3 In Hong Kong

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I was just a scout in Hong Kong. I was supposed to meet some people and then report back. I had vacation, quite a lot actually so I stayed after the meetings were over just to take time to get to know the city. If things worked, I might be one of those sent to live and work in Hong Kong. My boss agreed that a couple weeks off would be good for me and spending them in Hong Kong would be worthwhile.

I stayed at the Golden Mile Holiday Inn. While I was working, a very nice young lady caught my eye and I caught hers. I’m not eye candy but she was. Small of frame but well apportioned with ink black hair cut straight across in a line, bangs and at her back, that, when she leaned over her computer terminal at the hotel check-in counter, draped down, right across her breasts, not quite mouthfuls. I’m not shy, at least not all the time. The third day I was there I said something to her. She smiled real pretty and spoke to me too and we chatted. I asked her her name, Ling or Lin, I wasn’t yet conversant with the accent of the Chinese either Mandarin or Cantonese. Nor was I sure if that was her family name or her given name; you can’t say “first name” with respect to Chinese names because they customarily speak the family name first and all the rest is hung on them by their parents. Lu was her family name, Ting Ling was her given name and I ended up calling her Ting-a-Ling. It made me laugh and she liked that, even though I was making a little fun of her. That came later.

We spoke the next couple days but the third day we got on the elevator together and alone and I talked to her and asked her for her phone number. She gave it to me, or was handing me her little card when the door opened. Someone must have seen her because the next day she wouldn’t even look at me. I shrugged it off and the next few days were busy and I gave it no thought. Business ended with a big dinner and lots of bai jiu, a clear liquor from the mainland that is fire all the way down. I had to drink with the mainland Chinese and that went okay, as far as it goes.

After business was over, I just drifted around the city. A trip around Hong Kong Island to Port Stanley. I was lucky and got to spend a day at Happy Valley watching the horses run. I went up one night to the top of Mount Victoria, a mall on a mountain that, I was told by an old China hand, was not always that way. The view was spectacular. I ran into a junket of happy tourists and they invited me to join them. I tagged along one night, mostly because of the women but they mostly seemed already paired off. They’d rented a junk to sail around the island and eat well. The next night I went out with them and we ate shrimp caught and handed up to our hosts who cooked it on braziers. We peeled and ate shrimp on brown paper till the beer was gone and I’d have had to store any more in my cheeks because I could not swallow my own spit any longer. There was this blond woman who caught my eye. I kept trying to get seated next to her. I’d seen her the night before. She talked with a Texas drawl and was well baked, not pot, she had brilliant blond hair and brown skin but it didn’t look like fake bake to me but who am I to know? I burn like a beet in the sun. I’d have to use paint to get a tan.

So I watched her and kept trying to get close enough to start a conversation. She was eye candy. Everything was in proportion but big, Texas sized. She had the narrow waist and the stout legs with an overhang of breasts that kept her lean belly in the shade all the time. Her lips were full and she laughed and chattered loudly and all the time. God the woman could talk. I never got close to her but at one point I managed to catch her eye and wave to her. She stopped doing what she was doing and fixed her gray eyes on me. She made a little kissing motion with her lips and winked.

I kept angling to get next to her but there was a line and I was a stranger, horning in on their catering so I was careful not to make an issue of it. I thought no more of it, particularly given what happened the next afternoon. I was about tired of bumming around the city and was thinking of moving somewhere else. I was a young guy with money in my pocket and I’d heard all kinds of crazy things about Bangkok. Two things put me off that. One was a near coup that put troops around the palace in Bangkok, so that sort of nixed that idea. The other made it great to stay where I was. I was standing in line waiting for the concierge when Ting appeared out of nowhere and squatted down beside me.

“Sir, I think you dropped this.” She said and extended an envelop to me.

“I don’t….” I began but then saw something in her eyes. She jerked the envelop at me, nodding for me to take it.

“…know how to thank you. I’d be lost with out that.” I finished.

She smiled and left me holding the envelope. I stuffed it in my pocket and forget it till noon when I finally quit browsing the stores and shops and sat down in a McDonald’s illegal bahis for a recognizable lunch, the first American food I’d had in ten days. I found it in my jacket and opened the envelop. In very neat, capital letters she had sent me a message.

