80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 04

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Endowed 80 year old Neighbor and newlywed bride Part 4

I woke up consumed with lust and with a burning desire to please and fuck his enormous cock again. I was crazed with lust, crazed with lust for him. Looking through all the sexy items I selected a sinful white bustier that came down to my stomach and had long garter straps attached. The bra part was transparent and highlighted my tiny, pink nipples perfectly. There was a matching transparent white thong that looked sinful on my small ass.

I selected a pair of tan color thigh high stockings, and a pair of brown open toed high heel pumps. After putting on the thong and garter set I attached the lace tops of the stockings to the garter clasps. I felt so naughty looking at myself in the mirror and as I stepped into my pumps. I was surprised that they were my exact size 9. I then put on a fresh coat of red lipstick then put my hair up. God I wanted to turn him on and fuck him so bad.

When I entered the study Mr. Stephens was sitting at his desk talking on the phone. He was dressed in an expensive silk robe that made him look very powerful and very distinguished. I still could not believe that he was 80 years old. When he saw me (obviously dressed for fucking), his eyes immediately lit up with hunger as he stood and looked me over from head to toe approvingly.

I could see myself in the mirrors and knew I looked very hot. My ultra-pale freckled skin accented by the bright- red lipstick and the tan thigh high stockings and brown high heel pumps made me look even more nude. He immediately put the call on hold and came out from behind his desk and gave me a very passionate kiss as he ran his hands over my excited ass and my stocking covered legs.

“Very sexy Sara,” he said as I untied his robe and let it drop to the floor.

“Oh god, I feel so sexy with you,” I groaned as we began to kiss hungrily. We kissed heatedly for almost half an hour, as his hands roamed up and down my stocking covered legs as my hands worked all over his thick, huge cock that didn’t seem to stop growing. We kissed and played with each other eager to pick up where we left off from the night before.

After half an hour of sexy kissing he told me that it was my husband who was on the phone on hold. I knew anyone who worked for would have waited on the phone all day instead of hanging up at the expense of fearing what consequences may result from doing so. That’s what having so much power and wealth can do for a person. It was so naughty kissing Mr. Stephens as I stood dressed to fuck him in my nude thigh high stockings and sexy high heels while my husband waited on hold.

Suddenly I watched him push the button for speaker and continued talking to my husband.

“Brad, I neglected to mention that Sara spent the night. After dinner we came back to my house and one thing lead to another and it was just too late for her to go home so I insisted she stay the night.”

“..Ahh, oh wow… ah I guess that’s ok Mr. Stephens,” he said in a somewhat confused voice.

“Well Brad, during the evening Sara seemed to be lonely and missing you (he lied as I grind at him slyly),so I wanted to keep her mind off the fact that you are away for a month,” he said which made my husband actually thank him.

“Brad, Sara just walked into my study, and I have to say she looks intoxicatingly sexy.”

“….Ahh,oh wow that’s great Mr. Stephens, and thank you for letting her spend the night. I’m sure it’s a little hard for her being alone in LA after just moving there with me being away.

“Brad, you are on speaker phone, so you can speak to Sara. I’ll let you both talk while I sit back and take in the sight of her,” he said in a deep, resonant voice as his eyes were riveted to my look.

“Oh wow. Hi honey. Mr. Stephens just told me how you spent the night and that you were lonely.”

“Hi Brad,” I said in a throaty voice, trying to sound like the loyal wife, as Mr. Stephens went behind me and began kissing my neck as he ran his hands across my flat chest and my excited nipples.

“Yes, I was missing you a lot last night (I lied), and Mr. Stephens really helped take my mind off of you,” I said, as I reached back to message his huge cock.

“Sara, I’m so glad Mr. Stephens is looking in on you while I’m away. It makes me feel better knowing you are safe, and being looked after.”

“Brad, I’ve never felt safer in my life and more taken care of,” I said as I turned my head to meet the tip of his tongue for a naughty kiss.

As Brad talked about the trip I lifted his giant cock to the side and put my palm under his massive shaft and began slowly pumping it. I was going crazy feeling the incredible weight and freakish length of it.

“Mr. Stephens told me he invited you to move in while I’m away, and that he would make sure you did not feel lonely.”

“Brad, my house is Sara’s house now. I have a lot of rooms here, and she is welcome to use any, or all of them, including my own personal bedroom if she wants,” Mr. Stephens said as he kissed my neck and ran his hand illegal bahis across my ass.

