A Brief Encounter

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As chance encounters go this just has to be one of the quickest of my life so I will tell it with the same rapidity.

As I came back into the hotel after aa late meal it was her crop top that caught my eye, ending just below a really rather well formed bust and then the bare flesh continued to the top of her tight jeans that did little to conceal her generous figure.

I guess she must have been ten years younger than I and represented about five foot ten of seriously sexy looking woman. I then recognised her as one of our delegation, many of whom were sitting round a table in the lounge having a night cap, or two, or three. The chair next to her was empty as she chatted to the rest of our bunch, so I sat down and ordered a beer.

The conversation was getting a bit raunchy, as it often does when lubricated with sufficient alcohol, when the stud through her naval caught my eye, almost inviting comment. I have always wondered about body piercing, all the whys and the wherefores, so casually I asked her if it hurt going in. I got a charming smile, a flash of brilliant white teeth and confirmation that,

“It hurt like fuck”. Delighted with the frank response, the several beers I had had with dinner emboldened me.

“So why do it then?” She half turned towards me and gave me my first view of the rest of her figure, particularly her generous breasts. She touched the stud as she replied.

“Because I think it looks attractive, draws attention to my figure and makes me feel sexy. “

“Well it certainly looks sexy.”

“That may well be but it’s not working.” A hint of regret in her tone.

“What on earth do you mean illegal bahis not working?”

“Well my husband refuses to kiss it.”

Husband? Sexy lady? Stud in her navel? Before I could stop my mouth from moving and long before I could engage my brain I had said.

“I think he’s mad. Why on earth would he refuse?” And before I knew it, I had volunteered to kiss it, well where’s the harm. A little more banter with lots of sexual innuendo followed but after a while she got up and started to walk away.

Another interesting encounter ending, I thought as I let my eyes follow her tightly encased bum recede. Then she turned around, and caught my eye, she must have known that I would be checking out her shapely bottom. She jerked her head invitingly towards the lifts. Was this really happening? I got up and joined her. The lift ascended as she toyed with her stud and we made our way to her room.

It was a tip, underwear strewn all over the place and discarded clothes littered the floor. After several beers I had to excuse myself and when I returned from the bathroom she was spread out on the bed, naked.

I think it was obvious to both f us that this was going to get sexual but no preliminaries? No foreplay? Just kit off, chucked anywhere, and naked on the bed. I had to admire her confidence not to mention her naked form.

Her boobs, that had looked so taught under the crop top, were lying on her chest now that they lacked the support of her bra. Nice boobs, generously sized and inviting. My gaze ran down her torso to the naval stud that had started the whole encounter. I leaned over onto the bed and kissed her mouth.

It illegal bahis siteleri was soft, warm and inviting and her tongue reacted with vigour. We snogged for a while and then I made my way south. The soft boobs yielded to my touch but were warm and pliable, the nipples also soft, stiffened slightly as my tongue passed over them. Well what are we here for?

I made my way south again towards her naval and the stud. I started to lick it and nibble at her soft, full, belly when I felt a hand gently pressing on my head.

How naive can you get? How drunk do you have to be to not understand? The stud was just a euphemism! It suddenly dawned, her hubby didn’t do oral and so that’s what I had been invited here for.

She was starting to writhe about on the bed in expectation so I made my way towards the inside of her thighs. As I passed south of her pleasure zone, I felt a tug on my hair pulling me back. This girl was aching, nay desperate, for oral sex. Nothing else mattered.

I started to move my mouth back up the inside of her thigh ’til I met her luxuriant bush of thick, black, musky, pubes and slowly parted her pussy lips with my tongue. There was a strong taste of sexually excited woman. She became more animated immediately my tongue entered her and she started to push herself against me.

“Like this?” I asked as the tip of my tongue delicately touched her clit. She replied with a groan and pushed my head firmly into her crutch so I continued lapping more forcefully.

“Dirty talk or……?”

“Oh yes you fucker! Lick my pussy. Stick that tongue in deep. Suck my pussy, then lick my clit and make me cum. canlı bahis siteleri I want your tongue to make me cum.”

I started to move downwards from her clit, down into her opening. I felt her tense and draw me back, obviously enjoying the game.

“Lick that pussy!”

“Just like that! “

“And don’t stop. Make me scream!”

I licked and lapped for a while then made my way back towards her clit.


“On my clit………”

“There…………. Right there!”

“That’s good…………..Fuck yes……….”

“Lightly with your tongue……….., oh shit,……..”

“Oh shit………..that’s fucking brilliant”.


She thrashed her head from side to side as I lapped, sucked and gently probed with my tongue. Then she forced her sex onto my face, her juices flowing freely and let out an animal gurgle. Her muscles started contracting involuntarily and knew then that I had achieved her objective.

I would love to say, dear reader, that we then had wild, noisy, torrid, sex among tousled bed clothes with her sucking me nearly to the point of orgasm before I penetrated her with a rock hard cock and ejaculated deep inside her very core, but it wasn’t like that!

I slowly slid up her torso to those magnificent boobs trying to encourage my semi rigid cock to find its way into her flowing pink folds. The expectation of a really good shag was sabotaged by the beer; my cock definitely had other plans. By now my erection had subsided and I desperately needed to pee. I got up, went in to her bathroom and emerged with a totally flaccid penis! I collected my things, kissed her gently on the lips and left.

I never did get to have my climax that night, far too pissed, but I have had many a good one since as I masturbate to the memory of that encounter and the phrase ‘My husband refuses to kiss it’.

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