Ageless Sex , Eternal Love Ch. 03

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Once home alone with Jimmy, Susan seduces him. Thirty-nine-year-old Susan has sex with her 24-year-old co-worker, Jimmy.

Continued from Chapter 2:

“I take it you’ve never had a hand job while driving,” she said stroking his prick a little faster.

He nervously looked down at her hand before looking over at her with sexual excitement and before returning his focused attention to the road.

“No,” he said.

She gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look.

“Then, with that bit of information in mind that you never had a hand job while driving,” she said giving him a naughty look. “I suppose you never had a blowjob while driving either,” she said with a sexy laugh.

His head snapped to look at her and obviously to see if she was serious or joking. Suddenly he stiffened as if he had just received an electrical shock. He looked at her with shock when Susan lowered her head to his lap to take his erect cock in her mouth. As much as he obviously couldn’t believe she was blowing him, she couldn’t believe she was sucking his cock. Only, with her so drunk and so horny, instead of her driving home drunk, she felt compelled if not obligated to give him oral sex for driving her safely home.

Already sex crazed, as if she was a slutty whore of a cougar, it had been such a long time since she has had sex, too long. It had been a long time since she felt an erect penis in her hand and an even longer time since she had a hard cock in her mouth. A good looking young man, once she unzipped him, unable to control herself, she knew she’d take his cock out of his pants. Once she took his cock in her hand, unable to stop herself, she knew she’d be sucking him. She’d love nothing better than for him to cum in her mouth. It had been a long time since she had a warm, salty, mouthful of cum. Only, she had something better in mind than just giving him a blowjob.

Sucking him faster while stroking him harder, she sucked his cock as if she was a thousand dollar call girl. She sucked his cock in the way she had sucked the CFNM stripper’s cock at her 30th birthday party nine, long years ago. She sucked his cock in the way she sucked the cock of a man she hardly knew when her ex-husband pressured her and coerced her to join the swinging lifestyle seven years ago. She sucked his cock in the way she had sucked her ex-boyfriend’s cock three years ago. She stroked his cock while sucking his cock and while staring up at him with her big, blue eyes and with his hard, hairy cock in her beautiful mouth.

“Here we are safe and sound,” he said looking down at Susan’s blonde, pretty head bobbing up and down while still sucking him. We’re home.”

Chapter 3:

As if she was in a daze or blowing Jimmy in a sexy, sexual dream, Susan removed her mouth from his penis to gaze up at her house while Jimmy zipped, buttoned, and buckled his pants. So engrossed in sucking his prick, for a minute, she didn’t even know where she was. He handed her the car keys and quickly reached for his door handle. When he looked as if he was ready to bolt, jump from her car, and leave her there to fend for herself and leave her without giving her sex, she stopped him with a tug on his arm.

Now, in hindsight, she wished she had let him go. In hindsight, she wished all she had done was to suck his cock without allowing him to cum in her mouth as she did later that evening. She wished she never had invited him inside of her house. She wished she hadn’t allowed him to strip her naked and to see her without her clothes while having his wicked, sexual way with her naked body. Only, too late to change any of that, what was done was done.

“Help me inside please, Jimmy. I’m too drunk to climb the stairs without your help,” she said playing the helpless drunk female needing the steady hand of a strong man. “I don’t want to fall and hurt myself.”

Wrapping him around her finger, she gave him another sexy smile and a naughty look. She was drunk but she wasn’t that drunk that she couldn’t climb her own stairs. She could easily have climbed the three steps that led to her front door herself but she wanted him. Hoping he’d come inside, she wanted sex. She wanted him to give her what she needed and wanted and what she needed and wanted was an orgasm or two, or three, or more.

“Okay. Sure,” he said climbing out of her car and eagerly wrapping his arm around her. “Allow me to help you.”

In the way he wrapped his right arm around her in the parking garage while feeling her big breast with his right hand, he wrapped her arm around her while helping her up the stairs and while feeling her big breast again. Only, if Jimmy thought all he was going to get was a quick grope of Susan’s big breast through her blouse while fingering her nipple through her bra, he was clueless. He was so innocent. He was so naïve. With him having no idea who was controlling who, he had no idea what she had in mind and what would happen next.

