Alucard: Mr. Ettington and His Wife, Cornelia

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Chapter 4: Mr. Ettington and His Wife, Cornelia

Trees. Mountains in the distance. I always admired nature’s beauty, its calming indifference. It began to rain, just a slight drizzle. I flipped on the wipers. It was a lovely autumn day, the sky was a bright blue with whisks of white clouds. I was driving to Mr. Ettington’s estate on request. It had been several weeks since the birthing of his half-breed and he wanted to thank me in person. I drove through the gates leading to his home. Mr. Ettington had considerable wealth and his property displayed that.

I was greeted by staff that suggested I walk out to the large building with red doors, as I would find Mr. Ettington there. I opened the one of the red doors, and found myself in a dimly lit room. There was a table, some tools, just stuff that had been dropped there, and two doors. One had a plaque which read “FOOD STORAGE” and the other “WORKSHOP”. I heard noise from the food storage door and opened it. Inside was another dimly lit room, very large, and containing perhaps many tens of human women grouped in many pens. Their ages seemed to vary and I admired them as walked. Up ahead, was a separate room of sorts, more of an enclosure. I made my way to it and, when I did, heard sounds of groaning and whispers.

I continued to approach the room and then entered. What I found was Mr. Ettington laying upright on a large velvet red bed. He was surrounded by beautiful, naked women which were laying with him, seemingly in a trance. They offered themselves to him and were very sensual in their mannerisms. Mr. Ettington seemed to be kissing a young woman’s neck, until I saw drips of red roll down her neck, making its way between her perky breasts. She stared blankly, breathing quickly as another older woman, maybe in her forties, ate her pussy with great interest and passion.

When my presence was noticed, Mr. Ettington and the older woman turned to me, blood dripped from their mouths at first, but they licked it back in effort to compose themselves. They were both clearly vampires. Vampires have no interest in elves, in terms of nutrition, and are only sometimes of equal power. I was intrigued and told them to please continue and that I was happy to wait, if I might observe. Mr. Ettington shrugged his shoulders and agreed. As if at first he had forgotten, he spoke, “This lovely lady with me is my wife. Her name is Cornelia.”

Mr. Ettington smiled, revealing his vampiric fangs, then sunk them back into the young woman. Cornelia did the same in a way that made it appear that she was drinking from the young woman’s clit. The young woman convulsed, paling, her life being drained from her. Just then, Cornelia placed her hand on the young woman’s lower abdomen. Using some sort of magic, the young woman was forced to experience intense orgasms, demanding all of her remaining energy and she peed uncontrollably. Cornelia bit down again, drinking—no, guzzling the young woman’s blood, pee and pussy juice. The young woman began to appear thinner and more lifeless by the minute and soon was very clearly dead. A few minutes after this, she was pushed aside, gray in color. Her eyes still staring at nothing.

Mr. Ettington and Cornelia slipped on silk robes that were hanging near their bed. Cornelia had long, dark hair and was rather stunning. She had large breasts that swung and danced behind the light purple silk that covered her. It was difficult not to stare at her large nipples poking through the silk.

“This place is rather lovely and you have a fetching collection of human women as well,’ I said.

“Thank you,” said Mr. Ettington, “They provide both entertainment and nourishment.”

Cornelia followed behind him and when she passed me, reached out and ran her fingers across my arm seductively. Mr. Ettington noticed, but only smirked to himself. We walked back to his home and into a study.

“Would you like something to drink?” said Mr. Ettington.

“Sure, perhaps tea?” I answered. He motioned to his staff and they left the room. Cornelia, who had left for a moment, rejoined us. She sat in a tall back chair and crossed her legs, not being careful to hide her womanhood from me. They both drank some kind of liquor. The three of us chatted and I learned more about how Mr. Ettington gained his wealth, became a vampire, met Cornelia and so on. I updated him on the health and progress of his half-breed and he seemed quite satisfied. He then abruptly said, “My goodness! I must be going. I have several errands to run in town. Do enjoy bahis firmaları my wife’s company and thank you again for visiting.” With that, and a wink, he left.

