Alpha Bear on Campus Ch. 05

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“John, do you have plans tonight? I would like you to come over for dinner if you are available. I hope you had a good rest of the weekend.”

It was 10:00am as I sat at my desk reading this text message from President May. Saturday had been quite the eventful day. I had my first sexual encounter of my relatively young life with my university president. It was a thrilling experience that culminated with me in his bed getting topped for the first time. I had been thinking about that experience ever since. It didn’t take me long to reply.

“Yes Sir! I would love to join you for dinner tonight. What time?” I waited a few minutes before receiving his next text.

“Come over tonight at 7. Don’t be late, son!”

That last word caused a stir in my pants, but I fought to push it out of my mind as there was a full day’s work ahead of me. I replayed the weekend’s events in my mind as I drove to the president’s house. I had wanted to stay longer on Saturday and maybe get a second opportunity to suck his dick, but after a shower together (which was another thrilling highlight of the day) and a quick dinner, President May said it would be wise to call it a night. He wanted me to have some time to process what had happened on my own. He said he would be in touch with me on Monday.

I parked in the circle drive and made my way up to the front door and knocked. The door swung open, and there stood my daddy bear looking handsome as always – this time in a pair of form fitting jeans and a checkered button up shirt with different shades of red and white. The jeans showed off his big thighs and he left the top two buttons of his shirt undone to show off his sexy tan skin and chest hair.

“Johnny, come on in.” He stepped aside and I entered the foyer of his beautiful home. He checked his watch as he closed the door. “Right on time, too. Good boy!” I blushed at the use of my favorite nickname and stood unsure of how I should greet the man. A handshake seemed too impersonal, but I wondered if a hug was appropriate as well. President May made this decision for us and extended his arms inviting me in for a big hug. My hands could barely fit around his back while his arms wrapped all the way around me and then some. He squeezed me tightly. I felt small in his arms. I liked that feeling.

“Dinner will be ready in five minutes. Follow me.” He led me into the kitchen where I saw two big steaks being seared over a skillet pan. There was also a dish of mashed potatoes and a bowl of a delicious looking salad. He offered me a glass of wine, which I accepted, and the evening was off and running. The main floor of his house was a big open layout with the kitchen, dining table, and living room all in one large space. The dining table was to the side of the kitchen island and looked out onto the deck that sat above his beautiful pool and backyard. Our conversation during dinner carried on smoother than I expected. I was finding it easier and easier to talk with this man that had accomplished far more and greatly outranked me in every facet of life. The food tasted great, and I could tell the wine was a much nicer quality than I was normally accustomed.

“So, I know how your Saturday was,” President May flashed me a mocking sort of smile, “but, tell me, how was Sunday?”

“It was good – a pretty lazy day to be honest.”

“That’s not what I mean, John. Did you have a chance to think about what happened between us on Saturday? Now that the euphoria of the moment has passed, how do you feel about it?” I found it debatable whether or not the euphoria of the moment had passed. It was all I could think about. I answered as if this were the case, however.

“I feel great, Sir. It was a lot of fun for me, obviously.”

“I know the first time can be different for everyone. It’s always fun in the moment, but the aftermath can bring with it a whole host of emotions, sometimes even regret. Be honest with me, now. Do you have any regrets about what happened on Saturday?” He reached out and gently touched my knee. His stare was serious but expressed a sense of safety.

“Oh no, Sir! Not at all! I am glad my first time was with you.” I reached down to my knee and placed my hand on top of his. He smiled. He looked relieved. Was he afraid I was going to reject him?

“Good! I was hoping I wasn’t too forward or moved too quickly for you.” He took a sip of wine and wiped his mouth with his napkin. “The next thing to do is to figure out where to go from here. I’ve taken a great liking to you over this summer. I’ve expressed my fatherly affection for you and am happy to play that trusted mentor role in your life. However, I’m not going to lie, young man. I’m not one for one night stands. I would like to pursue something deeper with you. I find you extremely attractive both inside and out. I wanted to have you over for dinner tonight to make my intentions known. I want to be more than a mentor or one time under the sun fling. I want to be your man – to put it in illegal bahis a PG sort of way.”