“Meet me at 6 pm at the Chow Yun Shop, left out main entrance of Golden Mile. You can take me to supper.”

Needless to say, I was thrilled. The thrill wore off fast though. I’d heard about women who charmed their way into a guy’s pocket book and then danced away with all the gifts and such. I wasn’t the gift giving sort though, not like that. If I gave a girl something, it was hers to do with as she liked and I wanted nothing in return. I did want this girl though. I had now idea if she was teasing or a challenge to be met. The ambiguity made it interesting, but her body made it worth the gamble. A win looked luscious and exotic to me.

We had supper and it was cool, talking about where she was from and where I was from. She from Shenzhen and me from Denver. We talked about American culture. She was voracious, asking about movies and music and where to go in America. It was fun but placid. I didn’t touch her that night or the next and when I attempted to kiss her cheek the third night, she slipped away in the crowd. She wasn’t really a tease but she wasn’t forthcoming either. I was about ready to go to Wanchai for a while but thought I’d give her one more chance before I broke down and paid for sex in Hong Kong.

The next night was mostly the same. I got the distinct feeling she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing, dating a foreigner from the hotel where she worked, so I was surprised when we were walking back and she hooked hand in my elbow and hugged her lithe body to my side.

“Take me dancing.” She said softly, peering up at me with eyes that invited me to kiss the lips below them.

We were at the entrance to the disco, the club in the bottom of the Golden Mile, the Green Dragon Disco. Anytime the door opened we could hear the disco beat throbbing through the foundation at us and up the three flights of stairs.

“It be fun. Come, come. Dance with me?” She made a little shake of her little ass and I wanted to do something and dancing wasn’t really it. I do dance. Learn ballroom dancing and you can do about anything, given a little time to pick up the beat. My sister-in-law and I learned to dance when my brother was in Iraq. That’s another story, sad but true. She’s a widow now.

So I wasn’t afraid of dancing, I just didn’t like sweaty crowds and the smoke. But Ting wanted to go and implored me with her high piping voice and since I thought it might be fun, I agreed and we descended the stairs to the door. I had a bad feeling the minute we got in the door. The place was packed and people were squeezed in like sardines. I had my hand on my wallet and, surprisingly, my arm around Ting, keeping her close when the crowd parted and there it was, an empty table with only one person sitting at it. Yep, it was the blond. She saw me right away. She smiled and waved, gesturing for me to come over. Her eyes flickered at the Chinese girl on my arm but her smile did not dim. She gestured till I decided this would be awkward no matter what I did so I might as well get a seat. She had three chairs at the table, right at the edge of the dance floor, crammed with dancing bodies.

I gestured towards the blond and steered Ting to the table. The music was loud so we had to nearly shout but we got introductions made without only a little repetition and then we ordered drinks. Ting ordered a beer, the first I’d seen her drink. I had become sensitive to the fact that a seventy-five pound girl drinking alcohol would be at a disadvantage with me, so we stuck to Coke and hot tea, till then. I got a Long Island Iced Tea and Anna, the blonde, she got a Tequila Sunrise. We sat not talking in the haze and roar of the thundering music. The drinks came and Ting pulled me onto the dance floor, leaving her purse on the table with Anna who patted it to let Ting know she’d watch it.

We slipped into the swaying mob and Ting hugged against me like we were longtime lovers. When I bent down to look at her, the hand around my neck cupped my head, pulled it down and she kissed me, just like a lover would. Her body sealed against me and she opened her mouth and we Frenched, right there on the dance floor. When she released me, I lifted my head and eyes to find I was nearly right in front of Anna. The blonde stared as us. When she saw that I’d caught her staring, she gave me a thumbs up. Then she did the strangest thing. She cupped her hands under her enormous breasts and shook them at me. I wasn’t the only one that noticed it; Anna sat there alone in the gloom but she could have had a spotlight on her for the attention she got. Her wavy blond hair got stares and attention from every Chinese male in the place. Except for me, everyone in the place was Chinese. illegal bahis siteleri I suppose most westerners were loath to stoop to disco or electronica, at least Americans who were cool wouldn’t go there. I didn’t care. Disco had some good music, as every era does.

