A Slave to Socks Ch. 06

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Lexi could only let out a sharp gasp as she felt the animated outfit thrust itself upon her, her eyes going wide the moment of the ankle sock penetrated her body like a thick cock. It wasn’t something she was entirely unaware of, if she was to be honest with herself. Lexi had a boyfriend, a rather egotistical self-centered quarterback for her college’s team. If Lexi was even more honest with herself, she couldn’t quite piece together why a living outfit comprised of her sister’s dirty black long sleeved turtleneck, her own tight faded blue jeans, and a pair of her sister’s white ankle socks with both pink colored toe line and heel, was reminding her of her boyfriend at all, aside from the fact that the outfit was thrusting itself upon her in a rather similar fashion. It didn’t feel weird at all, which was probably the most startling thing of it all. Lexi was being fucked by a pair of living clothing that threw itself on her, and she didn’t feel the least bit awkward about it.

Curious initial thoughts of her boyfriend, and how ‘normal’ the situation felt were thrown aside as the outfit upon her pulled out a bit, only to thrust even deeper inside, the sock itself seeming to rub its toes against the inside of her, the walls constricting hard against the animated cloth, as if trying to force it back out. It caused an immediate moan from Lexi, her mind giving away from the initial shock of it all, and suddenly easing quite nicely in to a lustful bliss, her eyes taking focus on the neck of the turtleneck shirt, tracing it down to the shoulders of the sleeves that held her down upon the ground, and finally resting upon those rather shapely breasts. They were Lexi’s perfect C-cup size, just enough room for someone to play around with, but not enough to look like the perfect slut with breasts all but ready to burst out in to the scene due to some fashion mishap — the kind of breasts Stacy herself were jealous off.

Stacy canlı bahis şirketleri herself had a much larger, fuller B-cup size, the very same that would easily pop out of a topless dress if not contained properly, and had always both admired and hated her younger sister for her pair. Now however, that feeling bordered much more on admiration and far less on hatred, as in a fit of lust, her hands listlessly moved upwards to cup them. It was a shirt, Stacy’s mind registered there quite clearly, but the feeling that was given underneath that shirt is where all the logic went haywire. There was nothing underneath that shirt at all, and yet groping those breasts came with the same feeling one would get as if groping the real thing. The shirt itself even moaned softly at the groping, as if it can feel such lustful intentions as well. ‘Well, it had too.’ Lexi thought ‘Otherwise it wouldn’t have helped the others in pinning me down to fuck.’

By now, only what must have been thirty seconds in, and the outfits thrusts were quick and rhythmic, her faded blue jeans could be felt each time getting close to her midsection, brushing up against it with it’s cold bronze button with its open zipper, the ankle sock poking out as it pushed back in to her moist pussy. Even the legs were entwining itself around Lexi’s bear legs, as if a real couple was facilitating this all. It was at this point that Stacy’s sister was forgotten entirely. The notion that she was currently being fucked by her own red stripped white knee high socks in the mouth, with her star speckled socks doing the same to that pussy wasn’t even anywhere in Lexi’s mind; all that mattered was what was happening to her now.

“Are you having fun, Stacy?” Tasha, the knee socks that seemed to have started this entire ordeal. The very same red stripped white knee highs that slipped off her own feet at the beginning of this all, spoke softly in to Lexi’s mind. canlı kaçak iddaa It wasn’t hard to hear the voice, of even to focus on it, despite being rammed by the outfit still upon her. “We kind of figured you would. We know how much you like this.” They giggled softly, the left sock looking up from Lexi to Stacy as the right continued to gag the younger sister.

“….so good!” Lexi said quickly and loudly, between a mixture of her own moans and between thrusts. Tasha laughed in almost mischievous fashion, causing Lexi to think about a bit more about the situation and what it entailed. “d-don’t think this…ugh…this means anything!” Pausing long enough to let out a few more soft moans, her hands groping harder at those breasts as she felt the rush of her first climax starting to build up. “I..I am not my sister. I am not…your slut.”

“Perish the thought, dear Stacy!” Tasha said in a mocking tone. “We would never dream of collaring our owner! You’ve taken care of us, of all your clothes. Just think of us as…friends with benefits? Or…maybe…” Tasha’s voice trailed off there, but Lexi was quite able to complete the thought on her own. She at first thought such a thing would be absurd, there is no possible way to have a relationship with her own socks.

“Not us, silly. Your dear sister is our little pet. She’ll be a toy to be used for all socks we decide to animate. But you do have quite an insatiable love for your little sis, Lexi, don’t you? And well, we do want to make you happy too..”

Stacy orgasmed. Her mind was too cloudy to try to think of whether it was the deep thrusting of that ankle sock that did it, with its toes rubbing and wiggling inside of her at all the right places; or if it was completing the thought that Tasha was presenting to her, the notion of being a girlfriend to clothing — Lexi’s clothing specifically, though the teen imagined it didn’t have to end there. Whatever canlı kaçak bahis the reason, her body tensed up, her toes curling inward as she dragged them up off the carpet, her knees rising in to the air to straggle her own faded blue jeans, a final moan offered as her juices seeped past the sock acting as a large cock, and dribbled down her body on to the carpet floor before it. That sock, of course, absorbing a good amount of the fluid as it stopped only for a moment to take it all in, before continuing again, as if working for yet another orgasm.

“Make me come again, and I’ll think on it.” Stacy just allowed the words to spill out of her mouth, rather than think things through. Though, she supposed, thinking about it rationally was thrown out the window the moment a pair of her sister’s ankle socks managed to make her orgasm just as quick as her braindead boyfriend could. Oddly, out of all this nonsense, Stacy’s half coherent mind was simply thinking over and over ‘I’ll google this. There’s probably some label given to a nutjob that has fallen in love with objects.’ “And no ass. No one goes in the…”

“…backdoor, and the only thing that comes out is shit. We know. Relax.” Tasha replied softly. “We’ll keep our desires upon our pet here.” Though poor Lexi was passed out again already from the ravaging she had obtained by not only her own socks, but Stacy’s as well, and seemingly the bedsheet she lied upon, as it could been seen by a lustful Stacy as it was still rimming that pert backdoor, even as the teen slept. “Let me taste her, then.”

“What, you want us? In your face?” Those speckled knee highs said, seemingly a bit shocked they were now included in this conversation. The socks pulling away from their pet and standing up on their own, pulling up to about knee’s height and then jumping down upon the ground. Unlike the bedsheet that fucked that ass so hard cleaning itself of any remnants, the knee highs didn’t, their toes soaked with Stacy’s sister’s own fluids. “Thought you didn’t like socks.”

“That notion seems to be fading quickly, isn’t it?” Stacy replied. “Though I imagine its becoming less about socks, and more about clothing in general.”

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