A Worthy Sacrifice

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“Are you fucking serious?”

I stood in what appeared to be dungeons below the old university grounds. I had no idea where I was as I had been blind folded and brought down here from my bed, but I had been expecting that. All the worst initiation shit happened after hours.

I had been through hell and back this past week, and knew my hazing period was coming to an end. What I was not expecting to see when the blindfold was removed was a fully naked girl chained to a stone table with a gag in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. As my eyes adjusted to the fire lit room I took her in. Long sexy legs, supple hips, a nice flat stomach and the best looking breasts I had ever seen. I was no expert, like at all, but if I were to guess, they must have been Ds. In the flickering light I could makeout that her hair was in dark ringlets that spilled off the table, and her body was spread apart like a sacrifice. Which, moments later, I realized she was.

“Take the sow, sew the seed. Then you become one of us.” This fraternity lingo garbage had been thrown around all week so I was used to it, but this I was going to need some clarity on.

“Wait… so I do what with her?”

?“Take the—“

“No, I heard that. But what do I do with her?”

“You fuck her man. Then cum in her.”

“Are you fucking serious?” I was stunned. I was supposed to have unprotected sex with a girl chained and struggling on a table in a dungeon?

“Nah man, I’m out. This seems super illegal.”

The leader spoke up again, I think his name was Matt.

“As was many things you did this week. You think stealing a library book was sanctioned?”

“There’s a difference between risking a fine, and raping a chick M—“

The other members moved in, and I realized I was about to say Matt’s name. I corrected


“They only have differing punishments if you’re caught. This maiden has been taken securely, illegal bahis prepared well, and will know nothing you do not tell her.” He said this pointedly, noting my almost slip up.

The girl was whining through the gag and twisting in her chains. Her breasts heaved and jiggled as she moved, her pussy nuzzled between her legs completely shaved. I wondered if she had done that, or if the brothers had upon “preparing” her.

Matt continued, “Once this is done, your initiation will be complete. You will be one of us, with all the benefits that allows.” And they were some benefits too. Half the reason I’d chosen this college was to get into this fraternity.

“You all did this?” I asked. Masked faces nodded silently.

I looked back to the girl, and almost on cue she arched her back, trying to break free. I wished she knew how much harder a decision she was making this.

I took a deep breath. If I walked away now, all of this was for nothing. One round with me, and she’d go free and be none the wiser to who I was. She truly was a sacrifice, and as I stepped to nestle my body between her spread legs, I realized it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

They began to chant “One of us! One of us!” In a deep booming unison.

As I dropped my pants to my ankles I promised to not enjoy it. But as I looked at the girls perfect fuckable body, I figured if it was going to happen anyway, why waste it?

My cock was hard and at the ready. I controlled my first stroke in, but she was too dry so only my tip pierced her. She cried out anyway, the sound dulled by all the chanting echoing through the stone chambers.

I spit and lathered a few times and pushed myself in, nudging and pulling her body towards mine. Her pussy lips latched onto my shaft and I groaned at the euphoria of it. She was hot, and tight, and the more I thrusted into her, the more she gripped me. I wanted all the way in, I felt a barrier illegal bahis siteleri of resistance for a moment, but after dragging her towards me, and making a forceful push I felt the pop and satisfying hug of her body accepting mine.

Her stomach muscles tensed and back arched as I entered, the scream a loud “Auuuuggggghhh” through the gag.

I leaned over her and slapped my body into hers, squeezing and massaging her tits. Her nipples were hard and I pinched and bit at them, making her gasp and moan as I rode her. I looked to see my fat cock enter and leave her, and then I saw it. The pinkish red trickle from her pussy lips, lightly layered on my protruding cock. She was a fucking virgin. I’ve been fucking the shit out of a virgin.

I hesitate for a moment, but then the more animalistic part of my brain takes over, and my cock only feels invigorated by it. I go harder but slower, making sure each thrust is balls deep in her slit, and she gasps, her breathing matching my motions as I glide in and out of her. The room feels hot and beads of sweat are on her perfect body, both from me working her, and my own perspiration dripping onto her flesh.

She’s unworldly and sexy beyond imagination in the firelit room. Her body used and tangled in chains. A captured goddess, a worthy sacrifice, a maiden given to a dragon. I lick and worship her body with my tongue, moving out of her almost lazily. Then when I can hold on no longer, I grab her firmly by the hips and dip one last time into a deep thrust. My release comes out as a roar of ecstasy and I know she can feel it because her body tenses and wraiths just like when I first entered her.

My semen load packs into her pussy, spilling out the seams as I slide out. Her pussy lips seem to sputter and gasp at my absence, as if I’ve left her empty and un-whole. I don’t know when the chanting stopped, or if it ever did but the roar fills the cavern now like never canlı bahis siteleri before. Cheers, and pats on the back are everywhere, my arms raised by others in victory and brotherhood. The used female on the table forgotten until her limp body is unbound by the legs and spun onto her stomach. Her asscheeks are quickly spread and renewed screams pierces the room as one of my brothern enter her roughly. Humping her like a dog in heat. Others fondler her and slap her face with their erect cocks.

My high from my orgasm is dizzying and I try and regain some of my humanity to stop her continued violation. Matt puts a hand on my shoulder.

“Let your brothers have the rest of her. Only you will have the right to plant your seed.” I understand now, they had not intended to let her go, at least not anytime soon. It makes a kind of sense really. She’s already been ruined, might as well get use out of her while she’s here.

“Why am I the only one who can cum in her?”

“Because this was your initiation. Every man in our house is given a chance to do what nature intends and drive another maiden back to house and home where she belongs. If she bears a child your membership will be with honors. There will be no door locked to you in this world.” And with that, he patted me on the back and joined the fray of men, fucking every whole the female had, her cries lost in the gargle of cock in her mouth.


As a full-blown fraternity member, my class attendance was never counted against me, I passed my entire term without turning in a single paper, and partied all night with my brothers. One day, as I walked through campus I saw a gorgeous girl with mid-length raven black hair. Her face was angelic but sad as she walked towards the registrars office. As I got closer I saw she was holding her stomach with care. I knew in that instant, that was the beautiful creature whose virginity I had taken.

Later that night I was given a letter sealed by my brotherhood. Inside was a plaque and a ring, a ring that allowed me every opportunity I had fought and fucked for. My sacrifice had paid off in the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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