I don’t know what I was thinking but when Anna jiggled her tits at me, I wanted to do something to keep up so I reached down and cupped Ting’s little ass and squeezed it. When I realized what I’d done, I tensed for retaliation but instead, Ting pulled my head down for another kiss, a kiss that lasted till the music stopped. During that kiss, my cock got hard and little Ting found it and pressed her body against it, riding my leg with her crotch while rubbing my cock with her side. My hand remained on her ass and she did not seem to mind. If her kissing was any indication, she approved. I was panting when the music stopped and I led her back to the table, nearly walking bowlegged to get my kickstand arranged inside my tight blue jeans.

“Dance with Anna!” Ting said, her eyes shining. “She let us sit at her table, you dance with her.”

I did not think that was a good idea. This blond woman struck me as a man eater. Why or how she was here alone struck me as really odd. Where were the men fluttering around her like butterflies around a Leprechaun? Ting wouldn’t leave it alone and when they played an old Michael Jackson song, I relented. I offered Anna my hand and she glanced at Ting and put her hand in mine and I led her onto the dance floor, but only after taking a deep draw on my Tea. It was hot and I was sweating. With so many people, you got the heat from their oversexed bodies and then glacial winds from the blowing air conditioners.

We danced to “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” or whatever that song is called. Anna could dance. She went incandescent when she realized I not only could dance but could lead and dip. The first time I tipped her over, she was so surprised she shrieked but it was laughter and delight. After that, it was easy. She fit into my rhythm perfectly and we managed to clear out the dance floor. She could dance and I made her look fine!

Pretty soon, we were all alone on the floor and I mean all alone. No one else stayed. They cleared the floor for us and stood around watching and clapping as we went through and impromptu routine of disco moves, which were really swing moves from the era before rock and roll did in the big bands. I was so thankful to my sister-in-law for insisting that I learn to disco with her. God, it was fun! At the end of the song, the whole place burst into applause. I ended with a dip, of course, and Anna kicked one leg high, showing plenty of her healthy brown thighs. The dress she wore was incandescent green and glowed in the off and on black lights, disguising how tight it fit her voluptuous body to her waist. The skirt swished and flashed thigh clear to her red thong.

I danced with Ting but we didn’t get the same consideration, though I dipped her too. She loved that. When we finished, she jumped up and hugged me and then kissed me on the cheek. Funny how a kiss on the cheek can be so sexual. At that moment, I had the distinct feeling that Wanchai would have to wait. Whatever the deal was, this girl wanted sex and she had finally talked herself into it. I danced with both women till they were exhausted. I was wringing wet with sweat but if they didn’t mind, I didn’t. I had the foresight to wear an undershirt so they didn’t get the clammy feel of the full body wash I did. After a couple more rounds of drinks, Ting demanded I dance a slow dance with Anna.

I had been avoiding that all night, not because I didn’t want to but because I did. I was torn. Both women had kissed me, air kisses after dances. Ting hadn’t done the liplock since that first time but I was pretty sure I was going to strip her naked soon and have my randy way with her. I didn’t want to sour that certainty with a pass at Anna, although irresistible Anna isn’t hyperbole, its completely accurate and descriptive.

We sauntered out onto the floor and joined the writhing throng. She started to lead, turning us around and around till we were deep in the crowd, far from our table. She kissed me. Not the peck on the cheek or the air kiss, this was mouth to mouth resuscitation. Her mouth was open and her tongue was seeking my tonsils moments after I pulled her close, squeezed together by the other bodies, many of which were close enough to see her kissing me and did. They stared at us.

Anna broke the kiss and leaned into me and screamed in my ear.

“I have been wanting to do that all night. It drives them crazy I bet because they won’t do it. I haven’t seen anyone do anything like it. Kiss me again. Put your hads on my ass. Shit, if I had a shirt and not this tight dress, I’d show them my tits!” Then she closed her eyes, and cocked her head. What was I to do? I kissed her again. After a couple canlı bahis siteleri sensuous bars of the song, slow and easy, I came to my senses and at least opened my eyes. I was facing Ting and just like that, the crowd opened and there I was, kissing Anna where Ting could and did see us clearly. She stared at me, unblinking and I don’t know if she knew I could see her but I know she saw me.

