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The sun entered the window of the bedroom, hot from midday. It came to rest on two lovers, Becky and John, entwined in a 69 on the bed. Both toned and fit, Becky threw her head back in a moan.

John sucked her clit nice and soft, just the way Becky liked it. He slid his tongue slowly down her slit, just teasing the moist entrance to her pussy. She squirmed under him.

“Please, baby, please, fuck me with your tongue” she begged.

He shoved his tongue deep into her pussy when she grabbed his hair and pushed his face between her legs. She ground her pussy against his face, seeing him get hard without having to touch him. Bending down, Becky took his cock into her mouth once and sucked hard. John moaned into her wet folds and thrust his hips upward, but she had already taken his cock out and was teasing him by softly licking his head and shaft. Becky ran her lips over his cock as she felt the vibrations of his moans against her pussy lips.

“Suck my cock, please,” John asked, whispering into her.

Becky leaned back, slamming her pussy into his face canlı bahis şirketleri to shut him up. She took his cock in her hand and stroked it, her other hand going down to cup his balls. John moaned louder when she rubbed them firmly through the thin sac of skin. Jolts of electricity ran through his groin as he felt her fingers against the semi rough skin. In response he lifted his head and ran his tongue over her puckered anus, making Becky’s eyes roll back in her head as she moaned. She took his cock in her mouth again and sucked on it before John started humping her face. Sucking him like this, she opened her mouth wider so his thick member could go deeper, making her gag here and there. He heard her cough on his dick and it swelled. John spanked her ass hard and she screamed onto his meat as he kept fucking her mouth.

“Your pussy tastes so good,” he said as he kept eating her out.

She moaned in response and stroked his cock while sucking each of his testicles in turn. John whimpered under her and curled his toes. Becky slid her hand down between his canlı kaçak iddaa legs, rubbing his anus which caused him to grip her hips and push his own face into her pussy. Gently she pressed against it before withdrawing her finger. He whimpered, squirming for more. What he couldn’t see, however, was Becky suck on her finger until it was wet. She pressed it back against his bud which gave a little thanks to the new lubrication. John moaned and lifted his hips, pushing her finger in to the smallest knuckle, only about an inch and a half for her small hands. He licked her ass again then, and she slipped her finger in a little bit more when she moaned. With his next groan, John pushed his tongue all the way into Becky’s ass and she cried out, burying her finger all the way into his ass. The fullness they both felt made them keep moaning, any small movement electrifying. John kept his tongue in her tight hole and slipped a finger into her pussy, making her moan onto his balls.

Becky kept up her affections to his balls, taking one, then the other, then both into her mouth, rolling canlı kaçak bahis them gently with her tongue and taking a good long suck. John groaned and thrust his hips upward again, rubbing his cock between Becky’s soft breasts. She, in turn, humped his face, the small double penetration making his finger seem twice as large in her pussy. Becky took John’s cock into her mouth again and pumped it in and out until John took over with his hips, humping upwards. All holes being fucked, she moaned onto John’s penis as her pussy started to tighten. John’s humping inadvertently made him fuck his own ass on her finger, which heightened the sensations for him as well. The stretching of his anus combined with making Becky deepthroat his dick while she caressed his balls was almost too much and his orgasm was thundering closer. He let her slam onto his face as she got closer, his tongue and finger being buried in her holes. Becky’s tempo grew rapidly and in a few seconds she screamed as her orgasm hit. She immediately squeezed John’s balls and pushed them up towards his cock, triggering his orgasm as well. They bucked and moaned together, both entwined in the other’s flesh as their cum filled each other. One last thrust from both Becky and John saw them both spent, a thin sheen of sweat on their sun drenched bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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