Amazing Woman Ch. 01

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The events and conversations in this story are true. It happened in the mid 1960s. The names have been changed.


It was a Monday morning and I was sitting in the company cafeteria with a group of engineers drinking coffee before starting our day.

Looking across the room I noticed a mature, sophisticated, well dressed woman. She looked to be in her late forties. She was about five foot two with blond hair. From what I could see in her expensive business suit with the long skirt, she had an hour glass figure. She looked out of place among all the young, blue collar girls in their mini skirts.

One of the girls offered her a seat and she sat down facing me. She sat there just watching all that was going on and then she caught me looking at her. When our eyes met we both turned away. Then we made eye contact again. This time I smiled and tipped my coffee cup to her as a jester of saying, “Hi.” She returned the jester with a smile and I think I made her feel welcomed.

After the beginning of work, I had to go to the inspections lab to check on one of my projects. It was a new technology called Micro-electronics and it required many girls looking into microscopes. There were about twenty girls in their early twenties, working two shifts. Their supervisor was a woman in her late forties named Alice.

When I entered the lab, Alice grabbed me saying, “Oh Jack, I want to introduce you to our newest employee.” She led me into a private work station area where there was a person sitting and looking into a microscope. The person was in a white lab coat with white gloves and a white bonnet covering her hair.

“Maggie,” said Alice, “I want you to meet one of our engineers. This is Jack.” When she looked up, we both started to laugh. She was the sophisticated lady I saw earlier. I looked into her blue eyes and I instantly felt a connection to her.

Each morning I found myself going into the inspections lab just to say hello to her. If I saw her in the cafeteria sitting by herself, I would take the opportunity to sit with her. I found her to be so easy and interesting to talk with. Over time, Maggie and I became close friends.

One morning a girl brought Maggie a cup of coffee and she asked Maggie if she wanted sugar. Maggie looked at me and said, “No. I have my sugar right here.” From that time on she always called me Sugar and I called her Mag.

The girls saw us together so often and because of our age difference,(I was twenty five and Maggie was forty eight) they called her Mrs. Robinson.

In our many talks, Maggie confided in me that she and Alice were best friends from high school. Maggie married an accountant and Alice married an M.D. intern. After Alice had her baby, her husband filed for a divorce so he could marry his nurse. As a working, single mother, Alice ended up here in our company as a supervisor.

Maggie had four children, one after another. Her doctor told her that she was a breeder and so after her fourth child she had her tubes tied.

Her husband became a CFO of a large company and he traveled a lot. He was in his early fifties and he had a secretary named Barbra. Barbra was a divorced woman in her mid thirties and Maggie suspected that her husband was having an affair with her.

One day Maggie’s husband was in Chicago for a week and Maggie needed to get in touch with him. She called his office to ask Barbra what his itinerary was, but when she called, another woman answered. Thinking she had the wrong number, Maggie asked, “Hello, Barbra?” The woman’s voice at the other end of the line answered, “No. I’m sorry. Barbra is in Chicago. She won’t be back till Friday.”

Maggie hung up the phone and thought to herself, “What am I to do? My last child is away at college. My children no longer need me and my husband prefers a younger woman. If I confront him, then it could become a nasty argument and end in divorce. I’m not ready to give up the big house, cars and this life style. He is the only man I have ever known and I’ve been faithful to him for all of these years. This is my reward. My life is in a funk.”

Maggie called her friend Alice and asked her to lunch as they often did. After hearing Maggie’s story, Alice talked Maggie into coming to work with her. She felt that by working with the young girls it would give Maggie a new perspective on life and help get her out of the depression she was in.

Over time, I confided in Maggie that my wife was having an affair with her boss. I would have gotten a divorce if I had the money and a place to go. Maggie said to me, “In human relationships we only get eighteen months of intense love and passion. That’s all we get. After that, the boy starts looking at other girls and the girl starts looking at other boys.”

She continued, “You know you’re better off with the devil you know. You get divorced thinking you’ll find someone better and you could pretty much end up with the same thing. Maybe worse.”

To illustrate her point, she confided casino siteleri in me that Alice was in a long term relationship with a married man. He was an M.D. same as her ex.

