A Christmas Treat

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For Christmas my wife took me to a secluded cabin. She had a special present for me. This is what happened at the cabin. I hope you all enjoy.

The snow is gently falling outside. We can see the blinking of the brightly colored lights reflecting on the snowflakes as they fall. We are drinking wine in front of a roaring fire. The room is a little too warm but it feels nice after being out in the snow.

The only light in the room comes from the Christmas tree. Helen’s pink skin looks beautiful in the twinkling light. Helen’s eyes shine and Helen’s white teeth flash. Helen hands me a small beautifully wrapped present. “I hope you like this honey. I think you will”, Helen says with a smile.

I lean over and kiss Helen on the lips. I so enjoy kissing Helen’s soft full lips. Helen also taste very good.

“Open it now honey.” Helen says.

I quickly unwrap and open the box. I have no idea what could be inside. I take the lid off and find a small bottle of clear liquid. The label says “sex drops.” I smile broadly when I read the fine print and it says it is a bottle of lubrication.

“Oh my goodness. Thank you honey.” I say.

Helen smile sweetly at me and I kiss Helen again this time pushing my tongue into Helen’s mouth. Just our mouths are touching and Helen sucks gently on my offering. Next it is Helen’s turn to push her tongue into my mouth. Helen can taste the wine and me. Helen’s tongue flicks and explores inside my mouth.

I take Helen’s hand and say “Come over here with me sweetheart.”

I grab one of the blankets from the couch and spread it out just in front of the tree. We sit down on the blanket with our legs going in the opposite directions and our bodies facing each other. I tip Helen’s wine glass to Helen’s lips and Helen takes a sip. We kiss again. I kiss Helen’s neck and then reach to pull Helen’s sweater off over Helen’s head.

Helen noticed my grin and say “Didn’t know I was not wearing a bra did you?” Helen giggles.

I push Helen back on the blanket and kiss my way down toward Helen’s big wonderful soft breasts. I stop before I get to Helen’s left orb and reach for a wine glass. I dip my fingers in the glass to cover my fingers with the sweet wine and rub it over Helen’s breast especially coating the large swollen sensitive nipple. I spread wine all over the surface and Helen’s nipple responds to my touch by hardening. I then lean down to kiss and lick Helen’s wine covered breast. It feels and tastes just wonderful. I love the size and shape.

I repeat myself on Helen’s other sexy orb. I lick and flick Helen’s nipple with my tongue and gently bite Helen’s breasts as I do. I suck as much as I can into my mouth. I kiss them and play with them in my mouth until they are covered with my saliva and my kisses. When I leave Helen’s chest Helen can feel the cool evaportation of the wetness left by my mouth.

I set my glass on the floor and kiss my way down to Helen’s sexy black skirt. Helen had a pair of sweat pants over Helen’s skirt while we walked down the snowy trail to the cabin but I convinced Helen to wear a short skirt underneath. Helen is very obedient. canlı bahis şirketleri I run my hands over Helen’s thighs and up to Helen’s pussy. A huge grin develops on my face as I caress the slippery wet space between Helen’s legs.

“Didn’t know I wasn’t wearing any panties did you?” Helen says with a sexy giggle.

I laugh and lift Helen’s skirt up to have a look. Helen look ssexy lying there in a skirt and no panties. I love the look of Helen’s sexy pussy with the small tuft of dark fur. I slip my hands between Helen’s soft thighs and spread them apart. I need room to work. I again coat my fingers with wine and slip my wet fingers down to Helen’s soft labia and open them up. I rub and fondle them coating them with wine in the process.

I reach back to the glass and recoat my fingers to caress Helen’s clitoris. I pull Helen’s skirt up around Helen’s waist and lean down for a sexy taste of wine all mixed up with Helen’s wonderful womanly flavours.

As I do Helen reach for the buckle on my belt. I feel Helen release it and then work on the button of my pants. It is really a turn on to have a woman opening your pants to release your penis. Finally Helen have my dick free and Helen pulls my pants and boxers down. I kick them away.

Helen dips her fingers in her wine and coat the sensitive head of my penis. It is cold. I feel Helen’s talented mouth cover the head of my dick. There is nothing quite as nice as the feel of a warm wet mouth sucking on your prick.

I again push my fingers into my wine glass and wet my fingers with the sweet alcoholic liquid. I rub it over Helen’s pussy lips and then lean down to lick Helen with my tongue. The smooth skin of Helen’s labia and the inside of Helen’s pussy taste and feel glorious to my mouth. At the same time I am licking Helen I can feel Helen’s mouth working on my dick. The sensations are powerful and sensual at the same time.

I stop to fuck my cock in and out of Helen’s mouth a little as I use my finger to rub up and down the sides of Helen’s clitoris. I kind of trap it between my fingers as I stroke up and down. I feel Helen’s tongue flick at the sensitive area under the tip of my penis as Helen’s hand gently squeezes my balls. I push my middle finger inside of Helen and lean down to lick Helen’s clit as I work my finger in and out of Helen. I feel Helen’s mouth pop off of my dick.

We can smell the sweet fragrance of the tree and see the brightly coloured lights as we lick and taste each other there on the floor below the tree. Helen rubs my cock over her face and smiles as she enjoys the sensations of my mouth on her pubic area. I stop kissing Helen for a moment and pull away from Helen’s mouth. I lie down on the floor and urge Helen to get up on my face so Helen is looking away from my feet so Helen’s knees are on both sides of my head.

