A Date To Remember

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It was around May, I see a beautiful woman in the store. She looks like a woman I went to college with. It must have been my lucky day cause it was, she spoke and said that she was just thinking about me. We were in the isles talking forever it seems and I got enough courage to ask her out. She said that she would love to and that tonight was the only time she would be in town, that’s perfect I replied.

I went home and got dressed for the date. We had dinner and at a great restaurant and we spoke for hours. She was beautiful just like she was in college. She had on this black shirt with black shirt and the black heels to match. She used to run track in college and those legs are still so long and sexy. Her skin tone is cameral brown, hair to her shoulders and hazel eyes. Full lips with dimples that a person cant help but to stare at. You can notice her confidence from across the room.

She is in marketing and it causes her to travel often. She loves the job but hates to travel. As she was talking I was drifting in and out of reality. This woman is gorgeous in every sense of the word in my book. I guess I had that star struck in my eyes cause she interrupted my fantasy when she said , ” are you listening.” with her smile all big and bright. Of course I am I said thank God for selective hearing.

I remember in college she had all the guys after her, so of course I asked her about her love life and she just grinned and said “what love life.” I couldn’t believe it, how is that possible I asked. She said the guys that wanted me were idiots. Damn I said, you just called me an idiot, separate checks I told the waiter. We both laughed. The way she covered her mouth when she laughed was the cutest thing güvenilir bahis I have seen at that time.

She asked me the same question about my love life. Well I work like crazy, I responded. With two jobs its hard finding a relationship. Still using the same excuse I see, she mumble. What do u mean by that I asked. She looked at me straight in the eyes and said ” you have been using that I work all the time as an excuse since college.” it’s the true I said with conviction. You remember in college all the fights women gave me because I didn’t make time for them they claim. The beautiful smile appeared on her face yeah I remember its funny cause you always made time for me. For a split second I thought we had a moment.

As we look around the restaurant was almost empty. I knew the waiter was tired we have been in that place for almost two and half hours. I pay for the dinner and walk her to her car. She had a surprised look on her and screamed lets go to the movies. The movies, I thought we have already spent two and half hours together. Oh so your trying to get rid of me giving that look like she was mad. No never that I reassured her that I enjoy every moment of her time.

She drags me to the movies we walk in and there is no one in the theatre yet. So we sit down in the middle of the theater she lifts the arm rests so she can be against me. She takes a deep breathe and tells me how good I smelled. I knew she had that love spell fragrance caused I smelled it when I held the door open for her in the restaurant. She looked at me with her hazel eyes felt like they were looking at my soul. The only thing in my mind was to kiss her. Like the saying goes “you never know you can hit a homerun until you swing türkçe bahis that bat.”

My soft lips kiss hers and they were softer than I ever could image. The look in her eyes was full of excitement. She climbed on top of me and we start kissing like crazy. My strong hands squeezing that soft but firm ass of hers. I unbutton her shirt and start sucking on her nipples. At this time she puts her hand down my pants she feels my thick, hard dick and I feel her whole heating up. She lifts up her skirt higher and pull her black thong to the side and slid my dick inside. She moans as she is grinding me, my hands are all over her body. She whispers in my ear telling me how good it feels.

I pick her up and lay her along the seats as she is lifting all the arm rest so she can lay comfortably. I slide my dick inside her slowly. The light of the theatre is perfect cause I see her facial expressions. She looks down gazing at my dick sliding in and out going deeper and deeper. Her eyes roll back losing her breath with each stroke. I knew some one was watching I could see their shadow in the booth, and I have to admit that turned me on even more. Her legs on my shoulders as I lean forward grinding, sliding my moist tongue in her mouth. Oh shit she moaned, goose bumps appeared all over her body.

She pushes me back into the seats and gets on top of again. As she is looking at the screen all I see is her sexy body bouncing and grinding on me. Her hands on the rails going slowly up and down. I pull close to me holding her body so tight. We hear a couple coming in she whispers don’t stop. I reach around and start rubbing her clit and back and forth oh shit she moaned.

The woman notices us first as her mouth drops to güvenilir bahis siteleri the floor, her eyes gets so big. Her date comes around to see what is going on. All he sees if my date breasts in the air. The only thing he could do is pull his date back . It turns her on as well that people were watching us. We notice them peeking every so often, the woman more often than the man. She puts her feet on my legs and slowly rising to the tip of my extremely hard dick then slowing going down. I can feel her juices sliding down me just as slow as she is.

She puts her hands on the rails again and starts moving her hips so fast she looks back at me and winks oh shit I feel it I mumble. She jumps up and lays down on the seats and plays with herself as I cum onto the floor. Rubbing her clit caressing her breasts felt like I was climaxing non stop. Oh I can still feel you inside me she says as she lays down.

The couple comes back with jealous and envy on their faces. I just couldn’t believe what just happened. As the lights get dim she lays in my lap, I kiss her ever so gently. Playing with her hair, her eyes get so glassy I thought she was about to cry, but it was just the passion we shared together .I feel her body shivering and I asked if she wanted my shirt but she was already falling asleep. The movie was over, we slept through most of it, walking out I figured it had to be the guy that was watching us cause as we walked by he clapped.

Walking her to her car we kissed passionately on the hood . She asked if she could have my shirt, I took it off and handed it to her. I thought she was going to put it on but she held it close to her face and said thank you. She gave me one final kiss and drove away. I stayed in the parking lot for twenty minutes, cause I was afraid if this was a dream and I would wake up if I moved. The next morning, I have a message from her saying and confirming that dreams and fantasies do come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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