“Please,” she said casino oyna pleading with him by looking at him with her big, blue, beautiful eyes. “I need you to come inside to make sure that I’m safe from any burglars or rapists. With me living alone and with no one here to help me but you,” she said playing the helpless, innocent victim while telling him that she lived alone, “I need your help.”

As if she was his mother asking for his help, she looked at him and smiled.

“Okay, sure. I’d be glad to come inside to make sure you’re safe,” he said returning her smile while suddenly acting as if he was her brave hero.

In the way she seemingly didn’t notice his horny hand before, obviously he thought that she was drunk enough that she wouldn’t notice him feeling her tit and fingering her nipple now. He helped her up the stairs while groping her big tit and fingering her erect nipple in the way he did in the parking garage. Now with him feeling her tit and fingering her nipple for the third time, he had passed the point of no return. She had sexually aroused him enough that he wouldn’t be taking no for an answer and he wouldn’t be leaving there without sex. It was as obvious as it was inevitable that they’d be having sex, hot, sweaty sex.

“Thank you, Jimmy,” she said quickly digging through her purse for her front door key while leaning against him as her way to make sure that he didn’t leave.

A modest home, it was a two bedroom, two bath Craftsman house set in a nice neighborhood. She rifled through her purse, found her keys, and unlocked and opened her front door.

“Good night,” he said after quickly stepping inside, looking around, and turning to go as soon as she opened her front door. As soon as he saw that there were no rapists or burglars hiding to grab her, having done his job and what was required of him, he was ready to leave.

She gave him a look that only someone who looked like her could give a man. As if she was Kim Basinger in L. A. Confidential, she gave him a sexy look that melted his heart and hardened his cock. She gave him a look that obviously made him lose his mind to lust. Before allowing him to leave, she said what she needed to say to seduce her young, co-worker. Before allowing him to leave and before it was too late to make her desperate sexual pass at him, she wanted to make one last effort to seduce him.

“Wait. Please don’t go. Don’t leave. Not now. Not yet. I’m a little woozy,” she said putting the back of her hand to her forehead while feigning her helplessness.

Looking as if she was about to faint, he caught her.

“I’m still here,” he said. “Don’t worry. I have you.”

As if she was as helpless as Tara from Gone with the Wind, she acted so needy and so helpless when he was the helpless one.

“If you don’t mind and if it’s not too much of an inconvenience,” she said pausing in what she was going to say next to give him a sexy smile. “I’ll need you to help me off with my clothes.”

His eyes widened as if she had told him that he was getting a raise and a promotion.

“I’m sorry. Pardon? I’m sure that I misheard you and I apologize for thinking bad, sexual thoughts but I thought you said that you need me to help you off with your clothes?”

She gave him a naughty look that could only mean that she wanted to give him sex.

“I did say that I need you to help me off with my clothes.” She smiled. “I’m sorry to bother you but in case I collapse, fall, and hit my head, I’ll need you to help strip me naked,” she said with a dirty laugh.

He looked at her as if she was crazy instead of drunk.

“Naked?” He inhaled a deep breath while shivering. “You want me to strip you naked?”

As if she was a wicked witch and he was poor Hansel, she melted him with her baby blue eyes.

“Please help me undress. I know it sounds ridiculous and with me having no one else to ask but with me so drunk, I’m not able to undress myself,” she said giving him a pitiful look. “I’m all thumbs.”

Jimmy looked at her with as much shock as he looked at her with sexual excitement. With him seemingly ready to bolt, obviously feeling pressured to give his boss sex, she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside. As soon as she pulled him inside of her house, as if he had just entered the American Horror Story Hotel Cortez, she closed and locked her front door. He was hers for the taking now. Much like the hotel California, he could check out any time he liked but he could never leave.

For him better to see what she was about to do, she turned on the hall light, dropped her purse, and pushed him up against the wall. As if she was a cop about to frisk him, she wasn’t gentle but rough. Then, as if he was a giant dildo or a human cat for her to wipe her sexual sent on him, she rubbed the full length of her sexy shapely body up against his young, hard body. Unable to move, he remained her prisoner.