Cornelia spoke after her husband left and as we did she made her way closer to me. I could smell a lovely perfume from her, could hear a crackling from the fireplace, and could see outlines of her seductive features beneath her silk robe. Cornelia asked if I would like something more to drink as she refilled her own. Her ass looked amazing through the silk robe, which was tight around her waist. Her buttocks moves gracefully as she walked. I answered, “Yes, please, whatever you are having.”

She brought me my drink and leaned toward me, setting it on the small coffee table that was between us. In doing this, she exposed to me her deep cleavage and I could even see part of one of her large, dark nipples. I gazed upon her and she noticed, “Do you enjoy viewing other people’s wives?”

“Oh, no!” I said, “I sincerely apologize.”

“Then do you not find me attractive?” she said, playfully.

“On the contrary, I find you very attractive, but… you are Mr. Etting–” she then interrupted me.

“And he allows me whatever I want, whenever I want it. …and perhaps I want you.” she said. I was speechless for a moment knowing that I should be careful. Cornelia then walked around the coffee table and put her knee into the my chair. Then lifting her other leg over me, sat on my lap facing me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed herself against me, smelling me. My cock began to throb and she could feel it growing against her loins. Her eyes locked with mine and her mouth opened slightly into a smile.

She began whispering in my ear, “do you want to be inside me?” I pulled her hips downward and pushed my hard cock against her womanhood. She knew the answer. She again whispered, “Then… fuck me.” I did not need more encouragement. I slipped my pants down with her still atop me. Cornelia lifted her ass and guided my huge cock into her wet cunt, still hidden under her robe. She was warm and tight around my cock and I drove myself deep inside her. She exhaled and her breath fluttered, her shoulders lifted as if in retreat, her breasts jiggled and swam beneath the robe.

I thrust deep into Cornelia and kissed her lips, my tongue could feel the vampiric teeth inside her mouth. She moved her hips in rhythm with my thrusting, I clenched her soft, thick ass and she moaned in pleasure. I felt her pussy clenching around the my cock.

“Wait, I want you deeper. I want you in my ass.” she said. I agreed to it without even thinking, and she slid off of me. We made our way to the couch and she hiked the robe up, bending over to reveal her godlike ass. I spread it with my hands and licked it deeply. I then slapped it and she gasped with pleasure and turned to me, smiling with surprise. I pushed the head of my cock against her tight shit hole. I spit on her ass hole, and continued stretching it with my huge cock. After maybe three inches of penetration (out of the almost two feet I could offer without magic), my cock head bumped into something.

Cornelia noticed that I was confused and said, “That is a large plastic ball. I enjoy all forms of anal play and recently I have been plugging my ass for weeks at a time. I incorporate a grain diet (easy enough, since my nutrition comes only from blood) such that my shit is very runny. I haven’t shit for over two weeks and my intestines feel tingly and as if they will burst any moment. Does this frighten you?”

“Not in the slightest!” I said.

“Then let me push the plastic ball out, and just as I do I want to you plug me with you huge cock and fuck my shit-filled ass, packing it deeper inside me.” I removed my cock from her ass and Cornelia began pushing the ball from her bowels. I could see the first of it coming out. It was large, perhaps even eight inches in diameter. She started sweating trying to push it out and finally said, “A little help please?”

I slid my entire fist into her pussy and then press on the ball through her soft, wet cunt wall. Eventually the ball popped out with great force and just as it did, I rammed her with my still throbbing cock. She screamed as I did. I had penetrating her with about a foot of my cock in that single thrust. She then undid her robe and threw it aside. I started pounding her ass and placed my hands on her lower hips. I then noticed the significant bulging of Cornelia’s belly, clearly full of liquid shit. The idea of fucking her shit-filled kaçak iddaa ass hole was exciting to me.