“Such a sexy ass,” he whispered in my ear as I groaned in a low voice. “You look so sexy Sara. I’m glad you like your wardrobe closet,” he said, as he ran one hand across my tits and the other over my ass.

“Yeah, I know your house is huge Mr. Stephens,” he said which caused me to look back and slyly at the word huge.

Mr. Stephens then stunned me when he questioned my husband about me.

“Brad, I’m curious. Do you kiss Sara the first thing in the morning,” he said in a deep voice that had me a little tense.

“…Ah Sure. Absolutely Mr. Stephens. Every morning,” he said in a boyish voice.”

“Well Brad, I’m going to continue that same tradition, and kiss Sara every morning to make her feel desired,” he said in a stern voice, telling my husband instead of asking for his permission that had me curious to hear how he would respond.

“…Ahhh, well sure Mr. Stephens, I guess that’s ok, and if it will make her feel good,” he said as Mr. Stephens instantly cut him off in a voice that could cut though a solid wall.

“I’m very disappointed Brad. When I hire someone and pay them as much money as I’m paying you, I expect them to hear my every word,” he said in a very stern, angered tone that even had me shacking.

“I did not once say that I was going to kiss Sara to make her feel nice. I said I was going to kiss Sara to make her feel desired,” he said in a voice that commanded authority, as his hands ran over my stockings and up the long garter straps while he turned my head to meet my tongue in a sexy kiss.

I was going crazy from his boldness and his power to control and take what he wanted.

“Oh I’m really sorry Mr. Stephens. I did hear what you said and I am happy that you are going to kiss Sara in the morning that way for me,” he said in the most sheepish voice, giving permission to the older man.

Again he corrected my husband saying, “I will kiss Sara Brad, but when I do it will be an exciting kiss from me, not you, do you understand?” he said it more as a statement than a question, then added in a voice that was intended to change the stunned silence of my husband, ” After all we don’t want your sexy wife to be reminded that you are away, especially after just being married. That would only make her lonely for you wouldn’t it Brad?” he said in a sly voice to redirect my naive husband.

“What we want is to make Sara feel like I’m the only one taking care of her, as if I’m her husband,” he said which caused me to moan as his hands ran over my ass and tiny tits.

Grinning slyly I shook my head and mouthed the words, “You’re so bad,” as I heard my husband start to laugh like an absolute hyena.

“I like that Mr. Stephens. That’s pretty funny.”

” Brad I want you to listen to how Sara’s mornings will start while you are away,” he said then looked at me and said in a deep resonant voice.”

“Ahhh..Ok sure Mr. Stephens,” he said with a confused boyish sound in his voice.

“You look very sexy today baby, as you do every day. Let me give you a kiss to show you how sexy and exciting you are.”

For the next 5 minutes Mr. Stephens kissed me with a deep hunger as our tongues twisted and intertwined with each other’s. His hands were all over my body driving me insane, turning me on instantly. As his hands roamed up my stockings and over my long garters then to my ass, I was pumping his giant shaft with my outstretched palm. I was so turned on by his control and confidence that I didn’t have a care that my husband was on the phone as I played with Mr. Stephens.

“Brad, Sara’s an extraordinary kisser. Not only does she possess the most incredible and thrilling body, but she absolutely knows how to excite a person by the way she can kiss,” he said looking at me as I grinned slyly.

He then added before my husband could respond, “You know Brad, your wife is such an incredible kisser and is so sexy I plan on kissing her a lot throughout the day. I want her to feel desired all day long Brad, not just in the morning, just as a good husband wood,” he said in a voice that I knew my husband would not say anything that might irate him, especially after he was just lectured on his listening skills.

I also knew that Brad would not go up against Mr. Stephens because of what he had known about his reputation in the business world about having a ruthless personality, and he would not want to feel his wrath.

“….Ahhh….Ummm, I guess that’s ok Mr. Stephens. I know Sara must be lonely, and like you said, “You really want to make her feel welcome in your home.

“Very good Brad, and remember while you are away, this is Sara’s home…. every room including my bedroom if she wants,” he said which made my pussy wet, as I grinned at him with a sly smile.

“Brad, I have to say in all my years of entertaining young woman, no one has come along to excite in the way Sara has, “he said in a deep, resonant voice. He then shocked me by saying, “You know Brad while you are away I’m going illegal bahis siteleri to assume the role as Sara’s husband,” he said which stunned me for being so brazen to my husband.