She went on, “I know my husband will tire of his secretary or she will tire of him. Besides, he’s too old for her. Remember, we only get eighteen months then the passion is gone.”

Maggie asked me if my wife was a good house keeper? I answered, “Yes. She’s very neat. She does my cooking, house cleaning, pays the bills, she does it all.”

“If your wife was a slob,” Maggie replied, “Then I’d tell you to get rid of her, but if she can keep your home clean and peaceful, then I say keep her. It’s all we can hope for.”

I was too ashamed to tell Maggie that at home I was a wimp. That my wife would not have sex with me. That most nights I masturbated in order to fall asleep.

About six months after I first met Maggie, Alice asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner with her and some of the girls. They wanted to take Maggie out for her birthday and did I want to go. I answered, “No. That’s for you girls.” Then Alice told me that Maggie said she would not go unless I was there. So I agreed to go.

On a Friday night after work we all met at an upscale restaurant for dinner. After dinner we all retired to the bar area. The girls sat around a small table and I took a spot at the bar. There was a combo playing and I danced with most of the girls.

I asked Maggie to dance. It was a slow dance and I held her close. I could feel her breasts pressing against me. How good she felt in my arms. My hand was in the small of her back and I could feel my genitals bumping into her which caused me to get an erection. We could feel it press against her and I made no attempt to hide it. We just looked into each others eyes saying nothing.

The girls my age didn’t have this effect on me like Maggie did. Maybe it was the way she pressed her body against mine or the way she fondled the back of my head with her hand while we danced. Perhaps it was the scent of her intoxicating perfume or the sensual tone in her voice. Maybe she was just a mature woman who knew how to turn a man on. Whatever it was, I could feel a passion building for this older woman. I wanted her.

After the dance, I led her to the bar to buy her a drink and she ordered a gin and tonic. A gentleman sitting next to us got up and offered her his seat which she accepted. I now almost had her alone.

I asked her if I could drive her home. She looked at me with a look of shock and said,”No. I came here with these girls and I’m going home with them. Why would you want to take me home?” I replied that I just wanted to spend some time alone with her. She continued, “these girls all respect me and if I let you take me home, they would ostracize me. They would do nothing but talk about me and have nothing more to do with me. No! I can’t. I’m sorry and besides, I’m old enough to be your mother. How old are you?”

“I’m twenty-six,” I said.

“Well I’m forty-eight. I have a daughter your age,” she went on, “Listen to me. Tomorrow morning you will wake up and say to yourself, Oh my God, what did I do? I tried to pick up that old lady. You will be embarrassed. Trust me. You have been drinking so let’s forget it. It didn’t happen.”

I replied, “I am not drinking.” She looked at me, cocked her eye with a frown and said, “Don’t lie to me. Yes you have.” Pointing to my glass she went on, “That’s your fourth drink.”

I was flattered that she was watching me and keeping track of my drinks. What she did not know was that I don’t drink. “Mag,” I said to her, “This is a club soda.” Just then the bartender came down to our end of the bar and Maggie called to him.

“Tony! Tony! What’s this?” she said, pointing to my drink.

“The gentleman is drinking club soda with a twist of lemon,” was his reply.

She was stopped in her tracks. Her mouth hung open. She thought she had it all figured out and now she didn’t know what to say. She stood there studying me. Her eyes were dancing as she tried to take me all in. Then a slight smile came to her mouth.

“Look,” I said, “I would just like to be alone with you for a while. How about one night we meet for a cup of coffee?” Just then the girls called to her that they were getting ready to leave. She waved to them and then said to me, “Let me think about it.”

Outside I waited with the girls while the valet got their car. We said our good byes and the car started to pull away. Then just past me, the car stopped and Maggie got out saying to the girls, “Wait! I didn’t get my birthday kiss!” Walking up to me, she cupped my face in her hands and we kissed. When we kissed, she sucked my lips to her’s so that our lips were sealed together. I would think of that kiss on my long drive home.

That Monday morning I asked her again, if we could meet for a cup of coffee. She said, “OK, but it’s just a cup of coffee. Nothing more.”