He paused to get a read on me. I could not hide my pleasure at hearing these words. I felt like it was my turn to speak.

“I feel the same way, Sir. To be honest, I have had a crush on you for a long time. I would love to see where this goes. I would love for you to – err – be my man.”

“You could make me a very happy man, John. Come here.” He grabbed my hand which still rested on his knee and pulled me towards him. He leaned closer to me as well, and we started to kis. The kiss quickly escalated in passion as he forced his tongue inside my mouth. His hands ran through my hair; he directed all our movements. After several seconds, he stood us both up from the table.

“Finish your wine, boy, and let’s move this to the couch.” I followed orders and downed my glass. He led me under his arm to the couch in the living room. He sat on the end of the sofa and pulled me to sit on his lap. This was the best seat in the house I thought as I wrapped my arm around his head, and we continued our makeout session. His right arm went around my back and held me tight against his stomach. His left hand explored my stomach and chest eventually making their way inside my shirt. We ventured on like this for several minutes until he repositioned me, having me place one knee on either side of his hips, so I was straddling him. We continued to kiss, and now, both of his hands were free to explore my body. He groped my ass and played with it according to his pleasure.

“I had a lot of fun with this sexy thing! How does it feel today? Is it sore?”

“I wouldn’t call it sore but…” I struggled to describe its feeling.

“You can tell there was a big cock up there recently.” He was blunt and to the point!

“Yes Sir, a little. I think you really gave it to me.”

“Oh no, Johnny. I took it easy on you. I would never hurt you. You aren’t ready for the whole bull just yet.” He gave me forceful slaps on the butt to emphasize this point. He noticed the obvious tent that was now developing in my pants. His hands moved to stroke my hardening member a few times before undoing my pants and zipper to alleviate their uncomfortable tightness. There was a small wet spot now forming at the top of boxer briefs. He dabbed his finger mockingly on this wet spot to call both of our attentions to it. His smile told me he was proud of his ability to turn me on. He resumed stroking my shaft through my boxer briefs. His touch felt much more sensitive now. I let out a small gasp and shuddered at his touch.

“You like that, boy?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Try again, Johnny. Sir was a good name for me at dinner. What’s my name now?”

“Daddy,” I responded.

“Good boy.” His hands moved to my backside once again and slipped inside my boxer briefs. They grabbed two big handfuls of cheeky flesh. I loved how his hands made my ass feel nice and warm as they moved across my skin. This was such a turn-on that I instinctively started to grind against his boulderous stomach. He must have liked this because he assisted my slow bucking by using his grip on my ass to push and pull me in and away from him.

“Take your shirt off.” I did so right away and as fast as I could. “Now, your pants. Leave the underwear on.”

I stepped down temporarily to accomplish this task and then climbed back on my daddy bull. I resumed grinding against his stomach. His hands traveled along every square inch of my hard abs and muscular chest.

“Such a hot, young, stud boy.” His hands gripped me with a sense of ownership. Finally, he placed his hands on the front of my hips and stopped my grinding.

“Take off my shirt.” It drove me wild how everything was a short command. No discussion. No conversation. Just do what you’re told. That was a skill that came naturally to me.

My fingers immediately began fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. I made quick work of this task and untucked the two tails letting them fall to his sides, so I could salvate in the glorious site in front of me. With a nod of his head he gave me permission to explore his hairy chest and big daddy belly. But he cut my fun short. I couldn’t be allowed to lose sight of who really mattered here.

“On your knees, boy.” He said with a gruff voice. That was poetry to my ears.

“Yes Daddy.” I slid off the couch onto my knees and rested my hands on his thick thighs.

“Take off Daddy’s pants. It’s time to feed you your dessert.”

Before reaching for his belt buckle, I leaned forward and kissed his protruding bulge. He liked this sign of respect and ruffled his fingers through my hair like he was petting me. I grabbed hold of the end of the leather strap and pulled it free from the clasp of his belt buckle. It reminded me of a key opening up a lock to get at the treasure that lay hidden inside. His belt was undone; his zipper pulled down; and now he lifted up in his seat, so I could pull illegal bahis siteleri his pants all the way down to his ankles.

