Adventures with Steph Ch. 03

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My times with Steph were never expected. It was like she used me as her own personal doll, dressing me up to suit whatever she wanted. And somehow, as I realized this use was suiting her more than me, I opened a new awareness of my own wish to be used in the myriad of creative ways she discovered.

After one surprising day of being immobile, bound completely and lying between her thighs, I asked her about it.

“Steph, what gives you these ideas?” I asked, while rubbing the circulation back into my arms.

Coiling rope, as casually as it was something she did daily, she paused for thought. “I suppose it’s a mixture of fantasy and what I talk about with Dan.”

I stopped, frozen with the shock. “Dan? You mean you talk to your husband about all this?”

Steph laughed. “Of course. He thinks it’s great. The funny thing is, our sex life is even better now that I get all of this out with you.” She looked into my expression, hers becoming questioning. “You mean, you don’t?”

“Steph, Mark would lose it. I don’t think he would be okay with this at all. I can’t tell him, he’d go absolutely crazy!” I gave a short laugh. “I mean, he’s just… Mark. He’s not into anything…” I searched for the right words to explain. “He doesn’t like anything… different.”

“Oh, Dee.” Steph’s voice was soft and resigned. “You mean all this time, he hasn’t known anything about us? We’ve been having an affair? Cheating?”

My brain very nearly shut down. I hadn’t thought of it that way. In the back of my mind, I knew the truth: the title she put on it was that truth. Cheating.

“Steph, I didn’t- that’s not what I meant. I just- We were just having fun. It can’t be that bad, right?”

“Dee, you have to tell him the truth. Trust him to make the choice he needs to make.” Steph handed me my clothing with a finality that had me going numb. I dressed and left with no other words spoken between us.

I was lucky that night was a night out for Mark. He and a few friends, Dan included, would be out celebrating a birthday, leaving me home alone with the illegal bahis kids. After getting them to bed, I sat at the kitchen table, staring blankly at the wood grain while my mind worked overtime.

It seemed that by unconsciously hiding this from Mark, I had not only lost him, but had lost Steph as well. She had seemed so disappointed that I hadn’t shared it with him.

And thinking of it, why hadn’t I? Did I distrust my husband so much to believe that he would leave me, shun me, because of these encounters? I started to think about them, in detail. The time she had spanked me like a child, the time she had plugged my ass with a tail and played games of fetch across her bedroom, the time she had pushed her fist into my pussy… The memories began to surface unbidden, heating my body as I recollected them. Why had I hidden this new side of myself?

A knock came on the door, interrupting my inner battle. I answered it, surprised to see Steph, carrying a battered leather duffel, on the other side. At my invitation, she came in, rounding on me with a familiar steel in her eyes.

“Go to your room”, she commanded.

Taken aback, I opened my mouth to protest, but thought better of it. I slowly went to my bedroom, perching nervously on the edge of my bed.

Steph entered, dragging one of my kitchen chairs. She set it next to my bed. The thought drifted into my head that this was the bed I shared with my husband. I banished the thought before it could take hold.

“Strip”, she commanded, her tone detached as she began to pull out the same lengths of rope I had been tied with earlier that afternoon. When I was fully naked, she positioned me in the chair. My ass rested on the edge of the seat, my legs tucked behind the front legs of the chair. She bound my ankles to the chair’s frame, far enough back that I had to arch my back out to keep my balance. My hands were then tied behind me and to the chair, leaving my body entirely vulnerable. I was blindfolded and gagged, the gag somehow attached to the chair back, making it impossible for me to sit up straight.

Fear illegal bahis siteleri entered me. I was completely open, no way of hiding, in the middle of my bedroom, with my husband due home at God-knows-when. Steph, in this mood, was scary when we were alone. What was she going to do now?

“Dee, your behavior has been unacceptable.” Steph’s voice was sharp. I heard the rattle of the duffel bag again, whimpering with the possibilities of what equipment she may have brought along. “I don’t understand what would have made you hide something like this from your husband, that man you swore to share everything with. I know. You showed me your wedding video. How could you betray him so easily?”

Her words hurt. It was the very dilemma I had spent hours agonizing over. I felt tears filling my eyes behind the blindfold.

“You, the one who swore to love and cherish him, have passed over his feelings for your own brief enjoyment. What kind of wife are you?”

I sobbed from behind the gag, the tears now soaking the blindfold. I mumbled, trying to shake my head and deny what she accused me of.

“I can’t hear you.” I heard the whistle through the air. I sucked in a breath when the impact made my left nipple feel like it had burst into flame. I saw the mental picture of my position and realized- interrogation by Steph would be hell.

“Is this the way a wife should behave?” Even as I tried to emphatically shake my head, the gag bound to the chair made it impossible. The fire came again, this time across my right nipple.

“So, you think it’s okay, do you, Dee? Cheating on the man who loves you?” She laid three lines of living flame across my tits. I sobbed again, my chest heaving with the labor of drawing breath. I felt the touch of the tip, gently, identifying it in my mind as a riding crop, the soft flexible tip trailing down my ribs. I squirmed in the chair, unable to cringe away from its touch.

“Oh, is the poor little prisoner afraid?” Steph’s steely voice held a little of the breathy anticipation I had grown to yearn for. canlı bahis siteleri I felt my insides flex in response, even as she brought the little whip down hard to strike the inside of each thigh. My whimpers were swallowed by her questions.

“Are you sorry, Dee? Do you regret each and every orgasm I gave you?” Each question was punctuated with several slaps to my splayed open thighs. “Are you sorry for the ones you gave me? Did you think of your husband when I fucked you with my strap-on? Answer me, slut!”

By the end of her tirade, I was sobbing, my thighs burning from repeated strikes from the crop. She continued to beat my thighs and breasts, ending her commentary to focus solely on letting the whip fall on what felt like every inch of sensitive skin.

Finally she stopped. I knew I was a mess, tears running, spit bubbling around the gag from my garbled sobs and cries, and my skin a mottled mass of red. I felt her trail the whip from one nipple, over my shoulder as she walked behind me. Her arms laid over my shoulders, the whip trailing at my pussy lips, and her lips rested at my ear.

“Does your husband know what a slut he married?” she whispered, tapping the tip methodically on my pouting cunt. I whimpered pitifully as she used the tip to probe aside the lips of my pussy. She reached down and started to feed the crop’s hilt into me. I squirmed, the braided leather bumping over the sensitive flesh.

“Beaten and a cheat, and still she’s wet. Can’t wait until Mark gets home.”

My breath rushed out of me like she had hit me. I squirmed trying to buck her off. She moved quickly and the next thing I felt was a slap across the face.

“Stop fighting it, Dee. I know you better than that. You never would have said a word. You would have stopped being fun and hidden in your comfy little suburban wifey shell rather than tell Mark the truth. So I took it out of your hands. Right now, Dan is showing your hubby some of the pictures I took of you. The cupcakes, the spankings, and you all tied up this afternoon. And after those boys, as drunk as they might be, get home, he’s going to find you just like this. I don’t think he’ll be able to resist.”

Downstairs I heard a door slam. I heard the triumph in Steph’s voice. “Have fun, Dee.” The bedroom door closed behind her.

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