A Memorable Night

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Margaret sat uncomfortably aroused and lonely in the crowded cinema foyer. She felt much older than her fifty or so years. She was trying to balance a drink and popcorn on her lap when she noticed them; Margaret wanted them immediately.

The woman was tiny with wavy, brunette hair and a face that was painfully pretty. She was wearing very low cut jeans. Pubic hair should have been visible. Did she have a Brazilian? The man was handsome and knew it and the bulge in his pants was huge. The couple talked but the man carefully avoided looking at his date. It was obvious to Margaret that he was being unfaithful to this woman and despite the hypocrisy, he seemed possessive of her. She seemed oblivious to his infidelity but insecure also. He’s Mr Jealousy and she’s Miss Easily Deceived Margaret decided. It was clear to her that they had sex recently. Perhaps right before they came out. She pictured their naked bodies twining …

With his swaggering self confidence, Mr Jealousy reminded Margaret of her first boyfriend, Scott. Margaret was a late bloomer and was eighteen before she even noticed guys. Scott was a jock and thick as a brick — everywhere. That was his single redeeming feature. He couldn’t hold down a conversation that did not revolve around sport, but there were better uses for his tongue. They broke up after Margaret found him circle-jerking with his football teammates. She couldn’t look him in the eye after that.

Just then, a group of giggling young women came in. She didn’t mind they way they looked either but they appeared a little overconfident for her tastes. She liked them mousey, like her first girlfriend, Amy. Amy’s breasts were perfect; small, upward pointing casino oyna with delicious strawberry nipples. She squirmed as her wetness increased at the thought of them. They met when Margaret was in uni. Amy was an ineffectual, timid librarian who couldn’t come without pain. Whenever Margaret went down on her, she insisted on being bitten on the labia; if Margaret drew blood, all the better. This wasn’t something she enjoyed and Amy knew it. Amy eventually left her for a dominatrix named Carla who had an eye tattooed in the middle of her chest. For a moment Margaret missed the smell of Amy’s skin.

A group of labourers, still looking grubby from work, were buying tickets. Bill. That thought smarted. Bill was a road worker and a self-taught gentleman scholar. He was also Margaret’s one true love and her perfect fit. He enjoyed nothing more than to get drunk and pontificate on literature in the pub. He was a chronic know-it-all, but after these sessions, Bill would drag Margaret home for base, animalistic sex. His body was fabulous from hard work and his chest hair was inch deep and like a pillow to rest your head upon. Sex with him was like being hit by a storm front and Margaret would come like a lightning bolt every time. Bill was also her great personal tragedy. One night she attended a late tutorial and he went out drinking alone. On his way home Bill was hit by a car. The song Born to Be Alive was playing on the radio when the policewoman told Margaret he had been killed. That was January 20rd 1980 and Margaret had thought her life was over. No one followed Bill for three very long years. Familiar grief washed over her at his memory. This only exacerbated her loneliness — and her slot oyna libido.

There was a pregnant woman standing in line, shifting from foot to foot. Something about her made Margaret recall the last time she saw Consuela Hernandez-Jones. Consuela was the other woman in a hot little three-in-a-bed arrangement Margaret enjoyed in her late twenties. Mr and Mrs Damien Hernandez-Jones were yuppies. Consuela liked both sides of the fence and Damien liked the idea of fucking another woman for free. Consuela had the most divine pussy and such a talented tongue that Margaret didn’t care that Damien sucked in bed. They had a merry little understanding for almost five years till the Hernandez-Jones’ decided they wanted to settle down and have kids. ‘A threesome is too weird for baby-making sex.’ Consuela had told her as the couple broke up with Margaret. She was deeply in love with Consuela by that time and took it badly. One day, months later, she saw a heavily pregnant Consuela in the street. Margaret was so distressed by the sight that she packed up and moved 1000km away so she would never have to see Consuela again.

By this time, people were queuing up, waiting to be let into the cinema. Margaret took her place in the vague line. Mr Jealousy and Miss Easily Deceived stood to the left of Margaret and a little ahead. Mr Jealousy positioned himself right behind his date with his arms around her waist. Margaret was almost touching them and they both smelt fabulous. She pictured Miss Easily Deceived naked, bent over, Mr Jealousy’s hands stroking her back, thrusting himself into that pert arse. Margaret’s arousal was agonising by that point. She wanted to go on watching them, but then canlı casino siteleri the line finally moved.

Surprisingly nearly all the people were queuing go into another theatre. Mr Jealousy and Miss Easily Deceived sat a couple of rows in front of Margaret. When the lights went out, she watched the woman’s head go down into Mr Jealousy’s lap. Margaret thought of the last time she went down on a man in a movie; it was with Robert.

Robert was a solicitor, an amateur painter and the owner of the most perfect cock Margaret had ever seen. She adored the damn thing so much that she let him persuade her into a blow job during Dirty Dancing. It was their third date and the usher caught them. Robert was also thirty years her senior but she didn’t care. Each time they kissed, Margaret was forgot where she was for a moment. It was surprising then that the sex was so mediocre, but she loved Robert, so she forgave him that flaw. They were married on January 23rd 1989. It was the day Salvador Dali died they found out later. Strangely Robert thought that it was a good omen and until he started to forget where he was and to have wild mood swings, they were as happy a couple as could be imagined. Eventually the doctor decided Robert had Alzheimer’s.

Today was the sixth anniversary of the day Robert had gone into the nursing home for the last time. Remembering his parting pleas made Margaret feel like she was going to be sucked inside a hole in her chest. But then Mr Jealousy’s soft groan caught her attention and she could see he was thrusting into Miss Easily Deceived’s face. Margaret looked around. Realising that no one could see her, she slipped her hand into her panties and began stroking. Mr Jealousy was obviously heading toward climax and so was she. Margaret heard Miss Easily Deceived gag a little and then she sat up, wiping cum off her lips. As her moment came and went too, silent tears rolled down Margaret’s face …

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