth, I forced her hands behind her back and gripped both her writs in one of my hands. Next I quickly flipped open the buttons of her stiff uniform blouse and pulled her bra free. I felt her body go stiff as I toyed with her small breasts and teased her nipples. I felt her body go limp and press against mine as she let out a low moan. Her nipples hardened to my touch and I pulled hard on one as the silly bitch moaned with delight. I pulled back and smiled at her.

“Please let me go?” she begged but there was no conviction in her voice now.

“Not until you have done what I want.”

“No please, don’t make me do that, don’t make me eat your pussy!”

I understood now exactly what she wanted. The bitch was begging to be dominated, to be made to feel she didn’t have any say in doing what she really wanted to do.

With one hand I pulled her slim belt free and wrapped it around her wrists. I didn’t do it tight and she could have wiggled her hands free if she wanted but we both knew she didn’t.

“Oh please, don’t do this to me, don’t make me eat your beautiful pussy, please don’t.’

“You beg so nicely.” I said as I pushed her to her knees. I didn’t even have to tell her. The bitch pressed her mouth to my pussy and went straight to work. I was already so hot that I orgasmed in no time.

She looked up at me from her knees and asked, “Are you going to set me free now?”

“Not yet.” I wiggled around so that I was facing away from her and ached my back as much as I could. “Now rim-out my ass and do a good job of it or I’ll drag you out and make you do it in front of everyone one the plane.”

“Yes Mistress.”

The way she worked my ass-hole I could tell she was used to tonguing anuses. The old bitch soon had me moaning with delight. I let her finish my ass before turned back around and had her do my pussy for a second time. The plane was nearly ready to land by the time I pulled her to her feet. She freed herself from the belt and slipped it back around her waist. As she adjusted canlı bahis şirketleri her bra, I asked her, “Why the pretence?”

She smiled coyly. “I knew a strong Amazon like you would force me to pleasure her if I gave you the opportunity.” She gave a shrug. “And besides, I love to act out being raped.”

As I took my seat, I looked over at the redhead and said, “You left too early, the Hostesses would have eaten you too if you’d stayed.”

“What does she mean by that?” demanded her husband.

“I’ll tell you later.”

He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her hard, “No, you’ll tell me now.”

They were still fighting as we left the plane.

Mummy, Barbra, was pleased to see her pretty baby boy back home which was so sickening that it nearly made me puke. I forced a smile and allowed the bitch to peck my cheek and because the slimy bastard was rich, I didn’t even complain when my father-in-law, Jackson, felt my ass, again. God I was going to be pleased to be rid of them. Steve’s grandfather had left him a sizable amount of money when he died and I knew he’d eventually inherit Jackson’s money too, all I had to do was wait them out.

That was the plan anyway. Three days later I received a summons from my witch mother-in-law. I tired to put her off but eventually I agreed to go up to the main house. As I entered through the big double doors I realised my mistake, this was her territory, I should have made her come to me, too late now though, I was already trapped.

“Ah, come in dear.” she said in her smarmy voice.

I had to hand it to her though, these rich sluts know how to present themselves. Her short, blonde hair was styled perfectly for her and the low cut dress had sufficient sophistication about it to not make her look like mutton dressed as lamb, which was exactly what she was. The bitch had more cleavage on display than a centerfold.

“Do sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

I’d rather have stabbed myself in the eye with a fork but I moved to the sofa and sat.

“Tell me dear, did you enjoy your honeymoon?”

“Very much.” Which was true.

“Do you think Stephen enjoyed it?”

“Very much,” Which was a lie.

The bitch looked like a cat ready to pounce on an unsuspecting mouse. Well, she’ll soon find this mouse has teeth.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking such personal questions?”

The old slut smiled and I could have happily punched her in the face.

“What do I care?”

She walked over to the bar and poured herself a drink. She didn’t offer me one and I didn’t let it bother me, not too much anyway!

She took a sip. “Stephen tells me that he isn’t as happy as he thought he would be; do you know why that might be?”

“Don’t have a clue.” I said, returning her annoying smile. I wanted to add, ‘And I don’t give a fuck!’ but I wasn’t as confident about my hold on Steve as I would have liked.

“Mmmm!” The bitch just stared at me as she sipped her drink. “He tells me…how should I put it…that your sex life isn’t what he expected?”

“I’m not sure what you mean?” I didn’t know how much my wimp husband would have told his mummy so I wasn’t going to be tricked into telling her more than she already knew or guessed.

“To be blunt, he said the marriage wasn’t consecrated!”

Was that where the bitch was headed, was she trying to threaten me with having the marriage annulled just because I would let her little Stephen fuck me?

“It depends on what you call, consecrating the marriage?”

She looked puzzled now. “I would have thought it was fairly clear cut?”

I shrugged. “If you are asking, did we fuck, well yes we did.”

“That isn’t what Stephen says.”

The bitch had been having this all her own way for too long, it was time to shock her. “I clearly remember strapping on a dildo and bending Steve over and fucking him.”

“You did what?”