“…Ummm, Im not sure you have to do that Mr. Stephens,” my husband said in a meek voice.

“Dan, I insist. I want Sara to feel desired and to feel safe while you are away, and I’m sure that will make you feel better knowing she is being taken care of by me,” he said as pumped his huge, excited cock as it went way past my stockings on my side.

“…Ahh, yeah I guess I do understand Mr. Stephens, and I do appreciate it,” he said in a defeated voice.

“Yes Brad, I knew you’d like the idea of knowing I was taking such good care of your young, sexy wife while you are away.” He then added in a voice that turned me on beyond words, “Brad, I even plan on getting Sara a new diamond ring this afternoon. I don’t want her to feel bad when she looks at hers while you are away, because it will only remind her of you. With my ring on her finger, it will keep her mind off you, and the fact that you are gone,” he said as I turned around and kissed him, thrilled by the idea of him telling my husband he wanted me to be his wife.

That day we did go for a ring at the most expensive boutique in Beverly Hills and Mr. Stephens bought me a diamond ring that cost 2 million dollars, and made my wedding ring look like it came out of a candy machine.

“Ok Mr. Stephens, I understand you, and it makes good sense. After all, the main reason you are doing this is because you are so generous, especially giving up your really active social calendar for my wife,” he said, being so naive.

When I met my husband I was the same way; very conservative, extremely religious and shy. That all changed when I had that encounter with my brother and when I fucked Brad’s father and then his grandfather and now after I met Mr. Stephens. I was now a totally different person.

Seeing myself in the mirror dressed sinfully in stockings and high heels with a lace bustier with long garter straps, I knew no one from my church or community in Alabama would have recognized me, especially my husband. And seeing me wantonly please my 80 year old neighbors huge cock, would have made them all condemn me for being so immoral.

I was now more like every one of the young teens that wanted to get fucked by Mr. Stephens and his huge cock, and I was totally, and without an ounce of guilt, loving the new change in me. .I was a slave to his huge cock, just like every teen that fucked him or the hundreds that waited their turn to fuck him.

I remember the Asian teen Doreen saying that fucking his huge cock and the way he fucked was unlike anything in the world, and that she and all the other teens that fucked him would give up everything to fuck him when he called.

She even told me about a girl she knew who left her wedding dress rehearsal dinner early, because he called and said he was free that night. The only thing in my life that mattered was pleasing his huge cock, weather it was with my hands, my mouth or my pussy. I didn’t care that I was a newlywed. I was Mr. Stephens wife now and couldn’t care less about my husband. I didn’t care if he lived or died I was so obsessed with Mr. Stephens lifestyle and his enormous cock.

I then talked to my husband as I kissed Mr. Stephens and pumped his freakish cock.

“Honey I’m so glad you understand how Mr. Stephens wants to take care of me while you are away. He is so generous, don’t you think,” I said, then added in a little sarcastic tone, “Especially giving up all the young teens he always has on his arm every day of the week to take care of me.”

As I kissed him hungrily my husband said, “Absolutely honey, I understand how lonely you are, and yes it is generous of him to want to look after you this way.”

“Oh Brad, Mr. Stephens wanting me to be his bride while you are away will really help me keep my mind off you and from being lonely every day,” I said with a sly grin, as my tongue came out to meet his.

“Honey, when I came in you were talking to Mr. Stephens, and I assume it was about business. Why don’t I leave you two alone to finish your conversation,” I said as I squatted on my high heel pumps and began kissing his huge, angry cock.

“Ok honey, I’ll talk to you later. I miss you honey,” he said in a boyish voice.

“I miss you too honey,” I said pretending to be sincere as I looked up at the incredibly powerful and distinguished 80 year old with a sly grin and began kissing his freakishly huge cock, filling the room with popping sounds of lust, as my pussy was dripping wet to fuck it again.

As my husband went on about the new business and what he had in mind for marketing, I worshiped his giant cock, pumping it with both outstretched hands while I took half his huge cockhead in my mouth and sucked on it as best I could. I could never take more than half his huge cockhead out of fear that I would never be able to close my jaw again. Taking it in the palms of my outstretched hands I began canlı bahis siteleri kissing and licking it all over as I looked up at him with a sly grin, mouthing the words, “So Big.”

“Brad, hold the line, I’m going to give Sara another kiss before she leaves,” he said pulling me up to him as my tongue met his in midair.

