3 Little Pigs (a Retelling) Pt. 03

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The Wolf whistled to himself as he strolled down the road. His first stop had turned out to be much more interesting than the usual door busting bluster and fear fest that occurred when he knocked on doors. He was certainly going to remember where that little pig lived and stop back by sometime.

Just a little way up the road he spotted another house. It was slightly bigger than the cocksuckers cottage. There wasn’t a car in the drive but he walked around back to see if there was one in the detached garage. Confirming that someone was indeed home, he took in the layout of the house. His highly sensitive ears picked up the sound of music playing from somewhere inside. He moved toward the rear of the house and pinpointed that the music was coming from what seemed to be an attached shed. The Wolf took advantage of some crates piled up next to the side of the house and climbed up onto the roof of the shed. He was surprised to discover that there was a large skylight installed in the roof. “An odd choice for a shed.” He thought to himself. But as he peered down, he was met with an altogether different sight. Rather than a lawnmower and other equipment, the Wolf found himself looking into a luxuriously sensual room.

He could hear the music more clearly from his vantage spot on the roof – he recognized the soft sensual music of Mo Shang rising up and chuckled to himself. Someone had their ‘getting laid’ soundtrack on. No one was in the room so he took a moment to note the lay out of the room. His sharp eyes noticed the discrete cameras positioned in several locations. They were high quality and professionally placed for maximum coverage of several angles. In addition to the comfortably sensual decorations and cameras, the Wolf took note of the contents of the shelves that lined one wall. Every conceivable size, color and shape of dildo was on display. From hyper-realistic flesh tones to outrageously huge multicolored “dragon” cocks. “Someone’s got themselves quite a studio in there.” He mused to himself, “Wonder what kind of kinky fun they get up to in here?”

Just then someone entered the room. From the angle of the window, the Wolf couldn’t make out immediately if the figure was male or female. They were tall and lean, wearing a deep indigo silk robe with silver leaves embroidered on it. The person had their arms raised and was tying the ribbons from a mask behind their head to secure canlı bahis şirketleri it to their face. When the person turned around the Wolf sat quickly back on his haunches. He had just been staring down at what could have been a mirror. The mask that the figure was wearing was a meticulously detailed wolf’s face. It covered the person’s face from the forehead to the top of their lips. All of the most minute characteristics had been captured in this mask. The Wolf crouched down again.

The masked figure had opened a laptop and set it on a low side table that was next to the tatami style bed that took up most of the room. Now they were up and adjusting the cameras. The Wolf now recognized the set up as a cam show studio. The masked person returned to the laptop and quickly typed something in. Looking directly into the camera mounted on the side table, they nodded their head and opened the robe. With a slow and deliberately provocative movement the robe was slipped open and the Wolf could now see that the masked figure was a man.

He was not too old and not too young. His hairless chest was well defined and toned but not overly muscular. The Wolf licked his lips and smiled to himself. As his pal Goldie would say, this guy was “just right”.

The wolf/man was slowly applying some kind of oil to his whole body. It seemed as if he was taking direction from someone online because he would occasionally pause and point to a body part then nod his head before rubbing the oil in. His cock was the last part to get attention and the Wolf leaned in closer to the skylight as the man below took it in hand and slowly dripped the oil onto it and began stroking it slowly. He leaned back onto the pillows and opened his thighs wider to provide a better view to whoever was watching on screen. This shift in position gave the Wolf on the roof an absolutely glorious view.

The Wolf felt his own cock twitch and stir as he peered down at the man stroking himself. Without much thought, he pulled out his semi hard cock and began to match the pace of the masked wolf below him. He hadn’t ever been this aroused by another man before and wondered (briefly) if it was because of the voyeurism, the wolf mask or some combination of things. Not that it really mattered to him, he was definitely aroused, it felt good, and that was all that he really cared about.