When I opened my mouth to speak, she quickly raised a hand to stop me. “No don’t, I ever what to hear those words again.”

I spread my arms out along the top of the sofa, making my sculptured breasts press firmly against the skimpy top I was wearing. “Did he tell you he had sex with other woman?”

“I don’t believe it!”

“I have photos.” It was a lie but she didn’t know that.

She studied my face but my smile never faltered.

“No, he didn’t mention that.”

“He did it right in our Villa.”

Barbara was obviously rattled now; this wasn’t going as she had planned. She took a large gulp of her drink. “Just like his father!”

“Excuse me?”

Jackson can’t keep his hands of other women either. I never thought Stephen would be like that though!”

I decide that now wasn’t the right time to tell her I made him do it rather than have him fuck me? “Does he do it often?”

“Far too often for my liking but at least he knows how to be discrete, otherwise I’d have cut him loose years ago.”

I laughed.

“May I ask what you find so funny?” she asked in an acid tone.

“You’d have cut ‘him’ loose, what bullshit.”

A strange look came canlı kaçak iddaa over her face. “Why wouldn’t I cut him loose?”

“He’s your meal ticket.”

She looked smug now and I couldn’t figure out why.

“You don’t know do you?”

“Of course I do!” As soon as I’d blurted out the words I could feel myself blush. It was such an unexpected reaction from me that I was forced to retreat. “What don’t I know?”

“All the money belongs to me.”

“But Jackson’s father left a shit load of money to Steve?”

“Yes he did, but only because he knew Jackson didn’t need it because he was married to me. My father was one of the wealthiest men in the State and, when he died, I inherited everything.”

“How much?”

She bitch looked like she’d been given a saucer of cream as she told me, “Millions.”

“And it is all yours?”

“Every last cent.”

“So, I’ve been letting your slime-ball husband grope me every chance he’s had for nothing.

Barbara laughed now. “Looks like it.”

My mind was in a whirl now.

“How far would you have let him go?” she asked.

Time to lie. “I’d have let him fuck me.”

“For the money?”

“Hell yeah, we are talking millions here aren’t we?”

“Yes we are. Only I’m the one with the millions.”

There was something about her tone that caught me attention. I stood up and slowly walked over to her. I took the empty glass out of her hand and refilled it.

“Thank you dear.” she said as I handed it back to her.

As she took a sip, I slid the zipper at the back of her dress ever so slowly down. She gave a sharp intake of breath but didn’t speak as I pushed the straps off her shoulders and exposed her breasts. The bitches nipples were like stones they were so hard as I ran my hand over them.

“Tell me dear, did you really do that disgusting thing to my poor Stephen?”

I bent low and pressed my mouth to her ear. “Oh, I did much worse than that to him!”

Barbara swallowed hard. I squeezed her breast firmly and she moaned delightfully.

“Tell me more?”

I took my hand of her breast. “No!”

She looked at me. “No?”

“No. There is only room for one she-lion in this house and that is me. If you want me to tell you all the disgusting things I did to your little boy, then it’s your turn to play with my tits.”

Barbara simply stared into my face for a long, long time.

“You are serious aren’t you?”

“Damn straight!”

“God you’re so beautiful.” she said as she pressed her mouth against mine.

I allowed her to kiss me as she worked my top off. When she switched her soft lips to my nipples I told her, “After I’d fucked him with the dildo I made him take it into the bathroom and wash it off. When he brought it back, I made him suck on it like it was a real cock.”

She pulled her mouth from my breast and looked at me. “Why did you do that?”

I took a firm hold of her hair and pulled her mouth back to my tits. “For practice; the next night a brought a couple and their daughter to our room. While the wife and daughter enjoyed themselves pleasuring me, I made Steve give the husband a blow-job. When he’d finished, I had him kneel on the bed while Terrance fucked him. You should have heard your little boy whimper as Terrence reamed out his tight little ass.”

“Oh my.” she moaned.

I picked her up and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. “Undress me.”

When I was standing naked in the middle of her bedroom I told her, “I think I might make you my new personal body-slave.”

“What would I have to do?” she asked as she caressed my muscled thighs and kissed my breasts.

“Anything I tell you to do!’

“That sounds fair.”

I moved to the bed and knelt on it. It was time to see how far the old slut could be pushed. “Tongue my ass-hole until I tell you to stop.”

“Yes Darlene.”

It was my turn to moan now as my mother-in-law worked her hot, wet tongue over my puckered rosebud.

As she pleasured me, I told her about how the Assistant Manager of the Resort had discovered me whipping Steve and I let him take over while I lay on the bed and fingered myself.

I had enough stories to last the entire afternoon but I didn’t want to use them all up at once so I went back to the start and repeated what I’d already told her as she ate my pussy. Barbara seemed satisfied, well almost. As a rule, I never satisfy my slaves but the bitch did have millions. I kissed her as I fingered her dripping hole. She was ready to cum as I pulled my finger free. Millions or not, the bitch was going to have to work if she wanted me to give her an orgasm.

She clung to me. “Oh please Darlene, please don’t stop!’