I kissed my way up his hairy legs before stopping to behold his tightly worn black boxer briefs. My mouth watered even more than it already was as I took in his hefty package. I looked up wanting some sort of direction to do next. He peered down at me with his alpha look, and instead of speaking his next command, he grabbed the back of my head with his right hand and plunged my head deep into his groin. He directed my movements for a few seconds and then left me to the desires of my own will. Back and forth I went, in and out of each crevice between his balls and thigh and all over the outline of his thickening daddy dick. I let my senses become filled with their sweet aroma. I was allowed to enjoy this new playground for a bit longer before I received a tap on the head.

“Daddy left his wine at the table. Go and fetch it for me, boy.” I quickly rose to my feet and hurried over to retrieve his wine receiving a smack on the rear end as I departed. My hardon bounced back and forth in front of me on the way held down only by my boxer briefs. When I returned, President May took his wine, called me a ‘good boy’, and pointed down at the space between his legs.

“Back down, boy.”

I resumed my position and was then instructed to fish out his cockhead through the flap at the top of his boxer briefs. Daddy’s cock was as big and thick as I remembered. I stretched my mouth wide and leaned forward to give a sloppy wet kiss. All the memories from Saturday came flooding back – the taste, the smell, the strain I felt in my jaw, the increased difficulty of breathing. I became drunk on these sensations and plunged further down his shaft. As I did on Saturday, I bobbed down too far and was forced to come off his dick and release a small gag.

President May’s belly bounced up and down as he chuckled to himself. “You okay?” He stroked my cheek with his free hand. I looked up at him through watery eyes. I gave a slight nod.

“You look so cute down there, Johnny. Just a beginner – still learning how to suck his Daddy’s cock.” He let out a small growl. “Don’t worry, you’re going to get plenty of practice. In time you will be able to take all of Daddy. But for now, my boy, be patient and go slow.”

The palm of his hand slid from my cheek to the top of my head. He applied pressure and guided me back down on his waiting cock. His hand stayed on my head moving it up and down until I learned the slow rhythm he desired.

“That’s it Johnny. There you go!” He said through heavier breathing. “You’re going to make a fine cocksucker; I can tell.” He took a sip of wine. “You just need a little training, that’s all.”

President May spread his legs wider and instructed me to lick his balls. I did so using every bit of my tongue and making sure to get all the way underneath them too. His balls were big and heavy. I buried my nose as deep as it would go into the president’s crotch. I absolutely loved this form of submission.

“Mmm, that’s a good boy. Lick those big balls!” He finagled his foot in between my legs and began to play with my own balls with his toe. I felt he was feelling to see how my size compared to his own. Mine were no match. “That’s enough, boy. Back on my cock. Keep up the hard work and you’ll get a reward.”

I continued providing service for several more minutes. My jaw was beginning to grow tired. I did not yet have a true cocksucker’s stamina yet. I looked up hoping my eyes could communicate this to the president. I didn’t want to have to pull off his dick and admit such weakness. President May took a long sip of his wine as he looked at me through the other side of the glass. He brought the glass down and gently hit it against my forehead. He then held it against my ear, so I could hear the rippling sound waves that bounced around its rim. He did this a few times. It was very loud inside my head. I held his cock in my mouth and looked him in the eye the whole time as I watched his amusement from this new little game.

“Alright Johnny, Daddy is ready to shoot. Since you’ve been such a good boy and you’re still new at this, I’m not going to make you swallow my cum. That is…unless you want to?” I stopped sucking and raised up. There was a hesitation in my response. President May read into this and held my head in his hands and leaned forward to kiss me on the forehead. “It’s okay. Not all guys like to swallow, and it can be scary for beginners. I’m not going to force it on you right now. I do need your help finishing though. Follow me to the bedroom.”