Of course Helen does this because she loves to feel me licking her in this position. Helen likes to grind herself against me. She sits up on me and enjoys my work. I lick Helen’s pussy but then I lick down beyond Helen’s pussy toward Helen’s anus. Helen feels me urge her to lean back and rest her hands on canlı kaçak iddaa my legs presenting her sensitive bottom to my mouth. I lick all around the center feeling the sensitive skin with my tongue.

It tastes clean like soap because Helen knew I wanted to do this and took a shower before coming over. She carefully washed her bottom even using a douche to prepare yourself for me. Helen knew I wanted to have her ass for Christmas and Helen planned on giving it to me as a special present.

I lift up Helen’s bottom for better access and push my tongue up inside of Helen’s anus. It is tight and slippery inside. Helen push down against me so I can force my turgid tongue up inside to fuck Helen with it just a little. I can’t get it far up inside but I hear Helen moan none the less. Helen reaches down with one hand to rub her clit while I use my tongue to fuck her in the ass.

My cock has remained hard during this activity and Helen knows what I want for Christmas so she pulled herself away from my face. Helen got on her hands and knees before the glittering tree and put her head down on the blanket. Helen get back up on her hands and knees and turn to look at me.

Helen smiled and said “I hope you like your present dear. Merry Christmas.”

Helen put her head back down on the blanket and spread her legs a little. I lean down to lick Helen one more time. I then push my index finger just a little way inside of Helen’s ass and my middle finger into Helen’s pussy. It feels so tight that I am not at all sure I will be able to force the thick head of my cock inside but I am sure willing to try if Helen is. I push my finger deeper and it slips pass the muscles and inside. I gently fuck both fingers in and out. It feels so gooood to do this to Helen. I am very turned on and hard as a rock.

“Time to put that Christmas gift I just gave you to good use.” I hear Helen say.

I reach to pick up the small bottle and open it. I pour a little directly on Helen’s anal opening and then coat my finger. I push my finger inside of Helen and rub it all over in the tight slippery space. I work it in and out until it moves easily.

“Try two fingers.” Helen moans as she reaches under her legs to rub her pussy and clit.

I coat my index and middle finger and work them inside of Helen’s tight ass. It is difficult at first and Helen squirms a little as I work but soon I have both fingers inside. Helen stretches open for me and finally I am able to fuck them both easily in and out of Helen.

“Oh Baby I want to fuck you so bad.” I urgently cry.

“Take me. Please take me. I am yours.” Helen replies.

I coat my hard cock with my present and rub it with my hand up and down so I am very slippery. I add another drop to Helen’s pink tight anal opening. I rub the head of my dick all over Helen’s anus and then push it slowly inside. At first it only dents in but after a moment I manage to work the whole head inside. I stop for a moment and enjoy my first anal penetration. It is impossibly tight but also wonderful. I pull out and again cover my penis with the clear slippery fluid.

Helen rubs her clit and canlı kaçak bahis says “Push it in dear. It hurts a little at first but that only adds to the pleasure.”

I grasp the shaft of my prick and center it on Helen’s now very slippery opening. I push forward and the head slips inside. I hold still and Helen rock back easing me inside of Helen’s ass. Finally my pubic hair crushes against Helen’s soft round bottom and I am all the way inside of Helen. I caress Helen’s round lovely bottom with my hands. It feels exciting and wonderful at the same time. Helen begins to move her body forward then back causing my cock to go in and out of her. I watch with rapt fascination as I disappear deep inside of Helen. Helen are very tight but wonderful nonetheless.

“This is the best present ever,” I cry as I begin to move in and out. I grasp Helen’s hips and ride Helen from the back enjoying every moment I am inside of Helen. After a little while Helen reaches behind her and pushes me out of her anus. It feels good as it slips out.

“I have one more present for you.” Helen says as she push me to my back.

I lie down below the tree with my hard cock pointing toward the ceiling wondering what will come next when Helen straddles my cock and reach below to grasp it with her hand. Helen centers her anus over my cock and slowly settle down until I am deep inside of Helen. Helen sit sback pushing me as deep as possible into her ass.

“My God. Thank you Helen.” is all I can say.

“Stay still honey. I am going to do all the work to make you explode deep inside of my ass.”

Helen begins to slowly work her self up and down on my erection. She balances herself with one hand and rubs her clit with the other. Helen is planning on cuming with me deep inside of her. I marvel at the sight of my erection moving deep into Helen’s anus. It feels impossibly tight but oh sooooo good. I contemplate how lucky a man I am to have found Helen. Helen begins to move a little faster up and down stroking me with Helen’s tight tunnel. Soon, too soon I feel the approach of my orgasm.

“Oh Baby, Oh Baby. I am going to explode.” I cry out.

Helen rubs her clit in tiny quick circles and say “Please Sweetheart cum deep inside of my ass.”

Helen’s breathing rate increases. I uncontrollably arch up toward Helen as she instinctively sits down and I spurt white slippery cum far up into Helen’s ass. I feel Helen’s own contractions on my cock as Helen cums right along with me. Helen’s explosions milk sperm out of me as I release two more strong spurts of semen and a couple weaker ones as far as I can push inside of Helen.

Helen cries and contracts over and over. With the last of Helen’s powerful spasms Helen slips off of my cock. This intensifies Helen’s orgasm and makes it last just a little bit longer. A last small amount of semen oozes out of the slit in the head of my dick and flows down over the shaft. I am coated with lubrication and semen and my cock glistens in the light of the tree.

Helen falls down on top of me and kisses me. I love the feel of Helen’s naked body on top of me. My cock finally slips out of Helen’s tight ass and a little of my white offering dribbles out of Helen’s sweet little butt. It feels wonderful and Helen look so romantic by the light of the tree. I grab a nearby blanket and throw it over our bodies and we fall asleep together for a nice nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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