A gay summer Holiday – Part 17

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 17

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Chapter 17
Teachers’ pet, a quick study.

Christopher had come home from his work on the ferries when he found two young islander guys on his doorstep making out on the deckchairs. The guys got scared when Chris approached. They ran away and hid in the bushes behind the lower bunkers. Chris opened up the French doors. The air inside was nice and cool. He had bought himself a mobile aircon unit. It was connected via a timer. So an hour before he got home it cooled down the bunker quite a bit.

Rather than close the curtains, he left them open. He stripped out of his clothes. Stroked his cock and grabbed three glasses of beer. He walked naked to the terrace. Put the beers on the table. And played with his cock some more. He then put on a leather posing pouch. Making sure the cock and balls fit well in the metal cock ring. And snapping the leather front closed.

The neighboring cabin was empty. So no one would have seen him do that. Well, apart from the 2 youngsters that had followed his every move. Chris took a sip from his cold glass of beer. He walked back inside, closing the French doors behind him. He switched off the terrace lighting, and snuck out the main entrance and walked behind the upper bunkers. The two young guys got the fright of their lives when Chris stood behind them. Wearing his Leather biker jacket, a harness. the Leather Jockstrap and his cowboy boots.

He had squatted behind the two half hidden guys and grabbed their balls with his leather gloved hands. “Are you boys thirsty?”, asked Chris laughingly. The boys tumbled forwards. Chris stood up and stretched his hands out to them. The guys had put their hands in front of their cocks. “Don’t be shy boys. I love to have a chat with you. I have a couple of beers for you if your interested. Don’t worry, you’re a bit too young and inexperienced for my taste. Just wanted a chat with you.”, said Chris brotherly.

One of the guys grabbed Chris’s hand. The other one had a little more issue with it. “Come on Wietze… I don’t bite… Not on the first date anyway.”, joked Christopher. “You don’t have anything I have not seen before. So don’t be shy!”.

Wietze also grabbed a hand and Chris pulled them both up at the same time. Chris’s daily workout had seen his muscular physique grow. He enjoyed the looks he got from the man and women around him. Especially when he helped Wopke in the lifeguard station wearing nothing but his swim trunks.

“Cees… Wietze… Put your tools away in the barn! Follow me behind the bunkers so we don’t disturb the other tourists.”, said Chris, as he pushed the guys in front of him. The guys were nervous and excited as well. Chris let them in his home and closed the curtains after he had taken the 3 beers back inside.

The two young guys, 15 or 16 years old, sat on the leather couch as Christopher sat across from them in a chair. “Here you go, guys. The beers I promised you.”, smiled Chris. He bent over and placed the beers on the low table in front of the guys. They saw Christopher’s sweaty butt hole. And Chris gave them enough time to take it all in. He sat his leather-clad self between them as he put both his arms behind the guys.

“Tell me… do you like your new hobby?”, asked Christopher. “What do you mean?”, asked Cees innocently. “Looking at naked men and making out in front of their homes…”, smiled Chris. “Yes! I did see you studs… Not to worry… that’s our little secret.”. Wietze broke down and started to whimper. Chris pulled the guy close and pressed his head onto his biker jacket. “Nothing to be ashamed about Wietze… Every guy your age starts to experiment a bit. Do you guys want some advice or just to talk?”, asked Christopher.

Christopher let the guys catch their breaths as he handed them their beers. “Or would you guys like something else? A soda perhaps?”, he asked them.
“We’d love to see your hard cock…”, stammered Cees. “Ha boy! You have already seen that. And I have seen yours.”, laughed Chris. “What is it you were hoping to find here. I have a feeling that you boys want something else from me.”, asked Christopher.

“We think… we think we are…”, started Wietze. “You think you’re gay?… If you can’t say the words then talking about it would be difficult, guys. I know what you are going through. My advice would be to first get comfortable with each other. Learn to trust each other. Watch a few porn’s together. And when you are both ready then perhaps experiment a little. Either on your own or with someone else. To find out if your gay, bi-sexual are straight isn’t all that important at this stage. Just get comfortable enough with someone first before you dive into bed with them.”, told Chris to the intently listening guys. They drank their beers.