After a few minutes, the man below canlı kaçak iddaa got up and went to the wall of dildos. He must have been given directions as to which one to choose because he went straight for a realistic looking dark flesh toned one that was similar in length and girth to his own. As if to verify that it was, he stood close to one of the lower cameras and held it next to his own. It was an amazingly good match. Both were a rich, nut brown color along the shaft that lightened to a rosy pink at the head. They were about equal in length and girth as well. The masked man’s thick cock was uncut, however, when the foreskin was pulled back and stretched tight by his erection it looked just like the circumcised silicon one.

After showing the twins off to the invisible internet viewer, the man climbed back onto the bed. He procured a bottle of lube from somewhere and coated the dildo with the same leisurely stroking rhythm he had used on his own cock. Then he flipped over onto his hands and knees and presented his firm, round ass to the camera. He pulled his ass cheeks apart with both hands and leaned closer to the camera. With one hand he then began to tease the tight pucker of his asshole. The other hand was back to slowly stroking his cock.

Again, without realizing it, the Wolf matched the pace on his on stiff cock. When the masked wolf began to tease his tight hole with the head of the dildo, the Wolf leaned in closer to the skylight, almost bumping his nose against the glass. He felt a jolt of excitement deep in his balls and squeezed his thick shaft hard to stave off his unexpected urge for release. As he watched the masked man’s head drop onto the mattress as the thick silicon cock slipped between his ass cheeks, the Wolf moaned slightly and slid his finger up to the tip of his own to catch the dewy drop that was hanging from the slit. Using his own lubrication, he began to pump his shaft harder while he watched the man below violate his ass with what looked like his own cock. The masked man suddenly flipped over onto his back with his knees pulled up to his chest as he continued to drive the dildo into his ass. With his other hand he was pulling on his testicles and squeezing them. The Wolf mirrored this and nearly lost complete control with the sudden intensification of pleasure. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and bit back a howl.

When the Wolf opened canlı kaçak bahis his eyes he realized that he was staring down directly into the eyes of the masked wolf. The man below had paused what he was doing as he took in the scene above him. The Wolf stopped too- frozen in place with his throbbing dick in his grip and his balls stretched tight between his thighs. Just below his mask, the Wolf could see a wide smile spreading across the man’s face. Subtly, the masked man shifted so that he was presenting a clearer view upwards to his live audience and began pounding the dildo harder into his ass. His hips rose up as he also began to pull hard on his cock, setting a faster, more desperate, pace. The Wolf on the roof grinned back and licked his lips as he matched his performer stroke for stroke. Within moments, with their eyes locked on each other, they both threw their heads back and howled as they released their hot loads. When the Wolf looked back down through the glass, he could see that the masked wolf had his mouth wide open and it looked as if his cum had landed on his lips. The masked wolf flicked his tongue out as if he could really taste it and then dragged his finger up his chest to collect the semen he had shot on to himself. The masked wolf held his cum dripping finger up slightly as if offering it to the Wolf and then slurped it into his own mouth and wickedly licked his lips again.

Rolling back onto his hands and knees he attended to the virtual audience again and the Wolf took the opportunity to recompose himself. He shook his head vigorously and shivered slightly. Today was certainly not turning out as he had expected and he was not the least bit upset about it. Looking back down below, he was slightly disappointed that the masked man was no longer in view. On the bed, where he had been only moments earlier, was a large piece of paper however. Leaning in close to see the words on it, the Wolf read, “Next time, come on inside. I’d much rather have you filling me up. I don’t have anything as magnificent as you on my shelves.”

The Wolf scrambled back down onto the ground and pulled one of his cards out of his wallet. They weren’t business cards per se, more like a Victorian calling card. The paper was a glossy gunmetal grey with his name in raised white letters – B.B. Wolf. He flipped it over, pulled his fountain pen out of his breast pocket, chuckled to himself recalling the words of the first greedy cock hungry slut he had encountered this morning and wrote, “All the better to feed you with my dear. Soon.” He slipped the card under the back door and strolled off back up the driveway and on down the lane.


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