“Oh, God! Be gentle! I may be a vampire and will not die from this, but I do still feel pain!” Cornelia shouted.

“My apologies, Cornelia. Your ass is so perfectly round and fuckable. I couldn’t help it.” I said.

“Fine, just keep fucking me… The sensation is amazing, but the pressure is building inside me. I’m not sure how long I can hold my shit in” Cornelia said.

I thrusted deeper into her liquid shit. She gasped and tried to pull away, but I yanked her back with my strong arms.

“Fuck! Uhhhh! You are so deep! My legs are shaking…” she said.

I reached under her and rubbed her dripping pussy. Her hips moved violently as I did, but I held her, and fucked her deeply.

“Oh fuck… I need to relieve some pressure. Please pull out so I can shit a little? Please?” Cornelia wept.

“Not yet!” I said and rubbed her clit furiously. I could tell she would cum soon. She was helpless and I was in complete control.

“FUCK! I’M CUMMING!!” she yelled. She squirted with incredible pressure as I continued to rub her. I then pulled my huge member from her ass and shit followed. Creamy brown shit blasted from her ass while she squirted. Most of her shit was packed so deeply, Cornelia was having to push hard to relieve herself. He ass hole looked like a rose, almost inside out as she pushed. Her face was pressed against the coach and she drooled from her mouth, breathing heavily. Just as I saw a giant, soft turd poking from her ass, I slammed my cock back in, undoing all of her work. She sprung to life and peed, gasping for air.

“Gaahhddd! It hurts so much!” she cried, “ Why do I love this?!” I then began to pull out, allowing her shit to show itself, then as it did, I would ram my cock back in. And repeated over and over, tormenting her ass. Each time she would pee and scream and, every few times, orgasm violently. Her legs were drenched with cum and piss, her ass fully lubricated with her own shit. There was shit on the floor and some also on their coach.

“I suggest we take this to a bathtub,” I said.

“Agreed, I don’t think I can hold it in any longer,” she said. We both stood up together, my cock still plugging her ass. I wrapped my arms around her from behind. She turned her head and kissed me passionately. My right hand massaged her pussy and my left lifted her left breasts, It was heavy, soft and that of an angel. I rolled her nipple between my fingers and she groaned in my mouth.

Still deeply connected, we walked to her bathroom. It was an extravagant bathroom to be sure. Cornelia switched on part of the lighting, making the room dimly, romantically lit, as if by candles. We both stepped into the tub. She assumed the doggy position and we began fucking once again. Cornelia screamed and moaned in pleasure, but occasionally convulsed from the pressure and pain. Her eyes would tear up, but then she would again compose herself and ask to be fucked harder.

“Please, let me release some more? I’m desperate!” she said. I pulled out my cock, but before she could release, slammed it back in.

“EERRR!!! GOD!! FUCK!!” she screeched. I could tell she was in pain and loved it. She even was trying to push her shit out while I was still inside, her anus budded around my cock, then tensed, then loosened, then tensed, massaging me. It felt so amazing and I was close to cumming. She still had not been able to relieve herself.

I minute passed and I could feel my load itching to be inside her. I pushed my cock deep inside her, all two feet of it, slamming my hips against her. I don’t how it could fit, but it did. Cornelia’s vampiric powers must have been at play for this not to kill her.

I shot my first load. She screamed, feeling the pressure in her belly swell. I then pulled out and swung her around, facing me, all in one motion. My huge, hard cock was covered in her creamy shit and ready to explode again. She knew immediately what to do and wanted it as much as I did. Cornelia grabbed my ass and pulled me toward her. My cock slid into her open, hungry mouth. She kept her tongue extended outward, so my manhood could slide unobstructed down her tight throat hole. I held my orgasm as long as I could to enjoy the sensation of being deep in Cornelia’s throat. She gagged and tried swallowing but could not. Her eyes were glassy as I thrusted in and out,each time deeper into throat. Her neck was bulging hideously from the large meat stick inside kaçak bahis of it.