“I’d still like to see your cock!”, said Cees after a while. Chris looked at Wietze. He nodded yes as well. “I love the way you’re dressed. Very tough. I like it!”, he exclaimed. Chris got up. Got three more beers and put a straight porn movie in the DVD player. He sat in the chair across from the guys. He rubbed over his leather pouch and the guys put a hand in their jogging pants as well. They watched as 3 younger women got gang fucked by macho muscular bikers. Wietze and Cees both stroked their dicks out in the open. As they watched the movie they cheered the bikers on.

Cees asked if Chris did not have any gay porn’s for them to get off on. “Just keep watching studs… I don’t know if you’re ready for that yet.”, illegal bahis he said teasingly.
The gang fuck was over and the women where left drenched in thick loads of sperm. “Guys… you do have to remember that what you just saw there is nothing like real life. Porn is just fantasy. Real sex is more about love than lust.”, told Christopher to his apprentices.

The scene changed. The biker group sat in a bar. They were asked by a young twink if he could join them. The guys laughed at him, telling him he did not have what it took to be in a leather biker gang. He whipped his huge cock out his jeans. Smacked the thing in his gloved hand and told them he would do anything to join them. The leader of the biker gang got up and roughly put the twink on his knees. “Suck on this!”, said the guy as he pulled out an even bigger cock from his leather pants. The twink did a half decent job. “If you can handle all our cocks tonight we will consider it!”, said the leader face fucking the twink extremely roughly. The other biker stood around the twink. The one standing behind him put a cloth over his face and he was put to sleep. When he woke up they had ripped the clothes from his body and bound him to a fuck-chair. His cock got sucked, his face was deep throated and his ass got fucked and beaten.

Wietze and Cees were beating off like there was no tomorrow. Chris laughed hard at the two of them and threw a box of tissues on the couch between them. Cees looked at Wietze after he had seen a biker make the twink drink a load of his sperm. He pulled Wietze to his cock and Wietze started to suck Cees off. “Wietze open your mouth a little further. Cees let go of his head. Put your lips around your teeth and go slowly up and down your buddy. Make your tongue play with his nice cock.”, instructed Christopher watching them from a distance. “How is he doing Cees?”, asked Chris. He put his thumb up. “Tell him that. He needs to hear it from you. Good communication is a big part of making it fun!”, said Chris.

The guys started to talk. Saying what they liked or what needed to change. After a while, Chris asked Wietze; “Would you like your cock get sucked off too?”. He stopped and looked at Christopher. “Yes, please!”, he said to Chris. “Okay, Cees have at it. You heard the man. Suck the juice out of him!”, told Chris.
Cees bent over and blew his buddy. After an intense session, Wietze was the first to dump his load on Cees’s face. And he jerked himself ready as well. With Wietze’s face watching him closely.

Chris handed the guys a towel each. Christopher stood towering over them. “Get on your knees, boys!”, he ordered them sternly. His hands grabbed the guys heads and pressed them to the ground in front of him. “Do you want this?”, he asked them looking at his bulge. They both pleaded yes. “Okay then, Lick my leather!”. The guys set to work and loved it. Chris pressed them on either side of his hot leather clad shaft. “Lick it good!”, he ordered. Their tongues raced to the leather jockstrap as their hand rubbed Chris’s legs and his leather jacket. Cees, being the more adventures of the two, stuck his tongue inside the posing pouch. “Pull it open with your teeth boy. Rip the thing lose!”, shouted Chris.

Chris pulled Wietze up off the floor and hugged him. Taking his shirt off and ordering him to take off his jogging pants quickly as well. Chris also pulled his shirt and pants off. Christopher’s tongue kissed young Wietze as he pulled the flap off his leather jock strap. Wietze watched as Cees sucked the limp cock inside. “Don’t worry. You will get a chance to suck it too if you want”, whispered Chris to Wietze. After Cees, Wietze was ordered back to his knees to service Chris’s nearly hard cock now. And Cees got kissed roughly by Christopher. He whispered in his ear; “Go lick my balls, boy!”.

