All is Well

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She stands in front of him, looking in his eyes as his whole demeanor demanded her total attention. She hoped he did not notice her shaking. She was so nervous. Not of him of that she is certain. She has known him only a short time but she knows in her heart that if there is such a thing as a soul mate he is hers!

As his lips touch mine for the very first time I feel like I have come home. I step closer and mold my body into his. My arms reach up and slide into his hair. His hands press against my ass. As he traces the curve of my ass, his tongue slides into my mouth. My moan is audible and his hands tighten.


I hear his words through my fog and I know exactly what they mean. We have spoken about our first meeting and I know what is desired. My fingers fumble on the hem of his tee shirt. I lift it from his body and again he reaches for me. Another mind blowing kiss steadies my nerves. I feel his hands on my bare skin under my sweater and they warm my skin.

As you release my mouth you step back. I feel you kick off your shoes. casino siteleri


My eyes search yours as my fingers unsnap your jeans. Your bulge extremely evident and I am so aware of your reaction to me. I take a deep breath to stop my shaking hands and slide the zipper down. My hands hook in the waist and begin to slide them down over your hips. I slide them down to your ankles and hold them as you step out.

You stand before me in briefs. My eyes lock on yours again as you pull me up to kiss my lips once more. Your tongue sliding in and tasting me. Mine teasing yours. Stroking the length, circling around the tip. Your cock throbs against my stomach with each stroke. We both know my tongue will be doing the same to that same cock.


My nerves return once more. Now is the point of no return. Your eyes hold mine and I see what I need and the breath that I was holding is released as are all inhibitions and nerves. I kiss down your neck to your shoulder. Kissing your chest to your left nipple. My tongue flicking slot oyna it. Making it hard. My teeth close around it gently and I suck. My hands slide in the waist band of your briefs and caress your ass cheeks. I hear your moan and it excites me. I slide the briefs down now kissing your stomach as I lower myself down.

Your glorious cock is so proud and hard is before my mouth. I take it in my hand for the first time and feel the heat of it. Feel the strength of it. I look up at you and see your nod at my unspoken words.

I lick across the head once to taste the salty drop of precum. I close my eyes as I squeeze the base and press the head to my lips. Pushing them down and around, you feel my warm wet mouth surround the head.

“Open your eyes!”

I do so and you are looking down at me. You watch your cock slide into my mouth. I feel your hips pressing forward and I am not afraid.

I love the feel of your cock in my mouth. My hands move to your ass cheeks as you are deep in me. The head tickling the back of my throat. Your hands in my hair. canlı casino siteleri Pressing gently but not forcing. We move in unison for a few strokes until you pop out of my mouth. I am confused. My eyes question.

“Not yet.” I hear you whisper.

Again you pull me up. Our kiss a little more intense. I feel your hands now lifting my sweater. I lift my arms and it is removed. You slide my shorts down my legs and I am frozen. I shiver. Not from cold. You rub my arms.


Almost as if you hear my thoughts. Your one word stills my panic. I step out of them. Your hands mold to the curves I hate so much but you don’t seem to notice. Finding your way to the valley of my breasts. You stroke the curve of each as you unclasp the bra. It falls open and my breasts are free to your caress. The nipples harden instantly and you cannot resist taking one in your mouth. When you bite on it gently I feel my juices begin to flow. You release it to continue.

When your hands go to my panties. I clench them. I stop you. I am scared! You understand my fear but do not allow it. Your hands remove my last bit of dignity and I stand before you. I cannot make my eyes reach yours. You tilt my head up and force them to see.

“All is well.”

And with those words I am free.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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