We agreed to meet that Wednesday slot oyna night as it was the only time we were both free. She said her husband was home and she would have to make dinner. The earliest she could meet me was seven-thirty and she told me where she would park at the shopping center.

That night after work, I went to a motor hotel which I knew was next door to a small coffee cafe. I rented a room. The room was around the side of the hotel and it was a ground floor room with head in parking. I didn’t want to be bringing Maggie into the building, waiting for an elevator and walking through the halls. Here I could park my car at the door of the room.

I checked out the room and left the lights turned on low. I tuned the radio to an FM station that I liked. FM stations were fairly new at the time so they did not have many commercials. They just played continuous music. Bob Dylan was singing, “Lay lady lay. Lay across my big brass bed.” I left the radio playing on low for background music. I then drove to the mall and waited for Maggie.

Maggie parked her car and got into mine saying, “Hi Sugar, have you been waiting long?” I replied, “I’ve been waiting all my life for you.” I told her which coffee shop we were going to and it was fine with her. As I approached the coffee shop, Maggie was talking to me and I turned into the hotel drive. Maggie became silent as I drove around the building and parked at the entrance of the room.

She said nothing. She sat there staring straight ahead at the motel door. She was thinking to herself, “This guy must think that I sleep around. He picks me up and drives me straight to a hotel. I danced with him and I guess, I brought this on myself. I had toyed with him. I just wanted to see if I could turn a man on. I didn’t expect it to go this far. He’s too young. How am I going to get out of this graciously and not hurt his feelings?”

Turning off the engine, I turned to her. She was deep in thought and I said, “Mag, I was thinking. I live thirty miles away and around here, nobody knows me. This is your town and a lot of people know you. If someone see’s you having coffee with me, then you have to explain, who I am, why we are together and what’s your relationship with me. So I figured, I would rent a room. I’ll get you settled in the room. Then I’ll go over and get the coffee. This way we can kick off our shoes, enjoy a cup of coffee and nobody will disturb us.”

She turned and looked at me. I could see fire in her eyes as she said, “This was going to be just a cup of coffee. Now you want to go and rent a room.”

I opened my hand showing her the key. The tag had the number 112 on it, same as on the door. “Let me get you settled in the room,” I said softly, “Then I’ll walk over and get the coffee.”

Not giving her a chance to respond, I got out of the car and walked around the back of it. My logic was sound but I had to act fast. I had to get her into that room before she could resist.

As I came around to her side of the car, I could see that her door was not opening. Not a good sign. I opened her door. She sat there very apprehensive. It was like she had just gotten into an auto accident and she was confused and didn’t know what to do.

I took her trembling hand into mine, saying, “Mag, it’s just a cup of coffee. Nothing more.” As she was getting out of the car, the feel of her hand in mine stoked the fire within my lions.

As I walked her to the door, I had my hand in the small of her back and I felt like a parent leading their child to the wood shed.

Getting to the door, I said to her, “No one will ever know that you were here.” I pushed the key into the lock.

It was a cool Fall evening and as I opened the door, we could feel the warm air emitting from the room. It was inviting. We entered the room and I closed and locked the door. When I turned around, I saw that Mag had walked the ten feet or so into the room and was standing by the bed facing me. “Crystal Blue Persuasion” was playing on the radio.

I could see in the soft light that the stress and tension was gone from her face and replaced by almost a smile. She was now calm and at peace. She knew at this moment in time and space, that she had to be here in this room with me.

We kissed gently at first. Then we kissed long and passionately, holding each other in our arms. It was more like we clung to each other and we clung to each other because we needed each other.

I slipped her jacket off and laid it on the chair. Then I laid my jacket on top of hers. She was dressed conservatively with a white button down blouse and a long gray skirt. She always dressed conservatively in expensive clothes but they made her look matronly.

Her clothes to me, were like she came to me gift wrapped and I was going to enjoy unwrapping this present. Looking into her eyes, I unbuttoned the first button of her blouse. She didn’t protest. Then I undid the next button and she remained passive. The fidelity that she held for her canlı casino siteleri husband, I was now taking, one button at a time.

