A Passing Fancy

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I heard your shower running as I walked along the sidewalk under your bathroom window. Since the shades were open, I was curious and stood near the street, sheepishly looking up, wondering if I’d be caught.

When you opened the shower curtain, you didn’t disappoint. You are beautiful, curvy, luscious. You pulled your hair back and toweled off, paying extra special attention to your breasts, but I couldn’t imagine that you would actually bring the nipples to your mouth.

You must have heard me moan, wishing I was doing that to you, because you suddenly turned and saw me. I felt like running, but I was pulled in — and surprised — by your smile. And by you continuing to lick and suck your own tits.

My hand unconsciously went down to my pants and started to rub my crotch.

Your hands disappear below the line of the window and I see you closing your eyes, your shoulders rolling, your lips opening, your breaths sharpening … I, too, am rubbing myself to the same rhythm, hard through the fabric of my blue jeans.

I see you shudder … and cry out — for the first time I hear you truly moan — and shake. Almost instantly, I feel a warm, wet feeling between my own legs. Suddenly aware of myself, of what I’m doing, I’m embarrassed. You giggle.

You lean toward the window. “Looks like you need a shower now, too,” you say.

I walk — casino oyna run? — to the front door of your apartment building. The buzzer already is ringing. I regain my composure, walk up the first flight of stairs and turn at the top, seeing a door slightly ajar.

“Either I’m really right or really wrong,” I say to myself, as I walk to the door and slowly push it open.

I hear the water running in the bathroom down the hall. “Hello?” I say, just in case.

“Come on in,” you say.

I walk in and see you dressed in a white flannel bathrobe. “Dressed” doesn’t quite really descibe it. It’s wide open, revealing your full breasts and glistening pussy. I half expect you to cover yourself. Instead you catch my gaze as it flickers across your breasts.

“Well don’t just stand there,” you say. “Take of those wet pants and make yourself at home.”

Who am I to disagree. I loosen my belt and undo my pants, revealing a bulge in my boxers. Now it’s my turn to catch you as your eyes take in the ripe cock.

“Not yet,” I say as I kneel in front of your beautiful mound. My hands reach behind and caress your buttocks as my tongue works along the insides of your thighs. I smell the essence of your womanhood working its way through my nostrils and into my body, making my cock strain against my boxers and suddenly find its own way through the slot oyna fabric.

My tongue now separates your pussy lips and snakes inside you — but only for a moment. I pull out and trace your slit up to your clit, where I pause and wrap my lips around your hard button. Sucking and pausing. Pausing and sucking. I feel you push your mound into me, your knees buckle, your body shake.

You regain your balance and pull my face away from your throbbing clit. My face is glistening with your juices.

With one look, we know what we both want. I stand and feel my cock press against your slit as you move up and down against me. I kiss you, with our tongues meeting outside our lips. The thought of you tasting your sweet pussy juices gets me even more turned on.

“Now about that shower,” I say. You chuckle and you bend over to turn on the water, exposing your tight ass and wet slit. The shower comes on. Hot. Steamy.

I let my pre-cum soaked underwear fall to the floor and take my shirt off. Your hands instinctively traces my shoulders, chest, down my abs and into my forest of pubic hair to my cock.

You pull me into the shower with my cock. Our mouths meet again, your juices now mixed with the steaming hot shower water.

I take your hands and guide them to the shower head and my right leg rests on the shower ledge. Your left leg almost canlı casino siteleri automatically — have we done this before? — drapes itself over my leg.

With one hand still on your hands at the shower head, I take my other hand and guide my rock-hard cock into your pussy. Slowly. It’s only seven inches but inside your welcoming pussy, I seem to take forever. You bite down on my shoulder.

Finally buried to the hilt, I pull out slighty and slide back in. Our rhythm picks up and our bodies slam together. Faster. Faster. “Ohmigod!” you say.

Thrust. “Ohmigod!”

I swear the whole neighborhood can hear us now through the open window. “More!” you scream. “More!”

“Fuck!” I cry back. “Ohhh. Ohhh.” As our bodies slap together under the water. Amazingly, we move into another gear. I look down and see my rod sliding in and out of your pussy — faster, deeper — and I look back up at your half-closed eyes and a beautiful half-smile/half-grimace on your face.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, give it to me baby,” I say. “Let me hear you cum. Let the world hear you come.”

I can’t hold your hands any longer or you push them away. Whatever. But they’re at my ass now pushing me in deeper, setting a pace I’ve known before.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” you scream. “OhgodI’mcumming!”

Coupled with the hot water and your streaming, hot juices, your words sets my cock afire. I shoot into you, holding my position deep inside of you for what seems like forever. Pumping it all into yo, I feel our bodies drain.

Our bodies slump together. Only the hot water of the shower seems to keep us up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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