I stood up and followed him down the hall to the room he had taken my virginity in two days ago. He told me to get on the bed and lay on my back so that my head was hanging off the edge of the bed. I did this and from an upside down angle saw his naked bull body step forward and straddle my head. My vision became dark as I stared up at his canlı bahis siteleri hanging balls and glorious round pumpkin ass. He dropped his hips a little so his balls came to rest on my mouth; my nose and forehead pressed against his ass.

“Lick my balls.” I began to lick sloppily and heard the sound of President May stroking himself. His other hand rubbed my chest and flat stomach and reached all the way down to my pelvis. “I’m going to cum all over my stud boy – all over you chest and stomach.” I tried to say “Yes Sir” but made only a muffled sound.

He stepped forward a little more, so that my mouth was closer to his ass. I got the message and began licking the bottom of each ass cheek. I reached my hands up and grabbed the top of his ass to get a little leverage. I was now able to lift my head up high enough to squeeze my tongue in between each cheek. How many times had I fantasized about kissing this ass? Now, it was a reality.

“That’s good, boy. Now, back to my balls. I’m getting close.” I obeyed and began to lick at the king’s stones once again. His growling told me he was close. Then, with a loud grunt, I felt shots of a heavy liquid landing on my chest and stomach.

A few seconds passed, and President May stepped back. I could see light once again, and I stared into the president’s satisfied face. He lifted my head and supported my neck, so I could get a look at my covered torso.

“Look at the mess you made, Johnny!” We both laughed – him more than me. He brought my head back down and bent down to give me a kiss. “Now, if you are going to truly be my boy, you’re going to have to learn to swallow! Do you understand, young man?”

“Yes Daddy!” I said smiling up at him.

“It will save us this next step. C’mon, let’s get in the shower and get you cleaned up. Be careful getting off the bed. If any cum gets on my sheets you’ll get a spanking…”

This sequence of events happened every few nights over the next couple of weeks. President May would invite me over to his house for dinner where we would talk about a great deal of different topics. He always led the conversation, but my comfort level with him grew and grew to the point that I was more active in the conversation. I could tell this was to the great pleasure of President May as he began to open up to me and more about his life and the many experiences he had lived through. I soaked in all the little bits of wisdom that would pour from his mouth. He was the most impressive I had ever met, and each night this fact became more and more solidified in my mind. In my mind he was infallible, and I began taking his word as gospel. It was only natural to give him my absolute obedience whether it was on the type of clothing I should wear, the research I should conduct for my classes, or a simple command to get on my knees.

Dinner was usually followed by a trip to the couch where we would start watching a movie or documentary. Though I was asked for my opinion on what we watched, President May always made the final decision. He was a big fan of documentaries and new films that had been nominated for the awards shows. During this time I would either sit at his side hip to hip or lean against him with my head laying on the top of his bear belly. Sometimes, however, he would pull me to sit on his lap, so he could fondle and kiss my body as we “watched” the movie. I noticed my positioning depended how god the movie was!

Further, it was only right that he got to pick the film not only because of his alpha status in our relationship but also because I never ended up seeing the whole thing anyway. At some point in the first thirty minutes I was always summoned to service between his legs. I never complained about this though. His crotch was entertaining enough for me!

As on the first night, when he was ready he would take me to his bedroom and put me on my back, so I could lick his balls while he finished on my chest. “You know the drill” he started to say. On the fourth evening at his house he placed me on his bed in the same way, but instead rolled my legs up and placed them over his shoulders and gave me my second fucking. It was easier than the first, but I still struggled with his girth. Afterwards, we soaped each other up in the shower and then returned to finish the second half of the movie.

My work day became a lot more occupied with President May’s needs also. Whenever Dean Parsons needed something signed or had an errand to run down to the president’s office, he always selected me to go. Then there were times when President May would text me directly. It was always in some sort of command; he never asked. He expected me to be able to drop everything and see him right away. I was running down to his office so frequently that his secretary, Dianne, and I started developing a friendship. She was a middle aged woman with curly dark hair, very delightful and joy filled personality . She called me “Johnny,” like the president did at times, and didn’t feel the need to phone President May before allowing me in. It was like I had a VIP badge to head on back to his office.

On this particular Friday, I received a short text from President May. “Johnny boy, I need to see you in my office pronto.”

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