I know because the next song was fast but Ting pulled me onto the floor and plastered her little body against me and kissed me like she was second in a contest she refused to lose. For the whole song she ground herself on my thigh and kissed me, even reaching down between us once to press her tiny hand onto my cock. I thought I was going to faint. I thought to open my eyes and there was Anna, grinning at me like she had a bet and was winning. She even blew me a kiss.

I groaned and Ting misunderstood and nearly climbed up onto me, kissing my eyes closed and welding herself to me. I wanted her but god, I wanted Anna too. I realized I had to chose and thought that of the two, Ting would be the better option, only because she was a unique experience. Nothing about Anna suggested that she’d get all upset if I rode Ting off into the sunset and not her. She was self-possessed with a serrated edge of adventurousness that made her just a little scary. Turned out that Ting had the same streak in her and the night had exposed it.

The music stopped, a brief hesitation. I broke the kiss, a little self-consciously I admit. She pulled my head down to her lips, pressing them against my ear.

“Take me to bed.” She said distinctly. Her accent and the murmuring masses did not disguise her words. Suddenly, I had to go. I walked her back to the table and thanked Anna for a fine evening and told her we had to go.

When Anna smiled and nodded, it spoke volumes and every volume ended the same way, with me in Ting-a-Ling, deep in Ting and that seemed to at least amuse Anna. She was like a voyeuristic aunt sending Ting off to make the doublebacked beast with not merely her blessing but with envy and enthusiasm. I was not far wrong in that assessment. When I announced we were going, she said she’d go too. I got the check and paid it. Anna left while I was waiting to finish up and I thought the matter was settled. Ting and I labored up the steps. My legs quivered from a long day walking around the city and now dancing for two hours, only to face the steps. It was a built-in drunk test. No drunk would make it up the stairs without chipping a tooth.

We arrived on the dank sidewalk of Nathan Road and turned towards the outside entrance of the Golden Mile. We’d only gone a half dozen steps when Ting stopped. My heart sank right to my shoes because we were within ten feet of the doors and I feared she’d gotten cold feet. Instead, she turned inside the radius of my arm crooked about her lithe little body and looked between us back down the sidewalk. I followed her eyes and saw what she was staring at. There was Anna waiting for a Taxi. The tall, voluptuous blonde hugged her huge tits and shivered, wet from sweating but chilling in the cool of the night.

“I want to watch you make love to her.” Ting said softly but not so softly I didn’t hear clearly. My brain stuttered though and gave me every excuse to doubt my ears, thrilled as they were. Ting seemed to instinctively know that she had to be absolutely clear or I’d miss her suggestion. “I want to ask her to come with us to your room. You can have us both. You think she will do that? Let me watch you have her?”

How do you answer that question?

I did my best. “You can ask her.” I mumbled. I know, a pallid response but there was still some chance this was a test and I feared to act too eager lest I lose both birds and their bushes.

Ting wrenched herself loose from me and did the Chinese walk down to where Anna stood shivering. For a moment, Anna did not notice Ting or me. When she did, she did not look at Ting but past her at me. I felt her eyes on me and wondered intensely what she was thinking. She held my eyes till Ting was right in front of her. I knew that if it was me making the offer, any self-respecting woman would shrug me off like a PETA tramp escaping a real mink stole. Anna focused on Ting and listened while the much, much smaller woman spoke to her.

Oh to be a fly on the wall, except there was no wall and I was no fly. I had a fly, that was the best I had to offer. The reality was that I wanted to know what they were saying. Back and forth they went, it was like they were negotiating over me somehow. Then a taxi appeared and stopped beside them. They both leaned out and waved him away. They turned and walked towards me. They didn’t touch. That would have been too much to expect. They walked together though, Anna’s confident stride that made her hips twitch back and forth and Ting in her high heels that made her walk dainty, like she was stepping on eggs without breaking them. They arrived in front of me. The taxi driver hadn’t left. I saw him open his door and stare at the retreating women, well, I bet it was Anna’s incredible ass that held the man’s eyes. I didn’t know where to look.

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