Almost Spoken

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Those last words were spoken. He sent her beyond where her crazy imagination would normally go. She willfully told him she’d think of him tonight. Slipping as usual between those cool borrowed sheets, a restful breath helped to settle her heavy head into the pillow. The pajamas selected for the night were not comfy enough. She shifted and twisted uncomfortably until she twisted and shifted out of them.

There she lay naked. The cool covers kept her feeing safe amid the strangers outside the door. His voice continued through her mind. The few words he whispered resonated as her hands cupped her bare breasts. Instantly hardening nipples poked through the spaces between her fingers. Closing the gaps between her fingers brought on the inference of his hands squeezing her tender perky nipples.

His imagined voice commanded her through her next motions. The memory of his voice asking what she had on was enough to get her started. Hands in a comfortable place kept the following massage active in such a way that she forgot they were not his hands.

Through the night hours, thoughts of him kept her company. Peaceful breezes pushed through the cracked window and teased her bare skin as it poked out from under the blankets. Her leg wrapped out from under the sheets and allowed the air to find a path up to her slightly moistened pussy. A different kind of stimulating sensation kept her aware of all her feelings. She wanted him there beside her, stroking her hair, pulling her hair and keeping her excited. One hand slowly traced the curves of her body until it reached her inner thigh. A slow illegal bahis approach to touching herself made her fingertips withdraw as soon as she felt her silken tuft.

Attention to her pulsating breasts waned as she glided her second hand lower along her smooth curvy body. Parting her lips and lifting her knee landed the breeze right where she wanted it. His breath, she whispered as she moaned through a closed mouth. The vibrations on the inside of her closed mouth brought on a fantasy of his presence between these same cool sheets. Her fingertips secured a spot between her legs. One hand parted the garnet lips and the other made way to the sweet wetness. Gentle methodical stroking and petting matched the pressure she put at the base of her clit. She treated it with a similar approach as to a cock and wondered if he’d experience the same feeling. Again, his voice passed into her fantasy telling her how he’d lick her and pleasure her with his knowing tongue. The taste of her was described in such a delectable way. With the lips of her mouth pressed together, she felt her tongue flicking at the inside of her mouth. Wondering if this would be what she’d feel if it were his on her lower lips…

She saw him each week and studied his mouth. Sometimes he’d jokingly pucker up and blow her a kiss. She envisioned it in her fantasy. His sensual lips pursed together, ready to suck gently beyond her trimmed pussy to her waiting hot lips. With that thought, she glided her hand further until she could feel the new wetness that waited for more attention.

The rubbing and stroking mimicked illegal bahis siteleri the motions she’d have been applying to him. Everything she imagined he’d enjoy was equally enjoyable to her and she continued. Moaning of his name out loud was enhancing her thrill. While one hand remained on her clit, the other shifted along her belly up to her breasts, pinched and tweaked her perky nipples. They were stiff enough that she could feel them through the crisp white cool sheet that was soon to cover her.

When those nipples had enough stimulating, she slid her hand stealthily down to her pussy again, stroking and petting and caressed her belly back to her breasts. All the time, her other hand maintained momentum in her slit, pressing and dipping and stroking and dipping and pressing and rubbing in various intensities and varied sequence. Those resounding visions of him kept her fantasy alive. The words commanding him how to touch her were followed through by her own touches. She moaned his name and called to him ecstatically as her hands followed through with her requests of him. Forgetting she was actually in bed alone, she reached her arm to the side beneath the covers and felt around for him. All she felt was a hard piece of something.

Her eyes opened wide, forgetting that was there. Once her hand wrapped around it securely, her eyes closed gently and she brought it closer to her chest. It lay between her breasts as she decided whether to turn it on. The feel was close to a cock lying there. One switch to test the power brought the visual back.

Her hands shifted again canlı bahis siteleri to the south. This time, her toy accompanied the motion. She remembered some vague coaching and tried it out to get started. Everything he said to do was working. It brought the memory of his scent back to her. It brought the vision of those lips back to her. It brought his voice, his body, his everything back to her and after several slow strokes against her entire sex with the entire length, she pressed that small button and the vibrations rang clear along her slit. She “heard” him say dip now and then. As the toy shimmied along and pulsated on command, she listened to him and dipped. The first dip got a gasp and a yelp of pleasure from her.

In seconds, she had to switch it off to regain composure and settle the feelings. It all worked too well and she wanted it to linger. The sounds were muffled beneath the heavy comforter and the visions were heightened by her full memory of him. At this point in time though, she was able to handle it all alone. The feel of each shift in intensity of her toy was keeping her overly excited. The memorable sound of him coaching her through the steps in a previous encounter kept her going with what the steps should be now. In and out slowly, pressure and dipping and the wetness that helped to glide it where it needed to go brought her closer and closer.

He has a different experience of sensations and he thinks she should just press on and glide on and rub on through a magnificent orgasm and into the next and the next. Tonight, she tried it. From someplace deep within her, a voice let out a scream of a moan that somehow had underlying tones carrying his name…

And next they spoke of the subject, she shared with him the night’s festivities….and she finally told him what she thought about all that was happening…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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