“How would you like me to fuck you with my strap on?”

The old bitch brightened up instantly. “Oh, would you?”

“Of course.” I said as I kissed her. “All you have to do is run down to our place and get it.”

“OK.” she said eagerly.

I watched as she wrapped a robe around herself and headed for the door. “Barbara, just one thing before you go.”

“What is it Darlene?”

“No canlı kaçak bahis robe.”

“But what about the servants and the gardener, I can’t go running around naked, they’ll all see me?”

“Do it and I’ll fuck you; don’t do it and you’ll have to wait for your cheating husband to finish fucking his secretary and come home. Then, if you’re lucky, he’ll have enough lift in his tired old dick to satisfy you.”

“You really want to prove you are the she-lion of this pack don’t you?’

I lay back on the bed and made myself comfortable. “I’ll wait here but don’t be too long, just in case I change my mind!”

“No don’t do that!” she cried as she threw off her robe. “I’ll be right back!

This was turning out much better than I’d expected. In no time at all, my new slut was back. I showed her how to strap the dildo onto me before pushing her back onto the bed. I lay on top of her the way a man would and pounded her pussy hard. The bitch begged for more.

I had her on her knees now, the tip of my rubber cock pressed hard against her tight ass-hole. “Did anyone see you running to get my dildo?”

“Oh yes.” she said in a low, deep moan.

“Who?” I demanded as I forced the fist-sized cock-head into her ass.

“The maid, Maria, and the gardener.”

“Maria, is she the cute little one with the dark complexion?”

“Oh yes.” groaned Barbara as I fed more rubber cock into her.

“What about the gardener, do you think he liked what he saw?”

“Jimmy, I think so.”

I bent low and pressed my mouth to her ear as I told her, “If you treat me right for the next week, you might find out how much he liked seeing your naked!”

I left her to her fantasies after that as I reamed out her ass.

I never mentioned what I’d done with his mother but two days later Steve came to me and demanded, “What have you done to my mother?”

I wasn’t going to take that tone from my husband. I slapped his face hard.

“I’m sorry Darlene.”


“I said I was sorry Darlene.” he said as he quickly removed his clothes. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Me, I’m not going to do anything.” I walked to the front door and opened it. “Follow me!”

I marched him naked up to the main house. Unfortunately, Jimmy, the gardener had already gone for the day or I’d have found out just how far he would go to fuck his employer. Maria giggled when she saw Steve walking naked in the house but she was of no use to me at the moment so I marched Steve up to his parent’s room.

“What is the meaning of this?” demanded Jackson.

I ignored him and walked over to Barbara, with Steve following dutifully on my heels.

“Please mummy, make her stop.” he pleaded like the pathetic wimp he is.

I looked at Barbara and raised an eyebrow.

She walked to me and planted a long passionate kiss on my mouth.

“Oh no, not you too.” moaned Steve.

“What is going on here?” asked Jackson, but his tone was one of intrigue rather than anger now.

I broke off the kiss. Turning around to face my father-in-law, I told him, “I have made your wife my new body-salve.”

“You have made her your what?”

“I am not in the habit of repeating myself.”

“But you can’t be serious!”

Barbara wiped the silly smirk from his face when she shouted at him, “No one asked you to speak!”

“Get my dildo.” I said without looking at Barbara.

She quickly dashed from the room.

Jackson looked nervous now. “Are you going to tell me what is going on?”

“It is time to set a few ground rules.”

“Ground rules?”

“Yes, ground rules.”

I sat on the bed and pointed to the floor at my feet and said, “Kneel.”

Steve obeyed.

“Jesus.” said his father. “You must be one hell of a fuck.” he added as he ran his eyes slowly over my body.

I smiled at him as I said, “I don’t really know, no one has ever fucked me.”

He looked shocked. “What, no one…ever?” “Never ever.”

He pointed to his cowering son. “So what is your hold over him then?’

“I don’t give him what he wants but I give him what he needs.”

“You really are some piece of work aren’t you?”

“You don’t know the half of it?”

Our happy family moment was interrupted by the return of Barbara. “Strip.”

She did.

“Now put on the dildo.”

Barbara looked puzzled but she obeyed as I knew she would.

“Steve, get on the bed so your mother can fuck you.”

Steve was hurrying onto the bed when Jackson said, “I hope you don’t expect me to stick around and watch your little freak show?”

“You can leave any time you like.” I told him sweetly. “But if you leave now don’t bother coming back.”


“You heard me. You leave now, I’ll see to it that Barbara divorces you and with the amount of times you have cheated on her you won’t see a single red cent of her money.”

“Now see here you bossy little slut…”

“Careful!” I warned him. “Barbara will do whatever I tell her.”

“How do you think this will look in court Miss smarty-pants. When I tell them how you had Barbara fuck her own son, they’ll be asking me how much I want!”

“Do you have proof?” I reached out and ran my hand over Barbara’s bare buttocks as she drove the rubber cock deep into Steve’s ass. “You won’t get either of them to admit to it.”

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