A Bulgarian Story Ch. 02

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Eight hours later, Ben was riding in the back of a taxi that was weaving its way along the winding roads of the Bulgarian countryside towards the village where he would be staying with his friend Will. It was where he had lived before when he was here, a small, basic house in a run-down village, but it had land and fruit trees, and as far as Ben was concerned, it was perfect. The village was 40km from the nearest big city, was populated almost entirely by old people, and it was quiet, and remote, and had long hot summers. Summers so hot that the only sensible thing to do was stay inside and make love.

Ben was pretty envious of Will’s position, and how he had escaped the rat race of modern life to live his self-sustainable, agrarian life out here in the middle of nowhere. He had a pretty sexy girlfriend, enough fruit to make plenty of booze from, an enormous crop of marijuana plants, a good supply of water, and solar panels with which to capture the energy of the sun.

He could see those solar panels now, in fact, as the taxi rounded the bend in the village.

“Tuk!” Ben called to the driver about the sound of the old Russian engine, and the taxi slowed to a halt. He paid him, including a decent tip, and grabbed his single small rucksack and got out of the car.

It felt strange to be back, but with such a beautiful sun shining, and the smell of his own sweat already mingling with the dry country air, Ben felt oddly at home. He paused for a few seconds, looking around him, and watched the taxi turn round and go back towards the city. Then he stepped forward, knocked loudly on the wooden gate, and then opened it, stepping down into the yard.

There wasn’t any noise, so Ben looked around the garden, yet found no one.

“Hel-lo?” he called out. Then he heard some rustling noise, and footsteps. Then Irina, Will’s girlfriend, stepped out onto the porch. When she saw Ben, a large smile came across her sleepy face and she came quickly down the steps to embrace him. It was good to see her, and as she hugged him he felt her braless tits push into his chest, and he could smell that she had been smoking weed. In fact, she absolutely reeked of it. She stepped back and they took a good look at each other. He thought how fuckable she looked just in her giant t-shirt, and with short, messy black hair. She was a little surprised to see him so soon, as Will had told her that Ben would be arriving several hours later by bus. She told him this.

“Oh yeah, well I decided to shell out for a taxi and cut out some of the waiting,” he explained.

“OK, well, come in, I will make you a drink of ice-tea. I was just rolling a joint”

“Yeah, I could tell,” he said, grinning.

As he followed her into the house, he let her get a bit ahead of him so he could check out her arse, and she must have worked this out, because she looked back over her shoulder and threw him a teasing glance.

From the porch they went into the living room, and he threw down his rucksack and took off his hiking boots. After a couple of minutes, when Irina hadn’t returned, he was beginning to wonder what was happening when she yelled out “Aren’t you coming?”

Evidently, she was inviting him canlı bahis şirketleri into the bedroom that she shared with his old friend. He went through and found her sitting in bed, which was just a mattress on the floor. She was still wearing just the t-shirt, and this time, she had an even cheekier look in her eye as she licked the gum on the rizla and finished her joint.

Ben wasn’t sure where to sit, so he just sat down on the floor, on the far side of the bed, by the window, with his legs outstretched, and leant back on his hands. It was nice to stretch out a bit after being on one form of transport or another for close to 24 hours. He had slept for some of the time, though, so he wasn’t too tired. And anyway, how much energy would he need to chill out and get high?

As Irina lit and started smoking her joint, Ben decided to act a little more boldly, and so without making an effort to hide it, surveyed the entirety of the visible parts of her body, slowly, savouring each part. She was a lot larger than most Bulgarian girls, who were generally very skinny, but her voluptuous curves excited Ben a lot. Unlike some guys who had a ‘type’, Ben found himself attracted to a range of different women, skinny, slim, curvy, big tits, small tits, etc. Different shapes aroused him in different ways.

When his gaze found her large, round breasts, hanging nicely under her t-shirt, he just stared at them and felt the blood begin to pump into his dick. He thought back to when, years before she got together with Will, Irina and Ben had gone on a double-date with Will and the girl that Will was trying to get with at the time. This date had led to no contact between Ben and Irina at all, not even kissing, but there had certainly been a mutual attraction, and it hung thickly in the air at this moment, as Irina sucked on her coner and Ben watched her. He realised he could smell her body smells, wafting up from the mattress. His cock was pretty hard now.

“Here, your turn…” she said, croakily, and passed him the joint. As she leaned forward, he looked down her t-shirt and saw even more of her beautiful ripe tits. Did he catch a nipple? Too late, the reefer was in his hands, and he looked at it as he brought it up to his mouth to draw on it. He thought briefly about how he shouldn’t be sat here thinking about sex with his friend’s woman, but the thought was dispelled because of how horny he was. He hadn’t sex in nearly two years, the longest he had ever gone without in his life, and although he had jerked off in the plane only hours before, he was now very close to a cunt, the cunt of woman who he had wanted to fuck before his friend even got with her, the cunt of a woman who quite possibly wanted him to fuck her right now – a cunt he could SMELL. He summoned all his willpower, and it got him as far as deciding to just see what happened, and go with the flow.

No sooner had he made this decision than Irina shocked him by saying “I guess Will told the truth…” in her broken English.

“What?” he almost stammered.

She used her eyes to indicate his very noticeable erection. The cheekiness was gone, and had seemingly been replaced with a seriousness, that he wasn’t sure was canlı kaçak iddaa lust or fear.