Cees dropped quickly to his knees again and licked Chris’s hairless balls. The guys serviced him good. Once Wietze and Cees alternated their positions, Chris ordered them to sit on the couch on their hands and knees facing the wall. The did so somewhat reluctantly. Fearing that this was the point where they would get fucked for the first time.

Christopher slapped the guy’s butt cheeks. Spit on their hot holes and rimmed first the one then the other. The experience was overwhelming for the guys. They loved that feeling! Chris asked them to spread their cheeks apart to give him better access. And the smooth pink holes got a second rimming as he jerked both of them off with his leather gloved hands. He milked them as a farmer would do to his cows. They both came hard again. Chris pressed against their prostate to release even more jizz.

Then ordered them to the ground in front off him again. He face-fucked Cees. Letting him taste the pre-cum. “Suck it boy. Taste it!”. Chris then face-fucked Wietze and milked some more pre-cum onto his tongue as well. Christopher pushed his cock in both guys as deep as they dared to take him. Making both of them gurgle and choke a little. But making damned sure they enjoyed it as well. He pushed their heads together and shot a sticky load over their outstretched tongues. “Taste it, boys! Take it in your mouths and swallow that Leathermen’s juice. That’s what you came here for. Now, Swallow it all! dirty little piglets.”, he ordered them. And they did.

Chris pushed his dripping cock back into Cees’s mouth and shot a stream in his throat. And did the same with Wietze. “Show me you swallowed it!”, he ordered. He gave them an approving pat on tipobet the head. He pulled them up and kissed each of them holding them close in his strong leather-clad arms. “How was that for a night out? Did you boys enjoy yourselves?”, asked Christopher them.
They both had huge grins on their faces. “No,… Chris this… This was… Oh God, I can’t believe it… You taste nice!”, exclaimed Wietze. “Yes, Chris. Thank you. That was exactly what we needed. Not what we hoped for… But exactly what we needed.”, stammered Cees with moist and a proud look in his eyes.

“That concludes the lesson for tonight! If you tell anyone then you’re in trouble. You do realize that, don’t you? Chris showed them a photo of them sucking each other off. Homework ass-signment; “Go to the nude beach, pick up a few willing tourist girls, and fuck them!. Report back here when you did, and I do want to see the evidence. And a filled condom is not enough!”, winked Christopher.

A few weeks later, Cees showed up one morning during the week. He knocked on Christopher’s door. Jelmer and Chris were having an early lunch. “Come on in, the door is open.”. Cees wanted to run away when he saw Jelmer. “Don’t be shy Cees. Chris told me all about it!”, called Jelmer to him. After a while, he slowly walked back inside again. “Come in and sit down with us, Cees.”, said Chris calmly pulling out a chair. And filling an extra glass with OJ. “Jelmer does not bite either!”, joked Chris.

“Do you remember we talked about good communication?”, asked Christopher. Cees shyly nodded yes. “Jelmer and I don’t keep secrets from each other. So he knows you guys visited me and that we fooled around a little.”, said Christopher. “I bet you did not come here for lunch. So what can we do for you Cees?”, asked Jelmer.

Cees pulled out his phone. He showed the video he made secretly of the trio he and Wietze had with a hot looking German woman in her early twenties. The 7-minute video showed them getting fucked hard by the woman. Using them as dildoes. In the end, she got a cum shower by the horny dudes. When the woman left they fucked each other. That was much more intense than the sex with the woman.

“Okay! 10+ from the teacher and a kiss from the teacher assistant behind the bike shed…”, said Christopher impressed. Jelmer hugged Cees and gave him a small kiss. “Got to ask… Did you guys notice the difference between sex with a guy or a woman?”, asked Jelmer. “Yeah!”, gasped Cees. “Give me ass any time!”.
Chris and Jelmer laughed. “Here. You’re going to need these! Better be safe than sorry!”, said Chris as he handed Cees a hand full of condoms and lube packets.