Then, if that wasn’t hint enough that she wanted and needed him to give her sex, she kissed him. She really slot oyna kissed him. As if he was her sailor home on leave, she kissed him with passion. Parting his lips with her tongue, she kissed him deeply and with sexual abandon. She kissed him, no doubt in the way that he had never been kissed before and, no doubt, in the way that he imagined his mother kissing him. She French kissed him.

Seemingly with her fascinated by his stiff prick, she kissed him while reaching down to feel his cock through his pants again before unbuckling, unbuttoning, and unzipping his pants again. Obviously, with her not taking no for an answer in the way that she didn’t take no for an answer when she bossed him around in work and when she sexually seduced in her car, he wasn’t going anywhere. With him putty in her hands and with her molding him in the shape of the man that she needed him to be, and in the way she was his for the groping, he was hers for the taking.

As if she was about to pray and he was her God for the night, she moved to her knees, pulled down his pants, and slid his underwear down with her and all the way down to his ankles. She fondled his cock and toyed with his semi-erect prick before wrapping her hand around his hardening cock and before slowly stroking him again. Leaning forward, she looked up at him before taking him in her mouth again. While stroking him, she started sucking him again and while staring up at him with those electric blue eyes.

In the way she envisioned him imagining his mother staring up at him with his hard, hairy cock in her mouth, she stared up at him with his erect prick penetrating her red, full lips. With him telling her how much he loved his mother, really loved his mother, she suspected that he was sexually attracted to his mother, just as she suspected that he was imagining his mother sucking his cock instead of her. Yet, as long as he gave her what she so wanted, she didn’t care who he imagined was sucking his dick. Then, as soon as he was hard enough, she removed his cock from her mouth, stood, and pulled him to her bedroom by his erect prick.

* * * * *

Once inside her bedroom, instead of turning on the overhead light for total illumination, not wanting to spoil the mood, she turned on her bedside light for ambience. With the bedside light softer and offering more of a romantic mood, she feared that the overhead light would show every imperfection of her 39-year-old body to his 24-year-old, overtly and overly critical eyes. Imagining him running out the door once he saw her naked, the overheard light was much too revealing. She knew she looked good naked. She knew she had a good body but compared to a 24-year-old woman, there was no comparison.

Suddenly, she had second misgivings with what she was doing and what she was about to do. She had sobered up enough to feel self-conscious about sexually seducing her young co-worker, her sexually innocent subordinate. She was now keenly aware that having sex with a man 15 years her junior was so wrong on so many different levels. Then again, she was now keenly aware that having sex with a man 15 years her junior was so right on so many different levels.

Yet, even more than just the sex, she was about to have sex with her subordinate, a man she worked closely with every day. How could she do that? How dare she do that? Why would she do that? If this goes wrong, she’ll lose her job and ruin her reputation. Yet, still too drunk to consider the ramifications of that and how her having sex with Jimmy may ruin their working relationship, she took no heed to her subconscious reservations.

Her guilty conscience wasn’t enough to overrule her horniness and sexual frustration. She needed sex. She needed to get laid. She needed to feel his hard prick in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy. She needed him to sate her horniness and satisfy her sexual frustration. She needed him to give her an orgasm. She needed to cum. As if he was the only man left living in the world, she wanted him in the way she had never sexually wanted any other man.

Even though she was still so very beautiful and sexy, as told to her by every man she had ever been with, there was no way that she could compete against a 24-year-old woman. Yet, with her nearly 40-years-old, her age was as much of a disadvantage as it was an advantage. She suspected from working with him and talking to him that he was sexually attracted to older women. In addition to being sexually attracted to his mother, she knew that some women that he confessed his sexual attraction to were old enough to be his mother.

“I’m sorry to trouble you for your help but if you don’t mind, I’ll need you to help me remove my clothes,” she said again while giving him a sexy look. “Unable to do that myself, I’ll need you to undress me,” she said giving him a naughty look. “I’ll need you to strip me naked,” she said as if she was an invalid and was unable to do that for herself.

He looked at her as if he had just won the lottery and she was his prize to claim.

“Okay, canlı casino siteleri sure. Yeah, I can do that,” he said fumbling with the buttons of her blouse with trembling fingers.