Opening her blouse, I began kissing her neck and chest. She made soft sighs of pleasure as she cupped my head in her hands and guided my lips across her chest. I pealed her blouse back, exposing her shoulders and kissing each newly exposed area of flesh. Her blouse came off and I dropped it on my jacket. Then I unhooked her bra and she let it fall away.

Her breasts were not large. They were more like the breasts of a young teenage girl. They were milk white, young and innocent, like they had never been touched before. She moaned as I fondled and sucked her pink nipples.

We moved to the bed and I pulled back the covers. She laid on her back while I kissed and licked my way down her body, stopping to kiss and lick her navel. She helped me undo her skirt and I pulled it away, kissing and licking each newly exposed part of her body. Her tummy was smooth and taught with no stretch marks. Her legs were beautiful and I could not understand why she would keep them hidden with long skirts.

I could feel her fingers playing with the hair on my head as I slowly slipped her panties down revealing her womanhood. Her pubic hair was naturally sparse, light and thin. It was silky and I rubbed my mouth into it, savoring her fragrance, like it was some kind of exotic flower. She raised her knees and opened her legs to my hungry mouth. Her clitoris was pronounced and I licked it, then gently sucked it into my mouth. She was breathing heavy now and moaning. I could feel her buck and squirm with her first orgasm. She held my hair in her fists as she tried to force my mouth deeper into her.

As I was sucking her clitoris, I was taking off my shirt and tie. Kicking off my shoes and pushing my pants off. We were now both nude and I could feel my erection pressing against the mattress, demanding to be where my mouth was.

But no. It wasn’t about my cock. It was about her and her pleasure. I draped her legs over my shoulders and this gave my mouth full access to her vagina.

Diana Ross was singing, “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” and I’m gonna make Maggie love me. I’m gonna get her addicted to my mouth and tongue. I would suck on her clitoris causing her to have an orgasm. Then I would push my tongue deep into her pussy, scooping up her nectar with my tongue and drinking it. Then I would go back to sucking her clitoris till she came again. Her nectar was like an aphrodisiac. The more I got, the more I had to have.

While I was sucking her, she would reach up and grab my head by the hair and try to force my mouth deeper into her. At the same time she would make animal growling noises. Then while she was climaxing, she would throw herself back down on the bed. She was bucking and squirming so violently, that the bed was shaking. Her moans and groans were so loud that I was afraid someone would hear her and report that a woman was being murdered in room 112.

I told her to be quiet. She grabbed a pillow and held it to her face as she screamed into it. She clamped her legs around my head so tight that I thought her thighs would crush me. Just as quickly she would open her legs wide and grunt, “Eat me! Eat me!” as she tried to force my head deeper into her. Her thrashing about went on for a long time and then she begged, “No! No! Please! No more. Please stop. No more. I can’t take any more.”

I had to have one more taste of her before I stopped. Then I got out from under her. She lay there panting with her body quivering like a wounded animal. I never saw anyone in such a state as this. I crawled up to her and tried to calm her down. My face was covered in her juices. I tried to caress her but when I did, she shuddered from my touch. She said, “No! Don’t touch me. Please don’t touch me. My body is too sensitive. Let me rest a minute.”

It took a while for her to calm down. Then I kissed her and climbed over, getting between her legs once again. This time I was propped up on my hands and looking into her eyes, I positioned the head of my cock at the opening of her vulva. She closed her eyes and held her bottom lip in her teeth anticipating my entering her. I was poised above her, enjoying the feeling of our bodies touching there. The warm touching warm. I wanted to be looking into her eyes when I entered her. I waited.

She opened her eyes and looked into mine. She opened her mouth as if to say something but then just nodded a “yes” and I slowly pushed myself up into her. She was so tight and I thought to myself, “My God, doesn’t her husband ever fuck her?”

I began that in and out motion, slowly at first. Then increasing the intensity as our passions grew. Her mouth was against my ear and I could her her moans of pleasure with each thrust of my cock.

The Beatles were now singing,”Come Together” and we did. Just when she started to climax, she pushed her tongue into my ear and I had the most abundant, intense ejaculations of my life.

We laid there for a while with my cock going flaccid inside her. Then I felt her muscles contracting around it. Smiling at me she said, “I just want to squeeze every drop out of you.”

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