One more thing Cees. “You guys should restrict yourself to each other for now. You may be a bit too young for full-on sex. I actually did not expect you boys would have done this. Don’t get yourself, or us into any trouble now! There is time enough for you to grow up. Enjoy each other but do it carefully.”, told Christopher him. Cees fully agreed. He thanked Christopher for the help and advice and asked if they would join him and Wietze at the local swimming pool.

They looked at each other, and Jelmer and Chris agreed right away. It had been a while since the guys took some time to enjoy themselves with other things than work. “Is it okay if we ask Jesse and Pieter along as well? They also find themselves attracted to guys rather than girls.”, asked Christopher. “The lawnmower will have to wait!”.

Jelmer called his brother and he called his boyfriend. Both would love to go swimming! Chris pulled off his clothes. Jelmer and Cees looked oddly at him. “What Jel? Cees has tasted this before! And I want to dive in the water as soon as we get there.”. He put on a rubber cock ring. Stroking his meat in front of the guys. “Give me a sec, Cees!”, said Jelmer. Jelmer pushed the cock ring down as he gave his man a blow job. And Christopher pumped his face a little roughly. He stopped and Jelmer swallowed the halve stiff cock deep down his throat. He pressed his nose to Chris and held it deep in his mouth. He gasped as he came up for air. Cees had watched the ‘instructional video’ intently. “Wow… How the fuck do you do that?”, he asked in amusement. “One centimeter at a time. And it takes months of hard work and training. But the feeling is amazing!”, moaned Christopher.

Chris put on his speedo and put his gym shorts over it. Jelmer pulled off his pants and lowered his jockstrap. As he bent over to pull up his swim trunks Chris pushed Cees behind him and gestured him to give Jelmer a rim job. Cees stuck his tongue out and licked the hot rose butt of Jel. He moaned loud. Christopher sat beside Cees and gave him instructions. After a while, he asked his man how Cees was doing. “I love it. Stick your wet tongue in there Cees!”, screamed Jelmer as he pushed his head deeper into the butt crack and pressed his hole open. Cees tongue fucked the ass as Christopher jerked Jelmer off.

Jelmer stood up releasing Cees’s head. Turned around and offered him his cock to suck. He smacked his cock against his cheek and Cees took the 5 cm thick rod in his mouth. “Use your tongue boy. Don’t expect to take it so deeply. Your just a beginner…”, moaned Jelmer horny. Chris pulled the cock out his mouth and gave him an example of a gentile blow job. He made the cock plop when he pulled it out his mouth and presented it back to Cees again. He socked him off good. Jelmer started to move against the movements from Cees. Carefully fucking his face. He moaned and tipobet giriş filled the mouth of Cees. And Cees swallowed it all. “Not bad for a 16-year-old…”, said Chris impressed. “I am 17 already!”, said Cees. “Not bad for a 17-year-old either!”, joked Jelmer breathing heavy. “Yeah, he is a quick study.”, said Chris with a dirty grin. Cees laughed. “I like you guys. I feel like I can be myself around you two.”, said the happy and impressed Cees.

“Come on, stud. Let’s go swimming!”, they told Cees. The guys packed their bags and picked up Jessy and Pieter from the campgrounds office. Pieter was wearing his biker jacket over his swim shorts. He pulled off the look. Chris through an arm around him as the group walked via the woods to the swimming pool. Wietze had met them on the road halfway. He had Cees’s swim gear and his in a bag on his bicycle. Christopher introduced the guys to each other. Bro hugs and high fives were given. And after paying the fee the guys entered the swimming pool.

Cees and Wietze changed their clothes and came out of the changing rooms with the tiniest of swim shorts. Jesse and Pieter laughed. One look and they knew enough. This would end up in a fucking great day out! Jelmer and Christopher acted as the responsible adults as the 4 younger guys played together in the pool. Wearing each other out like puppies in a playpen.