Cornelia’s pussy dripped with her sweet juices and she was peeing and squirting in broken spurts. With my cock no longer plugging her ass, shit exploded from it. Painting the tub behind her in various shades of brown. Shit slid down the tub’s sides forming a large pile that spread itself over the tub’s floor. Her stomach had become less bloated making her appear even more curvaceous and lovely, but it was clear she still contained an enormous amount of shit and she could feel it.

My observations excited me and I could hold out no more. My face showed desperate longing and almost agony as I started the release of another huge load, sending another stream of orgasmic pleasure through my enraged body. Holding Cornelia from behind her head, I eased my cock deeper down her throat until it touched the bottom of her stomach. She would have no choice but to swallow my thick cum. With a moment of intense pleasure, I emptied my balls in Cornelia’s warm stomach. Her eyes widened and she tried to push away from me, but I held her in place. Cum poured from my cock continuously as if I was peeing cum.

Cornelia’s stomach filled with my seed, growing in size visually, and she wrestled against me. She could not breath with my cock so deeply inside her throat, it’s girth stretching it and pushing closed her airways. As I continued cumming, Cornelia became limp as she was suffocating I knew she would survive, however, because she was a vampire and would ultimately enjoy the experience.

I finally finished and pulled my cock from Cornelia’s limp body. She fell backward into the tub. I patted her back and she began to come to. She weakly lifted her body, which was now covered partially in her own shit, and choked, puking my still hot cum from her stomach. Her ass once again faced me, shit still oozing from it. I noticed a shower head hanging beside me from a hose. I turned the water on and set it to a warm, comfortable temperature. I then washed Cornelia’s ass, cleaning the shit from it. Cornelia was still trying to puke my seed from her stomach.

I then became bored, and increased the water’s temperature. I loved that I could hurt Cornelia in almost any way without there being any permanent damage.

“Aaaaaaahh!! It’s too hot! It’s burning me!!” Cornelia yelled.

“Oh, is it? Then I shall put the shower head away…” I said, but then shoved it violently into her budding, open ass hole, pushing against the flow of her shit.

“FFFFUUUUU!!!” she yelled, slamming herself into the floor of the tub in attempt to get away from the heat. With my strength, I held the shower head inside her trembling ass, the hot water filled her and she screamed in agony. I could feel her body becoming unnaturally warm and red, her yells fleeting to moans, then to silent shaking. The water faucet was all the way open, hot water flooded Cornelia with great speed. I could feel her body rising as her stomach inflated and pushed against the bottom of the tub.

Cornelia had not moved for several minutes and was grossly filled with the hot water. I pulled the shower head from her red, scorched ass hole and flipped her on her back. Her stomach was heavily bloated, her eyes wide in disbelief, water gargled from her throat, her face covered in shit that had been forced through her by the great pressure. I placed my hands on her huge, bloated belly and rammed my long member inside her now burning cunt hole. She did not seem to notice as she was unconscious. This only furthered my lust for her and I fucked her with passion, sloshing the water inside her. I grabbed her huge nipples and pulled them, then slapped her watery, flopping breasts repeatedly until they were red and bruised.

Cornelia’s pussy was raw from my huge meat stick brutally thrusting in and out of it. Every time I slammed my cock into Cornelia, hot water and shit would jet out of her throbbing ass hole. I pressed rhythmically on her belly and soon most of the water and its warmth had left her. As I continued fucking her, she started to awaken, her vampiric powers unwilling to give up their host. Her eyes closed and opened, she choked and coughed, clearing the shit and water from her throat and lungs.

“Holy FUCK!” Cornelia yelled, “Pound my dirty cunt to death! I never want you to stop fucking me, your dirty cunt slave! …I love the pain you give me and am always ready for more.”

“Then maybe we should plan a sleepover at my place soon,” I said.

“I would—oh, fuck!! I would like that,” she said while drawing near another orgasm.


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