“…Ahh…ok Mr. Stephens,” he said in a somewhat uncomfortable voice. “By honey I’ll call you later,” he said in a voice that sounded like a little boy.

“Ohhh baby I need to blow your great big cock so bad….My mouth is dying to suck it,” I whispered in his ear as I bent at the waist and lifted his huge shaft.

“By honey, call me later,” I said to my husband as my tongue shot out to lick my 80 year old neighbors enormous shaft.

As Mr. Stephens leaned against his desk I turned to the side and stayed bent at the waist and eagerly began worshiping his massive 13 inch cock. I didn’t care in the least that my husband was talking to him on the phone, all I wanted to do was make love to his giant cock and please every inch of it. I was consumed with lust to suck him and to please his giant cock. I felt so wanton, so lust crazed for the 80 year old neighbor and his giant, tireless cock, so turned on knowing that a man who had hundreds of young teens wanted to fuck me so bad.

As I continued to lick all over his huge hooked shaft I would come up every few minutes and we would meet for a sexy two minute tongue kiss before I went back to playing with his giant cock again. I knew Mr. Stephens was watching my every move in the mirror across the room.

He was looking at a skinny freckled 20 year old girl with an ultra-flat chest and almost non- existent tits and braces, dressed in a white bustier with long garter straps attached to a pair of tan thigh high stockings and a pair brown high heel pumps, bent at the waist eagerly blowing his 13 inch cock.

I could see the look of lust in his dark, penetrating eyes as he watched my crazed hunger for his giant cock. He was thoroughly enjoying the attention my hot 20 year old tongue was giving his monster cock as he watched me worship his massive pole.

After about fifteen minutes of blowing him wildly I stood and whispered in his ear,

“Kiss me baby… Taste your sexy cock on my mouth.”

“Ohhhh yes baby….. You are so fucking naughty Sara….So young and so naughty,” he whispered in my ear then kissed my neck before we met in a sexy kiss.

“Mr. Stephens,” my husband said out loud after there was a very long pause due to us kissing.

“Yes Brad,” he answered in an irritated voice as he continued to kiss me.

“Oh I’m sorry sir I thought I lost you and got disconnected.

“No Brad we weren’t disconnected. I was just kissing Sara again,” he said in a stern voice. “She’s absolutely intoxicating Brad. It’s so hard resisting kissing her when she enters the room,” he said to my oblivious husband.

“Hi honey, I came back in to let Mr. Stephens know how much I appreciated his taking such good care of me while you’re away, especially thinking of me as his wife while you are out of the country for the month, ” I said putting on an act of being a good wife.

“…Oh, I didn’t hear you come….,”

Before he could finish Mr. Stephens said,

“That’s right Brad, Sara came back and when she whispered in my ear I just had to kiss her again, and now that she’s about to leave I’m going tell her how sexy she is and kiss her again,” he said taking me in his arms and said out loud for my husband to hear,” You look absolutely sexy Sara,” then began kissing me with a deep tongue passion.

Brad didn’t say a word out of fear for the type of man Mr. Stephens was. Immediately our tongues met as our mouths remained opened. Our lips never touched as our tongues played with each other, just flicking at the tips wildly. We tongue fucked for another five minutes as I desperately pumped up and down on his saliva coated monster cock.

After our heated kiss Mr. Stephens stood behind me and began kissing my neck. He was filling the room with popping sounds that had my pussy on fire, and had me groaning softly.

He then went back to talking to my husband as he put his arms around me and said,” Brad, having Sara here while you are away is like being on my honeymoon,” he said in a sly voice as he kissed me hard.

“Well Mr. Stephens I can only say again that you are very kind to look after my wife while I’m away.”

“You mean my wife Brad,” he said in an irritated voice that made me wet.

“…Ahh…yeah I meant your wife Mr. Stephens,” he said in a meek voice.

“Brad, I have to terminate this call. It’s time to focus all my attention on my sexy new bride,” he said kissing me hard.

“..Ahh ok Mr. Stephens. “Ahh by honey,” he said in a confused voice then quickly added as Mr. Stephens asked him what he just said,” Ahh…I mean by Mrs. Stephens.”

As quickly as he said it I lifted the phone and dropped it on the receiver and hung it up, or at least I thought I did. I then turned and went back to hungrily kissing him as my hand pumped up and down his giant cock. In my haste to get rid of my husband and to start pleasing Mr. Stephens giant cock I forgot to push the end button on the speaker phone, so my husband could still hear us very clearly.

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