They lay sunbathing on the meadow near the pools. The young men got suntan lotion rubbed on their backs by Jelmer and Chris. They had to do so laying on their stomach. Because the swimwear of the 4 guys wasn’t big enough to hide the huge boners. Chris got them something to eat and drink as he played his guitar. After that rest, the 6 guys jumped in the deep end. And Chris got sucked off by Jesse and Wietze. Jelmer got nailed by Pieter and sucked off by Cees. They climbed on each other’s necks and tried to throw the other teams over.

The guys had the greatest of fun. So much so that they got thrown out of the public pool for playing too roughly. They apologized and left. Chris invited them to his new home. To swim there in his pool. So the guys did not bother to change clothes and walked the 200 meters there. The house was completely gutted. The roof was gone, the windows and doors were removed. It was after 4 o’clock so the builders had gone too.

Christopher had put the old furniture in the large greenhouse. He got some old blankets out and put them alongside the pool. The guys sat there chatting for a while. Discussing their first gay experiences. That, of course, got them all hot and bothered, so after a dip in the small pool the emerged naked. Christopher was the first to get a cock up his ass. Jelmer had bent his man over the edge of the pool and fucked him deeply with wild strokes. Pieter sat in front of Chris, grabbed his had and used his mouth. The other guys sat around them looking and cheering them on.

Chris managed to escape and ran to the diving board. He lay down on it. Inviting Jesse to ‘sit on it’. Jesse fucked the 22 cm hot cock. Chris pushed him off into the water. The next was Cees. He desperately wanted to try something big too. Chris guided himself in his love canal, but after a short while, Cees too got thrown in the pool. In short succession, Chris fucked al the other guys. Only letting Jelmer slide down all the way. Jelmer too got thrown overboard. And Chris did a handstand on the diving board as if it was nothing. He shouted; “Clear the pool… Here I come…”. And came he did. He free-handed shot a huge load in the water. And the rest cheered.

Chris dove in the water. Came up and walked over to his bag. Pulled a hand full of rubbers out of it and did one over his cock. He grabbed Wietze and Cees. “Ready for the big league, boys?”, he asked them. They knew that they could have said no. But they screamed yes. Christopher pushed one of them to Jelmer and took the other into the greenhouse. Laid him on the leather couch and fucked the crap out of him. After making him cum, they switched. Jesse was meanwhile devoured by Pieter.

Chris through Cees over his brought shoulder. Took him to Pieter by the diving board, and ordered Peet to split him in two. Then Jelmer did the same with Wietze. Jesse got the same order, he gladly fucked Wietze. Cees and Wietze lay across the diving board as they got the roughest fuck the had experienced until now. Jesse and Pieter used the mouths of their new friends to discharge themselves. Draining their balls completely.

The guys put on some clothes as they drank a few beers together. A small campfire was lit and they joked around and sang a few songs together. Roasting some marshmallows and sausages over the fire. Officer Tom came walking over. He had gotten a report of a disturbance of some youths at the building site. He was glad it was Chris and Jelmer and some friends. “Hey, Tommy! The guys wanted some sausage.”, called Jelmer. “Do you want some too?”, he said rubbing his bulge. Chris joked, “the guys like black meet too!”.

Tommy hesitated not one second and pulled his cock out. Within milliseconds they all got closer and licked and sucked the huge black cock to full attention. Christopher set straight in front of the beautiful cock. And swallowed him all the way down. All 31 cm of him. Tommy came and shot his load over the 6 guys and into Chris’s mouth. Christopher spat the cum over the shaft and the other guys licked it clean.

Tom ate a sausage with them and drank some water. As he left he asked the guys to keep it down and have some fun on his behalf. But to do it softly. Chris put out the fire and the 7 of them walked back to town. They said goodbye as if nothing more happened that day then a swim and a roast. Even though it was more like a suck and a spit roast.

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