Afternoon help

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First story, let me know how you like it. ^_~


She lays on her bed, reading absentmindedly. Her long straight black hair fans out behind her, and she runs her fingers through it checking for snags. She had just gotten her nails done, and the cute french tips accentuated the paleness of her skin. She looks out the window and sees her reflection, her pursed lips and almond eyes coming into focus.

She hadn’t done much today, except for lunch with a friend, and there didn’t seem to be anything else for her to do, so she let the afternoon go by the wayside. She has class tomorrow, but she didn’t have any homework left to do. Her phone rings. She jumps off the bed and walks over to the desk, excited.

“Hello?” she asks.
“Hey girl, what are you up to?” he says,
“Oh hey, Alan! Nothing. Whats up?” she replies
“I’m around campus, I was wondering, can I come over?” he asks
“sure” she says.

She hadn’t seen him in a while, a friend she was once close with back home. Ten minutes pass and she hears a knock at the door. She opens it wide and gives him a big hug and then escorts him in. He kicks off his shoes at the door and walks over to her bunk bed. The sit together, chatting, watching some TV. A sex scene comes on the daytime drama, and they both get quiet, things begin to get awkward and he fidgets next to her on the bed.

“I was wondering, can I ask you something? A favor?” he asks.
“Sure, what do you want?”
“…I uhh… I need some release”
“You know, sexual. You’re a girl, and a good friend, I was wondering if you could… you know, do something for me.”
“Umm… I don’t know how I feel about that”
“Please? I just… you know, I feel all horny and I like you”
“Uh… okay… What do you want?”
“Can we have sex?”
“okay okay, just um… a handjob?”
“A handjob…?”
“you know, just touch me, down there.”
“I don’t know…”
“Come on, please, I trust you, I don’t have anyone else to go to.”

She pauses for a moment, unsure of what brought him to her. Does he care? Does it matter anymore now that she illegal bahis had lost her boyfriend to that slut Jessica? Alan WAS a good friend, and she liked him. She knew that he wouldn’t use her like her ex did.

“Alright… I guess, sure. Doesn’t hurt me, right?”

He looks eager to begin, he lays down and she moves beside him, tucking her legs up underneath her. He pulls his shirt up above his chest and flips it inside out next to him, and then unzips his shorts and lowers them to his knees, his member stiffening in the cool air of the room. She draws closer, slowly reaching her hand out towards him.

“Can we have sex?” he pauses “Come on… please?”
“I’d rather not,” she responds.
“Really, I’ll go slow.”
“…um… can we just do this?”
“okay… Well, can I a least see you naked?”
“Trust me, huh? You’re asking a lot, you know?”
“fine fine…” she says, thinking that she had gone this far already.

She grabs the bottom of her shirt and pulls it up, slightly getting caught under her shoulders and then coming off. She reaches behind herself and undoes the clasp of her bra. It falls away and her dark nipples start to harden in the cool air of the room. She looks down at her small breasts, a curse of her Asian heritage, but is glad they are at least pert.

“okay? Is this enough?” she says shyly.

He doesn’t answer but reaches up and massages one of her breasts. She takes hold of his member. He slightly groans, and she begins to slowly run her fingertips up and down the length of his shaft. A drop of precum forms and begins to spread around his head.

“Oh, are you okay? Whats that?” she asks
“It… it means it feels good. Just rub it around.” he responds

She lays down next to him and moves her hair aside, once again reaching out toward his now fully erect manhood. She puts her thumb on the tip and begins to massage the fluid into his skin, feeling more of it come out and then drip off down the side. She rubs his shaft again and then takes it into her hand, making a fist. She starts to pump him in her hand, awkwardly at first, and then getting a rhythm after a few strokes. illegal bahis siteleri She feels more of the precum lubricating her hand and his shaft and a slight sucking noise fills the room. He puts his hand on her sweats, touching her through the material he makes circles. She moans quietly. Soon he slides his hand in, rubbing it against her opening and then sliding a finger against her clit.

“ooh, you’re wet.” he says as he pulls his hand out of her pants, coated in her juices.

He rolls toward her for a moment and pulls at her waist, dragging down at her sweats. She doesn’t know what she is doing, but her body reacts for her, lifting her waist. She hesitates for a second when the sweats get caught at her knees, but then bends down and pulls them down all the way. She reaches back and grabs at her panties, wondering for just a second if she should take them off. She pushes them down fast, and with her foot quickly kicks off the remaining piece of material, giggling.

“…Well… there you go, now you have me naked.” she says smiling shyly.

Now fully naked she lays back down and he resumes touching her, slowly lubricating his fingers until he gets his middle one inside of her. She reaches toward him again and starts to rub him, up and down, his breathing getting faster. He starts to dry and her fingers are getting stuck to his shaft, she looks down at him, his cut manhood pulsing in her hand. It makes her so hot, and in the next moment she has him in her mouth. He is warm and she can hear him groaning at the touch of her mouth. She licks him all over, and sucks him deep into her, feeling that he is getting closer to finishing. He wants to stop her, but whenever he groans she sucks faster, feeling his twitching and starting to build toward an orgasm. Suddenly she stops, and he looks at her pleadingly, but her eyes are mischevious.

“okay…” she says, “lets do it.”
“really?” he asks, surprised
“better do it quickly before I change my mind.”

He grabs her hips and positions her over himself, and he slides in quickly, filling her body completely. She begins to lower herself up and down his length, tightening canlı bahis siteleri her body around his member with each thrust, her own orgasm building up inside of her. He scratches down her back and comes to her anus, already the wetness from her pussy has the hole ready for his finger, and he pushes gently at her opening.

“hey, what are you… ohh” she whispers in breaths.

She stops and enjoys the sensation of his finger inside of her, she can feel him rubbing her body deep from both sides, and to her surprise it gets her hotter, building a bigger orgasm. She begins to buck down on his body, him moving faster and faster and pushing his finger into her deeper. He finally begins to spasm inside of her, tightly contracting his hips toward her, her body catching his semen. She tightens around him, feeling him pulsing pushes her over the edge. She lays flat on his chest, panting and coming down from her orgasm. He pulls out of her laying his wet shaft against her wet slit. Still slowly playing with her hole.

After a few minutes their breathing comes back to normal. She reaches towards the desk and grabs a tissue, handing it to him.

“Whoo…” he whispers, “that was pretty good.” He pulls his finger out of her.
She gets up off of him, now self-conscious of her nudity in front of him, the moment over. “yeah, no problem. You know, whatever.” She walks into the restroom to wash her hands and grabs a towel to cover herself.
“I gotta go see some other people, so I’m gonna just peace out.” he says while standing up and zipping himself up again. Grabbing his T-shirt he flips it outside again and worms into it.
“sure, sure… see ya around.” she says from the bathroom, eager to have him leave.
“yeah… see you around.” he moves towards the door and lets himself out.

When she hears the door close she looks into the room again. She can feel his semen sliding out of her. She quickly looks toward the bed, the sheets ruffled from all of their activity, and sees a square plastic wrapper with the telltale circular outline inside of it.

“He planned this?” she says to herself, shocked that Alan would have come here only to use her. He didn’t know she was on birth control, and she knew that he was too dumb to figure that she would be.
“hmmm…” she thinks to herself, “I wonder just what I should do about this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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