She stepped closer to him to whisper what she wanted to say in his ear.

“Then, after you undress me and after you strip me naked,” she said with a long pause to look him in the eyes. “I need you to give me sex,” she said looking deeply into his eyes. “I need you to give me an orgasm. I need to cum. I need you to rub my clit, finger my pussy, and lick my pussy,” she said as if she was his mother while running her fingers through his hair and while giving him a peck on the lips.

As if she was talking to her boyfriend, her lover, or her husband, someone she had already had sex with before, instead she confessed her sexual desires to her co-worker. She wasn’t shy in telling him all that she sexually wanted. She wasn’t shy about taking control of their sexual time together. She wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed about him seeing her naked just as she wasn’t ashamed and embarrassed to take his stiff prick in her hand before taking him in her mouth.

He looked at her with a face mixed with as much sexual excitement as he suddenly looked at her with fear. She surmised that he felt pressured to sexually perform well enough to sexually please her, sexually pleasure her, and sexually satisfy her. Perhaps he had never been with a woman who knew what she wanted, was so eager to get it, and who was so sexually proactive. Perhaps he was a man who needed to be in control. Only, with him confessing, in not so many words, his sexual attraction for his mother, she pegged him more as a Mama’s boy. As if she was his Dominatrix, she pegged him as being submissive enough to give her whatever she sexually asked of him.

* * * * *

“Okay. Yeah, sure, I can do that. I can undress you. I can strip you naked,” he said with a quivering voice and pausing with what he was going to say next. “I can try and give you an orgasm,” he said seemingly and suddenly doubting that he could.

As if she was whispering him a secret, she moved her red lipstick, clad lips closer to his ear.

“Then, after you give me an orgasm with your fingers and with your mouth, I want you to make love to me before fucking me. Fucking me hard while pounding my pussy, I want you to give me another orgasm with your cock,” she said.

He fell back against her dresser as if he was about to faint.

“Oh, God,” he said under his breath.

She moved her mouth closer to whisper her words in his ear again, only this time she stuck her tongue in his ear and blew inside of his ear while sticking her tongue in his ear.

“If you can do all of that for me, I’ll give you the blowjob that you’ve always imagined your mother giving you. As if you’re cumming in your mother’s mouth, you may even cum in my mouth and watch me swallow,” she said with a smile.

She took a step back to look at his reaction to her words. He looked at her with shock. He looked at her with shame. He looked at her with embarrassment. He looked at her with sexual excitement. He looked at her as if she was physic.

“My mother?” As if trying to read her while playing Texas Hold ’em Poker, he paused to stare in her big, blue eyes. Instead of denying it, he embraced it. “How did you know that I was sexually attracted to my mother?”

She rolled her eyes and sighed.

“With us working together for the past year, you already told me in not so many words how sexually attracted you are to you are mother. You’re always talking about your mother and bragging about her, I suspected you were sexually attracted to your Mom with all of the photos that you have of her on your desk,” she said with laugh. “Men usually have photos of their girlfriend or their dog but not their mother.”

He looked at her with shock.

“Oh, my God. I had no idea you knew so very much about me, about my mother, and about my personal, sexual life,” he said. “Not that I’m having sex with my mother, I’m not, but I would if I could.” He looked at her. “Suddenly, I feel so violated that you know that about me.”

As if she was a detective revealing to her client everything she knew about him, she gave him a self-satisfied smile.

“Don’t be. It’s only normal that a son is sexually attracted to his mother. You can even call me Mom, mother, or Mommy, if you’d like,” she said.

He gave her a nervous smile.

“Thank you. I’d like that,” he said.

She gave him an understanding look.

“With your father taking off with his young secretary years ago and with you still living at home with your mother, I figured as much. I suspected you were sexually attracted to your mother before you even told me that you were. You wouldn’t still be living at home if you didn’t enjoy peeping on your mother dressing and undressing and if you didn’t enjoy allowing her to catch you masturbating,” she said looking at him with sexual arousal. “Am I right?”

He stared at her as if she was from another planet.

“Yes. You’re right. I still wouldn’t be still living at home if I wasn’t sexually attracted to my mother,” he finally said admitting his sexual attraction to his mother.

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