“I’m sorry Irina, I -” he started to explain.

“It’s OK, Will told me you hadn’t been with woman in a long time. I guess it’s natural, and I’m…”, she searched for the word, “..flattered?” Then she broke into a smile, and Ben guessed her momentary seriousness wasn’t negative.

“Well you are wearing next to nothing, Irina, and…”

He stopped.


Her eyes willed him on.

“And you’re a really beautiful woman,” he said, honestly and warmly.

Despite the fact that she had done everything to provoke it, his compliment had obviously really pleased her, and she blushed, a bright red spreading across her already rosy cheeks, and her chest, just above her big boobs. As Ben watched the blood flush into her neck and breasts, he saw sweat glistening there too. It was incredibly hot, he remembered.

He realised he too was sweating, and without thinking about the situation, took off his t-shirt, revealing his large chest and manly belly.

He looked at her and could see that she had only sex on her mind. He decided to take control of the situation, albeit in a cool and calculated way. She, however, had other games on her mind.

“If you show it to me, I will show you mine,” she said, matter-of-factly. Her directness, and the lack of any ‘girlishness’ in her demeanour, turned him swiftly and fiercely on. His prick swelled and twitched in his shorts and they both glanced down at it.

“I think he like my idea,” Irina said, in a voice that Ben was quickly falling in love with.

“What will you show me?” he asked, knowing what her answer would be, but already setting out the first position in a game he was at that moment devising and waiting to spring.

She brought her hand up to her tits, where he could now see fat nipples poking through the material.

“These,” she said.

“I can virtually see those already. If I show you my big dick, you have to show me your pussy,” Ben declared.

He was curious as to how she would respond to his game. The haze of the weed still hung in the air, adding spice to the dirty talk.

Irina’s cunt was absolutely soaked, and she felt a little bit ashamed of how much he had excited her, but then she remembered that she had fantasised about him before, and the thoughts had driven her wild. She was a girl who had always liked making her dreams into reality, so she decided there and then to do whatever he wanted. She crossed the line into infidelity without really pausing at all.

“OK, but you first,” she ventured, timidly.

“Irina,” said Ben in a deep, sexy voice, “you KNOW you have to show me first. A good girl always does what her man tells her too, you know that”, and he winked at her. His confidence doubled the juiciness of her sodden vulva, but she now had an unbearable urge to show herself to him, gain his approval of her feminine treasures. She wanted not so much to be taken as appreciated. The physical side of her and Will’s relationship had not been passionate for years now, and she wanted someone to make her feel wanted, to feel like a woman. She lifted the t-shirt up to canlı kaçak bahis just under her breasts, revealing an expanse of tanned flesh that was evidence of a nude sunbathing session. Ben took in the beauty of her large thighs and womanly belly, and then she spread her legs for him and leant back against the cushions where the mattress joined the wall.

Ben’s gaze was instantly drawn to her incredibly beautiful cunt. It was meaty, really full of blood and puffy with arousal. It was very, very hairy, and the strong smell of her sweat and pussy juices and hair reached his nostrils, and he moved right next to her straight away. He brought his head to between her legs and took a really deep inhale of her aroma. This caused yet another globule of her thick stick juice to seep out of her, and she had a small orgasm. Her eyes were glazed over and she couldn’t see properly she was so aroused. But she so wanted to see his manhood, and so reminded him of his part of the deal.

“Please show me your cock, Ben,” she pleaded.

He unbuttoned his shorts and swept them over his strong legs in a single motion. Then he knelt down between her legs and brought his cock, fuller of blood and bigger than it had ever been before, right up to the dewy lips of her vagina, and as he lodged the bulb of his cock inside of her meaty pussy, he looked her in the eyes. She had known, somehow, that he would not waste time merely displaying the tool, but would show her its supreme value in the most sensible way. He had known that she had known this, and so he rewarded her for her carnal mysticism by taking hold of her hips and sliding the full length of his hot shaft inside her scalding cunthole.

“It’s bigger than Will’s, isn’t it?” he asked, knowing the answer, but enjoying the mild humiliation of forcing her to admit how much she loved his organ.

“Much bigger,” she managed to croak, as she began to experience what was, really, a never-ending chain of separate small yet powerful orgasms, and her hind quarters squirmed on the mattress, desperately grinding against him as he took her with love and passion, giving herself up to him as he made her his woman. He had been inside her for only a minute, yet it was already the most fulfilling sex of her life, and as she continued to come all over his fat, hard cock as it sloshed tantalisingly slowly in and out of her, she longed to be filled with this man’s sperm, and have his children. She had fallen in love with him.

Then their lovemaking was interrupted by the loud, unmistakeable noise of Will’s truck pulling up outside. Irina’s heart sank! She wrapped her arms around Ben, pulling him inside of her for a last, long poking, and told him, with tears in her eyes that they had to stop. Ben panicked and leapt to his feet, jumping away from the window and the line of sight of someone looking in from the outside. He picked up his shorts and ran into the shower room that adjoined the bedroom. He closed the door, hung the shorts on the back of it, and went to the shower and turned it on, letting the cold water cascade over his adrenalised body and his erect penis. Willing it to go down was the most difficult thing in the world, especially considering how much he had loved being inside of Irina for those few but beautiful moments.

In the bedroom, wiping away her tears and cursing her luck, Irina pulled her t-shirt down, hid Ben’s under the mattress, and pulled the duvet over her and pretended to be asleep.

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